A🧵on why last month's Peace March in #Budapest was so important. Half a million #Hungarians marched through the streets of the capital in support of the #Orbán government, and against the #Left. Frantic phonecalls followed from western embassies to their capitals. Here's why:
They will deny this, but both #Brussels and #Washinfton are at the very least thinking of interfering with the outcome of the #HungarianElection. Since the government's performance is generally good, and the opposition is a rather farcical bunch prone to make unforced errors...
they are very unlikely to win in a fair fight, even with #LiberalGlobalist support. That leaves the technology called a "Color Revolution". Both Brussels and Washington will of course deny that they employ this tactic, but at this point that is just laughable...
#ColorRevolutions are an essentially #Bolshevik tactic: it presupposes a small group of a dedicated avant-garde, who are dedicated to the cuase and easy to mobilze. At the same time the majority of the pupulation must be politically passive, apathetic...
Because if the fanatic avante-garde meets resistance it will be fast exposed as a fringe. And you cant have a Color Revolution if your revolutionaries are axposed as a minority, who are resisted. You can still try to incite a civil war, but that is a VERY different story..
The liberal globalists do have an avante-garde in #Hungary, well-financed, well-supplied, dedicated and easy to mobilize. But now they know that they will be met by a forceful resistance. And that changes the whole story. No Color Revolution. So back to square one for them.

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1 Oct 20
Ten Shades of the Far-Left, prt 1: Universities.
Today no American college graduate goes thru his university years without coming face to face with #CriticalTheory and the postmodern – aka #CulturalMarxism. (THREAD)
#CriticalTheory arrived in the USA when the #Marxist professors of the Institute of Sociology of Frankfurt were forced to flee Nazi Germany. They brought with themselves the barely disguised ambition to bring down the democratic order based on capitalism.
They believed that “In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” (Antonio Gramsci)
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1 Oct 20
In the introduction to our multi-part series on the ideological background of the postmodern revolution that has gripped the USA, my esteemed collegue
and I identify #CulturalMarxism as the core of the problem. (THREAD)
The series is titled "Ten Shades of the Far-Left" because we examine 10 levels of American society that Cultural Marxism has infiltrated and where it has caused great damage by undermining the pillars of American society...
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10 Sep 20
I doubt even the Hungarian opposition will be so stupid as to try and use these "findings". But we'll see.
Dammit. The yanks are pissing @georgesoros off more than we are. Seriously, it's like losing to them in soccer. That simply shouldn't happen. Image
Ok, that's just self-parody, at this point. 🤣 ImageImage
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30 Aug 20
The moment #BLM has begun polling badly in focus groups Dem @RepAdamSchiff calls them Russian stooges. Take note rioters.
Obviously that's a very stupid thing to say. But there might be a grain of truth there. I'll explain...
Putin does want Trump over Biden. The riots are supposed to play into the hands of the law and order candidate. If they fail to help Trump to win electoral victory, they will have still left Biden's America scarred and weakened...
And it's a shot for nothing. The Republicans wont call him out on it, because that's bad election strategy. And the Dems shouldn't because it's stupid. It is the boy cried wolf par exallance.
Just guessing of course.
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25 Aug 20
1/ Some food for thought: you all know how modernity is (or was rather) the age of reason, aka "enlightenment". The idea was that there is an objective reality that could be understood by the subjective mind...
... It came about, not because some wise people suddenly woke up and decided that "oh my God, its so simple, all we need to do is observe the universe and think and btw we don't actually need God for that". Although that is how the story goes in the history books...
...it came about for a reason unknown and the idea spread like a virus. People didn't suddenly get convinced, no. They started to believe for whatever reason people believe in stuff. A lot of people never knew they became "enlightened" they just were...
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11 Aug 20
1/ Russia developes a vaccine to #COVID the progressive western papers develop healthy scpeticism regarding the efficacy and potential negative side effects of vaccines. How utterly predictable
I recommend to shut up, and watch what happens. If the Russian vaccine works, buy it.
It is not surprising that the political left will use everything in its ideological struggle. But people must remain clear sighted.
It doesn't matter who developed the vaccine, what matters whether or not it works and whether or not its safer than no vacvine...
We have seen way to much of this pandemic response effected by the ideological fervor of post-modern liberalism, beginning with how to use masks and ending with not researching why Central and Eastern Europe's response was so much better than the West's...
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