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BREAKING: massive, global leak of the targets of NSO Group's Pegasus spyware. *huge deal.*

Forensic investigation by @AmnestyTech
in collaboration with @FbdnStories reporters.

We @citizenlab conducted peer review.

Here's an explainer THREAD.… Image
2. Background: the already-notorious NSO Group makes mercenary spyware to silently & remotely hack iPhones & Androids.

Many of their government customers are authoritarians.

Most cannot resist the temptation to target their critics, reporters, human rights groups etc. Image
3. More about leaked numbers & targets in a sec, but first you need to know:

@AmnestyTech just released a report with technical analysis of NSO's infrastructure... & analysis validating w/forensics that some phones were infected with Pegasus.…
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There's been a lot of recent takes that the EU is a failure if it can't enforce a 'union of values' on all its constituent states.

But it's worth pointing out that this is a problem encountered by every federation of states with degrees of sovereignty.…
Just like President Von der Leyen, President Biden has very limited ability to counter the erosion of democratic rights in US states when it comes to areas that are a state competence.

Like Brussels, Washington has some limited tools. But Texas can mostly do what it wants here.
VDL & Biden can condemn with a moral argument. They can look for ways to deter the member state behaviour through condemnation, or through withholding funding.

But in a federation, ability to directly intervene is limited. EU & US very different, but face similar problems here.
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🇭🇺🇪🇺 We welcome the suspension of #Orbán's €7bn #recoveryplan following our demand last week.

🛑We call for its approval to be withheld until an effective anti-fraud system is put in place.

⚖️No EU Values = No EU funds💶

📰Read more:
🇭🇺🇪🇺 @CiolosDacian: "Not approving the Hungarian #recoveryplan is not "punishing" #Hungary, but punishing #Orbán, the one who is using European money to bash Europe."
🇭🇺🇪🇺 "This is not about pushing away one Member State or another, is about protecting what is most precious, the freedom of our people", says @LSchreinemacher on #Hungary´s anti-#LGBTIQ law.
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#Hungary Told To Repeal Law Banning LGBT Promotion To Children "Or Else Leave EU" | Jun 26
- EU 'leadership' is now fanatically dictating that Hungary and its 'defiant' prime minister #Orban must bow the knee to the Pride Flag or else "must leave" the EU.…
Dutch PM #Rutte Wants to Bring #Orban, “Hungary to Its Knees” | Jun 28
- For a general take on Viktor Orban’s achievements in keeping his country as uncontaminated by EU globalist ideology as possible,… Image
#Hungary Europe’s ‘Last Freedom Fighter’ | Jun 22
- Hungarians should fight for a ‘European renaissance’, meaning the defence of national sovereignty grounded in a Judaeo-Christian heritage, and also fight against ‘the climate and gender #madness, dictated… Image
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#EM2020 #GERHUN 🌈Stadion
Haltung zeigen vs. "Political Correctness"
1: Kurzer, harmloser Tweet von @annewill 👇:
Resultierende Diskussion u.a.
Thema.1) 🌈Stadion bei #GERHUN
Thema.2) Prominente 🌈Tweets
2: Thema 1
Thesen contra 🌈Stadion:
"Geht nicht, weil Politik im Sport nichts zu suchen hat.
Erhobener 🌈Finger, Missbrauch des Sports.
Und warum 🌈Stadion nicht auch bei anderen Spielen?
Andere Kulturen, andere Wertvorstellungen: Sind diese Werte minderwertiger als unsere?"
3: Thema 1
These pro 🌈Stadion:
Der Sport steht vor+bei+nach Spielen für Werte ein: Pro🌈 + gg. Rassismus.
Politische Ereignisse ändern den politischen Kontext:
🌈Haltung zeigen unabhänig vom politischen Kontext!
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"Everybody had tears in their eyes"

Dutch PM Mark Rutte told reporters about the emotional moment last night when Luxembourg's openly gay PM Xavier Bettel implored Viktor #Orban to think about the people he's hurting with his anti-LGBT law.…
Rutte confirmed that he invited #Orbán to take #Hungary out of the EU if the country doesn't want to conform to EU values.

He said there was "broad" and "fierce" criticism of Orban by other PMs, the most "forceful" internal condemnation he'd ever seen at an #EUCO summit.
Strikingly, #Orbán does not appear to have received support during the discussion from the Eastern European countries who declined to sign Tuesday's letter condemning the law.

They were quiet, with only #Poland and #Slovenia expressing support.
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Entering #EUCO summit, #Orban is asked by reporters about #Hungary's law forbidding mentioning homosexuality to people under 18.

"We don't have that kind of law, we have the law on defending the rights of the kids and the parents."

"It's not about homosexuality".
"I am a fighter for [#LGBT] rights," #Orban insists. "I was a freedom fighter in the Communist regime."

"Homosexuality was punished, and I fought for their freedom and their rights. So I am defending the rights of the homosexual guys. But this law is not about that."
Asked if he would withdraw the law, #Orban says, "the law is published, it's done".

Asked whether he will defend the law at this summit he says, "it's not on the agenda". Reminded that it will be brought up, he says he's ready to defend it to the other EU leaders.
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Following yesterday's letter signed by Europe ministers asking the Commission to take legal action against #Hungary's anti-LGBT law, 16 prime ministers and presidents will sign a similar letter this morning ahead of today's #EUCO discussion on the matter.…
“We have to be intolerant to intolerance," Luxembourg's openly gay prime minister Xavier Bettel told Politico.

"A member state makes laws that stigmatize a sexual minority and that mix up pedophilia and homosexuality — you can’t let that pass."
Politico reports the letter has been signed by:

Merkel 🇩🇪, Macron 🇫🇷, Draghi 🇮🇹, Sánchez 🇪🇸, Bettel 🇱🇺, De Croo 🇧🇪, Rutte 🇳🇱, Marin 🇫🇮, Löfven 🇸🇪, Frederiksen 🇩🇰, Kallas 🇪🇪, Kariņš 🇱🇻, Martin 🇮🇪, Mitsotakis 🇬🇷, Anastasiades 🇨🇾, and Abela 🇲🇹.

Missing: Kurz 🇦🇹, Nausėda 🇱🇹.
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Here it is - EU Commission unveils legal strategy to try to stop #Hungary's new anti-LGBT laws.

They cite violations of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, but not only that. Also the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive, E-Commerce Directive and Articles 35 & 56 of TFEU.
This was a remarkably fast turnaround for this 1st step of taking Hungary to the Court of Justice and reflects the urgency President @VonDerLeyen spoke of this morning, wanting to stop the laws before they enter force in Hungary.
I have no doubt that this legal action would not be happening today were it not for the statement coordinated by the BENELUX yesterday, and #Italy's signature last night was crucial (plus EP's legal threat against EC).

17 of 27 EU countries now demanding Commission stop Hungary.
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After ferocious blowback in Austria, the government has this morning backtracked on its refusal to sign yesterday's statement condemning Hungary's anti-LGBT law.

(In fact that brings total signatories to 15, Italian government also changed its mind last night)
And now Greece as well.

All eyes on Cyprus and Malta.…
Here is the updated map of which EU countries have signed the statement condemning #Hungary's anti-LGBT law and asking the Commission to take legal action against Budapest to stop it.
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Commission President @VonDerLeyen has responded to the 14 (rumoured to soon be 15) EU countries asking for legal action against #Hungary for its anti-LGBT law.

But she doesn't say whether Charter of Fundamental Rights could be the basis.
What made the difference to push the Commission toward legal action? Two things, I think:

🇮🇹 Italy changing its mind and signing the statement
😲 Shock at some of the things said by the Hungarian justice minister yesterday
Not to be outdone, President Michel will put the issue of Hungary's anti-LGBT law on the agenda of tomorrow's #EUCO summit of prime ministers and presidents in Brussels, according to an EU official.
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These are the EU countries that have not joined the condemnation of #Hungary’s law banning the mentioning of homosexuality: 🇵🇱 🇬🇷 🇨🇾 🇮🇹 🇭🇷 🇸🇮 🇸🇰 🇨🇿 🇷🇴 🇧🇬 🇲🇹 🇦🇹 🇭🇺 🇵🇹 .

All countries that don’t have same sex marriage (except 🇵🇹 which maybe wants to be neutral during presidency).
To people who have been following these issues for a long time, there is little surprising in this split.

🇮🇹🇦🇹🇬🇷🇨🇾 remain the countries most hostile to LGBT rights in ‘western’ Europe, the Baltics have emerged as the countries least hostile to gay rights in ‘eastern’ Europe.
List of signatories now finalised (Latvia did sign on).

The letter, initiated by #Belgium, says Hungary's new laws represent "a flagrant form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and hence deserves to be condemned"…
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Is the EU finally going to get serious this week about the long-running assaults on human rights and democracy in #Hungary & #Poland?
EU members meeting in the General Affairs Council session tomorrow will discuss the situations in Poland & Hungary under Article 7, the EU treaty mechanism to hold accountable governments whose actions threaten the bloc’s rule of law, human rights and democratic principles.
The EU must put Hungary & Poland on notice that there is no place for attacks on the rule of law in the EU & step up scrutiny of their rights-abusiving policies, say:


Joint statement:…
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Europe is already very wet. Its about to get a lot wetter.

The 2021 #EuropeBigWet is already underway. Now the Atlantic is about to fully flood the zone.
This is a 16-Day animation starting today and running till June 22nd. Its going to be a very wet #SummerSolstice.

#EuropeWeather #Europe #Weather

#Portugal #Spain #UK #Ireland #France #Spain #Belgium #Germany #Poland #Italy #Switzerland #Hungary #Ukraine #Roumania #Czechia
This is the GEFS ensemble rain forecast for Europe also over 16 days. When the computer simulations think together the conclusion seems to be that it is going to rain everywhere every day.
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On Friday, @BorisJohnson welcomes Viktor Orban, a populist leader who speaks of "Muslim invaders" & has pushed #Hungary into what @freedomhouse calls a 'grey zone' between democracy & pure autocracy”

Downing St insists good relations with Budapest "vital"…
“We don't want #Hungary to be a diverse country. We want to be how we were 1,100 years ago," said #Orban in 2019, harking back with nostalgia to that golden era...known as the Dark Ages!

After reshaping the Constitution, judiciary & electoral system, he launched a culture war.
If this sounds eerily familiar, that’s ‘’cos it is

In 2017, Steve Bannon asked @Nigel_Farage be part of a "convening authority" to "knit together a populist nationalist movement around the world"

He mentions Modi, Orban, Sisi, Duterte

We can add Trump, @BorisJohnson, Bolsonaro
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Irish PM Micheál Martin calls #Belarus actions "appalling and reckless" as he enters #EUCO summit in Brussels.

"We from an Irish perspective will be calling for a very firm and strong response to this action.” Image
As she enters #EUCO, Germany's Angela Merkel says the Belarusian government's explanations for why the plane was forced to land are "completely implausible".

She says at minimum the leaders will put in place targeted sanctions, and they'll also consider blocking Belavia from EU. Image
Greek PM Mitsotakis is leading the charge for #EUCO to adopt both an overflight restriction over Belarus and a ban on Belavia entering EU airspace.

They have drafted the text for that which will be debated tonight by the 27 prime ministers and presidents. Image
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1/ Important #COVID19 vaxxine data thread. I have avoided tweeting about the vax issue as it’s become an immensely toxic topic. But there are some extremely worrying trends emerging between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data
2/ Here, I will share publicly available data for #COVID19 vaxxinations, cases, & deaths in 17 countries + #Ontario & ask questions, as per the scientific method. You are free to make up your own mind regarding the trends shown.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data
3/ #Israel was the one of the first countries to start CV19 vaxxinations (19-Dec-2020). Since vaxxinations began, both CV19 cases & deaths continued to increase for ~5 weeks. It took 3 months for cases+deaths return to pre-vax levels.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data ImageImageImage
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Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#Mongolia 🇲🇳

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. Image
Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#India 🇮🇳

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. ImageImage
Vaccine Death Coincidence Thread
#Hungary 🇭🇺

How many of these do you need to see?

There are dozens of countries that show a huge spike in deaths just after the introduction of a #COVID19 vaccination program.

Wake up. Image
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#Slovakia update:
▪️ Five weeks ago fmr SK PM bypassed his coalition partners ordering shipments of #SputnikV
▪️ 200k doses delivered then tested by SK Medicine Institute which finds out: Q of #vaccine not identical to those reviewed by @TheLancet 1/2…
Nat'l agency advise: wait for #EMA checks & authorization. Result = stalemate. 🇸🇰 has 200.000 doses ready to distribution, no permission to use it. Reshuffled gov't has to navigate next steps. Perhaps it will offer some to 🇦🇹 @sebastiankurz ?🤔2/2

@swheaton @dgapev @valasekt
More details: SK Institute for Drug Control says it can't conclusively asses #SputnikV for a) lack of data from the producer b) inconsistency of medical forms c) not being able to compare vaccine batches w/ various studies
R/T @matisaksk
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We are inviting you to send the email template to the European parliament MEPs as a matter of urgency. They vote on this today.
Say NO to tyranny under the pretext of health.
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1/. At a time when many countries are starting to try & find ways of combating violence against women, #Turkey has just pulled out of #IstanbulConvention

This is the Convention on violence against women

Ironic that it is named after the city in #Turkey.…
2/. #Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention is deeply worrying, coming at time when #COVID19 measures/lockdowns have led to a spike in reports of violence

Many women & girls trapped at home with their abusers or unable to easily access safety #VAWG #istanbulsoezlesmesi
3/ Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention will have disastrous consequences for millions of women & girls & to organizations providing vital support to survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence

#Turkey should reconsider this awful decision…
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🔴 Join #MFRR panel on State Capture in 30 min.

Selling media outlets to state-owned companies or abusing legal powers to silence critics are common strategies of governments jeopardising media & #pressfreedom. Discussions w/ @novinarSI @hu_telex @Adbodnar & @globalfreemedia. 17-20 March. Join the online Summit.
🔴LIVE in 15 min here

We will be live-tweeting. Person reading burning newspaper.
High-level speakers on today's last panel:

Petra Lesjak Tušek, Društvo novinarjev Slovenije
Veronika Munk, @Telexhu
Adam Bodnar @Adbodnar, Commissioner for Human Rights

CHAIR: Scott Griffen @scott_f_griffen @globalfreemedia Screenshot of Zoom Meeting. MFRR Summit.
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Sunday's #Coronavirus megathread will, as always, be updated throughout the day with news, data and analysis.

Few paid attention while we warned of rising #Covid19 cases in the Balkans then central Europe. Now everyone's concerned as big nations suffer.

Come inside folks!
And I'll start with Europe's biggest nation (in population), #Germany

A further 27% rise in #Covid19 cases confirmed overnight with 10,572 new infections for Saturday vs 8,311 the week before.
#Brazil's been the focus of much attention of late as deaths soar.

The number of people who were reported to have died of #Covid19 yesterday actually dipped, but only because it's the weekend. In fact 1,940 deaths is 30% higher than last Saturday's 1,498

New cases: 70,934 (+5%)
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