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Flows of oil from #Russia to Central Europe have halted over a pipeline payments dispute. Authorities in #Hungary, #Slovakia and the #Czech Republic confirmed on Tuesday that Russian oil deliveries from a critical pipeline stopped due to European sanctions on payments.+
Transneft, state-owned operator of the Russian portion of the pipeline, pays transit fees to #Ukraine, UkrTransNafta, for the oil to pass through. Transneft said its July payment had been returned due to EU sanctions aimed at punishing #Russia for its war with the #US in Ukraine.
Not surprising:
After mounting a ferocious campaign on #Russia that the #Ukraine grain will save the world from starvation, two of the ships that have left ports in Ukraine after months of being trapped there are going to #Turkey, others to #England, #Ireland, #Italy and #China.
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Tokjaj Wine Region (Hungaria)
1063 AD
ہنگری میں واقع توکاج وائن کا علاقہ بین الاقوامی سطح پر مشہور ھے۔
اس علاقےکی تاریخ صدیوں پہلے شروع ھوتی ھے.
دراصل یہ شراب کی کاشت کا خطہ تھا اور ان زیر زمین گھروں میں شراب کو سٹور کیا جاتا تھا۔
توکاج کا قدیم ترین
تذکرہ قدیم ہنگری کتاب (Hungarian History Book) گیسٹا ہنگارورم (Gesta Hungarorum) یعنی "ہنگریوں کے اعمال" میں بھی پایا گیا ھے۔
1252ء کی ایک نامور ہنگری دستاویز"Hegyalja" میں اسی خطے کا ذکر "Hétszőlő" یعنی "قدیم انگوروں کے باغات" کے نام سے ملتا ھے۔
مختلف قسم کی مشکلات اوررکاوٹوں سے
نبرد آزما ھونے کے بعد دنیا کے پہلے شراب کے علاقے "توکاج وائن ریجن" کی ترقی اور مسلسل مقبولیت اس حد تک رہی کہ 2002 میں #یونیسکو نے اس خطے کو عالمی ثقافتی ورثے کی فہرست میں شامل کیا گیا جوکہ ایک انتہائی اہم ایوارڈ تھا.
اقوام متحدہ کی تنظیم یونیسکو کی فہرست میں صرف غیر معمولی، قدیم،
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🧵 1/51

This thread has very revealing data showing that mRNA-vaccinations create majority of the covid cases. Largest covid waves come always after the booster rounds. Not before. AFTER.

🧵 2/51

Isn't it weird coincidence that the EU suffered the most largest covid wave right after the boosting started?

Ofcourse this can be coincidence but with
what possibility the very same thing happened also in every EU memeber country? Keep reading...

#EU #COVID Image
🧵3/51 - Norway.

#Norway #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #Facts Image
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#Hungary condemned Russia twice in the UN, accepts refugees without limit from Ukraine, sent and keep sending more than 1000 tons of aid to Ukraine. But Hungary doesn't send weapons and gets involved in this war. If you want to know the real reason why.👇

Thread 1.
2. A Hungarian political program deals with Alina Lipp's video about the atrocities against Russians in Eastern Ukraine from the last 7 years.

Host: "I don't know if this woman is saying these things because she was paid off (refer on by Kremlin) or if it's really true, but...
3.Ukrainian extremists wanted to poison the drinking water supply of the ethnically Hungarian town with cyanide...The authorities stopped them.Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers who were injured in eastern Ukraine fought against separatists Russians were treated in Hungarian hospitals
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#ViktorOrban had a speech that made waves last week. I watched it so you don't have to.A thread.The #Hungarian prime minister went to #Romania in the middle of the #Carpathians in a region where a sizable minority of around 1 million #Hungarians have lived for centuries. They /1
were sent by the #Empire as settlers & have been living isolated, hundreds of km from the border with #Hungary proper, maintaining their language, identity, surrounded by a majority of #Romanians. The choice of the location matters as the audience lives there (star)/2
in beautiful surroundings. #Hungary has been supporting this minority investing in #agriculture #schools loans, building new sports arenas while the #Romanian government has been tolerant of this encroachment on sovereignty to maintain #social #peace good relations /3
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Thread: 29 July 2022: Day 156 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update is on the "Wagner" unit, says its "new level of integration [with the #Russian Army in eastern #Ukraine] further undermines the Russian authorities' long-standing policy of denying links between PMCs and the Russian state". Which is British understatement Image
The #Biden administration continues denying #Ukraine weapons, in this case ATACMS surface-to-surface missiles, because of its deranged fear of #Russia "escalating", as if that is an actual Thing at this point.
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I want to add some more details about the potential reshaping of European alliances and territories.
Moreover I want to address the question about how #Serbia and #Hungary could survive opposing Western orders.
#Russia #Ukraine #Kiev #Donbass
I was asking myself for some time, since the beginning of the #SMO, how does #Orban, from #Hungary, and #Vucic, from #Serbia, openly withstand the Western pressure, to comply. Why was I curious?
- They can't withstand The West militarily.
- They would be sanctioned to death.
- They are landlocked with hostile #NATO countries (I know, that #Hungary IS NATO)
Under such circumstances you can NOT afford, to not follow Western orders.
How can they do it then?
If we take a look at the map, then I think we can see the answer. See my attached map. Image
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Thread: 27 July 2022: Day 154 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia making "tactical advances" around the Vuhlehirska power station in Donetsk. Lavrov in Africa, long an interest of Moscow's, trying to blame the West for the food crisis.

Not happy with Wagner being defined as a "private military company"
#pt: "Wagner" is a unit of the #Russian military under GRU. The purpose of the "private military company" presentation is to make it "deniable" - to minimise the domestic political impact of losses and to distance Moscow internationally from its atrocities…
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Many of you asked me to explain why #Hungary doesn't buy into the #Ukrainian "hero epic". I'll try to explain in this thread.
The issue is multifaceted, it'll take several posts. I'll be describing the general mood, individuals can and will have different views. Let's go.
Two elements stand out, in no particular order. We have a more complex picture of the issue. The closer you are to a problem, the less "black and white" it looks. If you object to this, stop reading now.
Hungarians do not hate the Russians more than Ukrainians.
A person in Portugal will (justifiably) just think that Russia attacked the Ukraine, therefore they are the bad guys, and Ukrainians deserve our help. Living here, right next to the biggest war in Europe since WW2, this is more complicated.
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[1/2] #Ukraine's President Zelensky in his speech tonight noted #Russia's troop losses in his country; lauded the improving relations with Latin America (Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and now Uruguay); and thanked @BorisJohnson for the Churchill Award and #Britain's support.
[2/2] Zelensky: The awards in #Britain and the #Netherlands are a reflection of the changed attitudes toward #Ukraine: "Our bravery is truly an inspiration for all free nations and the community of democracies ... Just imagine how inspiring the Ukrainian victory will be".
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Thread: 24 July 2022: Day 151 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update:

- #Russia is launching ongoing "small-scale" offensive operations in the Donbas, "focused on the Bakhmut axis", but it is "making minimal progress".

- Bizarre framing that Lavrov "expanded the scope" of Russia's attack on #Ukraine; nothing has changed
Good thread on #Ukraine's President Zelensky's visits to troops at the front, an important military-civilian trust-building exercise in themselves, a morale boost to troops, a way of gaining international attention, and of providing a contrast with Putin.
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Extracts from #Hungary PM #Orban speech in Tusványos (Romania)
- The US wants us to buy energy from them, that's why they are pushing sanctions
- @EU_Commission should ban the shutting down of German nuclear power plants, not take gas from those who have it 1/
Brussels and Soros want to force immigrants on us. We have been condemned by the EU court for the protection of borders. If there was no refugee wave from Ukraine, they would have enforced the ruling on us, but now they have put the matter aside /2
We have been taken to court because of “gender” issues. Thanks to Judit Varga (!) this conflict was separated from the financial dispute (with the EU). The law is about accepting that the father is male, the mother is female, even the Soros's army has to accept this /3
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#PutinsWar enters Day 148.
21 July: anniversary of man first walking on the moon and in exactly four months the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar will be about to kick off.

But this is the daily thread on #Russia's war in #Ukraine, updated real time so please read & share.
* Graphic photos *

It's a depressing start to the day, with many attacks, shelling and deaths in #Ukraine.

Among the places worst hit - again - is #Kharkiv. The reign of terror continues by the invaders. Two died and 19 injured so far after attacks on residents.

Officials in #Kharkiv are still concealing the exact location of #Russia's strikes. However, one of the most populated areas was hit with #Ukraine alleging The Kremlin targeted transport stops and residential streets.
They also say they found evidence of cluster bombs:
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Thread: 21 July 2022: Day 148 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia is attempting "small scale assaults" along the Donbas frontline in eastern #Ukraine, particularly targeting critical infrastructure like the power plant at Vuhlehirska, hoping to use the momentum gained for a move on Kramatorsk and Slovyansk.
Great piece on the #China-#Russia-#Iran axis: bound by a "hatred of the #US and its global alliance system", any successful policy dealing with these imperial and ideological projects must view them holistically, rather than as independent challenges.…
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🔹🇭🇺 #Hungary will pass weapons to #Ukraine️ through its territory - deputy minister

Hungarians are ready to pass through their territory all the aid provided by other countries to Ukraine, including military aid.
This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Levente Madyar, during a meeting with the Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadov, Interfax-Ukraine reports.
💬 "We are shocked by the events that are happening here, we really sympathize with you. In the last 200 years, we have fought three times with Russia. These wars were not for life, but for death. Unlike many Western partners, we experienced
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Thread: 19 July 2022: Day 146 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia has struggled for manpower since the outset and the "problem is likely becoming increasingly acute". The Russians are stretched between offensive operations in the Donbas and trying to defend against a #Ukraine counter-offensive in Kherson. Image
#Hungary overtly celebrating keeping #Russia's Gazprombank off the #EU sanctions list
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Thread: 18 July 2022: Day 145 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia has been using troops flagged as "Wagner" in the recent fighting in Popasna and Lysyschansk to hold down the official casualty figures. To make up manpower, recruitment standards have been lowered, including recruiting criminals from prisons.
#Saudi purchases of #Russia's energy products has increased
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Day 136 of #Russia's war, welcome to the daily thread documenting the most important news, events, and some of my analysis along the way.

Mercifully a fairly quite night in #Ukraine as it fights for its very existence.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
I start with news from occupied region and the #Ukraine Resistance movement.

A collaborator policeman has been shot dead in #NovayaKakhovka (#Kherson region) and two other attempted attacks which are not yet reported.

Thanks to @AlbaThunberg for help…
Nice to hear #Russia is digging deep in to its reserves. 1950s tractor-pullers now being sent to fight #Ukraine.

To be honest Ukraine's tractor army won't probably even bother retrieving these bits of scrap🤣🤣

#StandWithUkraine Image
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Thread: 6 July 2022: Day 133 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia continues to consolidate in Lyschyansk and the broader Luhansk Oblast, and is moving troops to the Izyum front, though the Russians have only advanced about three miles toward Izyum in the last week. Russia is still ten miles from Slovyansk.
#Russia: in Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast, a woman wrote appeals for peace in the snow with paint, including the Sixth Commandment from the Bible. This was 18 March. Sentenced under the "discrediting" the Army law, she appealed on free speech grounds, which have now been rejected.
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NEW: Negative views of #China "remain at or near historic highs" in 19 countries surveyed by @pewresearch

Negative views of #Beijing highest in:

#Japan 87%
#Australia 86%
#SouthKorea 80%
#Sweden 83%
US 82%
#Netherlands 75%
#Germany 74%
#Canada 74%…
"Adults in #Greece, the #UnitedKingdom & the #UnitedStates have become significantly more critical of #China over the past year" per @pewresearch

"Unfavorable views of China have gone up by 21 percentage points in #Poland & Israel & 15 points in #Hungary..."
"#Belgium stands as the only country where fewer people hold an unfavorable view of #China this year than last year (61%, down from 67%)" per @pewresearch
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The #EP4U Conference is starting NOW! We've got a great day planned looking at #Enlargement, #FundamentalRights, #Migration, and #ClimateAction with our great speakers!

We're live on @YouTube, and we're collecting key highlights here on @Twitter


We're in the opening session with TEPSA Executive Director @MariamKhote and @Hertie_Security's @bctallis

"We value youth for what it may become. Youth is unsullied by the realities of live, and there is a massive potential in young people as a result"

- @bctallis (@Hertie_Security)

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#Hungary's government has declared a “state of danger”, giving prime minister Orbán sweeping powers to rule by decree.

The EU & national capitals have sat by - and sometimes even helped - as a dictatorship emerged in an EU member.…
This time, Hungary's dictator is using the war in Ukraine as an excuse for grabbing more power.

The new decree replaces the last "state of emergency" that used the pandemic as an excuse.

The regime will use any justification to destroy democracy and hold power.
This latest move joins the long list of antidemocratic measures Orbán has taken over the past 12 years, including:

➡️ taking over public institutions
➡️ undermining the independence of the judiciary
➡️ stifling the media
➡️ criminalizing civil society organizations
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Day 99. Over a month after 🇷🇺 soldiers were pushed from the area, people in villages north of Kyiv say they are still finding their neighbors buried in shallow graves. Officials say more than 300 people are still missing from that region. Read more 🔽…
Explosions were reported in #Mykolaiv & #Odesa. Other 🇷🇺 missiles hit a railway in western Ukraine near the border with Slovakia. The 🇷🇺 forces continue shelling the #Sumy region from the territory of 🇷🇺 and have been dropping improvised explosive devices from drones there.
Occasional shelling of #Kharkiv city & region continues, resulting 6 people injured. 🇷🇺 forces shelled #Donetsk region 11 times from tanks, artillery, mortars, MLRS ‘Hurricane’, MLRS ‘Tornado.’ 4 civilians were killed, and 7 were injured. 20 infrastructure facilities were damaged
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Thread: 1 June 2022: Day 98 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Kalush Orchestra, the rap-folk band that won Eurovision for #Ukraine, has sold the Eurovision trophy at auction for $900,000 in order to buy drones (the PD-2 unmanned aerial system) for the country's war effort against the #Russian invaders.…
Vladimir Shamanov on the "superiority" of #Russia's army; intentions with Poland, Baltics, Romania; taking 5 to 10 years to fully demilitarized and denazify #Ukraine, leveling the country if need be and trying its officials and journalists at a "Nuremberg"
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