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#ExtinctionRebellion blocks entrance of EU Commission in #Brussels

40 activists of XR Europe are blocking the entrance to the Berlaymont building of the @EU_Commission. 10 activists are superglued to the entrance doors.

We demand an ecocide law!
#EUstopEcocriminal 5 people in front of the EU Comission building. Banner held:A man is glues to an entrance. The back of his shirt reads: Several people sit at an EU Commission entrance. Some are su
The main entrance to a central building of the EU Commission is inaccessible. The Belgian police are on site.

"Corporations and lobbyists must be named, held accountable and prosecuted for their actions," said Aktis @xrFrance

Ecocide must be included as a 5th international crime on the Rome Statute of the Internat. Criminal Court

The new proposal by EU Justice Commiss. @dreynders and EU Environment Commiss. @VSinkevicius includes a list of environmental crime offenses, but ecocide is not included. 6 people block the entrance to the european commission. some
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- heftige Kämpfe an der gesamten Südflanke im #Donbass ;
- Versorgungsroute Bakhmut-Siversk-Lissitschansk in Reichweite der russ. Artillerie;
- Kiew fordert vom Westen vielfach mehr Waffen;
- Scholz und Co zu Besuch in Kiew.
Thread 👇
Die gesamte Südflanke im #Donbass wurde in den letzten Tagen von heftigen Kämpfen erschüttert.
Russische Truppen rückten in die Ortschaft Wrubiwka ein.
Wie weit sie dort sind, ist unklar:
UKR meldet noch Kämpfe um die Siedlung.
RUS meldet, dass die Ortschaft eingenommen sei.
Zusammen mit der Kontrolle über Komyschiwacha, die kurz zuvor weitgehend eingenommen wurde, droht für die ukrainischen Verbände bei Zolote zusehends eine Einkesselung.
Der entsprechende Halbkessel von drei Seiten ist auch auf ukr.Karten bereits deutlich zu erkennen.
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The view from the roof terrace of the future Belgian Beer World, which will open in the old #Brussels stock market in 2023. Probably. Fingers crossed. No biggie. (Thanks @anthonyzach for the tip - I have sunstroke but am happy).
Why pay a fortune to see Rodin stuff in Paris, when you can get a good look at his work in #Brussels as you head upstairs for a beer? #Boosterism
Here comes the history bit (Aniston swish). The Brussels Bourse under construction in 1869 and today with the roof on.
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@valtioneuvosto @TyttiTup #EUarchives The Legal Entity of ‘Greater #Germany’ - The first president of the #Brussels #EU
- Walter #Hallstein, #nazi-German lawyer, chief architect and first president of the Brussels EU from 1958 to 1967, gave this speech in January 1939.…
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🇪🇺energy ministers holding an emergency meeting today to discuss how to respond to Russia shutting off the gas taps to #Poland & #Bulgaria - and clarify whether paying for gas in rubles would violate the EU's #RussiaSanctions.

They'll also try to find agreement on a #OilEmbargo.
What we know for sure is any 🇪🇺 embargo on #RussianOil won't begin immediately. It would probably be phased out by end of the year.

In order to avoid an #Orban veto, #Hungary may have to be granted exemptions. #Italy & #Greece also need more convincing. But #Germany is on board.
Today's emergency meeting starts 3pm. If 🇪🇺 agrees oil embargo it will send shock waves through the world economy, analysts predicting it will lead to even higher inflation. There are fears of resulting social unrest.

#Brussels & #Washington in talks on how to cushion the blow.
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Short summary of today's @INATBA_org meeting on #TFR in #Brussels:
@Europarl_EN repeated its concerns and intentions, but did not give in to the objections and counter examples of the #crytpo proponents (and bystanders such as @SofwareAG).

#Crypto proponents were arguing
▪️lack of proportionality (e.g., vis-á-vis cash TX)
▪️undue burden of proof for trivial amounts (no de minimis threshold)
▪️privacy issues for consumers (especially for unhosted wallets

.@EvaKaili (who did a great job of moderating all of this) summarized everything as
▪️excellent discussion today
▪️there certainly is room to maneuver
▪️the two sides have not met today, but...
▪️we will repeat such an discussion meeting at the end of May

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I've been reading about the 1905 clashes between Armenians & Azerbaijanis, the first known inter-ethnic confrontation between the two, and reaffirmed my conviction that the disagreements & subsequent #Armenia-#Azerbaijan wars are the product of the 'divide et impera' policy 1/10
One of the reasons that triggered the bloody events was the underrepresentation of the Muslim population in local city councils. Although the Muslim population of #Baku accounted for around 80% of the electorate, they were entitled to less than a third of the seats. 2/10
Without a significant #Russia'n population in the region, Russians chose to rely on #Armenia'ns as Christians, promoting them to administrative roles. After a while though, seeing the rise of national sentiments among them, they did the contrary, this time betting on Muslims 3/10
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#NATO PMs & presidents arriving now for 1st of three major summits here in #Brussels today.

Like any time the US president visits, the city is pretty much on lockdown. Most people opting to work from home if they can.

There are 37 heads of state and government in town today.
Entering #NATO summit, Lithuanian President @GitanasNauseda says he spoke to President @ZelenskyyUa yesterday and is very alarmed by what he was told about the situation in #Mariupol.

He wants to see strong action come out of today's #NATO, #G7 and #EU summits.
Entering the summit, #NATO Sec Gen @JensStoltenberg says the new battlegroups for #NATO's eastern flank to be created today will ensure Moscow understands there's no doubt that the alliance will defend every inch of its territory.

"We are the strongest alliance in the world"
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An important summit today in #Brussels NATO & EU

Brussels’s tiny - hope people will still find a way to gather despite the pandemic & advocate for better military aid for 🇺🇦

Keeping my hopes modest not to end up with 💔 but… #peacekeepers would be mighty swell 🙏😔
It’s a chance if not a pledge for NATO’s future security, to revisit the “red lines” of their military reactions to Russia.

Putin’s been preparing for war with NATO more than with Ukraine. NATO is rigid, bureaucratic and devoid of real military experience. Predictable.
Russia thought Ukraine will be an easy win and then will be able to move on.

A takeaway for NATO from the past month is that the Kremlin cannot be stopped from using conventional weapons at scale by NATO’s current posture or sanctions. The genocide will continue.
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On the @BrusselsAirport tarmac, @POTUS is greeted by Belgian PM @alexanderdecroo. Via @W7VOA
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Now awaiting 🇨🇦@JustinTrudeau at the European Parliament.

The Canadian prime minister will be participating in person in a session of the 🇪🇺 legislature at 17:30 to discuss 🇺🇦, after some vigorous handshaking here at the VIP corner. Image
🇨🇦#Trudeau is about to speak to the 🇪🇺European Parliament ahead of tomorrow’s emergency #NATO & #G7 summits here in Brussels to discuss 🇺🇦#UkraineCrisis.

He will also be having a bilateral session with 🇪🇺President Michel tomorrow on sidelines of #G7. Image
France's Europe Minister 🇫🇷@CBeaune says ahead of #Trudeau's speech to the 🇪🇺European Parliament that the fact the 🇨🇦Canadian PM is here shows the strong transatlantic unity right now on the subject of the #UkraineWar. Image
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Listen to Professor John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the #US University of Chicago explaining the origin of the Ukraine-Russia war: "It is all about NATO expansion"

via @YouTube
"We are encouraging the Ukrainians to resist. We are not going to fight for them, they are on their own, but we are going to fight for the last Ukrainians, we are going to arm them and hope they can hang as long as possible", said Professor Mearsheimer.
"The #Russian will crush the Ukrainians because it is an existential threat to Russia to include Ukraine into NATO. When a great power feels threatened, the Russian will do everything to win and are sending signals how seriously they are taking this war".
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NEW: "#Russia has thus far manifestly failed to accomplish" its main objectives in invading #Ukraine, per @WHNSC's @JakeSullivan46

"It has thus far achieved the opposite"
"The brave citizens of #Ukraine are refusing to submit. they are fighting back" per @WHNSC's @JakeSullivan46

"Although #Russia may take more territory in these brutal military operations, it will never take the country away from the Ukrainian ppl"
"#Russia|n power & prestige has been badly depleted" per @WHNSC's @JakeSullivan46

"The Russian military has dramatically underperformed. The Russian economy has been rocked by powerful sanctions. The Russian high-tech & defense sectors are being choked off"
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NEW: @SecDef Lloyd Austin will travel w/@POTUS to #Brussels & #Poland for mtgs with @NATO allies on #Russia-#Ukraine, per @PentagonPresSec
NEW: "We have not seen an influx into #Ukraine of #foreignfighters hired or recruited by #Russia, but we continue to see an interest by Russia in doing just that"
per @PentagonPresSec

re #Wagner Group - "We know they're there & we know they wants to increase their presence"
Efforts among US, allies to get #Ukraine long-range air defense systems - "These are active, active consultations" per @PentagonPresSec

"We're all mindful of the clock & that #Russia's intensifying their bombardment" of Ukrainian cities, population centers
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Russian #Strikes Hit Outskirts of Ukrainian Capital and #Lviv | 4h ago
- Russian forces pressed their assault on Ukrainian cities Friday, with new missile strikes and shelling on the edges of the capital Kyiv and the western city of Lviv, ~its mayor…
Russian #missiles hit military #aircraft #repairfacility in Ukraine's #Lviv | Mar 18
- three explosions in quick succession rocked the training facility around 6 am. A nearby resident described his building vibrating from the explosions…
Russian strikes hit Ukrainian #capital and outskirts of #Lviv | Mar 18
- The early morning barrage of missiles - was the closest strike yet to the center of the city, which has become a #crossroads for people #fleeing from other parts of Ukraine…
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Looks like #western & #Australian analysts are finally waking up to what I've been publicly stating here for the last two weeks .
#Kiev & #Kharkiv are distractions , the real game is in #southeastern #Ukraine .…
In the Southeast sector #Russia has no #logistics problems with supplies getting trucked in via the DPR & LPR .If anything the #Ukrainian forces stuck here have logistics trouble with supply lines stretching to #Lviv nearly 1200km away ,nothing is getting out of #Kiev ,#Kharkiv .
To their credit #Ukrainian forces seem to have Prepositioned significant ammunition , troops & equipment in hardened dispersed storages in the east which they're using to fight on .
Of late #Russians have been Targeting these stores unerringly.
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#UkraineRussianWar ⎮The bombing of the #Zaporizhzhia 🇺🇦 nuclear power plant was dangerous and unacceptable. Here's what you need to know ⤵
@franceonu @francediplo_EN @francediplo @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @UN @JY_LeDrian 🇫🇷 Pres. #Macron, "Strongly condemned any attack on the integrity of #Ukrainian 🇺🇦 civilian nuclear facilities by #Russian 🇷🇺 forces in the course of their military aggression against Ukraine. It is essential that their security and safety be guaranteed."
@franceonu @francediplo_EN @francediplo @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @UN @JY_LeDrian 🇫🇷Pres. #Macron stated #Russia🇷🇺must:
-Cease illegal and dangerous military operations
-Allow #Ukrainian🇺🇦authorities full control of all nuclear facilities within 🇺🇦 borders
-Allow personnel free, regular & unhindered access to facilities to ensure continued safe operations
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In #Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Enerdohar (the largest in Europe) is NOT on fire. The six reactors are untouched and only the administrative building has been taking fire.

So no panic and no fake news.
For every information you come across in this war, take a deep breath before jumping on it. Fake news was expected from the first minute but it is surprisingly developing.

Day 9 of war:
#Russia is at 20-25 km from the city centre with a tank and 67 km-long armoured convoys waiting for the results of the ongoing negotiation with #Ukraine delegation.
The negotiators agreed for a safe passage from 08:00 am to 19:00 pm, when the curfew enter in force +
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A personal 🧵about my ongoing odyssey of getting out of #Russia. For more than 53 hours I have been trying to get from Siberia to Brussels. 1/
We left Bratsk, Irkutstaya oblast' (see map) on Sunday at 9:30. After a tight connection of getting from Domodedovo to @svoglobal through the entirety of #Moscow, we arrived with our @aeroflot Brussels flight still scheduled. 2/ Image
Side note – I went to see my family whom I haven’t seen for 4 years for a week, arriving on the 19 Feb, Saturday, before the invasion. Why then? Because I have finally turned 27 the week before, meaning I have run out the clock on my mandatory military service. Except... 3/
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They will be considered mercenaries, not soldiers, and Ukraine will bear heavy consequences: not an intelligent move.
Foreigners travel to join #Ukraine in the fight against #Russia following Zelensky's call on foreigners to join in the war.…
The mayor of #Kyiv Vitali Klitschko is talking to #Russia about a political solution for #Ukraine.
#Russia control most of the main roads to #Kyiv from the north, east and south.

A political outcome is no longer far fetched.
Confident that the war between #Russia & #Ukraine is coming to an end soon. #Ukraine agreed to negotiate.

However, another tension is coming up, much more dangerous: #Russia considers NATO countries have gone beyond the limits & is calling for the strategic forces to be on alert
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Crowds gathering in central Brussels for pro-#Ukraine protest
Cars beeping their support as crowds gather for #Brussels demonstration in support of #Ukraine
Many Russians also here to protest #Putin’s invasion of #Ukraine
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EU summit still ongoing here in #Brussels - Leaders are deciding on next sanction package on #Russia

EU summit has concluded

President #Macron joins European Commission chief Ursula von get Leyen and European a council President Charles Michel at post #EUCO summit Image
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#Russia started a "special military operation" in Donbas. Heavy shelling is hitting the province. Prsdnt Vladimir Putin said he is not planning to occupy #Ukraine. Putin asked the Ukrainian army to lay down its weapons. "Kyiv will be responsible for possible bloodshed," he said.
#Europe turned deaf ears on #Russia's request to stop @NATO's expansion & believed Putin was not seriously concerned and that he will behave as his predecessors. The #US want #Moscow to be involved in a war but Putin is showing his determination to allow the west another thought.
A missile hit the #Ukraine capital Kyiv, leading to an exodus of thousands of people from the eastern front and the capital towards the western borders. Expect long queues on banks, foreign currency withdrawal, provision and other necessities.
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