5 Ways Twitter Changed My Life...

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1. I found Money Twitter on accident at the end of 2020.

I followed an account that tweeted about the stock market,

which led to another that tweeted about index funds,

which led to another that tweeted about Bitcoin.

I couldn't get enough.
I bought Gumroad courses, read books and watched YouTube videos. I was hooked.


On January 14, OF THIS YEAR, I purchased my first stocks! I felt like Warren Buffet! (minus about 104 Billion).

I'm 55 years old. If I can do it, you can do it.
2. I've lost 100 lbs over the last 10 years!

Unfortunately it's been the same 10lbs over and over again.

Lose 10. Gain 11.
Lose 10. Gain 12.
Lose 10. Gain 13.

I've tried Paleo. I've tried Intermittent Fasting. I've tried hardcore cardio.
Then, 5 months ago, on Twitter, I found my coaches @Gabepluguez @TheJackBly.

They design my weekly workouts and if it's not done by noon, I get a text,

"What time are you lifting today George?" They don't mess around.

I have a healthier body than I did in High School. TRUTH.
3. In January I joined #ship30for30. It's a cohort-based course that teaches how to write online.

You then write and publish, every day, for 30 days!

I wrote for 3 months straight and I'm now editing my 2nd book. I'll be publishing on Amazon in the next 60 days.
Thanks to @dickiebush and @Nicolascole77, I finally became the writer I always wanted to be.
4. I'm a big believer in Jim Rohn's famous quote,

"You're the average of the five people spend the most time with."

These are a few of the Twitter accounts that have influenced me:
@SaveYourSons has inspired my content more than anyone else.

He's authentic.
He cares about people.
He genuinely wants to help.

If you're a man looking for other good men to hang out with, let me know. I'll pay for your first month to Save Your Sons community.
@thedankoe taught me mindset and has put me on a course of reaching my true potential. Yes. Even at 55.

(First 5 who DM me get a free month of his community, Modern Mastery)
@IAmAaronWill taught me to grow my Twitter account from 5k to 14k in 3 months. WHAT???

Super genuine guy who truly cares about you.

He has the most engaged followers I've seen on Twitter. Follow him or better yet, get coached by him.
Follow @The_MMW if you want to improve your financial future. She tweets more value than most accounts charge for. Her threads are absolute πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.
5. I've met people all over the world.

I have friends in Israel, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Greece, Russia, Canada, India, Mexico, South Africa; you get the idea.

As a 55 year old...that's mind blowing.
They're ghost writers, crypto investors, future fathers, leaders and dream creators.

They inspire me to be a better human.

Behind that account you follow...behind the tweets that inspire you...

is a person.

Send them a DM.
Get to know them.
Meeting people is Twitter's superpower.
I write 2 threads a week. It would mean a lot if you scrolled to the top and retweeted the first tweet.

Follow me @onegsisneros for 10 days. If you like what I post...stick around.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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Covid hit in early 2020 and I took the opportunity to reinvent myself.

At 54 years old I started my first Twitter account and by chance, some of the people I followed posted about money & investing.

I'd entered the world of Money Twitter...

on accident.
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