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It took me 6 months to reach 400 newsletter subscribers.

But only 6 WEEKS to pass 1,000.

How you can grow your newsletter from 0 to 1,000 subscribers — faster than me: Line graph that shows Amanda's newsletter subscriber count.
1/ Rent then own.

Grow a social media following. Then start your email list.

My advice for Twitter:

• Write about 1-2 topics.

• Tweet ~10x weekly.

• Write threads. Really well.

• Reply to big accounts. Be insightful/witty.

More here...

2/ Develop a repeatable newsletter format

What's sustainable for you?

Some formats:

@JamesClear: 3-2-1 (3 ideas, 2 quotes, 1 question to think about)

@anafabrega11: 1 novel insight (essay, video or podcast. Always at least 1 key takeaway)

But be open to change...
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Attention Writing Twitter 📢

January, 2022 is gearing up to be Ship 30 for 30's BIGGEST cohort yet (1,000+ Shippers).

To celebrate, let's play a game.

1 RT = 1 digital writing tip we share inside the course.

Ready, go.
You can join the last Ship 30 for 30 cohort of the year here 👇
Digital Writing Tip #1: It's your content. You can do anything you want with it.

Atomic Essays can become:

• Newsletters
• Landing page copy
• eBooks
• Digital Products
• Course material
• Scripts for podcast episodes
• Etc.
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I grew Twitter followers from 0 → 5,000 in 2 months (despite a brutal work schedule)

Surprisingly, I only tweeted ~once/week.

Here are the 8 leveraged activities that helped me get there (that anyone can replicate)👇
1/ Answer your "The Why" Question. Make it your north star.

Many people don't have to build an audience (and that's ok)

Some people do.

Find your clear reason why you need to and write it down. Here is mine👇
2/ Write threads

Threads help tell a story. People love stories.

If that isn't a sufficient reason, the Twitter algorithm prefers threads too!👇
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5 Ways Twitter Changed My Life...

// a thread 🧵
1. I found Money Twitter on accident at the end of 2020.

I followed an account that tweeted about the stock market,

which led to another that tweeted about index funds,

which led to another that tweeted about Bitcoin.

I couldn't get enough.
I bought Gumroad courses, read books and watched YouTube videos. I was hooked.


On January 14, OF THIS YEAR, I purchased my first stocks! I felt like Warren Buffet! (minus about 104 Billion).

I'm 55 years old. If I can do it, you can do it.
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How to Analyze a Side Hustle or Business Idea: A Simple Method from a Founder Worth Millions.

Have you ever come up with a biz idea, but weren't sure how to evaluate it well? @businessbarista lays out his way.

Use it before committing time & effort. Read 🧵👇 for more.
1. I really enjoy Alex Lieberman's "Founder's Journal" podcast. It's short & sweet, but packed with lots of advice, prompts, thoughtful ideas and takes. In his latest episode, @businessbarista analyzes an idea meant to address a major pain in his life.
2. For those who don't know, Mr. Lieberman is co-founder of the popular Morning Brew newsletter which has about 3 million subscribers. So, what was the problem he needed to solve?
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Don't waste $1,000's of dollars on a cohort based course.

Use these 13 tactics to get the most from your investment 🧵
1/ Find a buddy

Best version: sign up with a friend or partner for brainstorming & mutual accountability

Back up plan: review profiles and make fast friends with those that share common interests

Role models: @MrJacobEspi & @rolanddaher showed me how this is done
2/ Show up early

In my first CBC, a deep convo was always underway when I dialed in.

Yesterday I dialed in 15 mins early and got 10 solo minutes with @aaditsh and @brandonthezhang - their generosity in those 10 min alone were worth the full cost.…
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You are a cyborg: how technology shapes us

Cyborgs sound like something from a far future sci fi movie, but you are one.

#ship30for30 day 25
Robot body parts, night vision eyes, batteries instead of blood. These are the images that come to mind.

But in fact we have been augmenting our bodies and minds for hundreds of years.
You are more than a body

How far away from your phone do you ever physically get?
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The biggest problem stopping programmers: Fear of the unknown

When I finished my programming degree, something weird happened

#ship30for30 day 24! Image
A surprising amount of my fellow students couldn’t code.

I would say even the vast majority of those who graduated, couldn’t code. At all.

Many of my friends told me themselves, even after 4 years of learning, they didn’t know how.
They knew it, but they didn’t.

They were smart people who spent a ton of time and effort learning. They knew the terms, the syntax. They knew the theory, they could pass the tests. They could solve the math puzzles and the leetcode problems. They could write some code.
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Why conspiracy theories spread: how machines form drugs habits

Virality is a staple of the online world, but is it correct?

#ship30for30 day 23 Image
An idea, a post, a song, or any type of online content catches on, then with a little help from the algorithm it goes viral.

But what is being caught here? A spark of creative genius, insight and truth?
There might be a better analogy for this behavior: recreational drugs and addiction.
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With >1M blog readers a year, @Julian Shapiro has figured out how to engineer successful blog posts.

I attended an unrecorded, one-off Writing Masterclass today hosted by Julian. If you missed it:

THREAD: 12 mind-blowing lessons from Julian's Writing Masterclass:
1/ Good writing is actually only 25% Story and 5% Style. 70% of it is Novelty.

"People read for novelty and story. And the story is optional."

Great work is about new or surprising ideas at its core. The novelty is the "meat" of the writing.
2/ Writing Quality = Novelty X Resonance

Novelty is new information that is significant and not easily intuited. It's something profound you wouldn't have figured out on your own.

Resonance is the examples, analogies or stories that crystalize novelty and makes it engaging.
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1️⃣4️⃣ reasons to switch to Apple Notes for your second brain

In the name of digital simplicity and keeping things ASAP (as simple as possible), I now use Apple Notes as my second brain.

👇 Read why in this thread 👇

For more about digital simplicity, follow me @HeyJennyLee.
🧠 Does it seem controversial to use the most basic app for your second brain?

Despite its simplicity, Apple Notes is a native powerhouse that’s more accessible, more nimble, and downright prettier.

#tweet100 #BASBinAppleNotes #BASB
✨ Here are 14 reasons why switching to Apple Notes for your second brain is a great decision for you. 💫

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📝 I've gone from never publishing online, to publishing over 8000 words in 20 atomic essays in 20 days.

💎 Here are 7 unexpected lessons I've learned from my journey.
#ship30for30 @nicolascole77 @dickiebush
1/ 📢 Publishing daily is the antidote to perfectionism I didn't even know I had.

I never noticed how loud my inner critic was until I had to publish something every day.

The critic never stops, but I'm starting to learn when to ignore it.
2/ 🤯 Going from Consumer → Creator has given a new depth to viewing content.

The 'texture' of good content becomes palpable. Becoming a creator has given me a deeper appreciation for the craft of writing, film-making, or even tweeting.
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The MetaGame
How you are losing when playing
League of Legends, Dota2, the S&P 500 and Inflation

Life lessons learned from video games pt2!

No this isn’t about Zuckerberg
Thanks for ruining it @Meta
I’ve played countless hours of video games. I’m addicted.

Turns out, many of the same strategies for winning complex multiplayer games are really useful outside of games too
League of Legends and Dota2 are particularly great examples of a concept called the Metagame

If you aren’t familiar with these games, they are some of the most popular and competitive in the world

The 2019 LoL world championship had more views than the NFL’s 2019 Super Bowl
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I’ve been mining $ETH on my new M1 Max MacBook Pro!

Science time! 🔬🥼 Here’s how it went!

And the answer to the question you all want to know!

Am I going to be rich!?!?!?
If you want to set this up for yourself here is how

Way easier than I expected!
I ran two experiments

One mining session for ~3 hours last night and then another about ~10 hours today while I was working

Computer used was the brand new 2021, top of the line 16’’ M1 Pro Max.

Everything fully maxed, except hard drive space. 4TB was enough for me! Image
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Have you been thinking of starting freelancing?

I started freelancing back in november 2020 and I regret not starting it earlier

Here are 5 things that kept me from starting freelancing early


1: Waiting for gigs to come

I made a personal website and put the link to it everywhere.

I thought just because I did that clients will come to me with their problems. I was totally wrong you have to go knocking doors when starting out

Outreaching is the ultimate solution.
2: Building portfolio

Having a portfolio definitely helps but its not the necessary & sufficient condition to start freelancing.

To build a portfolio we need to start in the first place. I got into this vicious circle.

Later this became an excuse for not starting.
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Leveling up your coffee game isn't that hard. Coffee has two ingredients, coffee and water.

Here are 5 ways to step up your coffee game.
1. Start with fresh beans

Never buy beans from a supermarket that have been sitting on a shelf. Always check the roast date. The closer to the roast date the better. Try & get beans from a local roaster, a lot of coffee shops roast their own.

My goto:
2. Use filtered water

Tap water contains minerals that will affect the taste. You don't need a fancy filtration system to achieve good-tasting water.

I use a ZeroWater filter system.
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3 Militant minimalism principles to abandon so you can explore minimalism without negativity 💫

A thread
Minimalists get a bad rep because of the more militant minimalists with millions of followers. Big minimalism leaders often use shame and judgment to promote their ideas.

No thanks.
Here are 3 militant minimalism principles you can abandon so that you actually benefit from minimalism, and eventually find abundance through the lifestyle. 👇
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Jockos 10 Rules To Crush Your Life

John Gretton "Jocko" Willink is an American author, podcaster, and retired United States Navy officer who served in the Navy SEALs and former member of SEAL Team THREE.


👇🏼🧵 Image
Whenever I am feeling down, unmotivated, or just plain self-hating on myself. I look for a quick Jocko hit. He holds no punches, he's extreme. He's not going to pat you on the head and tell you it's ok. Take Extreme Ownership.

When things are going bad, don't get bummed out, startled, or frustrated.

If you can say the word good, it means you're still alive.

If you're still breathing, you still have fight left. Get up & dust off. Reload, recalibrate & reengage.

Go out on the ATTACK! Image
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I studied fiction writing in college.

But I always tell people I didn't learn how to write in college.

I learned how to read, and I learned the importance of reading my work out loud.

Here's a mini-masterclass in what to HEAR in your own writing 🧵👇
1/ Listen for tone.

As soon as the words start to come out of your mouth, you will feel what tone you were writing in.

The big question is: was this tone your intention?

If yes, you'll hear what gives this tone its quality. Do more of that.

If no, you'll hear why not.
2/ Listen for wordiness.

"And so it was then that..."

Anytime you hear lots of tiny words next to hear other, you'll feel your mouth fumble over them.

Don't ignore this.

Cut them. Compress them.

Your writing will be sharper.
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Writing has changed my life. ✏️

In the last 30 days, I've written

• 500+ tweets.
• 10 Atomic Essays.
• 20+ High-Value Threads.

It all happened because I started writing online.

Here's how I did and how you can do the same 👇🧵

[Bookmark this thread] 📕
1. Getting Started 📄

Option 1
• Grab a book and paper.
• Write a short story.

Option 2
• Download any digital journaling app.
• I recommend @dayoneapp
• Write a short story.

Pro-Tip 💡
Use the Ikigai Framework to identify your purpose for writing. Keep it handy.
2. Creating Ideas 🚶

Every writer struggles with writer's block.

Here are 5 ways to get your creativity flowing.

• Exercise
• Walking
• Reading
• Mind maps
• Meditation

Pro-Tip 💡
Write to enhance your creativity & develop your skillset first.
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How To Be A World-Class Reader 101

Reading, in and of itself, doesn't make you a better writer.

To master your craft, you have to ready CLOSELY.

You have to study the language.

These are the 5 key things to look for in everything you read 🧵👇
1/ "What is the author really saying here?"

I annotate constantly when I read.

In the margins, I write what the author is saying—below the literal.

"She walked into the room without hesitation." OK, what's REALLY happening here?

The unspoken is the loudest narrative.
2/ "How did the author create this image/feeling?"

Don't just watch the movie.

Ask how the writer got you to see or feel what you did.

Study that language closely.

Then keep it in your back pocket for when you want to illicit a similar image in your readers' minds.
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Last 13th September, I've started my Creator journey on Twitter.

Since then I went from 54 to 356 Followers in ~4 weeks.

Here's a breakdown of my Analytics.
How many impressions?
• ~262k over the past 30 days
• ~8.5k per day on average Image
Followers growth?
• +660% increase

A special"thank you" to every single one of them.

My journey wouldn't be possible without you 🙏 Image
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10 Steps To Charting

Every trader has a different process when they chart, in this thread, I go through the steps I follow when looking for the next killer trade.

I use the @TrendSpider platform for my charting process.
1. Time Frames - Start on a higher time frame. Check the monthly if data allows, but the weekly should suffice. Then work your way down the chart time frames.
2. Price History - If you have a stock that has price history, look left. If the price is below past highs, these will be areas of interest to watch.
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