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I've written everyday for 327 days.

7 ways how writing everyday can change your life:
1/ Clarity of thinking

The more you write, the easier it gets to communicate your ideas.

When you start writing, you are:

• Putting your thoughts on paper
• Organizing it in a way that resonates with the reader
• Capturing ideas so your brain is free to think of new ideas
The better you get at organizing those ideas, the easier it gets for you to simplify your ideas and thinking.

The simple act of putting pen to paper can improve your mental health drastically.
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Writing is 98% editing.

But most people do it wrong.

Here are 7 editing tips that will make your writing stand-out:
1) Wait at least 12-24 hours before editing

Seinfeld treats his writing self and editing self as two different people.

You have different priorities while doing both.

• While writing, your priority is to get words on paper
• While editing, your priority is to remove fluff
Another reason to edit later is to kill the recency bias.

You're going to love everything the moment you write something.

(Even stuff that's BS)
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I don't sign NDAs.

You shouldn't either.

🧵Here are 4 reasons why 👇

Here comes a compelling partner.

The company looks solid. The founders are strong. Their existing product looks great.

But then come those 5 little words.

"Will you sign an NDA?"

At this stage, the answer is always "no".

Here's why:
1/ 🤫 You shouldn't be sharing confidential information this early. 🤫

It's just too early in our relationship for us to be sharing business secrets.

You don't open a first date with a non-disparagement agreement.

You chat about your interests and see if there's a match.
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Want to be a successful founder in 2023?

Try being dumber.

Disagree? Bring that big brain and follow along. 👇👇👇
We all know them: that friend that's super successful.

Absolutely killing it. Constantly improving.

There's just one problem:

They're dumb as rocks.
"How do they do it?" we ask ourselves. "I'm so much smarter than them!"

But what if they're not successful despite their intelligence, but because of it?
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DAY 15/30

Obsidian is full of cool features, but some of them are hidden🧐

Here are my 5 favorite tips to 10x your productivity!

Let's start with some visuals.

@obsdmd #obsidianmd
#ship30for30 @ship30for30
1/ Outliner (Community plugin)

Wish there was an outliner?

For those coming from outliners like Roam and Logseq, this may convince you to give Obsidian a try.

Go to Settings/ Community plugins/ Browse/ and search for "Outliner."
2/ Command Palette

Are you always forgetting how to do "that thing"?

Like "how do I Highlight text"? 🤣

Thankful, Obsidian does have a toolbar, it's just hidden.

Use Ctrl/Cmd P to bring up a list of all the things you can do to your notes.

It also shows the shortcut!
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DAY 14/30

I've spent 7 days reading Niklas Luhmann Estate's docs on his Zettlekasten, (so you don't have to.) 😅

Here are 5 surprising truths I found.

#ship30for30 @ship30for30
All images are properties of
1. 90,000 notes sounds more impressive than it looks.

This is his Zettelkasten, the German word for "slip-box". All notes were organized into 24 drawers and 3 filing trays (top left).

Not impressed? I don't blame you.

But the concept behind it might change your mind...
2/ His Zettelkasten's main purpose was to generate surprise.

He focused on organizing and constructing his notes, so he can "talk" to it. Every part of this process has its purpose. His notes are meant to lead him down paths he wasn't thinking about.

This was done in 3 parts...
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10 FREE crash courses that no one teaches in school but they ABSOLUTELY should:

(especially if you are a creator or building online) 👉
1️⃣ on Audience Building

By @jessievbreugel

Join here:…
2️⃣ on Notion Basics

By @TomFrankly

Join here:
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Want to know how I've managed to write an atomic essay every day for the past month?

The answer is not a sexy one... but it works.

I'm a systems gal👇

#Ship30for30 Image
Here are the tools I mentioned in my essay👇


Title Case Converter:
Here's a screenshot of my Notion checklist👇 Image
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I have a love-hate relationship with podcasts.

I love the variety and the convenience.

I struggle with taking notes from them still. (I started experimenting with @snipd_app a few days ago 🤞)

Here are 7 of the podcasts I've been enjoying lately: 🧵👇

@snipd_app 1. The Danny Miranda Podcast

This one is a very recent addition to my feed.

So far, I've been enjoying the variety of guests and the casual but deep conversations @heydannymiranda has with them.
@snipd_app @heydannymiranda 2. Hidden Brain

This has been a favourite of mine for years.

@HiddenBrain is very consistent with the quality of the episodes they produce.

It's always great to learn about the interesting and unexpected ways our brains work.
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I'm often juggling multiple projects at a time.

It feels natural between work, friends, classes, hobbies, etc.

But sometimes, working on too many things at once can slow us down.

Here are 4 benefits to limiting your work-in-progress: 🧵👇

#ship30for30 #tweet100
1. Improved focus

When you limit your work in progress, you can focus.

You can have increased access to flow.

You can allocate all your cognitive resources to one goal.

Plus, it just feels good to focus.

Having too many things on the go can leave us feeling scattered.
2. Less context switching

It produces waste each time you context switch.

You have to load a different project into your working memory...

...and then again once you switch back.

Every switch takes time and energy, which is a tax on your productivity.
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Julia Cameron offers a daily practice called Morning Pages.

This practice is 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness journaling done first thing in the morning.

Here are 5 benefits you'll get from adopting this practice: 🧵👇

#ship30for30 #tweet100
1. Increased awareness

It can be hard to focus when small things are tugging on your attention.

Sometimes, we aren't even aware of the things calling us.

Morning Pages can help bring those things into our awareness.

Once we're aware, we regain our power to react.
2. Processing of emotions

When we don't process our emotions, they tend to stick around and increase in intensity.

These emotions can drive us to do unhelpful things.

With Morning Pages, we can start to process those emotions.

We can sit with them and feel them through.
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Over the past 20 years, I have honed 5 compounding habits to craft the perfect career (for me).

What makes them special?

They're simple, repeatable, and you can do them in the FLOW of your work.

And you can do most of this work in less than 15min/day.

🧵👇 #Ship30for30
1) Reflect

What’s the fastest way to find the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Slow down and think.

Success here 100% comes down to this:

• Recognize it's important
• Make it a daily habit
• Book sacred time in your calendar
• Don't overthink it

2) Take Notes in a #PKM

People who succeed here have a system that works FOR THEM.

Here are key considerations:

• Personal structure (you don't think like others)
• Notes about successes & failures
• Searchable
• Daily notes

Tools: @logseq, @obsdmd or @RoamResearch

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The First-Time Machine Learning Playbook.

(Read this if you want to efficiently learn machine learning, avoid frustration from searching for resources, and build a career in ML.)

#Ship30For30 #ML #MachineLearning
What people think you need:

Most people think you need to be a math and stats expert to learn ML. ML can be math intensive, but it’s not a barrier to entry.

What you need:

• The Ability to code
• An Open and Curious Mind
• A Good starting point

Which leads me to …
Where to Start:

If you can code, then start here:

The @fastdotai Course is a fantastic place to start. Instead of going from the basics towards an application, it starts from an application and breaks it down piece by piece.

Did I mention it’s free?
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20 dead simple leadership thoughts learnt through my mistakes to help you think about how you lead (that you didn’t know you needed):
#leadership #team #future #growthmindset #ship30for30
1. Dare to suck
2. Trust but verify
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Popular descriptions of leadership are wrong.

3 reasons why describing leadership as science + art will hamper your growth and what to do about it.


#leadership #team #learning #growth #ship30for30 Image
Science is characterised by:

• Creating hypotheses
• Experimenting to validate
• Forming rules and formulas from results

What about art?
Art is characterised by:

• Creative expression
• Varied mediums used
• Unique value derived from aesthetic appreciation

Can any of these describe leadership?
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6 visual tips for social entrepreneurs starting out, inspired by the amazing work of @milanicreative👇

@milanicreative 1. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Find a proven solution and innovate from there.

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In my @obsdmd, I keep track of my 12 favourite problems using tags.

Whenever I create a new source note, I tag it to associate it with at least one of my 12 favourite problems.

Here are 4 benefits of this practice: 🧵👇

#tweet100 #ship30for30
@obsdmd ( In case you're not familiar with the idea of 12 favourite problems, or in case you're curious about how I track and tag my 12 favourite problems in Obsidian, check out this tweet: )

@obsdmd 1. It can provide a sense of progress

When you're just starting your PKM, it can be hard to know if you're doing things "right."

It can be hard to know if you're making progress at all.

Associating your notes to your 12 favourite problems with tags can help.
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I subscribe to 83 different financial newsletters.

Most are a waste of time.

Here are 5 financial newsletter/blog writers that are worth an investment of your time:
In June, I interviewed Nick Maggiulli (@dollarsanddata) for Forbes & enjoyed his recently released book, "Just Keep Buying."

He makes stock market data fun & interesting through storytelling + humor. Here's a recent issue of his long-running newsletter:

@dollarsanddata @BrianFeroldi writes for @themotleyfool and focuses on long-term investing and fundamentals. His excellent new book "Why Does the Stock Market Go Up?" is tailored to beginners.

His newsletter is a quick read, short & sweet.
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Did you know Warren Buffett had his own animated TV show?

"The Secret Millionaires Club" aired on The Hub network from 2011-2017 for 26 episodes.

You'll never guess who some of the guest stars were:
The show was about a group of middle school students who were interested in learning about business and making money.

Who better to teach them than the greatest investor in history?

Other valuable lessons came from notable names like:
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Most people know to take advantage of their employer's 401k match, since it's free money.

You need to know more.

Here are 5 simple ways to hack your 401k:
• Find out if your employer allows in-service distributions

You may not need to switch jobs to rollover your 401k. If you're unhappy with your company's investment options, consider an in-service distribution into a rollover IRA.

Maintain control over your investing options!
• Use your 401k to enable a backdoor Roth IRA contribution

There are limits to how much you can contribute to a Roth IRA.

But, if you have a 401k that allows roll-ins, you can roll your IRA into your 401k and then execute a backdoor Roth IRA transaction.

No more limits!
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Over the past 10 years, to advance my career, become a better problem solver and find more meaning at work, I have consumed TONNES of materials on Design Thinking.

If you're getting started, save yourself the time and just read/listen/follow these 🧵👇 #Ship30for30
Book #1: Change By Design

Most people think design is for artists.

This book teaches you how the techniques and strategies of design belong at every level of business.…

Book #2: Designing your New Work Life

Many people using Design Thinking at work think it's just for solving org problems.

Using DT principles, this book teaches you how to transform your new, uncharted work life into a meaningful dream job.…

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A Quick Guide for Product Managers who can't wait to start building products people actually use and love and avoid build traps.

Not a PM? Read this to understand why you watch Netflix (probably).

>Jobs-To-Be-Done 101 🧵in 2 parts <
Jobs-To-Be-Done should become the #1 tool in your toolchain.

After reading today's thread, you will:
#1 Understand the concept of Jobs;
#2 Know main Job types.
#1 The Job Concept

Meet Sarah, a product designer working at a fintech startup in Valley. Her job is to optimise new client onboarding experience and maintain the design system for the company.

She also mentors a couple of juniors and does some freelance gigs from time to time.
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The better your notes, the easier it is to manage your boss. Seriously.

Managing up takes planning, communication, relationship building & integrity.

Here are 3 ways to unlock that superpower by simply building a repository of tagged daily notes: 🧵👇🏻 #Ship30for30

1️⃣ Use Daily Pages to Plan Your Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year

Daily Pages ground your thinking to time-based buckets (rather than just project folders).

Reflect on yesterday and plan for today and tomorrow.

When you reflect and plan, you can focus on what you need from your boss to meet your goals.

When you show your boss you've got the wheel, they won't actually need specifics about little tasks.

That unlocks autonomy, agency, and a higher plane of thinking about your work.

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Day 5: Wanna kill the agility of your team? Become obsessed with Velocity metric.

Incredibly Nerdy Post Alert 🚨🚨
Have you ever been in a situation where a Leadership Team or Product Managers are obsessed with Velocity?

This thread will help you to move your organisation away from this rabbit hole.
According to, Velocity indicates the average amount of Product Backlog items turned into a ready product increment during a Sprint by a Scrum Team.
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