🚨 The Governments Trap For Your Money

the Gov and Central Bank policies created a trap for your money and more power and control for themselves

The Trap and How To Protect Yourself...

Time For A Thread 👇
/1 The primary "Trap" for your money Govs use are Capital Controls which all nations eventually use as their money begins to fail.

This traps you inside a currency or country with no way to enter or exit.
2/ Its happened countless times throughout recent history.

The most famous was when the US Gov shut down the banks and stole the people's Gold. Or more recently, a similar example is what happened in Greece in 2015
3/ There are many reasons and methods why Govs and CB's will trap your money.

Understanding the Mundell-Flemming Trilemma will help you get a better understanding as to why nations like China would ban #Bitcoin and #Crypto

4/ The Govs impose Capital Controls is so they can trap and then "STEAL" your wealth.

The main way Govs steal your wealth is Inflation
"inflation is the arbitrary increases in the supply of fiat" which then diminishes or devalues your value.
5/ There are more hidden and dangerous traps the Gov uses to steal your wealth

This was outlined in a 2015 IMF paper titled "The Liquidation Of Gov Debt" where they stated
"Financial repression is most successful in liquidating debt when accompanied by inflation"
6/ Is Wall Street another trap?

Main street mostly stayed out of Wall street until the 70s-80s when the Gov created programs pushing and trapping people in.

ERISA launched in 1974, and Vanguard, the creator of Funds and the 60/40 portfolio started in 1976
7/ While most reading this are aware the Gov is stealing wealth through Inflating the money supply, most are not aware of the theft through Bonds. The public is holding over $22 T in bonds or gov debt and this theft or "regression" comes through negative real rates
8/ This means the yield or return the bond pays you for holding the bond is less than the Gov targeted inflation rate, which means the return you receive from holding their debt is actually losing money when factoring in inflation.
9/ This Is A Trap!

The Gov steals from your earnings, purchasing power and savings, through Inflation & money printing

The Gov steals from your wealth & investments in Bonds through negative real yields

and uses retirement programs & managers to keep you trapped in the system
10/ To beat this, stay away from the trap and get out of the trap of the Inflationary Fiat system and Bond programs

Storing your wealth in #Bitcoin allows you to do that

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Watch the full video here: 👇
h/t to @JasonPLowery for conversations we had that sparked this, specifically #'s 4 and 5

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1/ Last year I made a video explaining how blackouts in CA were coming for the country and the world, the video has almost 3/4 mil views

How did I know it was coming for the world?
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2. managed interest rates
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1/ Nations must choose. They can’t have the “good stuff” that evens out your economy (fixed currency and managed interest rates) and still have free-flowing capital in and out of the country. At some point, your policies will be at odds with the world

And that is now...
2/ when currency valuations and/or interest rates get out of whack, then capital will either:
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🚨Dangerous Changes To Banking As We Know It!

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2/ To "pay" for spending bill, they must try to "find" the money, by tightening holes and increasing taxes. Idea is to monitor every single bank account with $600+, and report every single transaction including, Venmo, Paypal, and Crypto to the IRS, for full ongoing audits
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🫂 The Fed, the Amer Worker, and Labor Day...

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1/ it wasn't that long ago, retirement was possible if you saved some money...

From 1960s to 2007, the avg int paid on a 10yr gov bond was 7%. If you worked hard, saved in a bond portfolio, reinvested interest, $100k would grow to $750k in 30 yrs. Enough to have $52.5k per year
2/ But, when the Fed Res decided to wage a “war” against deflation during the 2008 Financial Crisis, it also waged war on Workers & Savers because to save the stock market, the Fed cut interest rates to near zero.

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🚨Fidelity Predicts #Bitcoin Price In 5, 10, 15 years!

But more important than "where" the price goes is "how" it gets there, what are the key drivers and indicators, what is the important data to watch as this thesis plays out

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1/ First about @Fidelity, one of the largest investment firms w/ over 26m customers, $6.5T in customer assets, and $2.4T global AUM. They have been mining Bitcoin since 2017, started Digital Assets in 2018, Investing in BTC companies in 2020, and providing BTC loans in 2021
2/ Before looking at price, lets understand it better. Always about SUPPLY v DEMAND

An S Curve helps us understand the adoption cycle or time frame. The rule is the time it takes to get to 10% adoption is the time it takes to go from 10%-90% adoption. Should see 90% by 2029
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🚨50yrs ago, we were warned of 3 potential attack vectors that govs use to control the people and the world

All 3 are under attack right now, enabled by The Fiat Money Printer. Let's dive in to see how they are using this to control us right now

Time For Another Thread 👇
Henry Kissinger warned us:
Control the Food, control the People,
Control the Energy, control the Continents,
Control the Money, control the World.
Looking at the world today, you can clearly see that they took over the money first with Central Banks and fiat money.

With that under control, they now use it to attack Energy and Food, of course not directly, but in the name of saving the Earth
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