[LIVE] #LOONA Choerry is live on VLIVE: "Let's danceπŸ•Ί"

vlive.tv/post/0-26580753 Image
@loonatheworld Yves and Haseul are off to the side, Choerry says - they say not to worry about them (they were just eating a salad)

Yves: don't worry about us! (spins around behind her)

yves: We'll be watching, Choerry~ (leaves frame) ImageImage
@loonatheworld Haseul: Yerim, I'm almost done (with my food)! hang on just a sec!
@loonatheworld Haseul: "Is this live already?"
Choerry: no!
Haseul: it is!! Image
@loonatheworld Choerry asks Haseul what she should do
Haseul: do something sexy!
Choerry: no Orbits will get nosebleeds!~ πŸ˜†

Choerry thinks about dancing to BAD for a sec - but first, she will stretch to Warm December

"Everyone, gotta stretch before!" (Haseul joins) ImageImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Choerry says she doesn't stretch that much though generally (Haseul goofs around with her) ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld They agree on Haseul playing a random song from Choerry's list, then Choerry will dance
@loonatheworld [Haseul plays: Yummy Yummy]
Choerry: ahhh!! ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Choerry says she'll just do the first verse since there's a lot to show - Haseul picks Yum Yum next and joins Choerry to the side (but Haseul doesn't know the dance that well) ImageImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Haseul says "ok back to adult Choerry"

Haseul says she'll leave now, she's afraid how she'll appear though since she's bare-faced - but she says she's shown already herself bare-faced on vlogs before so... ImageImage
@loonatheworld First dance (1 verse-ish): Twice - Feel Special
@loonatheworld [She wonders if her bangs will make it through the vlive]

Choerry says she focuses on the formations a lot so she moves around a lot, so she's not sure if she'll even be in frame for some of these Image
@loonatheworld Chat requests Hey Mama she does it loosely but she says she doesn't know it that well

"Nope! Not a baby today!"

Choerry practiced a verse of Suzy - "Yes No Maybe" the other day, she might make mistakes though, she says

@loonatheworld She turns on the light to do the dance again - but she says that everyone practices dancing with the lights off ImageImageImageImage
@loonatheworld How was it everyone? I got this down yesterday, to show Orbits.

(reading chat) Oh, [STAYC] Stereotype? I don't know that dance that well... I know the chorus to ASAP though.

(off cam) this is fun! Image
@loonatheworld STAYC - ASAP (just the chorus)
@loonatheworld Later, I'll do some dances to pop songs as well, everyone.

Haseul unnie asked me to show Bad as well, so I'll show that one yet.

(reading chat) Everyone you can't be bleeding yet! I haven't even started...

Blackpink sunbaenims? Lovesick Girls? Should I show you that later?
@loonatheworld (still reading chat + song recs) Body party, I can't do that one, I don't know it...

A Red Velvet song? I know Monster.

(reading) Then... First, alright. Hang on.

Oh My Girl - Dun Dun Dance
@loonatheworld Next song... It's starting to feel hot

Blackpink - Lovesick Girls (chorus)
@loonatheworld Yes, that's right~ This is fun, isn't it?

She reads a chat req for BTS, and says she knows Boy in Luv

She says she'll show Love Cherry Motion just a little bit later, since that's best shown during concerts (laugh)

(picking a song offcam) How about pop songs, everyone?
@loonatheworld Wanna One - Energetic
@loonatheworld I don't know that one that well~

I'll show you pop songs too in a bit alright?

(reading chat) How about Love Shot, after a while? By Exo sunbaenims? Alright.

EXO - Love Shot
@loonatheworld I don't know~

It's been so long, I've forgotten. I'll practice it properly for later.

Oh, [Next level?] I don't know their songs' dances that well yet everyone. I'll practice them, everyone.

Now should I go on to some difficult ones? Before I get more tired... ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Christopher - Bad
@loonatheworld Yves wants to pass by, Choerry says that's fine, she wanted to get a drink anyways

Choerry (to chat) There's still a long way to go! ImageImage
@loonatheworld Kehlani - Personal
@loonatheworld Kehlani - Peace of Mind
@loonatheworld Piece of Mind was her lesson song a long time ago, she says
@loonatheworld For Personal, the choreo is from ALiEN, and for this one, our choreographer made it.
@loonatheworld [Yves passing by again]
She's reading chat for ideas

Kim Lip - Eclipse

"I don't know that well, since it's her song~"

"Lip unnie, close your eyes!" ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld She dances to the start of Singing in the Rain

"OEC unnies' songs.. I used to know them all, but..." ImageImage
@loonatheworld So for the break I played the unnies' songs. But of course, they're great songs, aren't they!

Yeah Jinsoul unnie should close her eyes too. I used to dance [to this] a lot with her...
@loonatheworld Everyone, I'll do like 5 more! Since I'm only doing like the chorus for each. Since there's a song I want to show...

Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry
@loonatheworld Another one, everyone!
KARD - Bomb Bomb
@loonatheworld Then, that was two songs, right? In that case...

Oh I wanted to do a song by Chungha sunbaenim. I'll take it easy this time..

Chungha - PLAY
@loonatheworld This is fun! Lastly, this is the real last one. For real the last one now. How about Greedy? Would that be alright? Next time, how about a vlive where I learn a choreo live?

Ariana Grande - Greedy
@loonatheworld all done! Time to look pretty for the ending farewell. I'm a little tired now so I don't know if I danced well or not. But that was today's dance time! Unfortunately! Honestly I wanted to show you a lot more. But next time I'll show you some things we mentioned today. ImageImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Love you, Orbits! Bye!


(Stream thumbnail attached) ImageImageImageImage

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24 Nov
[EN] #LOONA Frequency of the Moon 64

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To be dressed like this for the stream today I didn't even have the heater on!

nope this isn't pink, it's purple! Image
@loonatheworld [She just got back from being outside for a sec, and figured she'd start the stream like this as well]

Feels like christmas right? Yeah I decorated my room a little bit. She'll show it from the outside as well later
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#LOONA on Netuber Channel - video starting now (Youtube Premiere)

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[LIVE] #LOONA Frequency of the Moon 63

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She'll be doing the livestream with a yogurt smoothie and some cake
@loonatheworld Yeojin: this blanket's really long, I don't know if you can see but it goes down all the way to my ankles...

actually this blanket is... I'll tell you later! Since it's embarrassing!

Should we make today's concept a pj party??

[She went to the bbc building while wearing this] Image
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[LIVE] Moonbyul's Studio Moon Night with #LOONA Yeojin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Go Won and Cocomong

(Link has no VOD if you missed it live)

The guests are entering now
From the guests today, there are some folks I know, and someone who I'm meeting for the first time... Whom I'm very curious about. They're waiting outside, so let's get them in here.
[Entrance song - Yum Yum]
Eye contact individual greetings
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[LIVE] Princess Go Won's one day early Birthday PartyπŸ¦‹πŸ‘‘

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@loonatheworld Today is 11/18! So it's one day before my birthday. But because I'm going to see cocomong, right, and moonbyul sunbaenim. So I'm here to celebrate today in advance.
@loonatheworld So for my birthday I picked this corner of my room for the background. Of the four corners, this one~ Image
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[LIVE] #LOONA Jinsoul is live on VLIVE "I'm alive...🀧"

(She had some late night food with Yves and got stomachaches)
They're both fine now, Yves is still just eating porridge, but she's getting better as well

She's here so you wouldn't worry about her

"So yves ate more?"
Or my guts are tougher.

Why voice only: "maybe it's because I wasn't feeling well but I got a sty as well."
Go Won has a birthday vlive later so I just dropped by really quick. What should we do today? Every time I go live, I keep saying "I'll prepare something!", get suggestions and stuff... I got assignments from orbits but I didn't do them~! But I said I'd do it on "FOTM" didn't i?
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