[EN] #LOONA Frequency of the Moon 64


To be dressed like this for the stream today I didn't even have the heater on!

nope this isn't pink, it's purple!
@loonatheworld [She just got back from being outside for a sec, and figured she'd start the stream like this as well]

Feels like christmas right? Yeah I decorated my room a little bit. She'll show it from the outside as well later
@loonatheworld She said she'd remain huddled up for the duration of the first BGM song (Seventeen - Snap Shoot)

"No don't worry the heater works fine at the BBC building!"
@loonatheworld [reading chat] You're having fun teasing me right?
I still have this sign from last time! Not a raccoon, red panda~

[Q: Has she eaten?]
She had a good salad earlier
@loonatheworld [She reads a challenge to write the sign on the red panda but mirrored since the stream's mirrored]

Name it Chapaguri? Neoguri (raccoon)?

People say it's lagging but she's afraid to touch the stream phone for fear of messing something up
Haseul says she convinced Yeojin on this and Yeojin's dad bought it - Haseul was really into red panda dolls like this and then this one came out and she couldn't buy one at first, so
Haseul and Yeojins' families were actually together at the time and Yeojin already had too many dolls so her mom was low-key like (please don't talk about getting the doll because then Yeojin will have to get one too)
but Yeojin's dad just went ahead and got matching dolls for both Yeojin and her (the type that you can fit your hands in to warm them)
Song she's been into lately: SVT's Snap Shoot, which she started the stream off with today

She shows the decorations behind her and talks about how she goofed around on her own earlier (the ribbon went up yesterday)
Oh the dancing with Yerim yesterday? I thought she'd be doing her stream in her room! So Sooyoung and I were having salads outside but suddenly she went out of her room so we were like "we'll finish eating quick!!" and got out.
Haseul says since they were trainees together (the two + yeojin got into bbc at the same time) she's always thought that Yerim has always, continuously, been improving at dancing and singing, and she's always told her that - like every time she sees Choerry she seems to improve
Q: What she wants to do for Christmas?
She's still not sure, but she wants to just get some fresh air somewhere

"Ahh! In a little bit, it'll be... since my debut... Is it my 4th or 5th year anniversary since debut? It'll be my 5th...!"
I had just completely forgotten about that. We'll have to have a party.

[reading the chat] I can't ride the viking ride.

Someone mentioned howling or something and it reminds her of her dog Latte howling like that which she tries to find on her phone for a sec
[lots of people are mentioning her sweater, Haseul figures lots of people like it - it's very warm and comfy she says]

Latte went to go get groomed recently, and Haseul's friends with the groomer there so the groomer sent her a picture and video
She manages to change to the back camera to show her decorations
"see! I AM good with gadgets!"

Her mom got the ribbon on the mirror (in addiiton to the giant ribbon that Haseul put in front of her room on the outside)
"People seemed to like when I sang IU sunbaenim's Good Day, I was very thankful for that."

She's wearing the same sweats as yesterday
she was wearing these slippers before but now she's wearing these sneakers
(she struggles to show her shoe)
"When she was explaining her outfit, Jungeun showed her shoe without this much effort..."

"Hyeju took off her shoe to show it??"

Oh there was a time where I wanted to learn Jujutsu...
She can't do a handstand

"I'm very flexible!"

the bgm is f(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum, and she says she practiced a bunch a long time ago, around when she was set to debut - she even rearranged the song a little at the time but hardly remembers now
Story about Love & Live More (the secret version)? - The intro dance part we made on our own? Well Heejin made most of it, i just made a suggestion here and there.

Did I wish I could do yum yum? I've done a bunch of songs like that when I was young so it's alright.
BR31 ice cream flavor: she always gets pistachio

[About Why Not in New World] - she didn't have much time to learn Why Not, only knowing the dance in general, but she didn't know the details, so she was mostly near the back for that
"but at the end you know how Sooyoung comes up to the front, the other members tried highlighting me with jazz hands and stuff when we did that at the end..."

I did practice So What as well. There's something I want to do properly later, so...
Q about how long she believe in Santa
(she tells a story about how she was really convinced one time with a stunt her parents pulled)

But one year they didn't do all that with the gifts and she asked her parents what was up, and they just told her Santa didn't exist
[+ another story about they got her younger brother to believe in Santa for a pretty long time]

"But I still believe Santa exists~ If I'm kind he'll get me stuff..."
Speaking of Christmas, let me call someone.

Haseul: Hyeju? Where are you?
Hyeju: dance hall
Haseul: I'm doing a fotm right now
Hyeju: oh my god~
Haseul: say hi to orbits
[Hyeju says she'll show up while hiding her face]

Haseul: I just wanted to call!~ But she said she's coming!
Haseul: Hyeju, look at the chat, this keeps coming up...
(she tries to give Hyeju a kiss on the cheek)
Hyeju: she didn't get me! I blocked it!
Haseul: half success!! Half success!
I could've got it! But she was blocking her face to start... It was close.
She took her nail extensions off, but her nails are still pretty long... (she tries the guitar a bit, finds that it's tuned alright)

She learned guitar from her dad at first - he only taught her 4 chords and told her if she got them down in a week he'd teach her more
She played just those 4 chords like 8 hours a day at the time
(plays them; she tells Orbits to remember her nails are still kinda long)
(She tries to remember "Officially missing you" from when she did it on LOONA studio but it's been too long)

Let Me In? I gave it a try but the chords for that one are just too hard.

[Same with The Starry Night, she can hardly remember]

oh no I've forgotten everything..!
LOONA Studio was fun...

She doesn't want to sing yet since once she starts it never stops

[Chat suggests screenshot time instead]
(She went really fast so she goes a little slower this time)
But she did bring her mic back from the dorm

(She gets up close to the phone camera)
"No, I just have to get that close to read the chat!"
Dear Santa? Ah~ since it's Christmas!

I actually had this as a vocal evaluation song once. I can only remember it being the evaluation song, actually.. I really wanted the first part and asked for it a bunch...

TTS - Dear Santa
(after singing Dear Santa)
Lately I've been enjoying this kind of vibe.
and I really like that we have a carol as well.
Lots of people have been requesting D-1 since last time too...

[She sings D-1]
As expected, all loona songs are great~

I just won SMTM? I didn't rap though...
Do a rap song? I don't know any rap though!
Not Friends? Oh I think I'll get confused with that. It really fit the members well though. [she starts singing to Not Friends]
But should I try a song in this genre?
[reads chat] I tried IU sunbaenim's Coin a lot too..
[after the rap part in Coin]
... I'll keep working hard on singing!

[reading chat]
With the triple high note in Good Day, it isn't necessarily hard because it's high, the challenge is because it lasts a lot longer than you'd think.
She'll sing just a little bit of IU's My Sea, as it's difficult
Now time to play an exciting song!
BGM: ASTRO - Breathless
Jungeun gave me a mandarin earlier today. It was good.

Lots of songs are coming up now still...

Chat: "I wanna go eat with Haseul"
Yeah I've been saying, let's set up a day to grab food...

Chat: "Hug me"
Hug you? How? Like this?
Haseul wants to bleach her hair but people say it hurts the scalp afterwards so she's scared about that

This was her vocal evaluation song before she was set to debut; Hyunjin told her that it fit her so well too

Singing: Baek yerin - Bye bye my blue
it's already been over an hour! I really want to give you a gift of a song I can sing really well, but...

Let me see what songs i've been practicing lately..!
My audition song was (IU's) Friday.
Singing: Baek A Yeon - Shouldn't Have...
When that song first came out I was shocked when I saw the lyrics!
Here's another evaluation song. Lee Hi has a song called Special, and the instructor had me do it. There's a rap in this one! I'll rap for you!

Lee Hi - Special
(after the rap part) That was tough!
isn't the song good though? I think it's good.

An exciting song? there was this earlier... This one's really high though, you know, right?
This song reminds me of winter too.

Singing: IU - You & I
Then it goes like this and that! Then it's this song! (T/N: has to do with the storyline between these two songs)

IU - Above the Time
They're great right? So good.
Done singing now! Thank you.
Someone asks for rain51db but she forgets the lyrics after a line

"what's wrong with me...? hang on" (she plays the song)

[She ends up turning on the song to sing along a bit]
BGM: Seventeen - Pretty U, which she dances along to a little bit
A musical? Yes, I'd like to do a musical sometime...

If I did one, I think my tone would change a lot compared to how it is now. (she gives a vocal example)
A disney song?
I really like all the songs from those animations.. I like them.

"From Moana.."
Singing: So-Hyang - How Far I'll Go (Moana OST / Korean ver.)
There's this one, and there's a bunch of others.

A Disney medley? Oh, that's not a bad idea.

(she's trying to fix her bangs again but figures time's almost up anyways)
[She decides to use a pin]
Part my bangs next time? Got it.

Orbits, bye!
Love you, see you later!
(Another screenshot time for a sec)
"Another last hug, hugs and kisses~ now go and eat too, bye for real now, love you, Orbits! Bye!"
*** Haseul didn't actually say "half-success", it was "defense success", she was reading chat later on
[❌: 반성공 / ✅: 방어성공]

• • •

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"So yves ate more?"
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