Pursued On All Sides By Journalists and Congress, Peter Daszak Seeks Refuge At Science Magazine, via @DisInfoChron disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/pursued-on-a…
Enough with silly nonreporting reporting, send the subpoenas /1
It's become clear that, despite assurances from Tim Appenzeller at Science, that publication won't pursue stories about congressional investigations that make Peter Daszak or the NIH look bad. /2
The latest volley from Science is this odd profile of Peter Daszak that Science's Editor-in-Chief made clear on Twitter was for political purposes to undermine opinions that #originsofcovid could have started in a Wuhan lab. This sort of honesty is called a Kinsley gaffe. /3
The fact that Daszak has blocked @alisonannyoung and avoided hard questions from multiple media outlets, but spent an entire days chatting w/ Science Magazine's Jon Cohen explains quite a bit. disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/pursued-on-a… /4
Back in 2016, Daszak explained to other scientist about the importance of cultivating reporters to maintain funding for his research. "A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype." @zeynep /5
@zeynep We wouldn't know what we know w/o the help of DRASTIC, @USRightToKnow, and hard work by investigative reporters.

We don't need more glowing profiles of Peter Daszak. We need journalism. We need accountability disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/pursued-on-a… /6

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5 Oct
My interview w/ author Elaine Dewar on her latest book "On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years” about her journey investigating #OriginsOfCovid disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/a-candid-con… /1
Elaine Dewar on scientific publishers, "Some—Nature, The Lancet, eMI—turned themselves into platforms for the science equivalent of propaganda." All to stay on the good side of China. #originsofcovid disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/a-candid-con… /2
In her book, Dewar notes: in January 2020, Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology submitted a study to @Nature and another study to a different journal that contradicted the Nature paper. Neither have been corrected. (Who peer reviews Nature studies?) #originsofcovid /3
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31 Aug
I spent years running congressional investigations and twice had to warn attorneys about lying to Congress. The legal standard is clear: Fauci broke the law by misleading Congress about his funding of research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/anthony-fauc… /1 Image
Newsweek, former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell, and Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs have all found that Fauci's NIAID funded gain-of-function research at Wuhan. Are they lying? Or did Fauci mislead and lie before Congress? #originsofcovid /2
In a Channel 4 documentary, David Relman explains that Fauci's NIAID did fund gain-of-function at Wuhan. Relman points to the paper in PLOS Pathogens disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/anthony-fauc… /3 Image
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13 Feb
Read my @DisInfoChron interview w/ Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskes, who exposed the scientists who engaged in tobacco & #climatedenial

NAOMI ORESKES: DICHRON INTERVIEW disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/naomi-oreske…. /1
@DisInfoChron We discuss @JunkScience who I caught in the @industrydocs flacking for tobacco, while he was a science columnist at Fox News disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/naomi-oreske…
Milloy, you still taking tobacco money?! /2
@DisInfoChron @JunkScience @industrydocs Dr. Fred Seitz was President of Rockefeller University and was head National Academies of Science. He was also a tobacco consultant and climate denialist.
Here's tobacco consultants discussed how elderly he was in early 1989. /3
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7 Aug 20
@VivaLaChang @LizBorkowski @thatshaycrayy It's way past time for @UCSUSA & @kenkimmell to get their act together.

Some years back, @cgseife & I identified serious program problems w/ them attacking #FOIA

Why it’s OK for taxpayers to ‘snoop’ on scientists latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/… /1
@VivaLaChang @LizBorkowski @thatshaycrayy @UCSUSA @kenkimmell @cgseife The response by @UCSUSA & @halpsci was to start lying about us and transparency activists. I was then invited to write about this for the NY Times

Scientists, Give Up Your Emails nytimes.com/2016/01/10/opi… /2
@VivaLaChang @LizBorkowski @thatshaycrayy @UCSUSA @kenkimmell @cgseife @halpsci Instead of learning from this, @halpsci doubled down, and launched some ridiculous anti-#FOIA bill in California, which @cgseife wrote about.

Scientists have #MeToo issues too. Don't exempt them
latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/… /3
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6 Sep 19
1/4 Researcher Selim Cetiner of @sabanciu in Turkey sure seems flipped out that @GMWatch ran this clip by @corinnelepage defending Seralini's research finding harm from GMO corn.

Cetiner complains it undermines his discussions w/ reporters.

Email here: documentcloud.org/documents/6382…
@sabanciu @GMWatch @corinnelepage 2/4 Selim Cetiner email goes to the AgBioChatter list for help in attack @corinnelepage who defended the Seralini study finding harm from #GMO corn.

See LePage piece posted at @GMWatch in English, here: gmwatch.org/en/latest-list…

At the time, LePage was MEP repping 450 million
@sabanciu @GMWatch @corinnelepage 3/4 Like magic, Selim Cetiner email to AgBioChatter is forwarded to . . . . #Monsanto


#Monsanto execs then get to work, apparently to hand off #GMO info to Cetiner so he can undermine LePage.

"This is urgent," Sachs writes.

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6 Feb 19
If you ever worried that science was being warped by corporate interests, this backpedal by AAAS in giving an award to pesticide researcher should lay that to rest.

Answer seems to be "yes."

@dannyhakim @EricLiptonNYT @lizabio @cgseife @sfoucart @JeanneLenzer1 @mara
@dannyhakim @EricLiptonNYT @lizabio @cgseife @sfoucart @JeanneLenzer1 @mara @fastlerner Nina Federoff is the former President of AAAS. She is now an advisor to a law firm that lobbies for the agrochemical industry and a critic of #GMO reporting "Flacking for GMOs: How the Biotech Industry Cultivates Positive Media—and Discourages Criticism" progressive.org/magazine/how-t…
@dannyhakim @EricLiptonNYT @lizabio @cgseife @sfoucart @JeanneLenzer1 @mara @fastlerner Nina Federoff also appeared at the release of the "junk science" book by the American Council on Science and Health, a front group for the chemical industry and #Monsanto acsh.org/news/2017/06/2…
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