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When I asked Stuart if he can appreciate the Indigenous Peoples' desire to protect their sacred corn from GE contamination he insisted GMO varieties are better for people of Mexico. He promotes GE corn as cancer deterring. 🤦🏻‍♀️
"Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces called the results “striking” because “cultivation of genetically modified #corn in open fields is not allowed in Mexico,” due to long and ongoing legal action and a temporary ban." #GMO #contamination…
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How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | The Corbett Report (05/02/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | The Corbett Report (05/09/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid | The Corbett Report (05/18/2020)  #documentary…
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New York Times Magazine publishes false and misleading statements in pro-GMO fairytale… And the resurrected #GMO purple tomato takes centre stage
To conjure up its fairytale @NYTmag ignores much of the reality of GMO crops. As @Nathan_Donley notes, there's only passing mention of #Monsanto et al & the destruction caused by their herbicide-promoting GMO crops, grown on hundreds of millions of acres—never mind seed patenting
@NYTmag @Nathan_Donley .@NYTmag also makes no mention of #dicamba-tolerant GMO crops. "How can you have a serious discussion about genetic engineering and ignore the livelihoods and habitats that have been irreversibly destroyed throughout the Midwest and South in the last 5 years?" asks @Nathan_Donley
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Super Pig

Editing genes to breed disease resistant pigs

The PRRS virus works to infect pigs using a receptor on the surface of their cells known as the CD163 receptor. The Roslin Institute's breakthrough came by REMOVING a small SECTION OF THE GENE that codes for this>
receptor. 'THIS is NOT a THEORY about something in the future... in this case five years is a realistic estimate, but it MAY BE SHORTER,' said Professor Bruce Whitelaw.
We also need to show there is no ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of INTRODUCING GENE EDITED ANIMALS into the farm.>
We are CONFIDENT IT IS SAFE....When we think HOW FAST WE can get some of these DISCOVERIES FROM the LAB BENCH to the PUBLIC domain, we have to think about concept, SCALING and regulatory approval...then we have to think about how we get widespread dissemination as we can have>
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#Greenpeace #Faktencheck #FakeNews #Gentechnik #GMO. @greenpeace_de Die Rainbow-Papaya wurde von der Universität Hawaii entwickelt und es ist überhaupt keine "US-Firma" im Spiel. Die Alternative wäre gewesen: gar keine Papaya auf Hawaii mehr. Die Rettung kam in letzter Minute.
Heute kann Hawaii wieder Bio-Papaya exportieren, die im Schutz von Plantagen mit Gentechnik-Papaya aufwachsen. Dennoch zerstören Greenpeace-Aktivisten immer wieder Papaya-Pflanzen in Hawaii.…
Weitere destruktive Aktionen:…
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This is the image you usually see when the media does a story on genetically engineered salmon: big #GMO #salmon, small non GMO salmon.

But in any comparison it is important to compare apples to apples or genotypes to genotypes.
This is the study that AquaBounty(GM Salmon co.) cites. In it researchers compared growth rates of transgenic(TG) and non-transgenic salmon(NTG) for a period of 96 days. Both NTG and TG fish came from the same parents or brood stock(this is important).…
The study showed that TG fish reached targeted weight in a shorter time(40%) and total feed required to produce the same fish biomass was reduced by 25%.
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Let's talk about @BillGates @gatesfoundation food + ag agenda. It's not just the #patents; plans to ramp up ultra-processed foods and #monocrops; uncertainty about #GMO experiments (on animals, gene drives) but also who decides, who benefits? 1/10
It's too much to fit in one article, that's why we're writing a series - see statements (linked in post) from hundreds of groups representing hundreds of millions of people opposing Gates/WEF/agribusiness agenda playing out at @UN @FoodSystems Summit 2/10
The failures of the Gates-led "green revolution" to expand chemical industrial agriculture in #Africa are well documented, and long predicted by food system experts @foodfirstorg @eholtgim @altierimiguel… 3/10
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(1/9) The main argument "The Science" says is the mRna made #Covid_19 spike proteins from the #CovidVaccine can't leave the cells that make them, & the body can use them to defend against covid. This latest study by Harvard just proved that 100% false…
(2/9) The reason is, each of those cells with foreign/synthetic mRna is deemed irregular by your immune system. When your T-cells (white blood cells, the body's bouncers/army) destroys the, now deemed intruder foreign mRna infected cells are targeted for cellular death...
(3/9) The result being all the covid spike protein that the synthetic mRna programmed the cells to make are then released into the bloodstream.

Now the unsaid concern here in general is that those spike proteins release into the blood, because there is gaining evidence...
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Academische Kakkerlakken

"Veel mensen twijfelen over het nut van #vaccinaties. Die twijfel heeft goede gronden. De recente geschiedenis van #vogelgriep en #MexicaanseGriep heeft dat aangetoond."…
Groot-Brittannië :

Regering meldt 847 doden,
12 hersenbloedingen en
112 blinden
na #Corona-vaccinatie…
het Zwaard van Damocles

the Sword of Damocles

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The future of agricultural gene editing: More herbicide-tolerant crops sooner… Scientists look forward to crops that can be sprayed with multiple herbicides and evade risk assessment! #NewGMO
1st generation GMO crops were supposed to cut pesticide use. They didn't. In fact 87% of current GMO crops are engineered for herbicide tolerance. Now GMO promoters claim gene editing will save us from pesticide use. But a new paper spells out why it'll be *even more* of the same
If govts deregulate gene edited crops, then they can be developed faster & more profitably, and be easily hidden from consumers. This will help more *multi*-herbicide tolerant crops hit the market "years earlier", scientists say in a new paper. And they think that's a good thing!
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A key reason gene editing shouldn't be deregulated is all the hype about its precision & accuracy is BS. Even Harvard's George Church calls #CRISPR "a blunt axe". He says, "it's called editing, I think it's really genome vandalism." Yet the Govt thinks it needs no safety checks!
More & more studies in human, animal & plant cells show gene editing gives rise to numerous genetic errors (aka unintended mutations—DNA damage) at both off-target sites & on-target (at the desired editing site). These include large deletions, insertions & rearrangements of DNA. Image
A commentary in the journal Nature noted that a suite of studies had found #CRISPR gene-editing in human embryos "wreaks chromosomal mayhem". This included large, unwanted changes to the genome that the journal said could be missed in many experiments… #gmo
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This thread by a nostalgic, young & impressionable lawyer @SilverKayondo is a prime example of how not to whitewash the dead, and a good starting point to probe the phenomenon of a "successful, renowned & respectable lawyer" in post-colonial countries like Uganda. A counterthread
I am sure that many Ugandans, including @SilverKayondo, have never heard of the JOHARI Window — a pyschological model (see frame) that can help us gain much-needed clarity on our ever-changing world and the shadowy, shifty "winners" like Bob Kasango who are lionised by elites. ImageImage
If Bob was 'truly great' as claimed & his mentee & obituarist were truly honest as the public intellectual he pretends to be, Tweeps would have been offered a more accurate portrait of the deceased; not this cliché of an imperialist wannabe that CRASHED & BURNED in his own movie
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@TedNordhaus asserts that “a federal climate effort [must] take agriculture seriously…, including [GM] crops.” This positive take on GMOs as a US climate solution rests on assumptions that are not well supported by the science THREAD #ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis #GMO #scicomm
Nordhaus argues that GMOs boost yields, reducing land conversion to agriculture + therefore reducing GG emissions. The problem is that there is no scientific consensus on GM crops boosting yields, nor is the science clear that yield increases lead to land not being used for ag 1/
If a GM yield effect does exist, it is difficult to establish the difference it makes from on-going yield trends. Research by @Jack_Heinemann shows that cereal yield increases in Europe + US were the same despite the absence of GM crops in Europe 2/…
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The Privatisation of Seeds

"Year in and year out farmers are losing the seeds from their own plants, and are forced to purchase them anew from seed providers. Monsanto has monopolized the seed market which has significantly limited the variety of.."…
"..plants available on the market. The consequences of which have had fatal effects on both our environment, and the farmers that harness crops from it."
"Although one third may not sound like a game-changing figure, the commercial seed market and #Monsanto in particular have had a devastating effect on #India-n farmers. Cotton farmers especially have been strained as Monsanto controls 95 percent of the cotton seed market through
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#TISL For those who are unaware in the #StLouis region. Twitter founder JackDempsey is an illuminati puppet who is also on record for crimes against humanity. @Jack - Twìtter - Memes…
why were 715 USA Patriots nixed from my account the other day in the twitter purge? thank you @unfollowspy1 for providing the proof. Jack Dempsey of StLious Missouri legacy is in shambles.
I've been on twitter for years. In my best day I have never added or lost more than 25 people. #FixIsIn @TwitterSupport dont think your actions will go unscathed either. I saw you allowed the same thing to be promoted that i was recently suspended for.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/06/2020…
Pennsylvania legalizes autonomous delivery robots, classifies them as pedestrians…

#robotics #distribution #JobDisplacement
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Day Two is underway!

For all the highlights from the second day of the @aces_for conference, keep updated here, or #Zoom in yourself!

"Experimentalist Governance and Differentiated Integration:
Alternatives or Complements?" is the first panel, moderated by @IdeaEu's Sandra Lavenex, and featuring speakers from the #InDivEU project

After Jonathan Zeitlin's presentation, Bernardo Rangoni presents his findings on the topic of electricity regulation

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The 2nd day of the @aces_for conference organised with #InDivEU and @dice_h2020 is starting now!

#Zoom in to join our first panel of the day on experimentalist governance

As always, we'll be live-tweeting all the best bits below!

The first panel is an #InDivEU extravaganza! Jonathan Zeitlin, Bernardo Rangoni, and @Maria_Weimer are representing the project

Jonathan Zeitlin from #InDivEU is the first to present

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Chance to watch for FREE Keely & @PierceBrosnan's powerful documentary #PoisoningParadise about the horrific poisoning of Hawaii by #Monsanto & other #GMO-pesticide corporations.

What's happening "is a huge guinea-pig experiment - a violation of the Nuremberg Code."👇
@PierceBrosnan “I've just finished watching #PoisoningParadise and I'm so grateful to the Brosnans for making this beautifully shot film. [It] brings absolute proof of the evil forces poisoning the environment and harming animals and people in Hawaii" — Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace. #gmo
@PierceBrosnan "I hope #PoisoningParadise is shown around the world & it wakes people up & generates anger. We need millions to take to the streets in a massive protest against the use of lethal chemicals & the shocking exposé of corruption at high levels. Watch it. Become angry. Take action.”
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Victim of vandals, state official says; board chief cites #dicamba stance… 2 tractors suffer $60,000 of damage, another has its wires cut, 367 bales of hay set on fire — all because farmer wants dicamba carefully regulated
Fuller said he's being targeted by farmers who oppose restrictions on #dicamba use, which has been linked to about 1,500 complaints of damage in Arkansas.

"I will not yield to those who believe they can bully me into silence by acts of vandalism or character defamation."
The use of #dicamba has divided Arkansas farmers — one was shot to death in October 2016 in a dispute linked to dicamba crop damage he sustained in Mississippi County. (Farmer Allan Curtis Jones was convicted of 2nd-degree murder and received a 24-year prison sentence.) #gmo
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This new book looks good: Seeds of Power: Environmental Injustice and Genetically Modified Soybeans in Argentina Also partly open access via google… #gmo
"Soybeans have replaced traditional crops … leading to food insecurity. The expansion of the agrarian frontier into the northern Chaco has prompted rapid and wide-scale deforestation that has devastated ecosystems and threatened livelihoods."—Amalia Leguizamón #seedsofpower #gmo
"Violence against peasant & indigenous communities is escalating. The health hazards of agrochemical exposure are also on the rise. Across rural towns, Argentine doctors have documented increasing occurrences of leukemia, cancer, miscarriages and malformations in newborns." #gmo
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Exactly 20 years ago today, 28 Greenpeace activists were acquitted of criminal damage for destroying a #GMO crop trial. Good article about it…
"These protests took place amid a headlong rush to release GMOs without proper testing, monitoring or the labelling that gives consumers a choice about what they're eating.

"They helped bring [about] the safety-first approach that has protected our food and our farms ever since"
Michael Uwins, now 74, still remembers jurors hugging them outside court. He feels "immensely proud" of his actions.
He now considers himself an "armchair activist" but said: "If the same thing happened again I'd get my walking stick out of the cupboard & head straight up there."
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