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Gene scissors found to cause chaos in genome of tomatoes. And as the effects can be easily overlooked without exact genomic analyses, it's not unlikely that they also occurred in plants obtained from gene editing that were already deregulated in the US… Image
Chromothripsis-like effects occurred after the application of #CRISPR/Cas. In chromothripsis often several hundred genetic changes occur simultaneously in a 'catastrophic' event. Many sections of the genetic material can be swapped, twisted, recombined or even lost if this occurs
Molecular geneticist Dr Michael Antoniou: "Yet again we see a phenomenon already observed in a human cell context—major DNA damage from gene editing—now appearing in plants. Due to the inadequate analysis generally done on gene-edited plants, #GMO developers will often miss this" Image
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Leaked proposal to deregulate new #GMOs — European Commission plan gives in to #GMO seed corporations and means more risks and more market domination… Image
"If this proposal goes through, it will mean these #GMOs will no longer be subject to risk assessment for health and environment, or traceability or labelling. This will increase biosafety risks and abolish consumer choice. And patents will erode farmers’ rights." — @nina_holland Image
@nina_holland "It'll lead to further monopolisation of the seed market. The assumption the Commission makes that new #GMOs will lead to more sustainability are based on industry's claims, not real evidence. In reality, this is a give-away to the biotech seed firms like @Bayer, Corteva & @BASF" Image
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The Fumigated Peoples of Argentina and comrades from other fumigated towns in the "United Republic of Soybeans" in Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia are meeting and marching this week in Rosario🇦🇷 for food sovereignty and freedom from fumigation! #GMOs…
They're mobilising against the concentration, expulsion, poisoning, disease and death agribusiness brings with its #GMO soy and #pesticides. There have also been talks and workshops organized by the Institute of Socio-Environmental Health of the National University of Rosario. Image
"We cannot continue producing crops based on chemicals poisoning people. What they are doing is crazy. The State cannot continue endorsing this way of producing, they are responsible for the economic, environmental and health disaster that is taking place"…
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Escalating U.S.-Mexico debate over corn forces questions about #GMOs, cultural identity, food sovereignty and the U.S.'s imperialistic relationship with Mexico | Good article from @Salon…
@Salon US wants dispute confined to discussion of scientific evidence about whether #GMO corn is directly harmful to health. Ideal arena for agribiz, given the majority of industry research dollars have been spent on new products rather than health & safety evaluations of consuming them
@Salon Science writers often report on early-stage research promising plants using less water etc. but what's missing is which #GMOs get distributed. The most widely used #GMO corn is #glyphosate tolerant. W/ so much sprayed come resistant weeds which leads farmers to use old herbicides
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#GMO cotton: three Indian states refuse to say yes to field trials - regulator trying to pressure them…
Only Haryana has approved biosafety research trials of #GMO cotton hybrids out of the four states in which locations for such trials were chosen. Telangana and Gujarat have refused to give no objection certificates (NOC) for holding the trials & Maharashtra has not responded yet.
India's regulator (GEAC) is now pushing Maharashtra to respond and the other states to explain why they have refused to agree to the #GMO field trials. If the regulator gets no response within 30 days, it says it will "make appropriate recommendations". This sounds like coercion.
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Argentina has just approved its 70th #GMO. It's a soybean variety modified to tolerate two herbicides: the carcinogenic glyphosate and glufosinate (banned in the EU). The latter is considered up to 15 times more toxic than #glyphosate itself.
Argentina's latest GMO soybean is part of a commercial offering that includes #GMO varieties of corn, potato, wheat, safflower, cotton & alfalfa. And it precedes the imminent launch of the 1st variety of GMO sugarcane conceived in local laboratories.
None of these #GMO crops incorporate any nutritional improvement, reduce the use of poisons or achieve exorbitant yields as advertised by the companies that commercialise them, the media co-opted by agribusiness, and complicit politicians
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Efficacy and health issues stop release of billions of #GMO mosquitoes in California; Florida continues…
The GMO mosquito firm's work in the Cayman Islands highlights the problems. After releasing millions of #GMO mosquitoes, data from Oxitec's trials indicated serious problems. The Cayman’s environmental health minister: “The scheme wasn’t getting the results we were looking for.” Image
There was further concern that the released mosquitoes could be spreading antibiotic resistance or make mosquito-borne diseases worse by lowering individual immunity. Oxitec wanted to try a different method but the Cayman health minister wasn't happy using citizens as guinea pigs Image
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EU Commission warning right wing EPP if they vote down proposed pesticide cuts in the European Parliament, it won't table proposals to deregulate new #GMOs (NGTs). But not a single new #GMO near commercialisation has the potential to reduce pesticide use!…
Will new #GMOs reduce pesticide use? NO! The evidence is clear. Some new #GMO crops are even designed to increase the use of #pesticides! This briefing looks at the new GMO crops commercialised and in the pipeline…
The history of currently grown #GMO crops shows—contrary to what industry has been promising for decades—that they've never led to a reduction in pesticide use on a national scale. In the US, Brazil & Argentina—where GMO crops are liberally grown—pesticide use is higher than ever Image
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#Distort, #discredit, #dismiss - 6 additional tactics of media manipulators and why they work to sabotage public discourse


Details follow:
1/ 6 types of media manipulators
Anti-science activism never went away, it got a new ugly face in the #information age:

Quacks, gurus, contrarian doctors, fake experts, influencers, political commentators and similar media manipulators.

Previously we looked at "merchants of #doubt"

Today, we take a look at the "merchants of #ambiguity"

Their overarching goal is to create the perception that scientific issues are either eternally #unresolved or that #alternative interpretations are just as plausible or likely.

3/ Image
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Faux meat and crickets: "These burgers are ultra-processed and include heavily sprayed (#glyphosate-laden) ingredients. Given the push for ‘healthy’ plant-based foods, it appears that there is a fair bit of green-washing in the advertising"…
As well as the Impossible burger’s elevated #glyphosate content (11x more than the Beyond Meat burger), it uses #GMO soy leghemoglobin (SLG). There have been no long-term studies on the effects of consuming SLG, which gives the burger the appearance of bleeding meat. Image
A very truncated study (less than 30 days in length), involving feeding #GMO soy leghemoglobin (SLG) to rats, saw signs of toxicity developing: unexplained weight loss, anemia, some disruptions of female reproductive cycles and early signs of kidney damage… Image
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Big Food corporations like #Kellogg's are lobbying against the #FDA's new "healthy" food labeling guidelines and threatening to sue, claiming that the guidelines infringe on their corporate "free speech" rights. 🧵 The maker of Fruity Pebbles...
Of course, that claim is complete BS. Corporations like Kellogg's are fighting to be able to continue to mislead the public about the healthiness of their ultra-processed, pesticide-laced, GMO junk food-like products coated with GMO sugar, which are anything but healthy.
The proposed FDA rule mandates that foods labeled as healthy must contain a major food group — such as dairy, fruits, or whole grains — and must fit certain limits on saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.
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Paul François, the French grain farmer who won legal case against @Bayer-#Monsanto, violently attacked at his home…
@Bayer Hooded men tied up the victim of pesticide poisoning with electric cables, threatened him with a knife to his throat, in an attempt to make him swallow a liquid, while declaring, "We are tired of hearing you and seeing your face on TV." #Monsanto #pesticides
@Bayer Not the first such attack. In 2020 an organic farmer was hospitalised in France after being poisoned in a pesticide attack on his farm, involving "vast quantities of #glyphosate"…
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1/10 Time to settle down, class. Today's topic is economic disinformation, the use of economic methods to present false claims as data-driven "facts." Today's case: @stuartsmyth66's claim of huge economic losses from #Mexico's restrictions on #GMO corn imports. Image
The Feb 2022 paper models economic costs to #Mexican producers and processors. In economic modeling, the results are often driven by the modelers' assumptions, not the model or data.
Assumption #1: The ban will shut off yellow corn imports in 2024. Nope.…
So, not until 2025, and then maybe phased in. For @stuartsmyth66 an immediate, total ban adds to damage estimates. So too Assumption #2: #Mexico will be cut off from US feed corn with no alternative sources. But no:…
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Company genetically engineers fruit flies to be "biofactories" for fake meat production. The flies are engineered to produce growth factors, then killed and ground up into a mass from which the desired protein for making lab-grown meat is extracted. #GMOs… Image
Biotech firm Future Fields has notified the Canadian authorities of its intention to commercialise EntoEngine — their name for this #GMO fly. The public can comment on the application until 28 January. In our view, EntoEngine flies have serious environmental & ethical downsides. Image
Future Fields argue that the #GMO fly is needed to replace the usual way of producing growth factors — in bioreactors. They confirm what GMWatch has long said — that bioreactor technology is expensive, resource and energy hungry, and produces vast quantities of problematic waste.
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Revolving door in Argentina: Former Syngenta CEO appointed chief presidential advisor. The ex-Syngenta CEO for South America describes his appointment as “a dream come true”. It certainly is for agribiz!…
Some 2,300 leaders from academia & civil society signed an open letter calling on the Argentine President to reverse his appointment of the former Syngenta CEO. Syngenta leads the sale of agrochemicals and controls 60% of the #GMO seed market in Argentina…
Until 31 Dec the new presidential advisor was the CEO for South America of Syngenta — a post he held for 12 years and in which he positioned himself as the voice of agribusiness, supporting measures that harm small farmers, thousands of whom have been expelled to the big cities.
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#CarolaSchouten werkt voor het WEF en feliciteert #WEF van #KlausSchwab met Mega Voedsel Centrales (aka #FoodHubs vol #GMO-gif en voedselproducten met zwaar verminderde voedingswaarden zoals vitaminen.)

#ChristenUnie #GertJanSegers… Image
#CarolaSchouten werkt voor het WEF van #KlausSchwab met Mega Voedsel Centrales
(aka #FoodHubs met #GMO-voedselproducten met zwaar verminderde voedingswaarden én mogelijk #mRNA)

#NeurenbergCode #NeurenbergTribunaal2…
De WHO is bezig ongekende macht naar zich toe te trekken ten koste van uw vrijheden en rechten…

Medisch #fascisme
#Landverraad door uitlevering aan een buitenlandse entiteit. ImageImageImageImage
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Bill Gates calls #GMOs "magic seeds". They must indeed be magic if all the bread & corn he's ever eaten was GMO🧙‍♂️🪄🌽🧬

Gates was born in 1955 and no #GMO crops reached the US market till the 1990s. And there is still no GMO wheat on the US market to this day!🧙‍♂️🪄🍞✨
Here's @BillGates spouting that nonsense in Kenya. He also tells his audience that "the West is totally #GMO" when it comes to crops. He also seems to believe that these crops have been used for "billions of years"!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seed is the first link in the #food chain and the repository of life’s future evolution: it is the very foundation of our being. Seeds have evolved freely over millennia and given us diversity and richness of life on the planet. For thousands of years, #farmers , and (1/7) Image
especially women, have evolved and bred #seed freely in partnership with each other and with nature.

In the last half century, a reductionist, mechanistic paradigm has laid down the legal and economic framework for privatizing seeds and the knowledge of seeds. This has (2/7)
destroyed diversity, denied farmers’ innovation and #breeding rights, enclosed the biological and intellectual commons through patents, and created seed monopolies.

This destruction has been made possible by a systemic discrediting of farmers’ native seed (3/7)
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This article really shows the shallowness of @BillGates thinking. He actually calls #GMO crops "magic seeds" and compares alternatives to "singing kumbaya". It's laughable but this is a good article that quotes some incisive criticisms of Gates' approach…
@BillGates Some researchers question Gates' fundamental premise, increasing ag production through #GMO seeds + fertilizers & #pesticides. They point to the environmental footprint of industrial ag, including fossil fuel-based fertilizers, soil degradation and the diminishing of biodiversity
@BillGates Critics in Ghana ask what would happen if instead of funding #GMO crops, so far to little effect after nearly a decade, those resources went to the national research centers in Ghana, to building roads, to building storage, to building silos or helping to build markets?
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Jetzt ist im Zusammenhang mit #AKW wieder von #Hochrisikotechnologie die Rede. Erinnert sich noch jemand an L-Tryptophan und Showa Denko? 37 Tote und 1500 Erkrankte durch #Gentechnik-Medikament!
Die japanische Firma hatte das Produktionsverfahren von LT auf Gentechnik umgestellt und das Rohrprodukt offensichtlich nicht richtig aufgereinigt.…
Landauf landab gingen Grüne und NGOs damals mit diesem Beispiel an die Öffentlichkeit, um darzulegen, dass Gentechnik eine Hochrisikotechnologie sei und weder in der Medizin noch sonst wo irgendetwas verloren hätte. Gefordert wurde der unumkehrbare Sofortausstieg.
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Hey @Bayer, you told Huffington Post your firm “no longer provides financial support” to the Genetic Literacy Project. So how come their site & tax docs show you gave them 100K last year? Couldn't you do w/out this propaganda site defending your products & smearing your critics??
@Bayer So the Genetic Literacy Project, funded by Bayer, runs a piece defending the key ingredient in Roundup, one of Bayer's most lucrative products. And it's written by a former Bayer-consultant. Yet neither of those facts are disclosed anywhere in the article!
@Bayer This is why Team Bayer are pulling out all the stops
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#SkyNewsAustralia 6/7/22

Canadese premier #JustinTrudeau en de Nederlandse premier #MarkRutte "golden pin-up boys" voor #KlausSchwab en de globalistische fantasten van het #WorldEconomicForum
Montage door #RebelNews van het plan van #MarkRutte om de agenda van '#theGreatReset' uit te voeren.
Ook beschreven in het boek van #KlausSchwab waarbij de psychopate aartsleugenaar beweerde dat boek niet te kennen.
Het geheugen, de #politiek en moraal van #MarkRutte werkt elke dag anders.
De inhoud van z'n briefje aan #KlausSchwab van de vorige dag kan verschillen met z'n opvattingen van vandaag.
Maar z'n fascistische en perverse agenda staat als een #WEF-huis.

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The Concerning Rise of #GMO Food Animals… A quiet effort is underway to maximize profits by manipulating the genes of food animals
The FDA briefing packet for GMO salmon revealed a higher incidence of “jaw erosion” and infection; a possible increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor-1; and no way to determine if greater allergy risks existed because of the excessive culling of “abnormal” #GMO salmon
Moreover, FDA food scientists and outside experts who were called in for hearings on the GMO salmon noted unexplained discrepancies, omitted data, and overall substandard science presented by those promoting AquaBounty's #GMO salmon…
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