Short sellers of $u.un are naked with the atm off.
The $u.un short sellers are playing a very dangerous game. Atm is locked and loaded large generalist funds and pension funds want to play. Shorting #uranium at these prices has to be one of the dumbest trades of all time
$sput $u.un will likely have some nice block trades lined up when the Atm is turned back on. Top #uranium traders say lbs will be hard to source under $55/lb. I’m expecting a fast move up to above $55/lb.
The short sellers in $u.un are gonna get run over like $gme $amc now. Huge short position and even when the atm comes back on their gonna be in real trouble. Sprott will have to limit the atm based on #uranium availability. As the spot price of #uranium gaps up so will $u.un
As the uranium market thins and squeezes so shall $u.un

Its hard to predict exactly when we will take off and run to $100/lb + but last cycle it started with a combo of $cco cigar lake mine flood and also $cco running out of long term contract ability.
I’m hearing that the long term market is tightening significantly already so we are close to that key point in time.

But just know. CRDN related delays are much more significant than the Cigar lake mine flood. The production delays and impact on the market could be multiples
If @Official_WSB was ever gonna jump on the #uranium trade now is the time. Their followers will be well rewarded playing the #uraniumsqueeze

The set up on $u.un couldn’t be better.

• • •

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24 Nov
@DeFiFuture1 $pdn will likely have a nice run into the ASX 200 addition that should occur in December. This will complete the easy money trade from March-April 2020’s bankruptcy fear collapse to back to one of the largest listed mining companies in Australia
@DeFiFuture1 Instead of whining about the commodity cycles maybe $cco $ccj management should have don’t something to benefit it’s shareholders. Maybe buy companies? Maybe buy enough lbs in the 20’s to satisfy their contracts until Mcarthur is back online?
@DeFiFuture1 Seems like they are more interested in criticizing ‘market pundits’ who’s made 10x returns over the last 2 years then actually doing something positive to make shareholders money? These are the sorts of people that never admit they were wrong and change with the market
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23 Nov
Climate change = record rains/floods and snowstorms. This trend will have dramatic effects on commodity production. The commodity super cycle is firmly underway…
The solution to fight #climatechange will increasingly be seen as a rapid build out of #nuclear power generation. #uranium will go from obscurity to become one of the worlds most important and stockpiled commodities
It’s ridiculous low cost compared to its BTU output makes it far and away the best way to stock pile energy resources for any government. It’s low price to value also makes it a great investment.
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22 Nov
Gobble gobble gobble… Image
Happy #uranium thanksgiving
Might see a $u.un short squeeze. Atm will be off for 2 days. Uranium price likely to pop and now. Feeding frenzy time…blood in the water
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21 Nov
If your talking to experts about #uranium find out if they’ve actually spoken to any band council members at the Clearwater River Dene Nation or knowledgeable First Nation leaders in Saskatchewan.
Ask then if they’ve spoke to constitutional law experts and/or JFK Law who represents the CRDN.

Ask they what they think the markets reaction will be if it comes to believe that the worlds biggest new uranium mine faces permitting/development delays of 5 years (or worse)
I understand why they brokerage community (that is hungry for investment banking fees) has chosen to only talk to the mining companies and take there word. That conflict of interest is clear.
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19 Nov
Couple of Friday #uranium thoughts. I see some people are commenting on Artie Hyde’s commentary. Lol

For the record, I’m not short Cameco, never have shorted $cco and probably never will.
I did say that I recommend $urnm over the other #uranium etfs because it has a lower weighting in $cco $ccj. I also explained my belief that physical #uranium will out perform Cameco and if long $urnm you could hedge out the cco position with a 12.5% short and long more $u.un
This does not short $cco. It’s just hedging out the position owned by purchasing $urnm.

One point Art doesn’t really address is how terrible the cco contract currently is and the fact that we aren’t provided much information of when (if ever) it will improve
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16 Nov
I’m old enough to remember when everyone thought japanese cars were poorly built.

$TSLA revenue and earnings growth projections will be decimated by Chinese company competition in due course.
Investors today don’t appreciate how much the quality will improve in China while they will also maintain major labour cost, material cost and energy cost advantages. China has been securing long term contracts and mining acquisitions for key battery and EV materials
They are now making a massive investment into #nuclear power and also securing #uranium

Low interest loans will finance the large upfront cost of building nuclear power so that the over all nuclear power price will be half of what it is in the west.
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