1. Friends Of Sacred Light!

We Greet You With Love And Power As We Advance The Agenda Of Light And Transformation That Will Completely Destroy Any Ongoing Agenda Of Darkness! 

Your Moment Will Arrive, Beloved Ones!
2. In These Moments I Will Share Truth To Discover Your Greatest Power And Path To Awakening!

You Have Heard Of Meditating Most Of This Waking Dream. In Every Dream By Every Soul, Meditation Is The Answer To Discovering God Within,
3. The Understanding Of Soul Power, Origin And Peace. The List Goes On, But Allow This Truth To Become Real To You As I Tell You Meditation Is The Key For Everything!
4. You Are A Magnificent Fractal, Born Of God In Essence And Living In The Vast Field Of Awareness. You Are Consciousness With The Infinite Power To Choose. (Acts 17:28 - In God, We Move And Live, And Have Our Being.)
5. Knowing That A Fractal Is An Absolute Likeness Of The One Whole, You Also Are Given The Power And Choice To Know And Create.

Let's Discuss Meditation In A New Way To Some. To Others, This Is The Way Of Life That Is As Necessary As Drinking Water And Breathing.
6. Meditation Is Your Life Without Filters. Do You Really Want To Understand Who You Are? Is It Worth Your Moments To Visit And Remain Here? Where Is This Place? It Is Everywhere, Everyone, Everything. It Is YOU.
7. How Often Should You Meditate? As Much As Possible. As Much As You Want More.

Closing Your Eyes In Silence Is Only The Beginning. In Just Doing This, Your Physiology Is Changing. Your Heart Rate Is Slowing. Breathe Deeply And Detach From Your Story.
8. (Psalm 1:2 - In That Law Does He Meditate Day And Night.)

This Sacred Teaching Goes On To Explain The Thriving As A Tree Planted By Rivers Of Water. Let's Discuss This. What Happens When You Visit Yourself In Meditation? You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency.
9. Your Immune System Goes Through A Process Of Purging Toxins. Emotional Blockages Are Released. Let's Go Further.

Some Will Completely Activate The Pineal Gland And See Color And Light In Darkness. Some Will Travel In Deep Space And Become Unaware That They Are Meditating.
10. Others Will Visually Encounter Other Lifetimes Where Waking Dreams Seemed Very Real As This One. It Is Entirely Possible To Visit And Observe Your Planet Of Origin. The Deeper You Go, The More You Feel Peace. You Have An Understanding Of Life As Never Before.
11. You Want To Return. You Can. But It Is Not A Process To Feel Anxious About Or To 'Mentally' Try To Do Anything. Surrender And Allow.

Meditation Is The Pathway To Fully Awakening. It Is The Gift That Only You Can Give To Self. Life Will Meet You There.
12. Once You Have Discovered The Secrets Of Astral, The Moments Of Ecstasy As You Are In The Presence Of Angels And The Endless Viewing Of Light While In Darkness, You Will Return. Again And Again.
13. Meditation Is More Than Closing Your Eyes And Trying To Do Or Be Anything. It Is Discovering That You Are Everything And Therefore You Lack Nothing. It Is More Real Than The Dream When You Open Your Eyes.
14. There Are Many Who Interact With Angels, Light Beings, Fairies And Family Of Origin. You Are Multidimensional And Unlimited.

It Is Wise And Good To Bathe Your Being With The Highest Vibrational Frequencies. You Are Able To Overcome Evil With Goodness And Light!
15. You Become Fearless! This Is Your Natural State Of Being!

With All Of The Negativity That Your World Is Experiencing, Know You Have An Answer. You Will Return To The Fullness Of Being When The Dream Crumbles And You See That You Are Light!
16. You Have Been All Along And At Last You Smile At Knowing Who You Are!

We Are With You Infinitely!
Never Give Up!
Peace Be Upon All Life!

I Love You So!

• • •

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27 Nov

1. Greetings Beloved Ones!

There Is So Much Life Unknown To You In These Moments Of This Magnificent Waking Dream.  There Is The Perception Of Understanding That You Know Enough To Transcend The Earth Frequency.
2. Yet There Are Layers Of The Unknown That You Are Longing For As You Observe And Questions Arise. Let's Dig A Little Deeper!

Addressing Those Questions That Have Come Up Repetitively Through The Dream, I Hope To Put Them To Rest And Give You Peace In Doing This!
3. Let's Discuss The Perceived Death Of The Human Form, Freeing The Soul To Return To Origin Or Reincarnate. What Is The Reason For An Infant To Leave When They Just Arrived?
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23 Nov

1. Friends Of The Light!

Know This Life Is Worthy And All Beings Matter.  Each Human Has Lived As Every Race And Color.  Each One Since The Beginning Has Embraced Religious Doctrine Or None At All.  Beings Of Earth, It Is The Moment To Chill Out!  Yes, I Said Chill Out.
2. We Have No Meaning For This In The Pleiades, But Indeed, Can't You All Just Sit Down And Breathe!

In Every Waking Dream We Have Watched You Battle One Another Over Skin Color And Beliefs! Do You Not Yet Understand Your Divine Connection To All Life Forms?
3. Do You Not Yet Fully Understand Some Of You Are Returning To The Lovely Color Of Blue? Our Arcturian Friends Are Perfectly Happy With Being Blue And Have No Problems With Pleiadians That Look Much Like You!
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21 Nov

1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Sacred Moments Of Communication, I Ask That We Move Closely Together. Imagine That We Are Sitting Comfortably On Soft Cushions Of Light!  Imagine That You Can Feel The Heart Of The One Who Sits Next To You.
2. There Will Be A Real Moment When You See And Feel Them As Family. Know This Now And Let It Be.

Reality Is A Mirror Of Your Being. You Are Creation Exploring Itself In Timelessness.
3. In Your Light Journey You Will Discover Aspects Of Your Soul That Will Be Very Different From Who You Believed Yourself To Be In Your Last Identity. For In Each Dream, You Begin With Believing The Identity Is You!
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15 Nov

1. Friends Of Light!

In These Beautiful Moments Of Timelessness, You Observe Videos With Planets And Galaxies That Excite You And Make You Think About Your Creation Moment And The Powerful Creator That Is Breathing You!
2. Do You Fully Understand That With All The Technology Of Your Planet, You Have Not Touched The Vastness And Depth That Is Before You!
3. This Field Of Living Consciousness Is Life. This Essence Is Everything. The Sacred Awareness That Moves Endlessly With Change And Light, Is Within You! Your Life Represents The Very Source Of All Creation.
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13 Nov

1. Beloved Friends!

Again We Acknowledge That Your Reality Is One Of Twisted Perceptions!  Finding Your Truth Will Realign Much Of This!  Indeed, You Have Dark Parading As Light As They Continually Attempt To Confuse You!  Light Is Speaking!
2. Hear The Voice Of Your Family Of Light! More Important, Listen To The Light Of Your Soul!

The Challenge Now Confronting You Is To Integrate The Monumental Changes Occurring With Every Being On The Planet, With A Manner Of Truth And Dignity!
3. The Ground Rules Of Your Realm Are Changing With Each Passing Moment. And The Pace Of Transformation Can Leave You Quite Bewildered. Indeed, Let's Get A Grip On These Puppet Master Plans!
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28 Oct

1. Friends Of The Great Light!

In Unison As A Song That Echoes Through The Multiverses, So It Is NOW In Your Higher Consciousness In A Melody Of Love!  We Come To You As ONE, Knowing The Full Aspect Of Your Soul Fully Understands This.
2. Stand Now Together. Stand As ONE. Understand That In Timelessness You Are Already There. This Waking Dream Is Temporary, Beloved Ones! Light Is Taking You Into The Ethers Of Your Beginning. Rest In This Knowing.
3. If You Choose To Focus On The Current State Of The Narrative That Is Spoon Fed Each Moment Like The Propaganda It Is, You Will Find Dysregulation In Your Emotional State. Your Body-Mind Connection With The Infinite Sacred Field, Clearly Recognizes Truth And Lies.
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