Day 3 US v #GhislaineMaxwell
Yesterday #Epstein pilot #LarryVisoski offered up information about those who joined JE on the plane - including #BillClinton and #Trump.
He referred to children as being a 'shorter woman' and agreed with GM defence Everdell that MV1 had LARGE BREASTS
That's right #GhislaineMaxwell's legal team referred to a 14yo as having large breasts!
Everdell also said the name of MV1 Jane's sister!
And there has been back and forth on the docket about identifying.
From a letter from #Pagliuca, one of GM's defence team.
These are from the Gov complaining about the 'slip ups'.
And then from #Pagliuca.
And please do not identify Minor Victim 1, also known as Jane.
As a minor, 14yo, at the start of the alleged offences, MV1 must not be identified, unless she choses to.
She has chosen to remain anonymous, so give her the respect, the decency and DO NOT NAME HER.
Do no harm.
For the best running updates please follow @innercitypress and @KlasfeldReports

And please be trauma informed. Do no harm.

For a great round up of yesterday's events read Klasfeld's piece here:…
So trying to trip up Jane over her school application.
Cause no one will put they DON'T come from a loving family.
What bloody universe does #GhislaineMaxwell and her counsel live in? This does not prove that MV1 Jane is a habitual liar.
Straight away. State lines, so you didn't cross any. FFS

and now the slut shaming attempt starts.
So what if she had a boyfriend? That does not wipe the evidence proffered by the Gov that she was trafficked as a minor and sexually abused as a minor.

More attempts at trying to make Jane look unreliable. Suggestable even.
More on the she's a patsy angle.
Ok so #GhislaineMaxwell didn't touch her with a sex toy but did she make any attempt to tell #Epstein not to assault a child?
To not hurt a child?
Did she remove the child from JE's proximity?
Note Menninger doesn't ask the reverse - did GM watch JE perform oral on you? Because we have already heard from Jane that was what JE did to her.
Ok 11am New York time, or 3am here and it's break time.
Now for the @RealGhislaine family account to bitch that GM can't get sushi.
@RealGhislaine Sounds like Menninger is trying to use scribbled shopping lists to catch up the witness.

Arguments about when the Lion King debuted.

#Epstein's brother Mark is now brought into it. At the time of JE's death he was said to be estranged from Mark who he named as his sole heir.

Trump is brought up again. Jane confirms she met him.
this is interesting. Trying to trip her up with a time line. Gov not putting up with it.
And now the Trump and timeline questioning stops and back to massages.
So was the Trump line thrown in there so people concentrate on that and ignore the sexualised massages etc?
Menninger: In 2019 before Epstein was arrested you were contacted by the government, right?
Jane: Yes.
Menninger: But you said you were not interested in getting involved.
Jane: Right.

And now it's back to money. Hiring a compensation lawyer.

This is to stir up distrust of Jane's motives for coming forward.
Yesterday Jane said that she spoke to "Matt" her ex boyfriend about the assaults.

More questions, or statements, from the defence aimed at making her look like $ is her only goal.

Again trying to discredit her with the Victims Fund.
The amount these women was paid was abysmal considering what they went through.
Jane was 14. She had no control.
Honestly it's a low figure considering the fortune #Epstein amassed.
And lunch break. Check out @innercitypress who should have a short Vlog up soon.
@innercitypress Waiting to see if the news of #princeandrew being on #epstein's plane with MV1 hits the UK tabloids soon?
Or will it be ignored by the UK press?

#ghislaineMaxwell #GhislaineMaxwellTrial
@innercitypress Kate from the Daily Beast has more. References to an Eva.
Now I wouldn't want to suggest that was #EvaDubin a long term girlfriend of #Epstein who has been subpoenaed by the VI over JE's estate.
Again more inferences of MV1 being money hungry, this time referring to her mother and inferring her mother may have launched a suit against a teacher.
Now the reality of being a survivor and trying to hide.

More on the blackmail.
Adam wraps it up well before the recess.
Next up is ‘Matt’ the ex boyfriend of ‘Jane’.
He answers a few questions and then when #GhislaineMaxwell’s team has the chance to question they turn down the opportunity!

It’s obvious that #GhislaineMaxwell’s team is more interested in creating doubt in the jurors minds about Jane’s ability to recall time lines and to push that $ was a motive behind her testimony than they are in anything else.
No doubt this is the trial strategy.
Final witness for Day 3 is Daniel Besselsen of Interlochen the academy where #epstein organised a scholarship for 'Jane'.

Good point made by Matt about the need for a name change.

#GhislaineMaxwelll's counsel asks Besselsen to confirm that he doesn't have records for 'Jane' or her siblings and that #epstein was a major donor to the school.
And questions are done and Judge Nathan calls it a day. Apologising for running a few minutes over.
Today 'Eva' was mentioned by Jane, as a woman who participated in group sex with Jane when she was underage.
Pilot #LarryVisoski also acknowledged that #Epstein's former girlfriend was Eva Andersson-Dubin.

For more info on #EvaDubin head to our website.…
#PrinceAndrew was also mentioned again today, this time as a fellow passenger on an #Epstein plane with 'Jane'.
If you want to know more about Andrew and his links to Epstein and #GhislaineMaxwell click through.…
#Epstein chef Adam Perry Lang was also present on the plane with 'Jane' at one stage.

For more info on Perry Lang click through.…

• • •

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Day 4 #GhislaineMaxwellTrial
Witnesses have included #epstein pilot #LarryVisoski…
MinorVictim1 'Jane' 14yo when the alleged abuse started.
Her ex partner 'Matt'
Daniel Besselsen of Interlochen the academy where JE organised a scholarship for 'Jane'
#GhislaineMaxwell's counsel push the line with 'Jane' that $ was a big part of her stepping forward and grilled her about time lines.

"I wish I never received that money in the first place because of what happened," she says. Image
Names of alleged #epstein associates brought up so far have included #Trump #Clinton #SarahKellen #EvaDubin #EmmyTaylor #PrinceAndrew #MikeWallace and chef #AdamPerryLang

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Live feed outside the SDNY #GhislaineMaxwell
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Checking out #Epstein's butler's facebook.
Valdson Cotrin was his butler, driver in Paris for a long time.

A long thread with some interesting photos I've dug up on Epstein's butler.

@Agenthades1 has a lot of info about the butler.
So does this mean that the apartment Sotheby's said was not Epstein's was because it was owned by a trust? So technically not #epstein's at this point in time?
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BREAKING: #Epstein's Paris apartment is for sale.
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Exhibits that #GhislaineMaxwell wants excluded.
What the hell is a twin torpedo seized from the Palm Beach Mansion in 2005?
And what flaw of #epstein's does this photo show? Image
And the household manual? Was that full of recipes? At a guess I'd say no.
And as for a pic of GMax found in #epstein's New York mansion on a CD when it was raided in 2019, whats so wrong about sharing that as evidence ....?? Image
Oh and now we have arguments from #GhislaineMaxwells team that the minor victims should not be called minor victims.
She wants them called accusers and as for the minor ... Something something 'she didn't know'. ImageImage
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