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RED_RED = Donald J. Trump jr. Twitter video on 25th with 2 redbulls [2 red ba'als] + [55 sign].
55 = Ba'al and St. James.
5Eyes > 55 [y]es.
The_Castle_Runs_Red_yes ImageImageImageImage
Stringer was sent out on RED_RED.
Stringer = command.
"Mind will be blown by chain of command. Q".
Did Hussein post a video august 27/28th? Sports related?
Code Yellow = Plasma.
Plasma powers what?
Sports players malfunctioning on LIVE tv? Image
Code Red = blood related. Knights Hospitaller + Red Cross Blood/Plasma. How does this connect to Sports and AIDS? Plasma relates to sports. But AIDS?
Keystone = Public Trust. Image
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1/3 #AliceInWonderland #symbolism
2/3 #AlliceInWonderland

3/3 #AliceInWonderland

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“It is not your job to Investigate! Leave that to the @FBI !”
-Judge Lisa Paglisotti
King County Court Seattle-Case #’s 205-01040, 205-01041, 205-01042 filed fraudulently by Seattle Finance Firm. @KCProsecutor @FBI @TheJusticeDept @MrAndyNgo @USMarshalsHQ @WAGOP @Mareq16 @OANN
The charges of ‘Harassment’ were filed in King County District Court-West, unsigned, by “Attorney” Christopher Townsend Wall. Including Perjury throughout the docs, evidence provided by the Claimants: A $525,000 Wire in Aug 2019 connected to my bank acct at @CharlesSchwab &...
Finance Firm employees filing these Fraudulent Charges: Coworkers of former spouse - their COO & Director of Compliance and main SEC contact for audits. Seat holder on Schwab Institutional Board. This Finance Firm is publicly traded. Parent Company is in NYC. COO Separated in
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#JeffreyEpstein @SecretaryAcosta @AlanDersh @Kirkland_Ellis @TrumpTower
Jeffrey Epstein: DA Suggested Leniency In Sex Abuse Case – Rolling Stone…
#JeffreyEpstein #PrinceAndrew @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork
Facts About Prince Andrew And Jeffrey Epstein's Relationship…
Alleged Kazakhstan Bayrock Money Laundering Scheme by Wendy Siegelman
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly considers Yossi Cohen to be the best person to succeed him as Prime Minister when he leaves office.…
It was Yossi Cohen who supported making the Mossad operation…
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New Photos Of Ghislaine And Jean-Luc Brunel Uncovered - Brunel Sporting An 'Israel Army' Cap.

#EpsteinIsland #GhislaineMaxwell #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
New Photos Of Ghislaine And Jean-Luc Brunel Uncovered - Brunel Sporting An 'Israel Army' Cap.

#EpsteinIsland #GhislaineMaxwell #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
#GhislaineMaxwell is seen cavorting with fugitive rape suspect Jean-Luc Brunel - who 'gave #JeffreyEpstein three 12-year-old sisters to abuse as a birthday present' - in newly uncovered photos taken on 'pedophile island'.

#EpsteinIsland #GhislaineMaxwell #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
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Emmy Tayler could be staying with relatives in ITALY.


Emmy's brother-in-law is Stephen Ongpin. Stephen is married to Emmy's elder sister, Laura Ongpin Tayler.

Stephen’s mother is 'Monica Arellano Ongpin', who was born in Chile.

[continues ...]
Stephen’s father, the Filipino businessman & ex Government minister Roberto Ongpin, married Monica Arellano while they were at Harvard

Now Monica Arellano Ongpin appears to have a home in Tuscany (I don’t know if Monica & her husband Roberto are still together).

Monica Arellano Ongpin has a website on which she has posted photos of her son Stephen Ongpin’s wedding to Emmy’s sister Laura

The wedding took place in Tuscany, in or near the town of ANGHIARI; many relatives attended

Emmy appears in many of the wedding photos

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The #JeffreyEpstein media version is a classic #LimitedHangout. Partial information is revealed while critical data are never uncovered. The public, per usual, believes that that’s the entire story and never goes deeper. And the biggest lies are seen in network so-called exposés.
Would you be surprised if #GhislaineMaxwell weren’t even in this country? Pushed out of the sacrificial shadows and on display as some exposed linchpin. A form of gotcha! for the uninformed and easily manipulated public. While the public thinks that the story has been exposed.
#JeffreyEpstein was nothing more than a honeypot/blackmail operation. Designed to ensnare the world’s leaders in compromising positions. Think Bilderberg level blackmail. And the question is: where are all the recordings that were made throughout the decades? Who would have them?
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4446: Bill Barr regarding the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell — and interviewing Prince Andrew — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence… #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein #BillBarr
2/ Recently, Bill Barr was interviewed by Pierre Thomas of ABC News. What follows is a nonverbal and statement analysis of a crucial portion of that interview regarding Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.
3/ Beginning at 0:03 in the above-referenced video link, Pierre Thomas continues, "... Ghislaine Maxwell is now in federal custody. Ah, number one, can you ensure that she will make it to trial? ..."
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Yesterday was a big day after unsealing of #GhislaineMaxwell court documents. A lot happened but you probably didn’t hear about it
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Vintage footage of the death of Robert Maxwell, the father of #GhislaineMaxwell that addresses his roll as Labour Minister and the accusations that he worked with Mossad.
A government report into the Robert Maxwell affair has severely criticised #GhislaineMaxwell's brother Kevin Maxwell and the Goldman Sachs merchant bank over their involvement in the pensions scandal.…
The damning report said Kevin Maxwell gave "very substantial assistance" to his father and "bore a heavy responsibility" for what happened.
Kevin and Ian Maxwell were cleared of fraud in a trial in 1996.…
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4447: Alan Dershowitz defends himself after he's named in the Maxwell-Epstein Documents — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence
#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein #AlanDershowitz
2/ When defending oneself — if the accused uses a hand-chop (or a finger-point hand-chop) as part of their nonverbal behavior in refuting the accusations, with extremely high likelihood, they're attempting to deceive.
3/ Note too, Dershowitz's statement, "I have sex with one woman since the day I met Jeffrey Epstein" — In his effort to defending himself, Dershowitz is giving up information.
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A lot of information here
Everyone needs to dig into this

#GhislaineMaxwell unsealed documents

#VirginiaRobertsGiuffre was interviewed April 7th 2011…

#Epstein #Maxwell #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #GhislaineMaxwellDidntKillHerself
#GhislaineMaxwell took several nude photographs of underage #VirginaRoberts for #JeffreyEpstein

The #FBI had this information since 2011, why not arrest #Epstein and #Maxwell back then?

#EpsteinDidntKillHimself #GhislaineMaxwellDidntKillHerself Image
#VirginaRoberts was only 15 when she meet #JeffreyEpstein

Eventually #Epstein got her an apartment in #RoyalPalmBeach

The #FBI also had this information

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MAXWELL DOCS DROPPED TONIGHT. I’m starting to read the docs and thus far Virginia Roberts named Alan Dershowitz, Former NM Gov. Bill Richardson, Marvin Minksy, George Mitchell, Stephen Kauffman, and Billonaire Glen Dubin. #Epstein #maxwelldocuments #GhislaineMaxwell
In Exhibit B - Virginia Roberts book, The Billionaires Playboy Club, she states at the birthday party of @NaomiCampbell Epstein “saw it quaint to loan me out for a night” and to “come back to his room after I was finished with Rick” aka RICHARD HILTON, husband of @KathyHilton
EXHIBIT B: “Jeffrey made it clear that @acousteau [grand daughter of Jack Cousteau] was a guest...I was told to adhere to her if she wanted a massage, which I obliged her with several times during our first was Jeffrey who instigated that her and I reenact as...
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It's on - "the documents listed in Exhibit A... Opposition to Defendant Ghislaine Maxwell's Objections to Unsealing Docket Entries 143, 164, 172[,] 199, and 230." The rest is "subject to any further stay ordered by the Court of Appeals." Inner City Press thread
..."Deposition of Virginia Giuffre taken in the [STILL REDACTED] matter on January 16, 2016, and designated by Plaintiff as Confidential under the Protective Order... correspondence with Churcher re: Edwards Privilege communication."
..."Epstein required Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with [STILL REDACTED] on numerous occasions while she was a minor... [STILL REDACTED] would later play a significant role in negotiating the NPA on Epstein's behalf." [NPA = Non-Prosecution Agreement]
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Mail in voting experiment. (In PA)
3% of 💯 mail in votes, GONE. Just in this experiment alone. Do the numbers! Then realize 3% of 100,000,000 (100 MILLION) is equal to 3,000,000. 👉🏻 3 MIILION VOTES 👉🏻 POOF💨
🚨Houston we have a problem!🚨
😳 Temp was 93 👉🏻 Cult 93 #SB2 9+3=12
2. Wow! This looks significant! 😏😁
“Drop” 724 connect to @realDonaldTrump Timestamp Mail-In Voting “DROP” 🗳
The RED OCTOBER for the Hunt for Red October.
“Future news will highlight.
Note "The Hunt For" was dropped.
Details matter.
@LovesTheLight @hmcd123
3. 93 & 12 👉🏻 1+2=3. 1+2=3. “33”
📌93 Days Till Election Date NOV 3) is AUGUST 3rd🔥 I made note 1 day ago (but revised time counted😂)👇🏻 #SB2 decodes on #Cult93
📌#GhislaineMaxwell UNSEALING TODAY. Many docs. Some removed, but not all.
📌No predictions. Just WATCH for “drops!”👀
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Why did Jeffrey Epstein visit Obama's Whitehouse on 3 occasions?

1.24, 2.10, & 5.27. Just in 2011.…
I hate to break it to any Liberals or confused defectors.
The whole Epstein/Maxwell shituation doesn't blow back on POTUS as you're hoping.
Trump knows.

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For those who think @realDonaldTrump isn’t wise to the blackmail schemes of characters like Jeffrey Epstein, your hatred has blinded you to these glowing facts. (1) In his own words of advice to members of his organization as an international businessman
(2) Many credit Cohn with tutoring Trump in the arts of navigating the circles of power and getting what he wanted—at any cost. Cohn said of a young Trump, “the man pisses ice water.” Characters like Epstein are babies to the likes of these two “killers.” Image
(3) Keep in mind it was @realDonaldTrump who exposed Clinton for his trips to Epstein Island to a world wide audience at CPAC 2015 ... This was at a time when Pedo Island was considered a “conspiracy theory” by MSM
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1) If @KingJohnUK is the real deal and new king of the UK, why does Jack Kidd the producer of his show have so many ties with the British royal family??

#QANON #WWG1WGA #ArangaWorld #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #aranga #GhislaineMaxwell
2) the Kidd siblings are the great great grandchildren of Lord Beaverbrook - founder of the Daily Express and minister of aircraft for Winston Churchill
3) Jemma Kidd is married to Arthur Wellesley, Earl of Mornington and son of Baron of Wellington. His mum is also the princess of Prussia and great granddaughter of Wilhelm II the German Emperor
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Buckle up for this thread.

#RobertMaxwell = Mossad, KGB, MI6, CIA

#JeffreyEpstein = Mossad, CIA

#GhislaineMaxwell Jeffrey Epstein = Blackmail Operations

Christine / Isabel #Maxwell = Information Technology

#SamBronfman > #MeyerLansky > J. Edgar Hoover (sexual blackmail)
#RobertMaxwell > #CharlesBronfman > #LesWexner > #JeffreyEpstein

Robert Maxwell / Charles Bronfman = The Mega Group

Robert Maxwell > #PROMIS software theft

1920s - #SamBronfman was bootlegging to Meyer Lansky and other members of the mafia during Prohibition.
1940s - #MeyerLansky obtained compromising photos of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The photos showed Hoover engaged in sexual activity with his long-time friend, FBI Deputy Director #ClydeTolson.

1971 - Christine and #IsabelMaxwell found a company called #InformationOnDemand.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4445: Donald Trump answers question regarding the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence
#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein
2/ Journalist (beginning at 19:53 in the above video): "Ahum, Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison, and so a lotta people wanna know if she's going to turn in powerful people..."
3/ "...I know you talked in the past about Prince Andrew and, ah, you've criticized Bill Clinton's behavior — I'm wondering, ah, eh, do you feel she's going to turn in powerful men? How do you think that's going to work out for them?"
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This thread is a timeline of what we know about the relationship between #BillClinton, #JeffreyEpstein and #GhislaineMaxwell. The rumored photo would explain many things.

Epstein donates $10,000 to the White House Historical Association for refurbishments of the White House. Epstein also attended a donors' reception attended by Bill and Hillary…
Receipt of the donation…
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