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@jrlord1 Good video speaks of the history of Mi'kmaw Chief Henri Membertou and at 6:25 it states "alternative terms of Mi'kmaw exist in some historical sources and include Gaspesians, Acadians, Souriquois and Tarrantines.
Mi’kmaw Hereditary Chief Stephen Augustine admits my people as Acadian are Métis 44 minutes in this video.
This is my Dad’s vet pin. He wore it walking with his friend Gus and other Indigenous vets at the Remembrance Day parades. Gus is from @MetisNationON and he is the guy in the upper right corner of this label. He and my dad were friends for years. Image
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#Epstein and @elonmusk both attended an Edge Dinner in 2011 during the time that #Epstein was attempting to rehabilitate his image after his first stint in jail…
Again in 2011, @BusinessInsider reports that #Epstein set up a relationship between @elonmusk’s brother (Kimbal Musk) and a women in his entourage in an attempt to ingratiate himself
👆🏻 Nadia Marcinkova was purchased by #Epstein from her parents as a teenager and subject to a lifetime of abuse and trafficking (most likely). She has been implicated in grooming and abusing minors by some of #Epstein’s victims too.
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So peeps are claiming if they post the unredacted Black Book they get banned or whatever.


There’s 2 BB and both were based on Maxwell’s original address book when she moved to the US after Bob died.
Each home was sent copies of the address book. #Epstein #BlackBook
The books were printed and bound in NY and shipped out to the various homes.
How do we know that - it’s in court docs.
So there’s at least 12 books with different annotations out there somewhere.
#GhislaineMaxwell #epstein.
We’ve spoken many many times about the #BlackBook, both versions and have posted parts of it.
The only time I’ve been suspended from Twitter was when I suggested a recreation of the Monty Python fish slap scene starring Sarah Ferguson.
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Le groupe 'Playboy' est répertorié dans le📓d'Epstein

Crée en 1953 par #HughHefner, proxénète pédocriminel glamourisé par l'intelligentsia médiatique

'Playboy' a été utilisé comme un système de #Sexpionnage d'état captant en couverture de son activité de jolies jeunes filles
La demeure d'Hefner a Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 a été bâtie sur un complexe de tunnels la reliant d'autres maisons voisines, dont des stars hollywoodiennes

#HughHefner "avait équipé son manoir de caméras cachées pour enregistrer [...] des célébrités, des forces de l'ordre et des membres des médias se livrant à des actes sexuellement explicites et dépravés"

Comme Epstein !

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🚨🚨🚨 This is fucking huge. Sergey Brin, the co founder of Google, is going to be deposed in the US Virgin Islands’ suit against JPMorgan alleging that the bank was complicit in Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme. #JeffreyEpstein #GhislaineMaxwell…
When you read my book you’ll learn so much more about these people, about all those who were potentially (allegedly) complicit. But this is even better — justice is coming for them. The truth always wins.
As someone who has gathered exclusive information about this horrific story for years, let me tell you: this is far from over. It’s all going to come out. All of it. And we won’t stop until it does.

#JeffreyEpstein #GhislaineMaxwell #Epstein #EpsteinClientList #Maxwell
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Salut ma TL, les nouvelles règles Twitter s'appliquant à compter de demain, je vous livre tristement un dernier #kikadikoi spécial monde alternatif, récap des 3 dernières années ! Prêts à participer une dernière fois ? RT SVP et GO! Réponses lundi ap-m! Embarquement immédiat ! ⬇️
1/25 "Si c'est un complot mondial de quelques salopards qui cherchent à nous asservir, alors ceux là il faut qu'on les pende…. Mais bon, c'est une autre histoire, on en discutera en off si vous voulez"
2/25 "D'ici le 15/01/21, toute la vérité va être annoncée au monde entier. Actuellement c'est l'armée qui est au pouvoir […] Aux Etats Unis c'est Trump qui est au pouvoir, Biden n'a jamais été au pouvoir, il est dans une cave […] Macron c'est un sosie, il est mort en déc 2018"
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From 2019: Jeffrey Epstein was meeting with Silicon Valley reporters before his arrest, 'rambling' about all the people he knew in tech.…
I live in Waterloo Region. It's a hub of Quantum Physics with Perimeter Institute, Opentext, Magellan Aerospace and places called the Warrior building featuring Penrose tiles on it.
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Jersey fiefdoms we’re not quashed when Canada formed. My family were kept as slaves in modern Canada because of that. View 54 minutes into this National Film Board of Canada movie called Tintamarre - On the Trail of Acadians in North America.…
Over 30 years ago, a company in Saint John NB owned by Robert Maxwell — the late British billionaire media mogul and father to #GhislaineMaxwell — was found to have defaulted on a $100 million loan after his death.…
The Jersey tax havens link to Canada and are associated with the Channel Islands which are is the worst place for tax evasion.…
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130 names to be listed. I have put the flight manifest, the little black book, the household manual, and all court documents pinned on my Twitter. Most of the people he was selling with nobody will know -it’s not going to be familiar names. #Epstein #EpsteinClientList
I’m posting all the documents today under here. #EpsteinList

Epstein Client list 2023… #EpsteinIsland #EpsteinFiles #EpsteinClientList
Epstein’s little black book. Numbers redacted only. Names are available. #EpsteinCoverup #EpsteinClientList Epstein LBB…
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OK: now sex cultist of Sarah Lawrence college Larry Ray is about to be sentenced. Inner City Press covered the trial, the John List (of Claudia Drury) and wrote a booklet about it and will live tweet, thread below…
Judge Liman: Larry Ray was arrested for securities fraud, and violated terms of probation and supervised release. In 2010 he pled to interference with custody. The guidelines are 360 months to life. No departure is available. Are there victims who wish to be heard?
Assistant US Attorney: Santos Rosario, Mr. Daniel Levin, and Claudia Drury's attorney. We'll start with her.
Drury's friend and attorney, formerly of Simpson Thacher: Claudia did not attend because she wants to move on. But she wrote this:
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🧵 Happy New Year to the following Epstein & Maxwell associates. We haven’t forgotten you. 1. Sarah Kellen read more:… #EpsteinClientList #GhislaineMaxwell
Darren Indyke & Richard Khan:…
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford lied about his wife being Jewish. Santos in the US lied about being Jewish too. What’s up with that? I have more info regarding odd funding issues too. @JustinTrudeau @JoeBiden @AJCGlobal @WorldJewishCong
This is the @TorontoStar coverage when Ontario Premier Doug Ford claimed his wife was Jewish.…
A nearly three-year ethics investigation has revealed Canadian cabinet-level discussions about the connection between public infrastructure projects and winning political support from Jewish voters in the Greater Toronto Area. Follow the money here:…
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@jebrittan2 we have this case unfolding in Canada right now. Watch the video.
Follow this story's background.
Ortis worked under this guy: Bob Paulson…
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@ohreallytruly This case is unfolding in Canada right now. Watch the video.
Follow this story's background.
Ortis worked under this guy: Bob Paulson…
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Well, I'm going to leave here another Rabbit coming out of the hole, I've tried to post before, but I was blocked and chased, let's see if the post and the channel are still up now, follow the thread... 👇🏼🐰 1/25.… ImageImageImageImage
#GhislaineMaxell is under arrest. Will she name names? Or will she turn up dead in her cell too? The image is from the surveillance cameras of the tunnels on #Epstein Island. 2/25. Image
This was hanging on a wall in #GhislaineMaxwell's house.

As is public knowledge, she is an ex-girlfriend and best friend of #JeffreyEpstein. 3/25. ImageImageImage
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In 2019, the Atlantic Council entered into a partnership with the Hungary Foundation, a group funded by the authoritarian Orbán government in Hungary.…
In September 2014, Eric Lipton reported in The New York Times that since 2008, the US organization had received donations from more than twenty-five foreign governments.…
In 2017, Tom Bossert, previously a Nonresident Zurich Cyber Risk Fellow at the Atlantic Council's Cyber Security Initiative, was appointed Homeland Security Advisor to the Trump administration.…
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OK - Rapp v. #KevinSpacey trial continues. Dispute about who will play Barrowman deposition, also a scheduling issues. Inner City Press is covering the case… and will live tweet, thread below…
Before jury comes in, the scheduling: Spacey testimony will be today. Plaintiff (Rapp) has just rested his case. Spacey moves under Rule 50a for a judgment as a matter of law, will file memo "over the lunch hour."
Judge Kaplan: Over the lunch hour?
Spacey's lawyer: There was only incidental contact with the plaintiff's buttocks, even as told. It is plaintiff's burden to show that the claim-revival applies.
Judge Kaplan: I'm not going to grant that, at least now. The jury could infer it was for gratification
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Pedophile & British Envoy to Canada, Peter Hayward said the Commonwealth has been a break-even deal for England. Banking and Insurance in Canada and Australia is “the only thing that has kept the Commonwealth profitable for us”. Source:… Image
At that building where Navigator (Canada) Ltd is located, the top four floors are let to law firm Clyde & Co, floors 9-3 let to insurance brokers Jardine Lloyd Thompson and floors 1 & 2 to insurance brokers Lockton.…
In the US, founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the world renowned investigative firm, Kroll Inc., Navigator Associates Ltd. is an independent firm with offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Miami.
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#GhislaineMaxwell’s lawyers are suing her, her brother Kevin and her estranged husband #ScottBorgenson over legal bills and claim she’s hidden assets!
Her Colorado lawyers, Haddon, Morgan & Foreman says Maxwell, who also represented her in 2015 in the civil defamation case brought against her by @VRSVirginia, claims they are owed more than $850k.
The firm alleges that her brother Kevin and husband Scott tried to hide #GhislaineMaxwell’s assets so they couldn’t be used to pay her legal fees.
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OK-now in Michael Cohen v Trump, Cohen is here in the courtroom to fend off motion to dismiss @SDNYLIVE. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
Defense: Cohen was in custody pursuant to statute. He claims home confinement is different.
Judge Liman: He's citing the Bail Reform Act. What about abuse of process?
Defense: There was no abuse. BOP sent him to FCI Otisville.
Judge: He's saying Mr Trump retaliated
Defense: On emotional distress, Cohen is not even claiming intent or negligence. Under the FTCA, his complaint should be dismissed.
Judge Liman: He says the prison was 100 degrees.
Defense: It's within BOP's discretion.
Judge: That's not Judge Laval's analysis
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#pédocriminalité 29.07.2022 Le média "Gateway Pundit" ouvre une action en justice pour que les identités des clients - membres de l'élite mondiale - qui ont abusé de mineures grâce à Jeffrey #Epstein et #GhislaineMaxwell soient révélées au public
Les avocats de Gateway Pundit , Marc Randazza et Jay Wolman du Randazza Legal Group , ainsi que l'avocat général de Gateway Pundit, John Burns, ont déposé une requête pour intervenir dans l' affaire Giuffre c. Maxwell devant le tribunal de district des US p/le district de NY
Gateway Pundit demande à la Cour de desceller tous les dossiers identifiant les "clients sexuels" d'Epstein et Maxwell.

En effet, aujourd'hui encore, l'identité des clients d'Epstein/Maxwell est inconnue.
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OK- in trafficking trial Inner City Press exlusively reported on yesterday… now the jury charge conference. While there much less interest than in #GhislaineMaxwell / Epstein, Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
In the same 40 Foley Square #GhislaineMaxwell was convicted in, for this graphic trafficking trial there are only 7 people in the gallery: 4 supporters of defendant, 2 Court Security Officers watching over them, and Inner City Press. Judge cites strict liability
Judge: Jury must find if defendant rectuited for or benefited fron ,n v trafficking
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OK - now will live tweet below a hearing in Giuffre v. Alan Dershowitz, civil case heavy with #GhislaineMaxwell (sentenced to 20 years, appealing) & #JeffreyEpstein (compared here with... #RKelly, whose "associate" Don Russell is on trial:…
Judge Preska: Good morning! Sorry to start late, I had a sentencing. I suggest we do the protective order things at the end, and we'll seal it. Have you spoken about the impeachment issue?
Counsel: We were unable to reach agreement.
Counsel: Impeachment is not limited to initial disclosures but applies equally to pre-trial disclosures. By and large, impeachment material was produced.
Howard Cooper: I had laptop problems... This is a first for me, to have a line in a confidential letter cited
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