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@jlorains1 @newsmax William @KensingtonRoyal: Queen @RoyalFamily protects #PrinceAndrew @TheDukeOfYork= "threat to monarchy." Someone could go to the jail IF @metpoliceuk did their job

@MetCC, @FBI: #IlluminatiSacrifice of #Prince. Queen was dressed in #PurpleRain🎸she KNEW
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI 2/ Her Excellency @EmbassyCat= H👑MP @hmpbelmarsh prisoner, award-winning publisher #JulianAssange, wishes Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday. The official, not real=April 21, the day #Prince died & Queen wore #PurpleRain☂ dress
#FreeAssange🚔SHE KNEW🚨
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI @EmbassyCat @hmpbelmarsh 3/ My reply to above @wikileaks publisher #FreeAssangeNOW. At the end of this thread, Mr. #Assange should walk free. Someone can have his #torture cell. #PrinceAndrew? Her🎉Majesty☂? #WarrenBuffett? Whoever else planned #IluminatiSacrifice of #Prince, MET
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Woke, Eco-Warrior, Private Jet Flying Prince William's role within the Royal Family is developing as he now has a say on all "major decisions".
According to this article, "In recent years, Private Jet Flying Eco-Warrior Prince William has been "catapulted into the hot seat" as the Queen hopes to include him in all aspects of decision-making within the monarchy." Does that include decisions about #PrinceAndrew?
"Royal commentator Neil Sean claimed: "A good source at Kensington Palace tells me that it will be William making all of these decisions moving forward, simply because of the age of Her Majesty."
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#PrinceAndrew news. Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew Dinner Was at 'Eyes Wide Shut' Mansion—Katie Couric.
"The former Today host said lasagna was served in bowls and Epstein "held court" by the fireplace, but her then-boyfriend Brooks Perlin commented on the women who took their coats, noting how young they were."
People shocked Queen Elizabeth would give Prince Andrew a medal clearly don't know her The queen has held fast to her disregard for public opinion in times more trying for the royal family than these.
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1/. “Today’s hearing didn’t focus at all about the allegations against #PrinceAndrew

His lawyer - a man who defended Armie Hammer & several high profile #MeToo defendants - argued Andrew hadn’t been served with the papers...despite evidence that he had.
2/. “He’s clearly just making Virginia’s lawyers jump through every possible hoop."

In a sign that his delaying tactics are not likely to work, the judge told #PrinceAndrew’s lawyer: “I think we’re making this a lot more complicated than it really is”.
3/. The reason that #PrinceAndrew is so keen to avoid addressing the substance of the allegations becomes apparent when looking at the summons

It’s full of detail, including travel logs & facts like #JeffreyEpstein having 12 different contact numbers for Andrew. (via @WakeHill)
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Court is underway.
Prince Andrew lawyer, Andrew Brettner has told the New York court that he is "appearing for Prince Andrew, the Duke of York".
The Prince's accuser Virginia Giuffre's is represented by her attorney David Boies.
Virginia Giufree lawyer David Boies told court: We proceeded to serve papers on "Prince Andrew in several ways" pursuant to the Hague Convention including delivering the complaint to the "usual last known address of the Defendent" and sent by Royal Mail.
David Boies: I understand that Prince Andrew is to challenge our service [of papers on him]. We would ask the court to grant an alternative means of service in the interests of moving the lawsuit along.
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Hey #SussexSupporters, we know how much they like to make #polls about Meghan but highly doubtful they'll do one for #PrinceAndrew. So how about we do our own?

Do you believe Prince Andrew is innocent?
Should Prince Andrew speak with the FBI?
Should The Queen fund Prince Andrew's legal cost?
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1. Prince Andrew and Epstein thread - Prince Andrew’s 2019 “Suicide” Interview Transcript – about Epstein, Maxwell and Virginia… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #VirginiaGiuffre
2. FBI have Prince Andrew child abuse video… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #nonce #csa
3. Panorama: The Pervert, the Prince, the Pimp and the Survivor… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #nonce #csa #virginia
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ok so once upon a time
Some body went to court with 3 casa .
..settled last 1 out of court
( maxwell)
But still to pops up with same allegations already delt witn

So why is it me thats tellng you when its public ..?
Whys media not ?
#Epstein #maxwell #PrinceAndrew
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“I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me. The powerful & rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions." @VRSVirginia

Jeffrey #Epstein accuser, Virginia Giuffre, sues the #DukeOfYork.
#VirginiaGiuffre #PrinceAndrew
#PrinceAndrew asserts he was ‘acting honourably’ in flying all the way to New York in 2010, supposedly to end his friendship with Epstein. But he has yet to regard it as a matter of honour to fly to New York to clear his own name.” @MarinaHyde @guardian…
Tonight on @Channel4News Virginia Giuffre's lawyer David Boise tells @krishgm that #PrinceAndrew & his lawyers "have totally stonewalled", & “He can ignore me & he can ignore, Virginia....but he can't ignore judicial process”

Here’s #Trump in 2015
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The explosion in Beirut Lebanon and unrelated corruption allegations involving a Canadian company – have ended up at the same address in London: 13 John Prince’s St. #BeirutBlast…
This London address was used by a “network” of shell companies – including some tied to Kremlin insiders, and others to the Moscow-backed regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.…
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Turns out, several publications have come to the conclusion that the RF doesn’t have a significant impact on charity. 1/
In the article featured in the video, the Guardian found the CAF research into Royal charity impact to be flawed & unable to find proof of a casual link.

Also addressed is the costs of Royal security vs the funds actually raised by their patronage. 2/…
The NY Post found that 74% of patronages are ghosted by said royal and that charities the royals found themselves are heavily favored.

Even tho personal projects make up only 2% of all charitable associations, they receive 36% of all engagements. 3/…
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If I told you these two photos show exactly the same thing, rape by a prince in the same "trafficking" ring what would you say?

On the left Prince Albert of Monaco.

On the right Prince Andrew. ImageImage
The model on the left was very well known. She said she was raped by Prince Albert of Monaco.

The girl on the right is Virginia Giuffre. She said she was raped by Prince Andrew.

Both victims claimed to have been "sex-slaves" in a trafficking ring that included politicians.
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🧵The vast amount of money being made by spin doctors protecting the reputations of people such as #GhislaineMaxwell, #PrinceAndrew, #BillGates, Glenn & Eva Dubin, Lesley Groff, and Sarah Kellen is vile. We never represented individuals when I was in crisis PR. This is why.
Money allows them to run stories against survivors such as this:…
Specifically Epstein’s money is used to re-traumatise victims. Lesley worked for Epstein for 20 years but says she knew nothing.…
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1. This Prince Andrew?
FBI have Prince Andrew child abuse video and more news from Aangirfan… #PrinceAndrew
2. Prince Andrew Interview Transcript about Epstein… #princeandrew
3. Panorama: The Pervert, the Prince, the Pimp and the Survivor… Prince Andrew #PrinceAndrew
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What date will the Prince Philip funeral be? #PrincePhilip
2. I wouldnt be surprised at 24th April - anniversary of antichrist rising...… #antichrist
3. ...but April is a big satanic ritual month… #PrincePhilip
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Brave whistleblower @ArtisticBlower
Maria Farmer's powerful new paintings show the deep levels of systemic corruption behind transnational intelligence asset #GhislaineMaxwell who sent continual death threats after she reported her & #JeffreyEpstein to FBI, ignored for 25yrs. 2/ ImageImage
2/Maria's ground-breaking and equally challenging new series of paintings (⏬⏬) don't hide the truth of the sick & corrupted people with too much power in our societies
Her testimonies likewise expose those are shown here unmasked, begging us to ask - WHY aren't they in jail? 3/ ImageImageImage
3/ The series in order of their creation -

Retweets, shares, tagging of media outlets, art reviews and any who will be courageous enough to discuss and share Maria Farmer's art 🙌
She is currently fighting 3 types of cancer- all support appreciated🙏🕯️
4/ ImageImageImageImage
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Hunt joined @Citi as VP #mortgage unit. It looked like gr8 career move. Housing market booming & NYC- based bank, then 6th-largest lender in USA, was ® 3.5% of all home loans. She supervised 65 mortgage underwriters at her #CitiMortgage HQ

📨 @rogerwaters
💰 31 million 😸 @catturd2
NYC📍 @rogerwaters

I searched "Pros and Cons of whistleblowing" on Tw

Julian #Assange could use #Money🎤 🎹 like that


"Woman who couldn't be intimidated by #Citigroup wins 31 million"…
#ProsAndConsOfHitchhiking thread with @catturd2™ & @rogerwaters. Mainly 100% me talking. This about a @pinkfloyd song. RIP🍃Syd.

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🚔 Henk van Essen
📨 @POL_Korpschef

#MH17🚩 #FreeAssange🔓

Mayor @AmsterdamNL
#Halsema📝 IBS

#911Truth👆1st tweet
#MH17 attached here👇

cc @mfa_russia @Dpol_un
@PieterOmtzigt @wikileaks

Security @Schiphol airport ® #Mossad. #MH17 was 1st🚩 #NATO's #WarOnRussia

My boss flew #MH17

I tried to report a crime
Got 'arrested' @112Schiphol
Mayor #Halsema 📝IBS
🔒 #HumanRights

🚔 @POL_Korpschef I want to report #MH17 mass murder @PieterOmtzigt
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The arrival of #MeghanMarkle - a woman directly descended from slavery - offers an opportunity to openly discuss bigger issues of race, class & gender. Her arrival opens a window on deep-seated racial & class prejudices that run deep within society #Oprah…
“Did you make Kate cry?” - #Oprah

“The opposite happened” #MeghanMarkle

...also Meghan admitted she & Harry got secretly married 3 day before the wedding #MeghanAndHarry #Oprah
#OprahMeghanHarry #OprahHarryMeghan #HarryandMeghanonOprah ImageImageImageImage
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#ghislainemaxwell July 2016 deposition, so is it Tom, Sarah, #Clinton #scottBorgerson or her other consensual sex partners blacked out?
Also look #Pagliuca disrupting the Depo already!
#epstein #princeandrew #VirginiaRoberts @VRSVirginia @pinkPeptobismol @lisapodcasts
Well this has come back to haunt her........ Perjury
What is intercourse
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"The Renewed Bail Motion fails to establish sufficiently strong ties to the United States that would prevent her [Ghislaine Maxwell] from fleeing.

Although the defendant now claims her marriage would keep her in the United States, her motion does not address
the plainly inconsistent statements she made to Pretrial Services at the time of her arrest, when, as documented in the Pretrial Services Report, the defendant said she was “in the process of divorcing her husband.” [Scott Borgerson]
"On this point, it bears noting that the defendant’s motion asks that she be permitted to live with xxxxx if granted bail, not her spouse.

Moreover, the fact that the defendant’s spouse has only now come forward to support the defendant should be afforded little weight given
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