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Morris Rosenberg was president and CEO of the Trudeau Foundation from 2014 to 2018, which is when the charity was given $200,000 by Zhang Bin, a political adviser to the Chinese government, and Niu Gensheng, a Chinese businessman and philanthropist.…
Zhang was instructed by Beijing to donate $1 million in honour of the elder Trudeau in 2014, two years before the $200,000 donation to the Trudeau Foundation was made.…
The National Post's analysis in 2016 confirms one in six donors to Trudeau Foundation (if academic institutions are excluded) had affiliations with organizations lobbying the government.…
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@FactCheckIndia that you are all no different than any other of us @TwitterParents to see a @GrievingMothers screams for a #helpinghand to be seen beneath #HumanRights as the #lies that are still pouring out of #MarkRowley's mouth that he has to read word to word from a scrip
because coming out of #retired that means #braindead as whoever is #socialmediamanager floods #TwitterFiles with #NicolaBulley, this I also find really sad, so so sad for those who like poor #MollyRussell and those who mare reaching out for @CruseSupport as a senior
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As it's both #SocialistSunday and the season of goodwill to all men, let's talk about #PrinceAndrew.
He is a good representation of our Little Britain, isn't he? 1/
#PrinceAndrew went on television and doubled-down on his contempt for the law- abiding people of the United Kingdom. In favour of a paedophile billionaire. 2/
Sticking up for billionaires has become the only purpose of the #FascistTories, hasn't it? Sticking up for hedge-fund managers, energy companies and the financial markets instead of the rest of us. 3/
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I miss royal family bots telling me I don’t report on anyone other than #PrinceAndrew. The thing is @ohreallytruly & I know all the names. Firstly, here are the staffers. #MeghanMarkle Read more:…
In fact, @ohreallytruly was one of the first to work out the ownership of the notorious black book.…
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Well, I'm going to leave here another Rabbit coming out of the hole, I've tried to post before, but I was blocked and chased, let's see if the post and the channel are still up now, follow the thread... 👇🏼🐰 1/25.… ImageImageImageImage
#GhislaineMaxell is under arrest. Will she name names? Or will she turn up dead in her cell too? The image is from the surveillance cameras of the tunnels on #Epstein Island. 2/25. Image
This was hanging on a wall in #GhislaineMaxwell's house.

As is public knowledge, she is an ex-girlfriend and best friend of #JeffreyEpstein. 3/25. ImageImageImage
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Hell began here: Gordonstoun’s links to Nova Scotia date back hundreds of years. The main building was originally owned by Sir Robert Gordon who was made a baronet for Nova Scotia in 1625, four years after a charter gave Nova Scotia its name and flag.…
Gordonstoun, was a severe Scottish institution linked to pedophiles & sexual abuse of children. 5 of Queen Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren went there, despite Charles’s complaints. Physical punishment, strict discipline was used to control them.…
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Authoritarian practices are "everyday acts of authortiarianism" which intentionally silence the political voice of the people.

Accountability means we can question and pass judgment on our political representatives, without a voice, a vote, and protest, we can't.

Accountability (or a lack thereof) helps distinguish democracy from authoritarianism.

Can you hold your political leaders accountable for their failures? Can you remove your political leaders from power, if needed.

And make no mistake, the monarchy is political.

Update on the protester wanting to hold #PrinceAndrew accountable:…
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🧵The #PrinceOfPegging & #princewilliamaffair hashtags are not as silly as they seem. There’s a battle going on to win the hearts and minds of the UK people. It’s called agenda setting. Image
The central player in this process is media. The monarchy must be protected at all costs. The only exception to this was #princeandrew who kept taking swings at the establishment like a blind baseballer. Here’s how it works and why anonymous sources are vital to agenda setting. Image
How do I know this? I spent most of my career working in public policy & was an academic. So as long as sources feed stories like #MeghanMarkleExposed, the focus will be on her and not Prince Andrew…and the eight Russian girls. Or the #PrinceWilliam Image
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I had my eye on Kazakhstan for a long time.
Senators Dalrymple & Hoeven went to Kazakhstan and North Dakota exports went from from $22,000 to $25 Million in 5 years. Image
Trump has a history with Kazakhstan and oil. I shared my concerns with elected officials via this email sent years ago. ImageImage
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These fake victims should be investigated along with their parents of why they was out as teenagers with guys and not at school, home. Was they reported missing and exploited? The NY scandal & narrative doesn't make any sense. 🧵
No matter what financial class bracket guys would pay for strippers, escorts, sex if available. Crackhead would sell sex for a rock. The ordeal looks like escorting gone bad because not everybody's ID cards was checked to make sure they was 18.
Literally saying underage girl "victims" a few was reported as teenagers who seemed out of control, dodging their parents who seemed to have did no parenting in the ordeal, and others was in their 20s more of an escort agency advertising that they fell into. Then cried "victim"
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THREAD 🧵: When Virginia Guiffre settled her sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew for £12 million, he forced her to agree not to speak about the allegations or the settlement until the end of the year.
That’s reportedly because the royal family really didn’t want anyone talking about these sexual abuse allegations, or the fact that Prince Andrew settled them, during her jubilee.
But that NDA can’t stop the rest of us from talking about it. So, as we enter jubilee week, here’s @OwenJones84, @DrProudman and I speaking about that lawsuit, the settlement, and what it means for survivors of sexual abuse, on Owen’s fantastic show:

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I feel no way or any form of #disrespect towards #TheQueen when I say this to the @RoyalFamily but I feel it's time now to #AbolishTheMonarchy as #thequeeniscoming to the end of her last years of life and #QueenElizabeth is no longer here to rule.

What is she thinking
will happen to her son #PrinceAndrew and @SarahTheDuchess after @NSPCC @PeterWanless @InquiryCSA who have excluded from #iicsa denying #victims more importantly #BlackWomen altogether, knowing Andrew and Sarah being very close with #EpsteinIsland
for whatever reasons as @Keir_Starmer repeats the same @actionfrauduk when head of @CPSUK to protect @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory the whole world is still focusing on as the @RoyalHistSoc @APFactCheck has proved over and over and over again
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US @itvnews correspondent @emmamurphyitv reported on #VirginiaGiuffre's #PrinceAndrew settlement with #AlanDershowitz's lawyer Arthur Aidala.

He was not IDed on video - not his name nor his role as Dersh's lawyer.

He is named in the web piece, but not his Dersh link.

Did Ms Murphy know that Mr Aidala is from Aidala, Bertuna & Kramis, part of #AlanDershowitz's legal team in his ongoing counter suit of defamation against #VirginiaGiuffre?

Ms Giuffre lodged in April 2019. Dersh made a counter claim on Nov 7 2019 after motions to dismiss failed.
Maybe there was an editing error in both the video and the web story filed by @itvnews that removed Mr Aidala's workplace and his prior and ongoing connection to #VirginiaGiuffre

Did Ms Murphy ask about any conflict of interest?

He spoke about the #PrinceAndrew settlement.
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Why was #NoamChomsky photographed with #Epstein's butler in Paris in late 2016.

Here is the photo of #Chomsky with Epstein's Paris Butler, uploaded on Dec 1, 2016.
When was it actually taken we don't know as Valdson won't respond to our messages.
So I tracked Chomsky's movements in the month before.
On Nov 5 he was in Barcelona to give a speech at the United Nations University global think tank and postgraduate teaching organisation.
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Scary thought.
What if #ChineseMoney funded #JeffreyEpstein?
Think about it for a minute.
Clinton strongly supported china to join WTO.…
Full clinton speech on china trade bill.…
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Why have all the British media, forgotten on purpose that in June 2019, Prince Andrew secretly met with Ghislaine Maxwell? This is not a rumour as in the Emily Maitlis interview, he admitted he met her. It was just weeks before Epstein's second arrest.…
What this illustrates is how our media spin things to protect the Royal Family. This meeting was widely reported at the time, including in the British media. But since Maxwell's conviction it has never been mentioned. I thought the media were supposed to report facts and news?
This was at a time when neither the media, the victim's lawyers, and even the US authorities could trace Maxwell. Note that the report says she was accompanied by 4 serious people. Hardly a chance meeting as they met in Buckingham Palace.
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Princess Anne allowed her dogs to attack children #theroyalfamily criminals
#theroyalfamily were friends with hitler
God save the Queen and all the taxes she owes 😂🤣😂 #theroyalfamily are criminals
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"Tem + de 500 cargos lá cara na Câmara no Senado, pode indicar pra qualquer comissão alguma coisa sem vincular a eles em nada. 20 continho pra gente caia bem pra caramba" Fabrício Queiroz
Gaga #BolsonaroTemRazao? #Bolsonaro22Ate2026? Segue o fio São José👇
"Queiroz, ex-assessor de Flávio Bolsonaro, recebeu mais de R$ 400 mil em transferências efetuadas por Adriano da Nóbrega apontado como chefe do ‘escritório do crime’ e investigado nos assassinatos de Marielle Franco e Anderson Gomes" Melhor Elenco tigrão!…
"Capitão Adriano tinha ‘certeza’ de que queriam matá-lo para ‘queimar arquivo’." #PrinceAndrew, see this guy 👇…
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Breaking news from New York: Prince Andrew WILL face a civil sex case trial.
US judge - Lewis Kaplan - dismissed a motion by Prince Andrew's legal team to have the lawsuit thrown out in a legal technicality.
It now moves to the next stage
Prince Andrew had tried to have the case thrown out saying he was covered by the settlement his accuser Virginia Giuffre signed with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009.
However, lawsuit moves to next stage: usually deposition.
The alternatives for Prince Andrew are to settle or default.
Judge Lewis A Kaplan in New York denies defendant’s (Prince Andrew) motion to dismiss the lawsuit “in all respects” 👇
Image: @KlasfeldReports
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.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell

#PeterNygard, 78, has hosted celebs & politicians at the property, near the Bahamian capital of Nassau. Photos credited to Nygard’s website appear to show such visitors incl #PrinceAndrew & ex-wife Sarah Ferguson & their 2 daughters, 20 yrs ago.
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #GodSaveTheQueen #CSE

photo shows paedophile #PeterNygard talking with a shorts-wearing Andrew as the two stroll together. In another picture Nygard is posing with Sarah and her daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.…
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein #GodSaveTheQueen #TheQueen #CSE

#PeterNygard’s Sex Trafficking Arrest Casts New Scrutiny On Reported #PrinceAndrew Visit
The #paedophile Canadian fashion mogul was arrested for sex trafficking in Winnipeg…
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