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I feel no way or any form of #disrespect towards #TheQueen when I say this to the @RoyalFamily but I feel it's time now to #AbolishTheMonarchy as #thequeeniscoming to the end of her last years of life and #QueenElizabeth is no longer here to rule.

What is she thinking
will happen to her son #PrinceAndrew and @SarahTheDuchess after @NSPCC @PeterWanless @InquiryCSA who have excluded from #iicsa denying #victims more importantly #BlackWomen altogether, knowing Andrew and Sarah being very close with #EpsteinIsland
for whatever reasons as @Keir_Starmer repeats the same @actionfrauduk when head of @CPSUK to protect @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory the whole world is still focusing on as the @RoyalHistSoc @APFactCheck has proved over and over and over again
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US @itvnews correspondent @emmamurphyitv reported on #VirginiaGiuffre's #PrinceAndrew settlement with #AlanDershowitz's lawyer Arthur Aidala.

He was not IDed on video - not his name nor his role as Dersh's lawyer.

He is named in the web piece, but not his Dersh link.

Did Ms Murphy know that Mr Aidala is from Aidala, Bertuna & Kramis, part of #AlanDershowitz's legal team in his ongoing counter suit of defamation against #VirginiaGiuffre?

Ms Giuffre lodged in April 2019. Dersh made a counter claim on Nov 7 2019 after motions to dismiss failed.
Maybe there was an editing error in both the video and the web story filed by @itvnews that removed Mr Aidala's workplace and his prior and ongoing connection to #VirginiaGiuffre

Did Ms Murphy ask about any conflict of interest?

He spoke about the #PrinceAndrew settlement.
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Bejayzuz Christ @GBNews

As one of your interviewees pointed out

95% of civil cases are settled out of court

If you're involved in a traffic accident the insurers usually at least in past settled on a knock for knock basis regardless of fault

If a company is...

If company sued even falsely not only must weigh cost of tying up management maybe Board & CEO for months even years fighting to clear name

But whether want bad publicity of case dragging out years rather v short term hit of settlement

Smeared either way so settle
Also even if are innocent, being innocent & in right no guarantee will win case against false accusation

Especially if #MeToo #WomenMustBebelieved case

Or jury afraid of mob violence if make decision "on wrong side of history"

Remember the half doz cases...

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Why was #NoamChomsky photographed with #Epstein's butler in Paris in late 2016.

Here is the photo of #Chomsky with Epstein's Paris Butler, uploaded on Dec 1, 2016.
When was it actually taken we don't know as Valdson won't respond to our messages.
So I tracked Chomsky's movements in the month before.
On Nov 5 he was in Barcelona to give a speech at the United Nations University global think tank and postgraduate teaching organisation.
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Scary thought.
What if #ChineseMoney funded #JeffreyEpstein?
Think about it for a minute.
Clinton strongly supported china to join WTO.…
Full clinton speech on china trade bill.…
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Why have all the British media, forgotten on purpose that in June 2019, Prince Andrew secretly met with Ghislaine Maxwell? This is not a rumour as in the Emily Maitlis interview, he admitted he met her. It was just weeks before Epstein's second arrest.…
What this illustrates is how our media spin things to protect the Royal Family. This meeting was widely reported at the time, including in the British media. But since Maxwell's conviction it has never been mentioned. I thought the media were supposed to report facts and news?
This was at a time when neither the media, the victim's lawyers, and even the US authorities could trace Maxwell. Note that the report says she was accompanied by 4 serious people. Hardly a chance meeting as they met in Buckingham Palace.
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Princess Anne allowed her dogs to attack children #theroyalfamily criminals
#theroyalfamily were friends with hitler
God save the Queen and all the taxes she owes 😂🤣😂 #theroyalfamily are criminals
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"Tem + de 500 cargos lá cara na Câmara no Senado, pode indicar pra qualquer comissão alguma coisa sem vincular a eles em nada. 20 continho pra gente caia bem pra caramba" Fabrício Queiroz
Gaga #BolsonaroTemRazao? #Bolsonaro22Ate2026? Segue o fio São José👇
"Queiroz, ex-assessor de Flávio Bolsonaro, recebeu mais de R$ 400 mil em transferências efetuadas por Adriano da Nóbrega apontado como chefe do ‘escritório do crime’ e investigado nos assassinatos de Marielle Franco e Anderson Gomes" Melhor Elenco tigrão!…
"Capitão Adriano tinha ‘certeza’ de que queriam matá-lo para ‘queimar arquivo’." #PrinceAndrew, see this guy 👇…
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Breaking news from New York: Prince Andrew WILL face a civil sex case trial.
US judge - Lewis Kaplan - dismissed a motion by Prince Andrew's legal team to have the lawsuit thrown out in a legal technicality.
It now moves to the next stage
Prince Andrew had tried to have the case thrown out saying he was covered by the settlement his accuser Virginia Giuffre signed with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009.
However, lawsuit moves to next stage: usually deposition.
The alternatives for Prince Andrew are to settle or default.
Judge Lewis A Kaplan in New York denies defendant’s (Prince Andrew) motion to dismiss the lawsuit “in all respects” 👇
Image: @KlasfeldReports
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.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell

#PeterNygard, 78, has hosted celebs & politicians at the property, near the Bahamian capital of Nassau. Photos credited to Nygard’s website appear to show such visitors incl #PrinceAndrew & ex-wife Sarah Ferguson & their 2 daughters, 20 yrs ago.
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #GodSaveTheQueen #CSE

photo shows paedophile #PeterNygard talking with a shorts-wearing Andrew as the two stroll together. In another picture Nygard is posing with Sarah and her daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.…
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein #GodSaveTheQueen #TheQueen #CSE

#PeterNygard’s Sex Trafficking Arrest Casts New Scrutiny On Reported #PrinceAndrew Visit
The #paedophile Canadian fashion mogul was arrested for sex trafficking in Winnipeg…
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Prince Harry lost his honorary military titles, which took gr8 pride in after serving in the military, for leaving his senior role & moving to the US — #PrinceAndrew, w/ no longer public role in the royal family, still retains the military titles bestowed upon him.
.@richardaeden #SussexSquad

#PrinceHarrry vs #princeandrew


This particular discrepancy has “prompted objections from veterans, who say it is unseemly to be under the command of a person facing such allegations,” according to The NYT…

Well, Andrew has always stood by his royal heritage because his privilege has kept him safe (for now). Harry chose to side with his wife, who found the constraints of the royal family damaging to her well-being, so losing those titles was part of the punishment.
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#PrinceAndrew #VirginiaGiuffre

🔴 Virginia Giuffre’s secret deal with Epstein to be made public today

Follow live updates ⬇️…
🔴 Prince Andrew might have to give up title if he loses lawsuit
🔴 Duke of York asked to provide evidence that he cannot sweat

Follow live updates ⬇️…

A hearing on Giuffre’s lawsuit against the Duke of York is scheduled for 4 January in New York ⬇️…
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Another day of jury deliberations starts in the #GhislaineMaxwell trial.
Sisters Isabel and Christine are in court. No new yet on what colour Isabel's beret is today.

Will this be the day the jury reaches a verdict?
And straight out of the gate, #GhislaineMaxwelll's team is trying to boss Judge Nathan around in regards to yesterday's jury query about flights and Jane.
And Judge Nathan explains instructing the jury to meet until 6pm, an hour longer. Seems covid is a reason.

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Day 11 #GhislaineMaxwellTrial.
GM's def wants to bring 35 witnesses to court, including attorney's for the MVs, no doubt to push false memories but also to try and portray them as money hungry.
There will be character witnesses and other experts, but will her 'spouse' be there?
And will #GhislaineMaxwell take the stand?
Is her legal team confident in putting her on the stand to be cross examined?
Considering her behaviour in civil depositions under oath I suggest not.
She has a history of yelling and talking down to lawyers, including her own.
I recorded all her depositions done in 2016 in the civil defamation case (she settled) brought against her by Virginia Giuffre.
Listen to this ep for her outburst and thumping of tables.…
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Day 6 of #GhislaineMaxwell's trial.
Seems that the school girl costumes may be admissible depending on the testimony.

First witness is 'Kate'. Which means no sketch artist as Kate is one of the witnesses testifying without being identified.
Kate works with victims of trauma but before that met #GhislaineMaxwell in Paris through an ex-boyfriend. She was at the time a singer and musicianl.
The next time she saw her was in #GhislaineMaxwell's London townhouse. Where #epstein asked for a massage as the masseuse had cancelled. He was naked.
Asked if JE initiated sex, Kate said: Yes. Then Maxwell said, How did it go? Did you have fun?

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Day 4 #GhislaineMaxwellTrial
Witnesses have included #epstein pilot #LarryVisoski…
MinorVictim1 'Jane' 14yo when the alleged abuse started.
Her ex partner 'Matt'
Daniel Besselsen of Interlochen the academy where JE organised a scholarship for 'Jane'
#GhislaineMaxwell's counsel push the line with 'Jane' that $ was a big part of her stepping forward and grilled her about time lines.

"I wish I never received that money in the first place because of what happened," she says.
Names of alleged #epstein associates brought up so far have included #Trump #Clinton #SarahKellen #EvaDubin #EmmyTaylor #PrinceAndrew #MikeWallace and chef #AdamPerryLang

Jane acknowledged that #PrinceAndrew was on a flight with her.
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Day 3 US v #GhislaineMaxwell
Yesterday #Epstein pilot #LarryVisoski offered up information about those who joined JE on the plane - including #BillClinton and #Trump.
He referred to children as being a 'shorter woman' and agreed with GM defence Everdell that MV1 had LARGE BREASTS
That's right #GhislaineMaxwell's legal team referred to a 14yo as having large breasts!
Everdell also said the name of MV1 Jane's sister!
And there has been back and forth on the docket about identifying.
From a letter from #Pagliuca, one of GM's defence team.
These are from the Gov complaining about the 'slip ups'.
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BREAKING: #Epstein's Paris apartment is for sale.
We have matched real estate pics to photos taken by his butler Valdson Cotrin.
But what did the real estate agent have to say ....

A thread

#epstein #ghislaineMaxwell #princeandrew #jeanLucBrunel…
First off is a wide view of the lounge room, and the butler's selfie in the same room. #epstein
#epstein #ghislaineMaxwell #princeandrew #jeanLucBrunel
Next is a view up Avenue Foch, one of the most expensive streets in Paris.
#epstein #ghislaineMaxwell #princeandrew #jeanLucBrunel
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Well… looks like #PrinceAndrew is now playing the ‘victim’ card.🤨

In a new court filing this past Friday in Manhattan — the Duke of York’s lawyers deny that their client, Prince Andrew, has ever sexually abused or assaulted #VirginiaGiuffre.

Prince Andrew’s legal team is now claiming that #VirginiaGiuffre has accused him of sexual abuse for her own financial profit.

“Giuffre has initiated this baseless lawsuit against Prince Andrew to achieve another payday at his expense and at the expense of those closest to him.” Image
In the court papers filed on Friday, Prince Andrew’s lawyers also stated that, “Most people could only dream of obtaining the sums of money that Giuffre has secured for herself over the years.” #GhislaineMaxwell #Royals Image
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So what's in the news today. First up, "William 'stepping up' workload as royals' 'prioritise' supporting Queen Elizabeth amid health scare."
But also. Time to be papped at an airport after Queen Elizabeth's health scare. Truly the definition of 'stepping up'.
Remember that one sided competition? It's still going on. Funny how the UK media isn't mentioning that the vanity project didn't get high ratings.
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How sick is Queen Elizabeth? Image
What is Prince Charles up to while his elderly mother is sick? "Prince Charles rubs shoulders with Fearne Cotton and Richard E Grant as the stars turn out for the Prince's Trust Awards in London." Is anyone going to ask why he didn't cancel the event?
Queen Elizabeth in hospital for overnight stay after health fears cancelled royal tour.
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