Her post is a good eg of the fact-free "logic" used in the far right fascist GQP. It's an educational tool. (MTG is just a tool.😉)

On the upside, her Twitter a/c had about 500k followers, and at Telegram it's 150k. Many are bots. But in any case, the vocal minority are TINY.
My advice to fellow pro-democracy fighters:

Always remember how tiny the group of literal anti-Americans is. An unknown number of 2020 R voters left within weeks of the election & they're not going back.

So do not let this place get you down, ever.
Both sides claim to be "the silent majority" all the time.

Right now the actual silent majority includes D voters, #XGOP folk like me, and everyone who didn't vote R last time. That's a huge number.

To win 2022 we* have to Get Out The Vote like never before.
I have to add * because I'm not an American, but it saves a ton of tweet characters to say "we", "our", etc.

Countries whose people fought world wars alongside Americans are at risk if American democracy gets killed in the 2022 midterms.

In fact, all countries are at risk.
And like in WWII, most of us contributed to the crisis by not seeing the danger and adequately raising the alarm in time.

We are raising it now.

I will close by giving you some links to further reading/viewing:

• • •

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1 Jan
An interesting thread of points from the attached opinion piece.

A couple of points I want to add:

The pandemic stagnated the population as a whole in 2021, and that is temporary...
Travel restrictions are the main reason for declining lawful immigration worldwide. When immigration came to a screeching halt, most countries were worse off as a result. Skilled labor shortages were enough of a challenge before the pandemic... it's gone crazy now.
The idea that even the US can be functional without skilled foreign migrants and temporary guest workers is a nonsense.

Demand levels in specific industries are too fluid for the long process of domestic education and training to respond in time. Even truer outside the US.
Read 12 tweets
1 Jan
#ProCovid losers on the right are claiming this is some kind of bombshell admission, lol. We have known this from pandemic Day One.

They do not, and cannot, #science.

Much easier to take a quote out of (ANY kind of) context. Dishonest. So don't fall for it.
During a pandemic it's essential to any hospital patient's safety to be tested for the virus. Because it may affect the care they need, period.

It affects others, too. Because every aspect of this pandemic is a public health issue that can seriously affect other people.
The US Constitution and laws have ALWAYS allowed governments to declare a national security / public health emergency and TEMPORARILY suspend SOME individual freedoms, in order to SAVE LIVES and maintain national security. These are the most important rights enshrined in law.
Read 12 tweets
31 Dec 21

Remember the never ending stream of 2016 celeb deaths, capped off by George Michael on Christmas Day, of all days?

I'll never forget Betty White. Catchy song #ThankYouForBeingAFriend was loved *before* Golden Girls even began. It says so much. Playing it on blast. Image
Dare you not to cry happy tears playing this and thinking about all the friends you have known over the years. Some of mine died, others moved away, or I did.

You are on my mind rn, thanks to Betty White.

Poignant we'd learn of her death on New Year's Eve, of all days. She didn't make it to 100 and I'm sure she didn't care (Jan 17th).

Like that other famous person taken during this terrible year, just 3 months short of 100. He said with a smile at 90 he didn't want to make 100. Image
Read 6 tweets
30 Dec 21
See what I mean? Using the term "parasites" is exactly what antisemites did in the 1930s. Not standing up to them led to WWII and the Holocaust.

If you find a tweet by this RWNJ that appears to breach Twitter rules (eg hate directed at a protected group), please report it.
This whole controversy today with MTG calling for a "National Divorce" aka civil war like so many other Trumpy public figures do, is a near-perfect object lesson for our time. I'll explain why...
How did we get to the point where saying "These people are parasites, ruining one place after another" is no big deal to a group of many millions of American voters - and is even applauded?

Because they weren't stopped when they were a much smaller group.
Read 14 tweets
28 Dec 21
Cabin crew didn't take proper care of the seated passengers by containing her BEFORE she could get physical with him. They had the opportunity. Other passengers could have stood up, too. She got right in his face; hopefully didn't give him Covid!
The laws concerning in-flight behavior by the public in the US are extremely strong, as they should be everywhere.

The male crewmember was wrong to try to use words to get the seated man to stop. The offender could have injured others while he wasted time.
Here's one way airlines can protect the public better:

Have a few more of the cabin crew positioned in the aisle so they can nip in the bud a situation like this.

The moment she spoke out of turn she should have been safely neutralized.
Read 6 tweets
24 Dec 21
No surprise to me. It was always going to happen.

Several recent incidents but: IMO he should have answered O'Reilly's booster question more fully. He's never been good at impromptu questions: GOP minders largely protected him until 11/4/20.

Aivalis mentions cartoonist Ben Garrison, who was ALWAYS opposed to Trump but came out against him in early 2017.

Garrison is the one with all the unashamed antisemitic, xenophobic, and racist cartoons. Hated Kushner and McMaster especially.

The far right took over the GOP.
The real villains in all of this are the R leadership such as Kevin McCarthy. If the party had disavowed Trump after 1/6 and stuck to that position, the US wouldn't be in such a vulnerable state right now domestically and internationally.

Voting rights are top priority.
Read 5 tweets

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