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I endorse this msg, although I'm not a liberal. I'm a moderate conservative standing with everyone who is pro-democracy and wants the USA to resume its long path toward freedom for ALL, despite the far right capture of the Republican party.

Proudly #XGOP and #CountryOverParty! Image
The past two years or so in US politics have shown me that it's the right wingers whose feelings are fragile, lol.

What a bunch of crybaby sore losers.

And they are extremely gullible, too.
I just heard today that the next CPAC will be held in Hungary, with authoritarian dictator Viktor Orban as keynote speaker.

They want to undermine NATO from the inside. Too bad, losers. The rest of NATO won't let that happen.
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Her post is a good eg of the fact-free "logic" used in the far right fascist GQP. It's an educational tool. (MTG is just a tool.😉)

On the upside, her Twitter a/c had about 500k followers, and at Telegram it's 150k. Many are bots. But in any case, the vocal minority are TINY.
My advice to fellow pro-democracy fighters:

Always remember how tiny the group of literal anti-Americans is. An unknown number of 2020 R voters left within weeks of the election & they're not going back.

So do not let this place get you down, ever.
Both sides claim to be "the silent majority" all the time.

Right now the actual silent majority includes D voters, #XGOP folk like me, and everyone who didn't vote R last time. That's a huge number.

To win 2022 we* have to Get Out The Vote like never before.
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IMO this info was attainable without leaking because it can be extrapolated if all you know is the billed amount. In any case, hospitals have to use markups in order to cross-subsidize services that are never paid for. This is a poor argument for single payer, among many.
To clarify, hospital billing markups are not, IMHO, an effective argument for a single payer system. They get portrayed as price gouging, but if you look at them in a politically neutral way, they're more just a reflection of overall provider costs.
I live in a country (NZ) with what Americans would call a single payer healthcare system. It has major problems for individual patients and the country as a whole.

In both countries, AFAIK, a provider is not allowed to turn away a patient in immediate emergency need...
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Thread: Margaret Atwood's comments on the rising threat of American Theocracy

We who are now #XGOP and #NeverTrump have a relatively unique take on issues like these. I feel I can add value to the debate, having spent years on the left and the right, and now being indy.
I had already seen the movie of The Handmaid's Tale when I saw resistors appearing in costume at political events.

I thought it was ridiculous and self-defeating for them, and maybe it was, at that time. In 2020 resistors ended up having the last word, thankfully. #YoureFired
As you know, there's still people who think even the recent absurdities expressed by TFG (& his henchmen like Bannon, Flynn, & Meadows) are no big deal & that he's adequately trustworthy, patriotic, & a true defender of the US Constitution.

Such people view me as a traitor.
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Thread: Ethan Crumbley's parents

Everyone should read the details of what they did & said when there was a chance to prevent the mass murder.…
I also believe the school administrators erred in allowing him back to class that day.

Telling the parents to get him into counselling within 48 hours was a criminally inadequate response.

There are so many things they should have done instead.
And since day one I've asked myself why this high school didn't have metal detectors. I know that other schools do.

Public alarm at the number of school shootings this year is justified, but let's remember that many schools have effective prevention policies. Others should too!
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Been listening to this excellent song "All You Fascists." Here's a thread about a term in the lyrics:

"The people in this world are GETTING ORGANIZED."

The trade union movement's MO has traditionally focused on the concept of organization. It's closely tied to democracy.
The thread I linked above at the start of this one has more context about my current views on American democracy and why I left the T**** cult after the sore loser refused to accept the result of the 2020 Presidential election. (He somehow accepts all the other results, lol.)
Read the song lyrics here.

"Words and Music by Woody Guthrie, Derivative by Billy Bragg."

I was a Billy Bragg fan in the 1980s and kinda rediscovered him in the late 2000s. He's unapologetically left wing in his music.…
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Thread: The Travis Scott Astroworld disaster

This analysis by Todd Grande PhD is on point. He's a very good commentator on social issues. I don't agree with every opinion he gives (on other matters) & that's OK.

Grande's video lists the previous criminal charges and related incidents that should have alerted Houston Police and other officials that a fatal stampede event was highly likely.

Large events have to have a detailed security plan.
Authorities should have forced the performance to stop.

It would not have saved every life but it might have saved some of them.

I hope that every event manager and relevant LE agency ensures this NEVER happens again in the US.
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Condi Rice is, evidently, incapable of feeling shame.

Note she said "my party."

It's not MY party, anymore, I ran for the hills and am now firmly #XGOP. Not a liberal, either. I'm pro-democracy, period.

Condi is anti-democracy, and did NOTHING to stop Trump in 2016 or 2020.
1. There an be no clearer sign that Condoleezza Rice is, like McConnell, McCarthy and the rest, bought and paid for by wealthy donors. Not directly, but in the shadows.

2. #TheView only invited her onto the show to talk about the late Colin Powell. Instead, she...
... blatantly used the opportunity to act as an apologist for the GOP / GQP at a time when the survival of American democracy itself requires her to speak up.

3. As a black woman, she clearly doesn't care about the well-funded assault on voting rights that's more urgent than
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1. We can't verify if Dennis Prager did in fact test positive for Covid.
2. We can't be sure he is unvaccinated.
3. It's possible that an unvaccinated person his age could survive Covid, but his cult followers are drawing all the wrong conclusions from his claim, as intended.
Here is the video & transcript, without commentary (from the above linked @JasonSCampbell tweet.) Keep an eye out for follow up articles with new info about Dennis Prager's claims re Covid. Prager is one of many RW influencers deploying the same schtick.…
Before becoming #XGOP on 1/6, I never paid much attention to Prager and his disinformation media outlet @PragerU.

Since almost every national-level GOP politician officially came out as a far right fascist in 2021, I've been reviewing various media outlets in a new light...
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With today's coordinated rhetorical attack on the USCP & anyone else targeted by the far right fascist current owners of the Republican party, here's a link to my recent thread on far right ideology & tactics.

And below, I cover an overtly white nationalist a/c I just blocked. Image
The account I blocked replied to that thread with these hashtags:


(I'm trying to avoid this tweet being actioned by Twitter. The third line is a specific threat of violence.) Image
All 3 hashtags belie a viewpoint that is:

White nationalist
White supremacist
Far right fascist*
Pro Trump
Pro GOP*
Anti police
Anti democracy
Lame, and
Low IQ
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Campos-Duffy (wife of GQP ex Rep Sean Duffy) is parroting a line of MAGA cult brainwashing that Pres Biden is mentally unfit & Dr Biden pushed him to run for office.

None of which is true. Joe Biden can deal with live press briefings better than TFG.

Also, he trolls better.😎
MAGAs really believe Biden is cognitively impaired. I used to believe this, too. I am ALWAYS open to changing my mind if presented with new evidence, & that's what happened after election day.

Biden had to run a near-virtual campaign bc he didn't want folk to die from events.
The need to #MaskUp #GetVaccinated and at times avoid large gatherings, to save lives, is not something that stops Donald Trump from doing unconscionable things like holding a rally in Alabama when there are NO spare ICU beds in the entire state.

Biden is not Trump. Thank GOD.
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