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79.01/ Week seventy-nine, January 15-21, 2022, thread here.

Week 78 below.
79.02/ Every erev-Shabbas I say 'stay safe' and while that's generally about the pandemic, for my fellow Jews it's also about the onslaught of antisemitism that assaults us since the dominance of unchecked hate on social media which led to the rise of Trump (ym'sh) and others.
79.04/ I am a former synagogue rabbi & I'd like to dream that I'd be capable of the same grace and bravery as Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker. He's a hero.

Maybe I'd have quipped "this is a heckuva way to spend #TuBiShvat" with steely determination. I don't want to test it, though
79.05a/ Because of last night's terror, we really weren't able to have a proper #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight. Next week I may show the #StarTrek movie remake, which required me to remind my kids about TOS which led me to discover that it's no longer streaming on my services. Bummer
79.05b/ So I scrambled and managed to buy the 3 seasons as boxed sets but the streaming allowed me to remember which were good episodes & which were unwatchable (biggest reason: misogyny). Eventually, I'll list which ones I'm showing and why for others' use.
79.06/ While it would have been nice for the #Steelers to win, I just wanted to avoid embarrassment. And I think we did that. The full humiliation went to the Patriots and that's sweet. Runner up: the Cowboys losing at home on a terrible last play. #NFLPlayoffs
79.07/ Kinda annoyed at my pre-hominid ancestors for not figuring out that it's waaaay better to hibernate in the winter. Just imagining sleeping for three months straight...
79.08/ I celebrate #TuBiShvat doing my favorite religious activity: skipping tachanun.
79.09/ As expected, I'm a zombie rn after the #Steelers game. Win or lose, night games rile me up so I can't sleep. And while it started super fun (TJ below) it ended with a familiar icky thump. Well, the team can't hurt me any more this season. #HereWeGo
79.10/ Excellent sugya in today's daf about the responsibility of communal leadership to prevent damage to the public and if they fail to do so, it's as if they committed murder. Modern application is stunningly obvious.… And from where is it derive...
79.11/ This is a good comparison of the numbers and a refutation of the glib complaint.
79.12/ PSA: Someone can still be a zealot even when they're "spiritual not religious" - the zealotry is just more self-absorbed and idiosyncratic.
79.14/ With #MeToo resources, I've learned to hold off on eulogizing famous people until I skim their history, just in case they're implicated in something terrible. It paid off here. The Loaf of Meat was an anti-vaxxer. Ugh.
79.15/ Small thread about something I didn't realize/figure out, but makes total sense. Too naïve for my own good sometimes...
79.16/ Jentleson has been working hard towards the goal of dismantling the filibuster and his optimism is informative.
79.17/ As I wrote last week, these reminders are important, especially in the face of propaganda disguised as principled criticism from the accelerationists:
79.18/ Her political career is likely done, which may have been her goal (if she even had one, she strikes me as a broken-spring pogo stick short of a clown car). Just hope she doesn't switch parties & bring down the majority
79.19/ While I identified most with Mirabel (and Bruno, heh), it was galvanizing to see the revolutionary character of Luisa. All three sisters were great 3-dimentional archetypes. #Encanto is a masterpiece.
79.20/ It's clear to me that killing the filibuster is all good because the GOP governs by judges only - to hide their real agenda. 51 Senators to pass law will expose their horrible goals and that's a bluff I think we should call.
79.22/ Semrau is always worth reading and this is a sharp insight into the way the GOP is covered by the MSM.
79.23/ My signature 3-stage Cypesian Refusal technique is
1) simple no
2) no with a reason
3) no with unreason.

And sometimes I jump right to 3 because with a set audience, illogic is the only tool available. As Weisz correctly quips:
79.24/ Bookmarking this because it's important to remember: the GOP doesn't consider African Americans actually "Americans." As my fellow Cassandras know, it's a pleasant surprise when something terrible is finally made clear for everyone to see.
79.25/ Didn't know about Radcliffe but the rest of this is a familiar journey
79.26/ Ya know, I accept this too. Sherman obviously had thought long and hard about it
79.27/ Astute insight. This IMO holds for many of the good-faith users. Sadly, 98% of online accounts are likely pernicious bots and cruel-mongers
79.28/ "History" as a threat is toothless and this point explains why (from a talented historian)
79.29/ 100%. Much of the rigor in history, following it's scientific cousins, is knowing the patterns of evidence and their representative status
79.30/ I was *just* talking about this with my epidemiologist father
79.31/ OK, Shabbas is nigh. Please be careful everyone. I'm on my shul's security committee and I know what that means, week after week.

#ShabbatShalom all.

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