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134.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-four, February 4-10, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 133 below.
134.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues: after the Tim Burton Batman movies, the movie that put him on the map "Beetlejuice (1988)"…
134.03/ #TuBishvat is the Aquaman of holidays. Send tweet.
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133.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-three, January 28-February 3, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 132 below.
133.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues: one of the best superhero movies ever made, "Batman Returns"…
133.02b/ I'd forgotten all the explicit Moses/Exodus imagery in the movie. So it's perfect for tonight!
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131.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-one, January 14-20, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 130 below.
131.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Tonight, part of the superhero theme, the second best of the Batman movies, Tim Burton's first (the best is the sequel).…
131.03/ This is Asante Samuel's dream and we're all living in it.

(Also, question: does Al Michaels automatically make games into TNF games now?)

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81.01/ Week eighty-one, January 29-February 4, 2022, thread here.

Week 80 below.
81.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Another all-time favorite: "Big Trouble in Little China"
81.03/ For #CINvsKC, naturally I would like the Bengals to lose and - if it's not too much to ask - by more than 21 so the Steelers playoff loss doesn't look quite as terrible as it did (at least on paper)
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🌳¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO… De los árboles!🌳
Sí, sí. ¿#SabiasQue en el Judaísmo, se celebran varios años nuevos? Uno de ellos, es el de los árboles, que empieza este 16 de enero.

Si quieres saber más… Abro 🧵
#tubishvat #arboles #jewish #trees #judaismo #Judaism
El día 15 del mes Shvat (que este año empieza en la tarde del día 16 de enero) es el día que se celebra el cumpleaños de los árboles. Es un día importante, no sólo por motivos bíblicos como ahora veremos, sino porque también nos recuerda el respeto a la naturaleza.
A este día se le llama ט״ו בשבט (tu bishvat), ya que el número 15 en hebreo se escribe con las letras tav (ט) (nuestra t) y vav (ו) que en este caso diremos que es una “u” (aunque no siempre. Eso para otro día). Shvat (o Shevat) es el nombre del mes judío en el que estamos.
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79.01/ Week seventy-nine, January 15-21, 2022, thread here.

Week 78 below.
79.02/ Every erev-Shabbas I say 'stay safe' and while that's generally about the pandemic, for my fellow Jews it's also about the onslaught of antisemitism that assaults us since the dominance of unchecked hate on social media which led to the rise of Trump (ym'sh) and others.
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28.01/ Week twenty-eight, January 23-29, starts here. Week 27 (Jan. 16-22) is below.
28.02/ One of my largest lists "News2016," started early in the #TrumpCrisis, has this tagline: "Started for the 2016 election, persists until Trump (ym'sh) is gone"

I don't want to delete the valuable list but I'll change the name/tag to honor my promise…
28.03/ My 14yo son's idea for fixing the "worst rule in sports" aka the #NFL #FumbleTouchbackRule: it's a touchback but retained by the offense. So the ball is placed on the opponent 20, but the down is retained.
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There is a deep-seated reverence for trees in Judaism, expressed in modern times by the afforestation of the land of Israel and the celebration of the festival of Tu Bishvat, the ‘New Year’ for trees, which begins tonight.
There is a story in the Talmud of Honi the Circle-Drawer: One day Honi was journeying on the road and saw a man planting a carob tree.
He asked him, ‘How long does it take for a carob tree to bear fruit?’ The man replied, ‘Seventy years.’ Honi asked, ‘Are you certain that you will live another seventy years?’
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