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Some #StarTrek thoughts today because even though they heavy-handedly mess up a lot of their allegories, it's still a go-to for my mind's happy place. As always, I'm no expert, just someone running their mouth on the internet who has a little time right now. (1/12)
I think about TOS Spock's conversation with Kelvin Kirk after Kelvin Spock threw him off the ship. "Jim, I just lost my planet. I can tell you, I am emotionally compromised." (2/12)
In this "time of #Coronavirus," I don't have the benefit of being Vulcan, but it is still hard for me to let myself show how fucked up I feel a lot of the time and trying to suppress that has pushed me to the breaking point more than once. (3/12)
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How about a little #ShakespeareSunday with #StarTrek

The Conscience of the King

Just the 13th episode, a fit number for this tragedy.

It originally aired December 8, 1966

A sad tale is best for Winter

(art by juan ortiz)
The episode begins with a murder - the on stage murder by Macbeth, as played by actor Anton Karidian (a play on Carradine?).

Arnold Moss is the actor playing the actor. A veteran of Shakespeare and Broadway, his voice oozes gravitas.
This episode is wonderful #startrek in exploring moral issues, but in some ways its very much not Star Trek.

By that, I mean there is very little scifi or science fantasy here. Its a script that could be adapted easily to other settings. You can argue thats deliberate.
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my #startrek tng thread was getting too massive, so i'm starting here. i'm up to season 3, episode 20, "Tin Man." we're preparing detailed exospheric charts of the hayashi system!
not the ghorusda disaster!!!!
my brain now
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Randomly decided to watch #DS9 “Emissary” for the first time in a decade or so. Great opening! We meet Sisko in battle against hopeless odds. He loses his wife and saves his son all in the first five minutes. Rooting interest established. 1
Struck by the handheld camera work in the opening sequence, which was unheard of for #StarTrek at the time. Adds tension, energy, and verisimilitude. 2
God I wish they’d pay to up res #DS9. It looks so grainy. 3
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Your quarantine coping mechanisms as #StarTrek characters: A thread


⭐️Wearing work clothes despite working from home
⭐️Thrilled to not have children around
⭐️Reading Shakespeare for the epic quotes

⭐️Chronic Tinder flirting
⭐️Annoying neighbours with your musical "talent"
⭐️Looking better with your quarantine beard

⭐️Eating chocolate ice cream 24/7
⭐️Always in pajamas
⭐️Avoiding calls from your mother
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Friends! Will you please join me and @RealKevinConroy in wishing my son @noahdeckr a happy 16th birthday? He loves @LEGO_Group, @MarvelStudios and @starwars! But maybe we can get #StarTrek to show him the love?
I’m beyond privileged to be his father. He’s a smart and clever young man. Stoic, but empathetic. He’s my #1 ah… guyyyy… our beautiful baby boy.
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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Wait! What? #Jack, iIn a matter of hours, you're going to tell me that your #Gofundme (compromised by #bigharma btw) site went from featuring an image of @WilliamShatner in #startrek with 0 funds to a website facelift & 7.2K donors? 13k raised?

Before & After
"Americas Food Fund led by #LeonardoDiCaprio & Laurene Powell Jobs is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of GoFundMe.Org."


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#Covid19 :

@jack, @mtoecker What in The Cinnamon F0ck Is This?

When I click on your GoFundMe link, it leads to #WilliamShatner #StarTrek headshot?…

Who are you selling #startsmall shares to?

& excuse the ignorance, what's DAF?

Who wants answers?
#Covid19 :

@jack, @mtoecker What in The Cinnamon F0ck Is This?

When I click on your GoFundMe link, it leads to #WilliamShatner #StarTrek headshot?

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Time for a #StarTrek #Thread:

How the crew of the Enterprise-D would respond to "social distancing" during a pandemic.
Premise: the producers have run out of money again, and need a bottle episode to round out the season. So a case of Bolian Coronavirus is sweeping the ship, forcing the crew to self-isolate in their quarters until a cure can be found.
Captain Picard is, of course, a man built for solitude. He would probably enjoy a lot of self-isolation: catching up on his reading, listening to music, practicing the flute.

But as a man of action, not being able to help would gall him, and he'd bug Crusher constantly.
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Remember those upscaled "Voyager" screencaps from the weekend?

See how some imagery from #StarTrek DS9's "In the Pale Moonlight" fare when run through that impressive digital enhancement.
A few more:
More, you ask?
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Welcome to the first day of #TMPRead where I'll be reading Gene Roddenberry's novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and commenting on the interesting bits that aren't in the film. You can read along, but it's not necessary. I'll be adding plot details as well.
The book starts with a preface written by Admiral Kirk. He starts with explaining his name. "James" is the name of his father's brother as well as his mother's "first Love Instructor".
We can only guess what a "love instructor" is. Is it someone who teaches you love poetry? Is it a sexual surrogate who teaches you methods and positions for love making? What age is instruction and is it mandatory? No flipping idea.
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#StarTrekPicard - A Rant.

After watching the most recent episode of #StarTrek #Picard I just feel I have to rage about this show in an overly-long Twitter thread where I put more thought into the series than the actual writers/producers of it did.

Be warned...
I was initially optimistic about #Picard. I think Michael Chabon is a great writer, I love Patrick Stewart, & I felt like the "course correction" we saw from Secret Hideout in S2 of #StarTrekDiscovery meant the show could be good.

But boy, was I wrong!
#Picard has been a MESS from the first episode. Bad plotting, horrendous dialogue, terrible characters, convoluted plot points, awful editing, & a complete disregard for both established #StarTrek lore & legacy characters has made this the WORST Trek series ever, IMHO.
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Attention Bajoran Workers, my administration has compiled a guide for all disease focused
@StarTrek episodes to alleviate the strains of interplanetary quarantine and improve morale and productivity. Please distribute widely.
TOS - 1x5 - The Naked Time - virus that causes the crew to lose their inhibitions
TOS - 1x8 - Miri - virus that makes humans act like children
TOS - 1x25 - This Side of Paradise - hippie spores
TOS - 3x21 - Requiem for Methuselah - crew gets rigelian fever
TNG - 1x3 - The Naked Now - drunk disease
TNG - 1x21 - Symbiosis - planet has plague, other planet has cure but supply chains break down
TNG - 1x24 - Conspiracy- mind control parasites!
TNG - 2x7 - Unnatural Selection - old age disease
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Emotional honesty ranking of #StarTrek series:
1. Disco
1. Picard
3. DS9
4. Enterprise
5. Voyager
6. TOS
7. TNG
Counting down to emotional responses to ^ tweet
Political honesty rankings:
1. DS9
2. Picard
3. Disco
4. Voyager
5. TOS
6. TNG*
7. Enterprise**

*SUPER racist episode 2

**has to be said this one is last because they actively listened to DoD advisors on normalizing post-9/11 torture
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Some #ThingsToDo while you're stuck at home & everything's closed. A #StarTrek inspired thread. 😀❤️🖖

Please feel free to add your own! 👇👇👇

Read a book.
Practice your cooking.
Refresh your musical skills.
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El hilo de este fin de semana (en vez de escribirlos anárquicamente, creo que puede ser interesante hacer uno a la semana) es sobre un gran científico que nos dejó ayer: el físico teórico Freeman Dyson.

¡Vamos allá!

🧵 Abro hilo ⤵️
1.- Freeman Dyson nació en Berkshire, (Reino Unido), el 15 de diciembre de 1923.

Físico teórico y matemático, fue profesor emérito en el Institute for Advanced Study en Princeton y miembro del Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Boletín de los Científicos Atómicos).

2.- Pero Dyson no solo era un genio de la física teórica, sino que tuvo ideas realmente innovadoras para su tiempo.
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We've always thought of Starfleet and the Federation as this wonderful, utopian society, and the events leading up to #StarTrekPicard have brought up a lot of "Starfleet would never..." comments in online discussion.

In the words of that FNN reporter, "Let's explore that."
Starfleet would never sanction the death of an alien race....

...except when they ordered Picard to exterminate the Borg at any opportunity. ("Descent")

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
The Federation would never abandon a people in need due to political pressure...

...except when they did just that to the colonists in the Cardassian DMZ, leading to the formation of the Maquis. ("Journey's End," "The Maquis," etc.)

#StarTrek #StarTrekPicard
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#StarTrekTagebuch, 2. Eintrag #TNG S01F03 (The Naked Now):

(natürlich #SpoilerAlert)

Im Gegensatz zur 1. Folge, wurde es jetzt etwas humorvoller.

Soweit ich es verstanden habe, bewirken die Verschiebungen in der Gravitation eines sterbenden roten Zwerges die Entstehung von..
.. Alkohol im Stoffwechsel der Crewmitglieder. Was mir unklar ist, warum das nicht alle Crewmitglieder gleichermaßen betrifft, sondern sich wie ein Virus verbreitet. Whatever.

Auch dachte ich zuerst, dass es ein Protokoll gibt, nach dem in solchen Fällen einer Epidemie, ..
.. vor allem wenn sie den Verstand betrifft, das Kommando automatisch an Lt. Commander Data geht, da er ja nicht befallen werden kann.
Das stellt sich aber als falsch raus und Data wird auch befallen (was ein ziemlicher Konstruktionsfehler ist, wenn ihr mich fragt). ...
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Wondering is @CBS / @StarTrek plan on suing for this blatant ripoff of their IP? #StarTrek #SpaceForce…
@CBS @StarTrek I mean given rule 4 of their fan film rules exist, a whole lot of Space Force films are about to become a thing... or will they require the Airforce to add “A STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTION” to their recruiting posters?
@CBS @StarTrek would @CBS then be entitled to a percentage of any merch? "The fan production cannot derive revenue by selling or licensing fan-created production sets, props or costumes."
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Mi propósito para 2020 será el mismo que tuve en 2019 (ver una película al dia) peeeeero para subir la apuesta añadiré ver también toooodos los extras de las pelis que tengo en formato físico. Sí, eso incluye todas las pistas de audiocomentarios.
Tengo más de 180 largometrajes
Empiezo con #SilencioDesdeElMal y resulta que no tiene extras. Not bad, así compenso cuando me toque ver las docenas de horas de extras de la trilogia de El señor de los anillos. La revisión me da que pensar lo que le gusta a James Wan las viejas chungas y moñecos creepys
Contiene cortos animados con anécdotas de los creadores, un video de Buzz en la @NASA_es y el globo de Buzz en el desfile de acción de gracias de New York. Bravo por la originalidad de contenidos. Revisionar #ToyStory por enésima vez es gloria
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Recently I've gotten really interested in the #Apple1. The forerunner to the much better known Apple II and the machine that originally launched @Apple in 1970s.

Here are some of the more interesting points on my adventure. #Thread
It's such a simple machine that a minimally technical article I read earlier this year had enough details to write a simple #emulator.

Which I ended up doing; my very first attempt at creating one. #MOS6502

Here it is running @stevewoz's original 256-byte "monitor" firmware/OS.
My emulator is just a console app with a command line to control the emulation.

The actual I/O text streams for the emulated machine are just pushed through a local socket connection.

#PuTTY works great as a front end.

A real Apple-1 would need a TV screen and keyboard.
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Vamos con el hilo de los 20 capítulos y películas de Star Trek: The Next Generation que tenés que ver si o si para entender a Jean-Luc #Picard, el protagonista de la nueva #StarTrek.
En el puesto 20, el episodio piloto de Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), "Encounter at Farpoint". Ahí lo conocemos, es un personaje muy distinto a lo que terminaría siendo. Además, aparece Q, un ser omnipotente muy importante para la serie.
19) "The Battle", temporada 1. Recuerda su anterior puesto y una batalla que tuvo con los Ferengi, una raza muy capitalista que nació como burla a la humanidad del siglo 20 (la serie arrancó en 1987).
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The original matte painting of the First City of the Klingon Empire, painted by artist Syd Dutton for "Sins of the Father" in 1990.

Measures 96" X 48".

#StarTrek #Qapla #Klingon
The original matte painting of the Tower of Commerce and surrounding swamps on Ferenginar, the homeworld of the Ferengi.

Painted by artist Syd Dutton for "Family Business" in 1995. Measures 96" X 48".

#StarTrek #Ferengi
The original matte painting of the underground home city of the Ocampa, deep in the Delta Quadrant.

Painted by artist Syd Dutton for "Caretaker" in 1995.

#StarTrek #Voyager
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