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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are 9fax columnist Jennifer Hewett, 9fax columnist and former Liberal Party staffer to 9fax chair Niki Savva, and murdoch editor James Campbell. The interview is with Liberal Party backbencher James Paterson.
this thread is not factchecked. It is not reporting. This is comment, representing nothing and nobody else. I block snitch taggers. Regular reminder that whatever Speers frames as “bad news” for the pro-emissions pro-corruption pro-sex offender party is good news for the polity.
opening spiel: “the prime minister has set his comeback course”: cue Speers repeating Liberal Party campaign messaging, for free.
so extreme are the Liberal Party lies, Speers tells ABC audiences, that some minister would not repeat them and ASIO spoke out against them. None of this stops Speers from advertising Liberal Party #CampaignComms for Scott Morrison, of course. #Insiders
the montage is yet more free advertising on the public broadcaster of irresponsible and dangerous nonsense prosecuted by Morrison. Someone else will have to do the MC count, I can not keep up. It is already through the roof. These people are fucked. #Insiders
#MakingNews opens with the garbage propaganda from Morrison about a laser putting the lives of ten defence personnel at risk lmao okay David. Clip of Morrison and his serious face loving the laser. #Insiders
over and over Speers shamelessly repeats Liberal Party propaganda. He can not stop saying what their political opponents say about Labor. Death tax on repeat. Campbell says the “accusation” - WeAK 0N cHiNa - is wrong and Hewett says no there is no evidence #Insiders
despite Campbell and Hewett dismissing the garbage campaign comms out of hand, Speers valiantly battles on, playing a clip of the prime minister screaming racist unparliamentary slurs and repeating it twice more for good measure. #Insiders
dangerous and damaging territory, says Savva, noting the intelligence community has told Morrison to shut the fuck up and he doubled down instead. She says his decision to spout the crap he spouts “sacrifices the national interest”. #Insiders
as Savva explains how the Morrison government’s toxic and racist campaign is against the national interest and against his own political interests, Speers cuts to a clip if Richardson telling Karvelas that Morrison is bad and wrong [paraphrased] #Insiders
they are going for sentiment, say Hewett. Not campaigning on rational grounds.
(Like you know all campaigns in the history of campaigns. Remember, Morrison is pitching almost exclusively to men and males are very emotional - Ed). #Insiders
Savva has data. She says Labor has polling that shows people do not see Albanese as a threat and the [dangerous irresponsible lies] rhetoric is not playing as well for Morrison as he might think. #Insiders
Campbell says there are people in the Chinese Aust community who are pissed off at the way Morrison is carrying on. He criticises the strategy for its timing, saying screaming about communists in February will not work. #Insiders
oh ffs. We bang on a bit more about the timing of the racist nonsense campaign. Hewett says people do not pay much attention to politics between elections and that the “risk” and “uncertain” messaging will seed and resonate [paraphrased] #Insiders
“inner urban Liberal seats under threat”. Drink. #Insiders
Speers tries to push the Arafura sea laser “threat” along but his colleagues are not interested in promoting that garbage for Scott Morrison. #Insiders
Interview. Segue clip is of Dennis Richardson telling 730 why politicising classified intel is wrong. #Insiders
ahaha Paterson has dug back to the Petrov affair to find a bothsides bullshit point about politicising classified intel. He bangs on about “all political parties” and says he is not criticising Kitching or Dutton. #Insiders
he thinks we should all be careful about politicisation of classified intel, says Paterson, on repeat. He sounds like a programmed cyborg.
He did “not use emotive language” in his submission and looks forward to catching up over a beer - this is toxic masculinity. #Insiders
“most left wing leader since Gough Whitlam” lol they keep saying that when there is no other prime minister in the history of the federation whose legacy is - rightly - revered more than Whitlam’s. #Insiders
what about Marles and his 2018 speech? That Paterson has posted on his own web site. Should Morrison have posted his christian churches speech on his website? That’s a matter for the prime minister. #insiders
Speers circles back to the core Liberal Party message of the week and repeats it and invites Paterson to drive it home, which he does. Evidence tho? asks Speers. Anthony Albanese agreed with Paul Keating who has insane views, says Paterson. #Insiders
but what would Labor do differently on national security if they win? Paterson has an anecdote about Albanese and his uni essay ready to go. A fucking backbencher, trading in nonsense trivia and #CampaignComms, on the public broadcaster. #Insiders
this is basically a promotion audition and the fact Speers has bought in makes me sick. What Paterson seems to think “democracy” means is an embarrassment to liberalism. Campbell gives him a rave review. So articulate compared to the shouty Dutton! raves Campbell. #Insiders
weak weak weak, recites Speers. On the side of criminals, on the side of China, he chants after playing a clip of Morrison saying the same thing. Savva says Albanese wants to fight the election on his turf, not on Morrison’s turf. #Insiders
the vaccine rollout failures, childcare, Morrison’s character, these are what Labor wants to fight the election on says Savva. Morrison has been setting traps like the subs(😳) says Campbell. Moving his chair closer to Albanese, he says. #Insiders
the Eraring shit down announcement. Hewett says it is telling that Origin did not tell the federal government and its emissions minister Angus Taylor. What does that mean? asks Speers. They wanted a deal with the NSW government, says Hewett. #Insiders
the “sun not shining wind not blowing” absolute rubbish gets a couple of runs from Hewett. Clip of emissions minister Taylor talking garbage about electricity prices, which have increased every year of the Abbott Turnbull Morrison government. #Insiders
they can not blame Labor, says Savva. What are they going to do about workers, she asks. It seems like there will be more coal fired power plants closing and there is an opening for a plan for those workers, says Speers. Not from ya boy, David. He just announces plans. #Insiders
Hewett and Campbell choose not to point out that the Morrison government is awash with climate denialists who actively support spending public money on expansion of fossil fuel extraction and increasing emissions. #Insiders
after letting Campbell ramble on about power plants for a bit, Speers raises the issue of campaign donor disclosures but not of course the undisclosed Liberal Party $65 million. Campbell says “she will not lose” Warringah over it. #Insiders
the NSW division of the Liberal Party do not have a candidate, notes Hewett, and calls their routine roiling dysfunction and aggressive factional hatreds “mind boggling”. Savva says they do not have a decent candidate so Steggle is not in trouble. #Insiders
back to Campbell on campaign finance reform. But does it matter? says Campbell. Why? Who gives a fuck? [paraphrased]. He says donations are a shakedown by the parties. That corporates are stood over by political parties to write cheques to have dinner lol #Insiders
it is not small change, says Speers. Pffft scoff Campbell. The Labor Party would continue to be funded by the unions and the Liberal Party would struggle (😢) if there was donation disclosure reform says he. #Insiders
clip of Morrison giving himself welder flash, in breach of basic WH&S law. Under persistent questioning from a determinedly polite tradie, Morrison concedes that he is not, and has never been, a tradesman of any kind. #Insiders
more Morrison clips. Amanda is a back to you comrade Speers laydee. #insiders
#FinalObservation 1 is Campbell reiterating the absolute omnishambolic clusterfuck going on inside the NSW Liberals #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 Savva says the prime minister was yelling and thumping the table at the last NSW Liberals executive meeting without achieving anything in terms of their wholly dysfunctional pre-selection process in the state which is supposed to deliver the W #Insiders
I missed the third #FinalObservation sorry. Something about Morrison campaigning in WA one day soon. #Insiders
the outtake is a Parkinson mash up of worst Morrison hits including his butchering of that Dragon song, again. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here.

aaaand ABC News24 flicks immediately to advertising Liberal Party #CampaignComms with a clip of Scott Morrison excitedly blathering about [checks notes] a laser.

• • •

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Feb 19
The Liberal Party is targeting its toxic attack ads at males on Facebook.

Happily for Scott Morrison, the press gallery spent the entire week advertising the same Liberal Party #CampaignComms for free.

the Guardian could have chosen a picture of Liberal Party politicians for the thumbnail on a story about Liberal Party attack ads. But they chose to publish the attack ads - for free - instead. This is how it works.
for the 2019 election, the corporate press advertised Liberal Party death tax lies every single day. We are still three months out from the 2022 election and already they are obediently enabling and facilitating the Liberal Party campaign.
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Feb 17
the federal energy minister is reciting electricity price talking points - speculative claims, no evidence, market theory gibberish - on RN as Liberal Party politicians have been doing in every election campaign since 2010.
it is not that they are committed to being honest with the electorate on how Jurassic their policy is and how clueless their ministers. It is a fundamental incapacity to adapt to contemporary reality. They are unfit in every sense.
ABC journalists repeating the racist attack on Labor, again and again. Four times in 5 minutes from Karvelas. Echoed, twice, by Speers. Laundering Liberal Party lies. Gifting airtime to Liberal Party politicians for pushing natsec propaganda.
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Feb 17
press gallery journalists obediently ensuring that a slur - so unparliamentary his mic was turned off - is crystallised in the minds of low engagement voters, by repeating it constantly. Same MO as his tax lies. Morrison will be pleased.
they are incapable of attaching the lies Liberals tell to the Liberals; or a rebuke of the prime minister to the prime minister; or economic and public health and national security vandalism to its factual source.
under cover of the pandemic they pretended that audiences and readers - expressing disgust as we came to comprehend exactly how press conferences work - just do not understand how press conferences work. Morrison grade gaslighting.
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Feb 16
oh no David what if a rich bloke empowers political candidates who are committed to action on climate instead of fossil fuel corporations giving money to the parties of government so they keep increasing emissions #NPC
last week it was press gallery journalists aggressively imposing partisan frameworks on *stopping rape*. This week it is on literal independent candidates. These people are not capable of understanding politics.
they can certainly embody the politics of envy tho.
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Feb 12
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC radio and tv host Pat Karvelas, murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden and 9fax international editor Peter Hartcher. The interview is with shadow Home Affairs minister Kristina Keneally.
this thread is not fact-checked. Nor is it neutral, apolitical, or “unbiased”. These are my comments, on my twitter account. I am under no obligation to hide my position - that Morrison and the Coalition are unfit to govern - behind phoney veils of neutrality.
opening spiel: unholy mess, divided Liberal Party, weakened prime minister. #Insiders
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Feb 12
looking like some decisive swings to Labor in the NSW by-elections. Reminder that political journos never ever cite evidence for their claims about voters distinguishing between levels of government at the ballot box. Never.
ah yes the old internally referenced metric. Trent Zimmerman says we are not seeing the kind of swing against the government you’d “expect”. Same way gallery journalists always report economic indicators as better than “expected” - for the Morrison government. All spin.
remember when the pandemic supposedly favoured incumbency because Labor decisively retained government in WA, QLD and ACT even tho the Liberals in TAS limped over the line.
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