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89.01/ Week eighty-nine, March 26-April 1, 2022, thread begins here.

Week eighty-eight below.
89.02/ #NachasAlert: my son has a piece (pgs. 2-3) in his high school's Torah journal. The final draft was 3 pages long so this published version was cut down significantly. (Now I get to teach him the academic trick of publishing 'chapters' as articles).…
89.03/ This is such a good video, it can be played on an endless loop and it brings a big smile to my face whenever I see it. It's fine while silent but the sound makes it a masterpiece
89.04/ For those who need, the OU #Passover Guide for 2022…
89.05/ Just got handed a memo that I must make an #Oscars hot-take or I lose my account. Sigh. OK:

I believe the Academy should be ashamed for demoting the technical awards from the telecast. In doing so, they've demeaned these integral artistic fields.…
89.06/ As for the #OscarsSlap, besides giving me "Tom Cruise Jumping on Oprah's Couch" vibes, I must profess my cultural ignorance. Halakhically, didn't Smith just challenge Rock to a duel? Does it count if you don't say the words "I demand satisfaction?" I cite Charlie Murphy:
89.08/ #Mets represent! I remember when Burkhardt was the sideline reporter, and this is such a huge upgrade over the terminally torpid Buck, it's nuts. Mazal tov to KB.
89.09/ #NachasAlert: link to my brother @acypess MD PhD's lecture last night about the science behind the bracha of "Asher Yatzar." Listening to it, I felt simultaneously both smarter AND dumber. Smart b/c I learned a lot; dumb b/c he's way smarter than me
89.10/ I'm learning a lot about people's character from the continuing Slap Discourse; how they frame things & shame others for not agreeing with them. Note, it's the same basic thing I learned from people who defend spanking & those who endorsed Chris Cuomo 'helping his brother'
89.11/ 29-8? I mean, I know it's pre-season baseball, but that's gotta be humiliating. Baseball game between St. L...
89.12/ Right now, again, the #NYM #NYR and #Knicks are all on TV simultaneously, which 2020 taught me not to take for granted. And seeing Alonso hit a 3 run homer, yeah even in preseason, is ALWAYS fun.
89.14/ So many terrible people, true to form, have taken the opportunity of The Slap to try to sieze the high ground and we can't let them. Case in point: When OJ thinks he should lecture people about marriage and violence. Screenshot of OJ Simpson's ...
89.15/ What Dr. Lebovits describes is one reason why I implore every Orthodox shul to employ a Yoetzet Halacha. The chiyuvim of Kavod ha-Briyot and Tzniut alone make it necessary!…
89.16/ This is in general true as a dynamic found in many 'posturing' mystical-ideology groups. The leaders are often, especially over generations, money & power driven hypocrites. When a true-believer takes over, watch out.
89.17/ The animus vs LGBTQ, esp. the current deadly focus on trans people, is from two main sources: biological essentialism (which is scientific racism & should be opposed by all people of conscience) or religion (which shouldn't be enshrined in US law). #TransDayOfVisibility
89.18/ And the Jews all said with one voice "Finally!" BTW, it's still Adar; this is the month when, historically, antisemites were exposed. Let that be a sign for the future. #Lipstadt
89.19/ The #MarchMadness Cinderella story of the St. Peter Peacocks was fun while it lasted but the reason those stories are so special is that they're rare. This fellow had a sharp quip for when they were ultimately defeated:
89.20/ Anyone have a chiyuv? No? OK, Ashrei yoshvei ve'techa...
89.21/ He had his own theme music! And "truth syrup."
89.22/ This is from yesterday so I don't think it's #AprilFools but I so very much wish it would be. This is why we can't have nice things, right? #LGM
89.23/ #NachasAlert: My daughter scored (a) winning goal in her soccer team's first game. (One of the joys of having a local newspaper is that I can link to these fun things)…
89.25a/ On a totally different note @MuppetRabbi loves #Tazria b/c he'll take any excuse to blather on about #LoshonHara. See this thread but especially this sermon topic which may be the finest entry (if I do say so myself):
89.26/ Shabbas will be starting soon. Everyone please be safe, #ChodeshTov, Happy Nisan, and #ShabbatShalom

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Jun 26
102.01/ Week one-hundred and two, June 25-July 1, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 101 below.
102.02/ Ambivalent Shabbas for me because while I was in rage-sorrow over the grievous injustice & harm wrought by the lawless RedHats, I also saw Shabbas as a refuge from the news.
102.03/ Parental Achievement Unlocked: just sent two of my kids on the train, travelling alone for their first time on their own, to see their grandparents.
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100.02/ Gotta say, this guy sounds exactly like the type of guy I'd like to run the DOJ Jan6 investigation (h.t. @Delavegalaw)…
100.03/ In honor of the goofiest holiday, here's one of my favorite @TheOnion headlines ever:…
(This is my long-time custom)

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99.01/ Week ninety-nine, June 6-10, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 98 below.
99.02/ A good example of living in two worlds, religious and secular, is the coincidence of two sacred days: the 2nd day of #Shavuot on #DDay. Last night, after Yom Tov, only after reading the news a bit did my mind shift from "sacred to my religion" to "sacred to my citizenship"
99.03/ Pedantry Corner: it irks me to read divrei Torah about #Shavuot that enshrine incredibly recent customs as facts to derive universal truths. "This is the reason why Jews stay up all night..." or "why we eat dairy" - nope. Please don't make fads into load-bearing verities.
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98.01/ Week ninety-eight, May 28-June 3, 2022, thread begins here. #YomYerushalayim Sameach!

Week 97 thread below.
98.02/ Valuable thread about the gun industry and I learned from him an excellent term I will now incorporate into my social theory: Agnotology = "the cultural production of ignorance."
98.03/ Wow: "The science is abundantly clear: More guns do not stop crime. Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents. More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members." (Scientific American)…
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May 22
97.01/ Week ninety-seven, May 21-27, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 96 below.
97.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone. My wife texted from Israel that she got positive PCR test when she landed in Israel - one day before they rescinded that requirement! She's asymptomatic, thank God, but I just don't know how it could've been avoided b/c the 'rona is rampant y'all.
97.03/ It was in the 90s today and my downstairs A/C broke days ago and I can't get a guy here until Tuesday. I told them they can prioritize others because my upstairs A/C works, Thank God, so it's not a safety issue for us. But I wouldn't mind it getting fixed soon.
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