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A new mystery is afoot! Benoit Blanc’s latest investigation takes him to the Mediterranean.

#KnivesOut2 has started production on the shores of Greece. Here’s a thread of everything we know about @rianjohnson and Daniel Craig’s new movie. Image
In January of 2020, Rian Johnson talked about what he’d like to explore in a possible #KnivesOut sequel: “I’m always kind of saying, ‘If this movie does all right, I would be thrilled to do another one.’ But a lot has to happen. I have to write a script.” Image
“It’s, ‘What is the next case?’ It’s not about building a mythology around the character,” Johnson said of a potential #KnivesOut sequel in January of 2020.
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@KCStar For the #MOscars 2021,
each selection committee had fun
worst performers to name,
that they earn their due fame:
to reduce the #ShowMe State
to some odiferous pile of manure.
Memories of their reign will endure.

#Oscars @mikeparson

@KCStar @mikeparson For Worst Cameo Justin Hill earned the award for his loyalties turned. After Capitol’s siege, 45’s faithful liege to his legislative post returned. Later on Hill erased his account to increase embarrassment’s amount.

#Oscars #MOscars 1/12 🇺🇸
@MOREp108 @VP…
@KCStar @mikeparson @MOrep108 @VP Worst Ensemble won the GOP. Ladder-climbing’s crass menagerie for Roy Blunt’s Senate seat helped expose them completely. A dispiriting odd panoply wants a Senate post to stratch their back. Each one is a dubious hack.

#Oscars #MOscars 2/12 🇺🇸
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The #Oscars would not permit winner Anthony Hopkins, 83, to participate remotely from overseas during a deadly pandemic with a heavy death toll - particularly for people over 60? Forgive me if I feel this does not reflect well on their commitment to #accessibility.
Let me be clear: That is some #ableist garbage right there.
Not allowing Anthony Hopkins to participate remotely in the #Oscars is literally #ableism. 'We are powerful and well-funded, and have the technology for you to participate safely and be heard, but we don't feel like using it.' This is what disabled folks have heard for years.
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Film critic @JustinCChang says one day in 2019 his filmmaker friend Isaac casually made a big announcement.…
Isaac said he was headed to Oklahoma to direct his first narrative feature in 8 years inspired by his own ’80s Arkansas childhood.

Oh, and no big deal, but @steveyeun would be playing his dad…
Isaac is, of course, Lee Isaac Chung, and that movie was @MinariMovie.

"I can’t help but marvel at how little we knew what was in store — for the movie, for Isaac’s career and for an industry that would be dramatically upended eight months later"…
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So about that Glenn Close moment at the #Oscars.

We hate to burst your bubble, but...…
The Los Angeles Times has confirmed that Close’s performance was part of a scripted bit designed for laughs.

People on social media were clearly fooled:…
Before Close's dancing moment, Andra Day's comments about a Prince song sparked a Twitter dispute. We explain:…
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The #Oscars created confusion for some Los Angeles residents hoping to get a COVID-19 test.

@jessicagelt explains…
A COVID-19 testing site was relocated from the front of Union Station to the backside of the complex to accommodate Oscars festivities.

That had consequences:…
“A lot of this is just terrible planning," a resident said.

A staff member for Curative, which runs the testing site and relocated it April 1, called the move “a fiasco.”

As you can see, some local residents weren't happy about the ceremony. Here's why…
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Here are the top moments from this year's #Oscars ceremony…
In her opening remarks, Regina King evoked George Floyd: "If things had gone differently this past week in Minneapolis, I might have traded in my heels for marching boots"

Her full speech:…
Daniel Kaluuya's Oscars speech included a surprising moment: He thanked his parents for having sex…
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"Celebrate life, man. We are breathing, we are walking, it's incredible. My mum and my dad, they had sex. It's amazing that I'm here! So I'm going to celebrate that tonight."
#DanielKaluuya is an Academy Award winner 👑
#LakeithStanfield won the #Oscars red carpet and his seventies-infused @YSL look will forever live in our minds rent free ✌️
"Mr. #BradPItt, finally. Where were you when we were filming? It's an honour to meet you."
Between last night's #Oscars acceptance speech and calling British people "snobbish" during her viral #BAFTAs win, Youn Yuh-jung has officially won awards season speeches👏
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#Nomadland has swept the #Oscars with wins for directing and its lead Frances McDormand as well as best film - with British stars Daniel Kaluuya and Emerald Fennell also among the winners
#Oscars: It was a slightly muted ceremony, with less jokes than usual and more focus on the talent in, and not in, the room 👀

However, it still had all the ingredients of an awards show with big talking points.

Find out what the key highlights were 👇…
👗 From butterfly power shoulders to purple hooded jumpsuit…we take a look at the best red carpet outfits from this year’s #Oscars…
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Anthony Hopkins became the oldest man to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards at the age of 83

The big winner of the evening was Nomadland, which won:

⭐ Best Picture
⭐ Best Actress (Frances McDormand)
⭐ Best Director (Chloe Zhao)
British winners:

✅ Daniel Kaluuya
✅ Emerald Fennell

Missed out:

❌ Olivia Colman
❌ Vanessa Kirby
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Although the late Chadwick Boseman was considered the frontrunner heading into the 93rd Academy Awards, the Oscar for best actor went to Anthony Hopkins in an upset victory.

Other nominees were Steven Yeun, Riz Ahmed and Gary Oldman…
With his win, Hopkins becomes the oldest performer to win an acting Oscar.

Here's our 🎬 review for "The Father" 👇…
Why Anthony Hopkins wasn’t at the Oscars to accept best actor…
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Notte degli #Oscars un po' del cavolo, nei toni raffazzonati propri di questi ultimi dodici mesi: in diretta da una stazione ferroviaria, con un pezzo soul di Stevie Wonder per ricordare i defunti del 2020, con il Miglior Film premiato prima dei Migliori Attori...
...e i Migliori Attori che parlano per un totale di 30 secondi (il solo discorso di Frances McDormand, perché Anthony Hopkins alle 5 del mattino ha pensato bene di rimanersene a Londra a dormire).
Vincono due attori giganteschi per due film non così giganteschi, in cui curiosamente entrambi recitano quasi nel ruolo di sé stessi: il protagonista di "The Father" si chiama Anthony e dice di essere nato il 31 dicembre 1937 (proprio come Hopkins)...
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How to get started with Feet Pics Selling.

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Let's talk about Glenn Close.…
She has a career spanning over 40 years, 3 Golden Globes, three Tony Awards and three Emmys.

She just doesn’t have an Oscar. Yet.…
Close received a supporting actress nod in the 2021 Oscars for her role as Mamaw in “Hillbilly Elegy,” bringing her career total of Academy Award nominations to eight.

Here's more about Close's history with the #Oscars…
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Danish film director Thomas Vinterberg took home the award for Best International Feature Film at the #Oscars for ‘Another Round.’

Here is the tragic story about the film:…
The film discusses emotional exploration and escapism, themes that took on a deeper meeting after Vinterberg’s 19-year-old daughter, Ida, died in a car accident four days into shooting…
Ida planned to play Mikkelsen’s daughter in the film.

Rather than completely halt the movie, Vinterberg decided to honor Ida’s love for the film by finishing the shoot.…
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El español con más nominaciones a los #Oscars en categorías abiertas (todas menos “Mejor película extranjera”) es Néstor Almendros, con 4 nominaciones (ganó un Oscar por "Days of Heaven"). Néstor era hijo d Herminio Almendros, prestigioso pedagogo albaceteño exiliado.
Abro hilo🧵
Herminio Almendros nació en 1898 en Almansa, hijo de ferroviario y ama de casa. Tras acabar los estudios de magisterio continuó su formación en la Escuela de Estudios Superiores de Magisterio de Madrid, vinculada a la Institución Libre de Enseñanza. Fue el nº 1 de su promoción.
Almendros fue un destacado introductor en España de la pedagogía Freinet, que podemos ver representada en la ficción por el maestro que encarnó Fernando Fernán Gómez en "La lengua de las mariposas". Freinet creó el "materialismo escolar" desd la tolerancia krausista y el marxismo
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THREAD: The 93rd Academy Awards in Los Angeles has started! Follow this thread for latest on the #Oscars
Only the #Oscars nominees, their guests, and presenters are attending the 93rd Academy Awards in Los Angeles due to COVID-19 protocols

📸 @TheAcademy
In 2020, 'Parasite' made history at the #Oscars — becoming the first non-English language film to win Best Picture.

Director Bong Joon Ho is among the presenters this year, along with Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, and Reese Witherspoon.

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OK, let’s do this. It’s the #Oscars ... Here’s my thread.
TBH, I didn’t see a bunch of the films so I don’t have as strong of feelings about tonight as usual.

But I welcome Laura Dern in a cloud with all of my heart.
Loved Regina King’s opening. Honest and compelling.
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I’m sitting down to watch (and live-tweet) the #Oscars, and Black talent and stories may take the night. Like a lot of things happening right now, signs of progress are also signs of just how far we have to go. (1/6)
For every #Moonlight that illuminates the breadth and depth of Black lives, and for every #JudasandtheBlackMessiah that tells the truth about racism in law enforcement and politics, there are a hundred movies and TV shows doing just the opposite. (2/6)
Tonight, I’m looking forward to celebrating Black art and artists like @ViolaDavis, #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah, and of course the late, great Chadwick Boseman. But in addition to celebrating the best, we must also challenge the rest. (3/6)
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If Fred Hampton knew his anti-capitalist speeches will one day be featured in a glitzy performance at #Oscars...
And this starts my #Oscars live tweeting of tonight
Lol kudos to the guy who quitted his PhD in philosophy to write movies!! #Oscars
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Pronósticos para los #Oscars

Mejor Película
Sorpresa: Trial of the Chicago 7

Mejor Actriz
Carey Mulligan
Sorpresa: Viola Davis

Mejor Actor
Chadwick Boseman

Mejor Actor de Reparto
Daniel Kaluuya

Mejor Actriz de Reparto
Youn Yuh-jung
Sorpresa: Maria Bakalova
Mejor Guion Adaptado

Mejor Guion Original
Promising Young Woman
Sorpresa: Trial of the Chicago 7.

Mejor Película Internacional
Another Round

Mejor Documental
My Octopus Teacher

Mejor Película Animada

Mejor Fotografía
Mejor Montaje
Sound of Metal

Mejor Diseño de Vestuario
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Mejor Canción
«Speak Now» (One Night in Miami)

Mejores Efectos Visuales
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Are you ready for the #Oscars ?

Here are five things fans should look for during the 93rd Academy Awards Image
"Nomadland" is the clearest best picture Oscar frontrunner in years.

Keep an eye on director Chloe Zhao. She has a chance to equal Walt Disney's record of four #Oscars in one night Image
Glenn Close received her 8th nomination for her transformational performance as a tough-as-nails grandmother in "Hillbilly Elegy," but the film drew widespread scorn.

If she fails to win again, she will be tied with the late Peter O'Toole as the Academy's most reliable runner-up Image
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It's #Oscars time - welcome to our live coverage.

Follow along to read the latest updates on the 93rd Oscars.…
How many of the 92 previous Best Picture winners have you seen?

In anticipation of the 2021 #Oscars we look back at every single winner since 1929.…
Best Original Screenplay goes to...
Emerald Fennell for her debut feature Promising Young Woman. #Oscars…
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1/. Tonight I happened upon the grave of William Friese-Greene, “inventor of cinematography”

Born William Greene, he added his wife's name

In 1889, Friese-Greene patented his 'chronophotographic’ camera, which could take ten photographs per second, using celluloid film. #Oscars
2/. Any money Friese-Greene earned he ploughed back into his inventions, going bankrupt 3 times & dying in poverty

His son, Claude, continued to his father's work, shooting "The Open Road", offering a rare portrait of 1920s Britain in colour. #Oscars2021
3/. Just 50 years later, a very different type of documentary about travelling through Britain was made

"Black Safari" is about a group of African explorers who go on a safari by boat along Liverpool-Leeds canals to explore "darkest heart of Lancashire" #Oscars #OscarsSoWhite
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