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Apr 29 15 tweets 6 min read
1-Stop the, 'Over prescribing caused the opioid crisis.' narrative. I read article after article where 'liberal prescribing' is ascribed as the cause of the so called #opioidcrisis.
Many articles are written by people in our own community, self proclaimed pain pt ‘advocates’.
2-To this, I’d like to point out that in OC even a judge recently ruled:
"There is simply no evidence to show that the rise in prescriptions was not the result of the medically appropriate provision of pain medications to patients in need,"
3-Here is the link to that quote and ruling above:…
4-RXs rose after GOV set about creating a mandate for MDs to TREAT PAIN as pain was undertreated across the board, stating in the Pain Relief Promotion Act:
“Practitioners should be encouraged to treat pain aggressively even when the treatment may increase the risk of death.”
5-That quote above is found in the 3rd paragraph of the Pain Relief Promotion Act, linked here. Please note all those presiding on the committee.….
6-As far as the increase in ODs, there were a myriad of other factors going on in the U.S. at the time that ODs began to rise. 9-11, the ‘war on terror’, the financial collapse due to Wall Street corruption, people losing homes, jobs, particularly manufacturing and coal jobs.
7- White Middle/Upper Class America was particularly impacted and the ‘face of addiction’ began to change, no longer were overdoses and addiction relegated to the streets where minorities and poor whites primarily lived, addiction and overdose began to touch all of us.
8-No longer was the U.S. ADX mantra “JAIL THEM!” It became “ADDICTION IS A DISEASE."
Affluent ppl began blaming MDs-
Saying an MD ‘got your loved one hooked’ is a far less bitter pill to swallow than realizing that addiction can touch anyone no matter your social standing. 😔
9- Instead of realizing the complex underlying causes regarding ODs, we opted to attribute the rise in RXing to the ‘cause’ of overdoses, even overlooking the fact that our own Gov had called for a mandate for MDs to treat pain as outlined above in this thread.
10-This madness has to stop.
11-And if anyone wants to start railing about ‘pill mills’, Dr. Stephen Zeigler addresses this at about 4 minutes in with George Knapp- Great interview btw...Oldie but a goodie.
12-I’d also DARE assert- if we have taken ‘pill mills’ and turned them into actual #harmreduction centers where people could get SAFE, REGULATED, KNOWN POTENCY medicines, as well as any other services they might need/want to help w/recovery, maybe things would be different today.
13-Maybe we’d actually have helped reduce ODs instead of enacting PROHIBITION like tactics that have lead to untold suffering in both the ADX community as well as the pain community. Not to mention preventing MDs who truly want to help people have targets painted on their backs.
14-My life’s been destroyed.
Denied needed medicine, medically abandoned,now losing my eldest daughter to illicit Fentanyl Poisoning.
What we are doing to address addiction/ODs has made things worse- I will #ScreamLouder until sanity returns to the table.
15-To Legislators/Media/CDC/and even some of our own ‘advocates’, you're saving NO ONE. The ‘opioid crisis’ approach has done only HARM.
Shame on ALL of you.
It's not like you haven’t known this now for years. We’ve been begging to be heard since before the official GLs came out.

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Apr 14
Thread...How people in pain are being abused.
Let us count the ways.
1-Emotional Abuse:
Invalidation of person's lived experience
Constant monitoring of activities
#ChronicPain #WeWillNotStaySilent
2-Intellectual Abuse
Being forced to prove your abuser wrong
Mind games
Making the person in pain feel stupid
Attacking the person in pain's ideas or wishes
Manipulation of information, even in medical records
Power Imbalance
3-Financial Abuse
Forcing person to attend needless appointments
requiring co-payments, transportation costs, paying for 'alternative' modalities, Coerced into costly surgeries and 'minimally invasive' procedures, endless lifelong drug testing.
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Apr 6
My daughter Desiree.
Forever 35
2-Cut down in the prime of life.
Victims of #IllicitFentanylPoisonings.
Deaths happening due to a deadly drug supply, deaths that could have largely been prevented.
These are people, people who were loved, not statistics.

3-And more #DrugWarCasualties, a direct result of prohibition like policies and practices and draconian legislation that has painted a target on both physicians and people in pain alike...…
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Mar 11
1- I remember way back when advocacy for pain pts started merging with the addiction community's advocacy.
Pushed back on ADX community's mantra of opioid 'over prescribing' & stated that drugs don't cause ADX.
Maia Szalavitz chastised me, told me to basically stay in my lane.
2- In fact, many in the 'upper echelon' of advocacy still embrace the #PainParole status quo & the 'over prescribing' narrative.
Usually if one pushes back, we're blocked or put on the blacklist of CPPs, and now there's even a blacklist for 'rogue' addiction advocates. 🤔🤫
3-You see I was here advocating since the time when the first seeds were being planted on Twitter re: our E-advocacy. #ShareOurPain was a small ragtag group of CPPs who banned together for the cause. This was before there even was an 'upper echelon'.
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Feb 17
I commented on the CDC's rewrite.
For whatever that's worth.
I'm exhausted, angry, & now grieving a loss that no parent should ever have to face.
I've had my health & ability to live stolen and lost far too many people I love and care about to this #OpioidInsanity.
2- My comment?
You have no intention of ending this atrocity. You have had people in the pain community chasing their tails for years while asking for our input and 'comments'.
3-We've explained over and over that we are suffering and dying out here in the real world. That MDs tell us to our faces that they are AFRAID of the DEA, and that we are not worth risking their licenses over.
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Feb 1
1-Tx of pain & the role of opiate class medicines has gone from pain being inadequately treated across the board to abject insanity.
This was done in an orchestrated but convoluted way, taking pain and making it a 'bio-psycho-social' issue tied inexorably with addiction.
2-For those unfamiliar with CHOIR, it's one of Stanford's projects. It was promoted with the National Pain Strategy (when it was a thing) alongside PROPs opioid 'guideline' as a model for technology driven optimization of pain care through research and data mining.
3-The screenshot above in tweet #2 is from this link.…
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Jan 27
I hear a public comment period is coming next week on CDC opioid 'guideline' revisions. This link shows who was involved in the 'opioid' revision workgroup, and what topics of concern were discussed. 😔
2-Listed in this thread the people who are influencing 'guidelines' for chronic pain treatment and pain treatment in general.
Dr. Wilson M. Compton serves as the Deputy Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.…
3-Anne Burns, BSPharm Vice President, Professional Affairs, at the American Pharmacists Association
Responsible for the Association’s strategic initiatives focused on advancing pharmacists’ patient care services in team-based care delivery models,…
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