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NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani visits the Rebbe - God is on Your Side
New York City Mayor-hopeful Rudy Giuliani visits the Rebbe.
video JewishMedia
#sackler #opioid #crisis
The Sackler #Zionist Family – A Secretive Billion Dollar #opioidcrisis Empire
With over 200,000 (white)deaths caused by Opioids, are they in jail yet?
Without their chutzpah they would have been in jail for life.… a thread🤗
Looking at the #opioidcrisis deathtoll and the covid 'crisis' #lockdown you do understand, I hope, that the covidlockdown is NOT about 'saving lives'.
The opioid pharmaceutical criminals are still into business, thanks to politicians and their lawyers like Rudy Guliani 😉
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Double Jeopardy: When every doctor, pain patient, heroin addict, needle exchange, pharmacist, Elvis impersonator, pharma company, pro drug advocate, bigfoot, grandma with extreme arthritis, cat, harm reductionist, pharma rep, pro opioid advocate, Furry, anti drug war person(cont)
Anyone/thing EXCEPT the #WarOnDrugs, failed drug policy, lack of mental health care, lack of addiction treatment, stigma, bad parenting, the user, governmental interference, racism, desire to control, misplaced morality, driving need to save people from themselves, the DEA (cont)
The CDC, rehabs looking to capitalize on suffering, anti opiate zealot, groups like @supportprop & @Shatterproof, narcissistic psychiatrists who call #SuicideDue2Pain bogus while calling pain patients addicts & shills while making half a million testifying in the Great (cont)
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I explore @andrewkolodny claims

Evidence based quotes, tweets, articles, & professional affiliations

I demonstrate his medically unfounded & logically unsound

Major points numbered

Blog to follow

A thread 1/

Supported by Kolodny Claims (KC)

KC #1 NO non-bupe/suboxone opioids for anyone
PROP affiliation, letter

KC #2 Bupe for all SUD CPP long term opioid "consumers"
Current CDC recommendations
K= Kolodny rhetoric applied
a= my claims & general content my analysis of K

KC #3 (KC 3)- CPPs think opioids treat their underlying conditions & that's why CPPs want #opioids
Since opioids don't treat underlying conditions must deny #CPPs opioids
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@Shasta_Rayne 1/Bottom line-we KNOW that the '#opioidcrisis' wasn't caused by MDs treating pain. We KNOW that it's primarily younger, often males, ODing on street drugs while #CPPs aren't ODing & are often older. We KNOW the PDMP is a drag net & DEA/LE involvement is why MDs are afraid to RX.
@Shasta_Rayne 2/We KNOW state Standards of Care were drafted around CDC 'guideline' with DEA scrutiny as their backdrop for policy making. We listened in as they changed pain tx standards with that in mind.
"How much & for how long can I rx my post surgical pt without DEA coming down on me."
@Shasta_Rayne 3/We KNOW HHS & the NPS has created a tragic mess for pain patients even though this OD issue was NEVER REALLY ABOUT PRESCRIBING; and we know why.
At some point, even if it was initially believed to be a public safety issue, it became a money issue when the truth came out.
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1-Some things are clear after watching the show today.
1/Drug use does not = addiction.
2/Ppl choose to use drugs; recreationally or in addictive process. There is no blame w/accidental ODs except the unknown aspect of the drug being used.
@TamronHallShow @drcarlhart
3/People are suffering in the addiction community, and now too in the pain community, as the national discussion around 'opioids' has been largely based on high emotion vs rational discourse and sadly mainly due to profit driven agendas & policies.
4/As a parent of an adult child battling addiction, I've been unable to be there for her, because as I as a person with a severe C-spine injury and chronic illness I am denied the pain MEDICINES that allowed me to function.
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Of the 11,886 deaths associated with "other opioids" in 2019 (more or less prescription), 5,709 of them, or 48%, were also attributed to heroin and/or fentanyl.

It ain't prescription pain medication. #opioidcrisis

The "opioid crisis" is fixated on #Purdue and #OxyContin... when prescription opioids, on their own (presumably with or without benzos), only account for 12.4% of the 49,860 opioid related deaths in 2019... marvelous work, USA.
Total 2019:…

It's funny synths actually make it not add up... they were 36,359 (…) and heroin was 14,019 (…) plus aforementioned 11,886 = 62,264.

Idk man, #WTFentanyl.
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My latest for @TPostMillennial

🩺 Joe Biden's new EO denies patients in pain the medication they need💊… #chrnoicpain #drugs #biden #politics #health #medicine #MedTwitter #healthcare #Budget2021 #environment #OTD #quoteoftheday #SuperBowl
The genie for the far-left🧞‍♂️
otherwise known as President Biden

leads the executive gov agencies & the DEA to gamify pain medicine in order to "stop" the opioid crisis

Making it harder for your family to get help when you need it

#drugs #health #journalism #politics @JoeBiden
Biden allows DEA & others to radically expand unconstitutional powers & eliminate patient privacy like HIPPA

Making it so there is nothing in health
gov won't know about U🕵️… #health #drugs #opioidcrisis #opioids #medtwitter #biden #dea #LawEnforcement
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Why was Tse Chi Lop arrested in Amsterdam? The Mob Reporter
(Note: always ask yourself "why is this criminal arrested while banks are scottfree in moneylaundering and protected by politicians 🤓🤔)

(Mob Reporter video)
Tse Chi Lop & The Big Circle Boys originated in #China’s paramilitary Red Guards, and after clashing with China’s army in the late 1960s, members were sent to prison in southern China. But some gang members escaped and infiltrated Hong Kong.…
Fentanyl kings in Canada allegedly linked to powerful Chinese gang, the Big Circle Boys
RCMP officers burst into property in Richmond, B.C. A wall calendar, RCMP’s search warrant day had been circled.😂 #CORRUPTION 🙈…
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1/FYI:Opioid Rx’s ⬇️ 60% vs 9 years ago.

Outcomes have not been good. OD deaths are way ⬆️, & patients traumatized

This thread covers 4 years of my peer-reviewed articles.

Let’s recalibrate policy, measure what we are doing, and LISTEN to the folks whose lives are at stake
2/This is the overall policy review of how we got here and how we mis-allocated the response (with @AJ_Gordon) ,

and why policy winds up (inevitably) being less than rational in the real world @AddictionJrnl…
3/This piece says why efforts to “Turn the Tide” with a narrow focus on Rx risked a Riptide for patients, as fentanyl deaths rose.

The article led me to brief then Surgeon General @vivek_murthy in 2017- who shared this concern completely…
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Overpill, when #BigPharma exploits mental health - RT Documentary
The #fentanyl drug epidemic in North America
The world is fighting a deadly pandemic. A synthetic drug is killing more people than gun crime, homicide and car accidents combined. #opioidcrisis

Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade - Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade
“There were 189,000 #heroin users in the US in 2001, before the US-NATO invasion of #Afghanistan. In 2016 - 4.5 million heroin users."…
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Powerful #Serbian-#American Drug Traffickers May Have Ties to Intelligence Agencies
#CIA #KGB ? #opioidcrisis…
#GroupAmerica - #Peru - Tunnel into max security prison to #Serbian Kingpin
#opioidcrisis #ZoranJaksic
(Note: a 200 metres long, 10 metres deep tunnel into prison 🤔)

(video by Mob Reporter 13-12-2020)
French lawmaker Thierry Mariani said that the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), is explicit in receiving Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) and USAID funding ....
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OPIOID DRUGS - #opioidcrisis #SacklerFamily
Records Show #McKinsey Formulated #Purdue’s #OxyContin Campaign
McKinsey & Company, hundreds of documents show the firm’s plans, “turbocharged” the sale of the addictive pain medication.…
#sackler #opioid #crisis
The Sackler #Zionist Family – A Secretive Billion Dollar #opioidcrisis Empire
With over 200,000 deaths caused by Opioids, are they in jail yet?
Without their chutzpah(money) they would have been in jail for life.… a thread🤗
Purdue Pharma, Sackler Family, was ook zeer rijke sponsor van de @UniLeiden, een werkgever van Leo Lucassen. Toen het teveel in de publiciteit kwam werd de band verbroken, Leo hield altijd wijselijk zijn mondje.😉…
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2000 liter #fentanyl gevonden in loods Breda (VIDEO)
Fentanyl is ongeveer 50 keer sterker dan heroïne en vormt al jaren een groot probleem in de Verenigde Staten en Canada. #opioidcrisis…
The #fentanyl drug epidemic in North America
The world is fighting a deadly pandemic. A synthetic drug is killing more people than gun crime, homicide and car accidents combined. #opioidcrisis

How #Fentanyl is Creating the Worst Drug Epidemic in U.S. History (2016)
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I’ll say it AGAIN for the people in the back... I DON’T WANT A “CURE” FOR #SICKLECELLDISEASE! What I DO want is for our pain to be TREATED NOT IGNORED. I DON’T want to worry about the ER docs labelling me as a drug seeker out of IGNORANCE/BIGOTRY. 1/?
When I come to the ER, I want to be BELIEVED when I say I’m having crisis pain. Followed by PROMPT AND EMERGENT administration of the dose of pain medication I NEED! Sickle Cell crises are an #ActualEMERGENCY and require immediate treatment! More time in pain = MORE COMPLICATIONS
The longer someone is in pain without relief, the more likely they’ll need an admission into the hospital! Also, pain scales are garbage! Personally I measure my pain by my ability to function. If I’m in the ER, I’m not functioning!
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Frankrijk ' De Grote Jongens uit de Cite (2013)
President Sarkozy: het tuig is doorgegroeid, heeft zich kunnen organiseren en beheerst nu het zwaar banditisme in #frankrijk. Gewapende overvallen, drugsmokkel en wapenhandel.
(Lijkt NL wel 😉)
“We zetten pantserwagens in, want er worden oorlogswapens gebruikt”
De Westerse regeringen blijven (bewust?) weigeren om deportatie in te zetten als middel. De plaag van dopehandel blijft maar doorgaan met steun vd witwassende bovenwereld😉.…
‘Honderden jongeren A’dam-Zuidoost staan klaar voor rol in cokehandel’
Zal in DenHaag, Rotterdam, etc. niet anders zijn, naar dit niveau zijn we afgegleden.
(Vroegah was je flink om naast je fulltime baan de avondschool te doen 😉)
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Chasing Heroin - America’s #heroin and #opioidcrisis has been called the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history. (Question "what is the relationship between #NATO invasion into #Afghanistan and the sudden 8-fold spike in heroin harvest😉". Cui Bono? 🤓)

#sackler #opioid #crisis
The Sackler 🕎-Family 🇮🇱 – A Secretive Billion Dollar #opioidcrisis Empire
With over 200,000 deaths caused by Opioids, are they in jail yet?…
#antisemitisme van Rudy Guliani? & Leo Lucassen
Rudy, advocaat van Purdue Pharma, Sackler🕎Family, verantwoordelijk voor honderduizenden doden. Purdue was ook rijke sponsor van de @UniLeiden, een werkgever van Leo Lucassen😉… Image
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With all the talk RE: #OpioidCrisis I didn't think I could feel lower than I do now but boy was I wrong! Cont:...
Drove through my pharmacy today & I asked my pharmacist about my insurance calling & I asked him his opinion.. honestly I am shocked. He said that #opioids are bad for people's health and do kill patients even responsible patients. Cont:...
I wanted to know how many cpp's have lost their meds & he said insurance co are going after every patient on LTOT & even though I am a "lucky patient" his words, that I will end being taken off all meds. Cont:...
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It is time for #opioidhysteria to end.
The #OpioidCrisis is a scheme and a scam cooked up by @SupportPROP: Andrew Kolodny, David Juurlink and Anna Lembke convinced various grieving parents that their 30+ adult children were devoid of personal responsibility... 1
@supportprop ...Why is the #OpioidCrisis a scheme and a scam cooked up by some asinine "organization" named "PROP?" Well, I'll tell you why.
Andrew Kolodny doesn't want your grandfather with rheumatoid arthritis on opioids so Grandpa can have some quality of life. Andy wants Grandpa on...
...Suboxone, a highly addictive rehab med (generic buprenorphine). Buprenorphine is intended to help recovering addicts stay off opioid.
Why would Andy Kolodny WANT to addict Grandpa to buprenorphine? ...
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1/Out today in @JAMANetworkOpen, our @NIDAnews funded project aimed to look at real world barriers for pregnant women with #opioid use disorder accessing treatment.

We found barriers, but not just for pregnant women. Image
2/We used >10,000 secret shoppers in 10 states. Standardized actors trying to get into treatment. They called, using @samhsagov public lists for waivered buprenorphine providers & opioid treatment programs.

Random selection of providers. Random selection of pregnancy/insurance. Image
3/Main finding - pregnant women with #opioid use disorder have a harder time than women of reproductive age getting into treatment, & this varies widely by state.

Pregnancy itself is a barrier. Image
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Recently, @CMSgov released a report that identifies best practices and potential solutions for reducing barriers to using services delivered via telehealth for children suffering from #SUD. #OPIOIDCRISIS #TRANSFORMINGMEDICAID Learn more here:…
One of the many things this report shows is that telehealth programs are successfully providing quality services to patients who may not otherwise have access, when utilized, but there is still more work to be done. #SUPPORTACT
The report builds on @CMSgov's continuing work to help states increase their use of #Medicaid telehealth, especially during the #COVID19 pandemic. Already for 2020, CMS has released a wide variety of tools and resources that states can use:
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President Trump is holding a press conference right now.

Economy Update:

Talking about job growth over the past 3 months

623,000 new manufacturing jobs - the "magic wand" worked!

639,000 new construction jobs
He's still trying to work with Congress on another covid-relief bill. Trump wants to:

Defer payroll tax until the end of the year, retroactive from July 1. May extend it end of year.

Enhance unemployment benefits through end of year.

Defer student loan payments & interest
Extend eviction moratorium
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Thread 🧵 sharing some quotes from an article I reshare often re: racism and the “opioid crisis”

@jnetherland Netherland, J. & Hansen, H. B. (2016). The War on Drugs That Wasn't: Wasted Whiteness, "Dirty Doctors," and Race in Media Coverage of Prescription Opioid Misuse.

“One of our strongest findings was that drug use in black and Latino urban communities is not considered newsworthy. ...
The absence of stories and what is missing in the stories that exist are in of themselves telling.”

“Story after story describes drug use in suburban, white communities as a new and dangerous phenomenon, even though decades of the epidemiological evidence shows that blacks and whites have long used illicit drugs in relatively similar proportions (SAMHSA 2014).”

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Starting now @BrookingsInst webinar, "The Opioid Crisis in America – Prevention, Treatment, and Regulation"…
Cringe - while talking about treatment access, Rep David Trone also speaking about the need for more supply-side efforts internationally and domestically to address synthetic opioids in drug supply. Who's going to tell him fent enforcement has motivated creation of new analogs?
Check out our @DrugPolicyOrg report, entitled "Criminal Justice Reform in the Fentanyl Era: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" which problematizes the user/seller dichotomy, and racial disparities in enforcement:…
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