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I'm getting the train to Utrecht in the Netherlands on Thursday for the opening of the world's first MDMA shop.

Sadly the shop is only a demo/ proof of concept at this stage; a research project from @poppiamsterdam & that cant yet actually retail MDMA - but seeks to engage stakeholders in the debate on how regulation should work

But they have built a real shop..
The set-up presents three different models for how retail MDMA might function.
1. A low threshold nightclub retail model
2. A more strictly regulated pharmacy-type sales model
3. A 'smart shop' model (somewhere between 1 & 2)
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Dehumanization lets us treat others as less than human - this prejudice about unhoused folks is part of the systemic violence harming already vulnerable populations.

Gross, editorial moralizing from the local media & elected officials is irresponsible.🧵…
Above the fold, on the front page of the @newsminer’s 6/5 Sunday paper, an article ran with the title “Golden Heart Plaza safety concerns continue.” The article’s spotlight on safety begs a question: Concern for whom?
When Roberto froze to death last November, unsheltered in -20°F temperatures, where was the article concerned about his safety? Or, for all the people experiencing the same crisis.
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In light of the opiate overdoses here in #Nashville, I decided to see how easy it would be to find #naloxone, the agent used to reverse an opiate overdose. Here's what I've found:
#Tennessee does have a standing order for #naloxone at pharmacies so you don't need a prescription to get it. Calling my local CVS pharmacy I found they only have name brand and it costs $89 out of pocket with a coupon.
If you want your insurance to pay for it, you need to get a prescription from, can't use the standing order.
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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#Alberta’s ‘Select Special Committee to Examine #SafeSupply’ is a farce. Political theatre with a foregone conclusion.

@jkenney and the #UCP are in the business of manufacturing consent and sentencing people who use drugs to death by toxic policy.


The authors of the unfortunately titled “A Public Supply of Addictive Drugs” need to be held accountable for their actions.

Their overt bias jeopardizes current and prospective #SafeSupply programming across the country and internationally.…
But what else would you expect from a government that vilifies science?

This gem from #Alberta’s ‘Minister of Mental Health and Addictions’ @MikeEllisUCP is embarrassing and all you need to know about #UCP public policy.

Shout out to @JanisIrwin for calling out this bullshit.
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1-Stop the, 'Over prescribing caused the opioid crisis.' narrative. I read article after article where 'liberal prescribing' is ascribed as the cause of the so called #opioidcrisis.
Many articles are written by people in our own community, self proclaimed pain pt ‘advocates’.
2-To this, I’d like to point out that in OC even a judge recently ruled:
"There is simply no evidence to show that the rise in prescriptions was not the result of the medically appropriate provision of pain medications to patients in need,"
3-Here is the link to that quote and ruling above:…
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That’s how I would determine real from fake, but it’s difficult to do so without extensive use of real Percocets/Roxicodone.

Fake ones look chalky and pressed. They don’t look nearly as “clean” as real pills. Similar to the Xanax bars, same deal.
If it’s off colored at all, likely fake. You can search up the pill color, shape, and etchings to see what a real one will look like then decide from there.

Not sure of validity of the phone light claim.
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As a regional harm reduction coordinator, it’s been a hard week. FNHA data release of First Nations toxic drug fatalities/events. Gov’t pushback re: decrim and 4.5g vs 2.5g, BC Coroners service data release for Feb. People are dying every day while the govt spins their wheels.
We have the answers. We know what to do. The data doesn’t lie. Our own coroner’s service is pushing for safe supply. People are dying. Every day. The government doesn’t care because if they did, they could have ended this crisis long ago. How many more lives will be lost?
What the government tells us with their inaction is that people who use substances don’t matter. It’s a smoke and mirrors game they play, while 6.2 people die per day in BC. #bcpoli #harmreduction #safesupplyorpeopledie
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1.Montreal - I was safer sleeping on park benches and cathedral pews and in the cemetery than I was in the home of the people who called themselves my family... #outsidechild #allisonrussell #timstwitterlisteningparty
2 Nightflyer - if an album can have an thesis statement - this is mine
The Evening Star refers to my daughter , Ida Maeve
The form of this song was influenced by the Thunder Perfect Mind
#outsidechild #allisonrussell #timstwitterlisteningparty
3. Persephone - the booklet from the very first #outsidechild listening party - back on Dec 2019 for 50 close friends - long before we eventually found our home @fantasyrecords
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Follow-up 🧵 to yesterday's on kids being safer with legal drugs. Walk this through with me:

I have a 13-year-old son. As far as I know he's never been offered drugs. We're teaching him about the risks of drug use.

But right now he could go buy illegal drugs. (1)
My son can buy drugs just as easily at 13 as a 33-year-old can. Not good! There are no age restrictions on the street. No one is checking ID. So already his access is greater under drug prohibition.

Legalization at least puts the vast majority of drugs behind a counter. (2)
Now, he could still get drugs. But I've heard many people comment that alcohol was harder to get than cannabis in high school. They could get both, they just had to put more effort into finding someone with an older brother to buy their booze. Cannabis was everywhere. (3)
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I was talking to a patient recently about her different experiences using heroin vs fentanyl. She’s been using opioids a long time. Too long, by her count.

She explained the difference to me like this (shared with permission):

With heroin, she had a 6-12 hour period after using when she could reliably expect to feel well. She could work, or visit with family. She could get a full night’s sleep and know she had enough left over to get well in the morning. She managed this way for years.

With the transition of our street drug supply from heroin to fentanyl, all that relative stability and predictability was lost. Because fentanyl is so short acting, she has to use every 3-4 hours to stay well. She wakes up in the middle of the night sick, forced to use.

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Hillsborough County (Tampa) #Florida drug data show drug overdose deaths from 2019 to 2020 jumped from 277 to 485 deaths and Nonfatal ODs 📈 by 731. Opioid-involved (includes illicit #fentanyl) and heroin-involved nonfatal ODs are both trending up. Read the 🧵🪡 for my analysis.
2/ Hillsborough County (Tampa) usually has relatively decent (for a large metro) drug OD death rate numbers, with under 20 deaths per 100k ppl. Graph 1 shows the county jumped from 18.5 deaths per 100k ppl in 2019 to 32.1 in 2020, which is a jump you’d expect with 208 more deaths
3/ The Drug Poisoning/Overdose Deaths graph for Hillsborough (Tampa) shows the raw OD death count… after many years of hovering in the 200s, 2020 saw a huge spike in OD deaths, with a record 485… which was 208 more than the previous year.
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Drug poisoning kills more Albertans age 25 to 39 than any other cause of death.

These deaths are preventable.

Every barrier to accessing evidence-based services is an additional risk factor for death.

We need action. We need a change. We need a solution. (1/4)
From the Dying For Access community statement:

• Expand supervised consumption services and reopen closed sites.

• Scrap the harmful provincial regulations for consumption services. (2/4)
From the Dying For Access community statement (continued):

• Provide access to safe regulated substances to replace toxic street drugs.

• Offer rapid, barrier-free access to medical detox and evidence-based treatment. (3/4)
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@DrCaliff_FDA's @US_FDA says that e-cigarettes are “potentially less harmful forms of nicotine delivery for adults, [and] many studies suggest e-cigarettes and noncombustible tobacco products may be less harmful than combustible cigarettes.”…

@DrCaliff_FDA's @US_FDA notes further: A Cochrane 2020 systematic evidence review found:

"ENDS [ecigs] may help more people stop smoking for six months or longer than using nicotine patches or gum [&] the overall incidence of serious adverse effects related to ENDS is low."
@DrCaliff_FDA's @US_FDA notes further: “Existing studies have shown that daily ENDS [e-cigarette] use is associated with significant reductions in combusted cigarette use.”…
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no, they don't.

the managing editor of the vancouver sun is on the board of the Building Community Society
by the way…
MacEwan is the former head of psychiatry at st pauls and currently is the psych at the downtown community court. he's also on the board of BCS. and the Odd Squad.

from june 12, 2020. opinion.…
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I commented on the CDC's rewrite.
For whatever that's worth.
I'm exhausted, angry, & now grieving a loss that no parent should ever have to face.
I've had my health & ability to live stolen and lost far too many people I love and care about to this #OpioidInsanity.
2- My comment?
You have no intention of ending this atrocity. You have had people in the pain community chasing their tails for years while asking for our input and 'comments'.
3-We've explained over and over that we are suffering and dying out here in the real world. That MDs tell us to our faces that they are AFRAID of the DEA, and that we are not worth risking their licenses over.
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After spending the past week trying to navigate for the #harmreduction SAMHSA grant and now being in the system, it’s more obvious than ever that these funds will not be supporting small, grassroots SSPs 🧵
Many of the SSPs that we know are applying are doing so as subcontractors being tokenized by large systems and getting paltry budget support. One is only getting $ for 💉NOT staffing or other meaningful infrastructure support
The project description requires applicants to describe how they will plan and implement their harm reduction program. Many SSPs have been operating on shoestring budgets for years and are already ‘implemented’ but operating through volunteers and donations.
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Why is it important to decriminalize minor drug offenses? Why do I support this #harmreduction discussion that @CityofEdmonton is going to have in only a couple days?

I'm no storyteller like @drdagly and I'm not an expert like @ehyshka.

But let me try to show you why. 🧵👇 1/x
TW: opioid poisoning deaths, residential schools, Sixties Scoop, self harm

Aka: this is heavy. Welcome to my job. This is addiction med front lines. Come see what I see.

It's 2:30pm. I haven't eaten since 8am. I'm tired but we are pushing hard to admit as many as we can. We know the ERs are overloaded w/#COVID. If we can take a few of the patients off their list, maybe it will help just a bit.

He's my last patient to admit. He's tired too

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Researchers at the University of South Carolina have been looking at Twitter again and decided harm reduction advocates are Big Tobacco shills or automated bots.
By @_Dave_Cross_ via @PVapes
Att: @UofSC
1/ (a thread ⬇️)…
The abstract of this paper reports that "Nearly 42% of tweets showed a bot score greater than .43" and does so immediately following a sentence referring to 'pro-MRTP'(1) tweets.
1) Modified Risk Tobacco Product

While not explicitly stating these 'high bot rating' accounts are #BigTobacco shills, putting that note immediately after a sentence referring to the Pro-MRTP accounts would lead most readers to assume that those were the accounts with the high bot rating.

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The Court of Appeal of Alberta’s decision to hear an emergency appeal over new rules that would require supervised #ConsumptionSites to ask clients for personal health care numbers is an important development.… #harmreduction #opioidscrisis
The new rules are scheduled to take effect on January 31, 2022 and the expedited appeal hearing is planned for January 27 at 10 a.m. Alberta’s doctors will be watching with interest to see how this issue unfolds in the courts.
Although the government has committed to no one being turned away from these services because of a lack of ID, it will still be a barrier for some.
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We've lost too many in this insane '#opioid' war.
The sick & injured are spending the last years of their lives fighting, suffering, begging MDs & GOV for the medicines they need to mediate their pain.
They say taking our medicines away is to 'save' people.
No one is being saved.
Death due to #Untreatedpain or #Undertreatedpain is death by a thousand cuts.

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I have this re-occurring nightmare where the harm reductionist & patients rights side gets pushed back into obscurity as the prohibitionist's side takes over again
This comes from I think my subconscious mind clicking into the fact that harm reduction & patient freedom are at the moment associated with a certain political faction

& when this faction becomes incredibly unpopular again it will take harm reduction w/ it
At the moment harm reduction is libertarians, some classic liberals & progressives cheerleading this movement

& if the new-right pro-government movement takes control with say, a new Trump presidency, that this would be very bad for the support of these pro-freedom ideas
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ICYMI people in pain & PWUD have been harassed, endangered, and killed because of poorly designed drug policy. The ivory tower drug war perpetrated by the iron triangle of inept bureaucrats, interests, and Congress has now reached into healthcare targeting our most vulnerable.🧵
Some love to claim science can fix all our problems but in the case of drug prohibition, which now affects our sickest, those using low/no evidence "science" to justify such policies have already unleashed unprecedented harm on the American people and destroyed population health.
A "vaccine" is not a tool for PWUD to "overcome opioid addiction." Not only does this border on unethical, but it'll also be used to continue justifying deadly policies that now impact sick and injured patients. It's also likely to result in more suicides.
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(1/9) Mini 🧵on the amicus brief filed by @national_pain around physician liability for dispensing Rx drugs under the Controlled Substances Act.

Encourage y'all to read their thread & amicus if you have time, but wanted to talk about the chilling effect of federal opioid policy.
(2/9) In their amicus brief. @national_pain talks about the "chilling effect" of the CDC's harmful, albeit most likely well intentioned, 2016 Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain & the sharp decline in opioid prescribing we have seen since:…
(3/9) The amicus succinctly lays out the cascading impact of this document & federal policy more broadly on preventing physicians from acting in the best interest of their clients out of fear of scrutiny & censure from the government.

Bad guidance became a worse mandate. Image
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