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The @GlobalStateTHR's response to the @WHO's 8th 'annual report on the #tobacco epidemic' calls out its attempt to distract from years of failure to reduce #smoking with a misguided war on #safernicotine products that are helping smokers quit. 1/…
@WHO The WHO's release celebrates progress of its MPOWER strategy. Yet 1.1 billion people continue to #smoke worldwide and 8 million lives are lost annually to #smoking-related disease, figures that have remained static for two decades. This is not success.
@WHO Even progress on MPOWER is underwhelming. 41 of the 49 countries that have not implemented a single MPOWER measure are LMIC - home to 80 per cent of the world’s smokers. 3/
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Seen it a thousand times☹️

#NobodyWillBelieveYou how pain, elderly, cancer, hospice patients & more can be so casually abandoned by once-trusted doctors

& Ur family, Normies & media will not believe U… #health #chronicpain #drugs #medicine #medtwitter
I know a telehealth company
they get calls all day from patients kicked off their meds

When its a medical professional they often say:
"I heard this was happening, but I didn't believe it.
MY DOCTOR would never do such a thing."… #NobodyWillBelieveYou
We see this phenomenon in the UK especially

folks rely completely on medicine to save their lives & take care of their families, its expensive

No one wants to think about how the medical system may be hurting them… #NobodyWillBelieveYou #health #medicine
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A Practice Brief:
Implementing the #Victoria SAFER Initiative

What does a #HarmReduction + flexible model for #SafeSupply look like?

Amazing work by everyone at @OutreachSolid, @UVic_CISUR, and @SaferVic.


Today marks my 1-year anniversary as clinical lead at @SaferVic.

We started this work with a cell phone + clipboard. We connected with folks 1:1 across various encampments in #Victoria.

Every effort to connect someone to a safe supply led to medical barriers.
We started the work right away, and concurrently engaged in thorough consultation and engagement with people with lived/living experience.

We developed, modified, and modified again based on the feedback we received from people who use drugs (PWUD).
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How medicalization has irreparably harmed #SafeSupply in BC:

A story of incrementalism.

The fentanyl poisoning crisis has been a public health emergency in BC for more than 5 years.

We have a safe supply, but nobody can access it.

And 5.2 people die daily.


Yesterday we learned the provincial government will require health authorities to develop and support #SafeSupply programs.

But wait!

This directive is only for programmatic settings.

Safe supply will be limited to low-capacity, medicalized pilot programs.
When safe supply is offered in programmatic settings, it is viewed as addiction medicine treatment.

This is problematic.

Instead of focusing on risk reduction, drug user liberation, and agency of choice these programs obsess over:

❌urine drug tests
❌treatment compliance
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50 years ago, Big Tobacco perfected #MerchantsOfDoubt tactics: Just convince everyone "experts disagree" about smoking risks.

Today, our own health officials claim experts disagree about tobacco #HarmReduction.

...while in reality, agreement is strong & growing.
Over 60 official public statements from respected scientific & public health organizations, and government bodies in over a dozen countries.

All statements are hyperlinked in this document to the originals on those organizations' own websites.…
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It's not that the ongoing battle between #tobaccoharmreduction and #tobaccocontrol has taught me this, but it shows how easy it is to claim the moral high ground, act disingenuously, and then point fingers at the people they're stigmatizing. Hypocrisy is all too easy. /1
For sure, we should turn the mirror on ourselves as well, because, as I said, hypocrisy is easy. #thr is a balancing act between the ethical and the pragmatic. By advocating for it and selling vaping products and things like #kratom, I have to be open about risks. /2
At face value, that's not hard. Tell the truth. Embrace the consequences. But the consequences aren't just to me. I don't want to lose a sale but more importantly (for me), I don't want customers to keep choosing the devil they know (cigarettes, opioid painkillers, etc.). /3
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📣 Presenting 📣

8 Acts of Violence Directed Towards People Who Use Drugs.

Brought to you by the #Alberta #UCP’s war on #HarmReduction.


Paused funding for #Calgary mobile SCS and #MedicineHat fixed SCS.

Instead of supporting a distributive model in Calgary, the UCP torpedoed a mobile site that was set to serve the Forest Lawn community.…

Commissioned the #Alberta SCS Review Report.

Used to rationalize the closure of multiple SCS in the province, this report has been debunked by a national group of scientists and public health experts. The damage of the report extends beyond Alberta.…
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Important article today Bloomberg saying that we are likely to monitor hospitalizations not cases now as our cases dip towards 10K mark (that Dr. Fauci lists as control). As cases become "decoupled" from hospitalizations with vax, most important metric…
@ashishkjha, @syramadad & I wrote this in @washingtonpost early April but case/hospitalization decoupling even more prominent now as hospitalizations remain mainly among unvaccinated & most states have reached <5 hospitalization/100K and adult vax metric…
Important for scientists who are school opening advocates because 1) means, despite variants, metrics for normal school by fall being reached with adult vax; 2) ok to increase public trust/transparency by adjudicating cases of myocarditis in young from vax…
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I am interested in increasing trust in public health. 4 things we can address now to increase that trust:
1) Natural immunity: Real, don't know duration of immunity from either route; 1 dose only? Acknowledge natural immunity, our knowledge limits
2) Vax in kids: Acknowledge that adult vax massively reducing community transmission in US, kids less at risk of getting sick. Acknowledge risks vs benefits of vax in kids under study. 1 dose, lower dose to reduce risk of myocarditis? If low rates, can kids have normal life?
3) PCR test: Acknowledge limits of PCR especially after vax. PCR picks up "dead virus" or low virus in nose because very sensitive (can tell if must cycle the machine a lot; CT >30 is low viral load). Don't isolate someone with high CT (use Ag; no asymptomatic testing after vax)
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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Wie könnten evidenzbasierte #Tabakpolitik und #PublicHealth Maßnahmen aussehen, die den Gesundheitsschutz von Tabakkonsumierenden ernst nehmen? Zentrale Erkenntnisse vom Webinar #rauchfrei2030 organisiert von @HeinoStoever @FrankfurtUAS zusammengefasst: #THREAD 👇
Hintergrund: 100.000+ Tote durch den Konsum von Tabak pro Jahr, alleine in BRD. Vergleich von @HeinoStoever: „Als ob jeden Tag ein voll besetztes Flugzeug abstürzen würde.“ Schadensminimierende Alternativen könnte Gesundheitsrisiken (und Todeszahlen) deutlich reduzieren.
Die gesundheitsbezogene Evidenz zur Schädlichkeit unterschiedlicher Produkte für Raucher*innen wurde in der Gesetzgebung der #Tabakpolitik jedoch weitestgehend nicht berücksichtigt, berichtet Berthold Wigger.
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In my view, the best strategy option the UK has, until vaccination coverage is greater/complete, is to keep national and regional R ≤ 1.

A thread 🧵 on why, and how we can do that without extending/re-imposing harsher restrictions, below. 👇
While UK's vaccination has been transformational, there is still a large proportion of our population unvaccinated.

This means herd immunity threshold has not been met, & there is sig potential for surges, esp in some regions.

We are already seeing R & prevalence rise in certain regions, esp in the NW & elsewhere. Where there is greater socio-economic deprivation, less people WFH, inequities in vaccine accessibility & uptake, & waning immunity, the potential of R(t) is greater.

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1/People keep asking what they can “do” now that they’re vaccinated (half of adults in Canada!). Can we follow the @CDCgov advice here in Canada too? What evidence can we use to guide us?
2/The @CDCgov has said that fully vaccinated people can attend small outdoor gatherings and even outdoor dinners without a mask, including with people who are unvaccinated.
3/The @CDCgov advice makes a lot of sense because vaccinated people are less likely to get sick – i.e. the risk of symptomatic infection for vaccinated people is much lower. And risk of severe disease is almost nil.
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A moment of #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday : I’ve been selected as a finalist for this years VGH/BMO Innovator’s Challenge with my team for developing a novel opioid analyzer.

Last year, BC experienced the highest rates of #opioid #overdose fatalities ever recorded in history, with the highest rates of death in Canada. #OUD can be treated with #HarmReduction strategies, therapy, and partnering with patients to meet their goals and priorities.

Medications such as opioid agonist therapy (OAT) can be part of the treatment plan for some or many patients with OUD.

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1/6) In March 2021, there were 158 illicit drug toxicity deaths. This represents a 41% increase over the number of deaths occurring in March 2020 (112)

March 2021= 5.1 deaths per day. (a thread)
#2) Carfentanil has been detected in 65 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths in 2020 & 48 deaths in 2021 (18 in March)
#3) Among the drug types involved in completed illicit drug toxicity death investigations, illicit fentanyl has increased from 5% in 2012 to 86% in 2020.
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Someone asked me yesterday why schools aren't mainly open in San Francisco (despite 30 cases in city of 896K yesterday (& they test), <10 hospitalizations) or California (hundreds of thousand of tests done, 1400 cases in state of 40 million, lowest case rate in nation).
But do think clear why. We took a very partisan approach which - in this case- meant we used a fear-based, exaggerated approach to pandemic management without principles of #harmreduction (harm reduction reduces risk to a pathogen by sensible messages)…
And, understandably, if we scared people more and took a fear-based approach, we could hopefully reduce infections by getting people to stay away from each other (a common tactic: people used to use scare tactics with HIV as well) instead of #harmreduction…
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The following respected scientific & public health organizations, with no industry ties, have reviewed the evidence and made public statements on the relative risk of #SaferNicotine vapes vs. toxic tobacco. There's rather a lot of them.…
Apparently, WHO EURO disagrees with @WHO @FCTCofficial. Weird.
WHO IARC thinks everything causes cancer. But they say nicotine vapes are safer than deadly cigarettes.
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I am attending the annual meeting of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (@CND_tweets), the principal policy-making body of the United Nations in drug-related matters. #CND64 is being held in person in Vienna & virtually. In this thread I will share information & reflections🧵⬇️ 1/ Image
I am privileged to be a member of the Australian Civil Society Committee on United Nations Drug Policy.
The Committee provides input & collaborates with the Australian Government; participates in @CND_tweets; and encourages dialogue with Australian civil society.
#CND64 2/
A small civil society delegation has travelled to Perth (to assist with the challenging 18-hour CET time difference, sessions run 3pm-2am AWST) to participate in #CND64 alongside the Australian-based Government delegation who is working in conjunction with post in Vienna.
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A thread and eulogy: Today would have been Sarah DeRoo's 51st birthday but she died in December from a poisoned drug supply in the #DTES. She was smart, kind, generous and beautiful. When we met, she was a teenager who was already using opiates to moderate internal pain. Image
She was a manager in a small company. She was productive, creative and generous with friends. It is no surprise to see her sharing food with people at an enormous protest to advocate for peace in 1986. She strove to make the world a better and more caring place. Image
She was talented and creative. Together we enjoyed writing and reading poetry and listening to music. She would give me notes carefully and elegantly written by hand. She gave everything she could to her friends and the community around her. Image
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Happy to share our new paper in @CMAJ :

"Caring for people who inject drugs when they are admitted to hospital"…

It's #OpenAccess (so anyone can read it), but here's a 🧵anyway with the key points:

#MedTwitter #AddictionMedicine #HarmReduction
The number of people who inject drugs in 🇨🇦 is increasing, from 130,000 in 2011 to 171,900 in 2016

(as estimated by @BrendanJacka @SarahLarney @jasongrebely & team)…
The rate of hospitalizations for severe injecting-related bacterial infections, like endocarditis, is increasing even faster

e.g. in Ontario:…

& in New Brunswick:…
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THREAD: The Biden-Harris administration will pursue policy responses rooted in #science and evidence to bend the curve of the #overdose epidemic. 1/
Our priorities:
- Expand the #addiction workforce and #recovery ready workplaces
- Confront #RacialEquity issues
- Support #prevention efforts to reduce the supply of substances and their demand, based on science and evidence 2/
- Enhance #HarmReduction efforts to protect the health of people with substance use disorder
- Expand access to evidence-based #treatment 3/
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Portraits of loss: An epidemic of drug overdoses has claimed more than 20,000 Canadians since 2016. The @globeandmail puts names and faces to those we lost, taking them out of the shadows of grief and shame, by @AndreaWoo @marcusbgee… #opioids
"It could happen to anyone" -- At least 5,233 Canadians died of opioid-related poisoning in 2020. Two grieving families open up about their children's deaths (video)… via @globeandmail #opioids #HarmReduction
B.C. is seeking approval from Ottawa to become the first province where possession of small amounts of illicit drugs would not be a criminal offence, by @AndreaWoo… via @globeandmail #opioids #decriminalization #HarmReduction
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A (HAPPY) THREAD: The #Montréal city council today passed a motion to call on the #GOC to decriminalize possession of drugs for personal use. We @HIVlegal applaud this initiative and congratulate all who fiercely advocated for it. We are proud to stand among you. #drugpolicy 1/7
Today’s motion joins the growing call for #decriminalization in municipalities across Canada, including #Toronto, #Vancouver, and others. Cities now recognize the many harms of #criminalization, which marginalizes people who use drugs and pushes them away from #harmreduction. 2/7
Removing the threat of criminal law will allow people who use drugs to do so more safely. Lives will be saved. #canpoli #Montréal 3/7
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BREAKING: #Alberta releases it’s Q3 #Overdose data.

Over 900 dead in 10 months.

The news is heartbreaking and unacceptable.


#ABLeg #ABpoli…
The #Alberta #UCP have made it their mandate to systematically dismantle #HarmReduction.

Given we are at the end of an incredibly eventful year, I feel it prudent to recap the damage @jkenney and @jasonluan88 have inflicted on people who use drugs, their friends, and families.
Welcome to the Top 5 UCP Acts of Harm Production—2020 Edition 🎉

1) The FLAWED SCS review panel/report.
2) Halting the Virtual Overdose Prevention Program
3) Closing down a treatment program for homeless men
4) Defunding injectable opioid agonist therapy
5) Closing ARCHES
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