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This is my son. He is three months old and completely healthy. We adopted him from his birth mother who chose us. She also did everything she could to make sure that he was as healthy as she could. That means she was on methadone during her pregnancy. 1/?
That means he was born with an addiction to opiates. We worked with medical professionals to taper him safely off of the morphine he was prescribed. Without safe access to opiates being administered safely under the supervision of professionals, he would likely have died 2/?
He was given his last dosage two days ago. He is happy and healthy and I love him so much that my heart feels as though it could burst. He is alive today due to #harmreduction and today I’m reading about @jkenney acting to restrict access for people, the same access as my son 3/?
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Dear Rep. Rose:
13 million US adults vape. Almost all are ex-smokers. Recent survey of 750 vapers found that <10% write their representatives. I'm writing now. FDA declared a teen vaping "epidemic" in 2018 based on data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey...
Raw data from that 2018 NYTS survey were just released. 2.3% of under-age non-smoking teens vaped more than 20 days/month in 2018 (so may plausibly OWN an e-cigarette). No under-age person should vape, but this "public health crisis" has been blown out of proportion...
...And anti-vaping alarums continue, sounding increasingly shrill. e.g., The FDA recently issued a press release claiming 3-4 seizures per year may-or-may-not be associated with vaping. 3-4 out of 13 million? The highest health authority in the land sounding alarms...
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Harm reduction needs an analysis that includes #disabilityjustice.
Legalization won't address how capitalism values & rewards people based on their ability to work.

Many heavy drug-users (who are unable to participate in the formal job market) will continue to be marginalized & at the greatest risk of overdose death.
Addiction is a disability, but many #PWUD also have concurrent disabilities.
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Some person keeps lying about syringe exchange programs and saying that they don't work so here is a long thread on the evidence for harm reduction, with a bit at the end on how local public health and nonprofits function.
Syringe exchange started as a street program in the Tacoma, WA, because nobody was helping improve the health of folks who injected drugs. Dave Purchase showed people how to sterilize their equipment and told them to stop sharing needles.
That was 1988. It got attention almost immediately, because then as now, drug users are highly stigmatized in American society. But quickly public health folks wanted to see if this idea worked. Charles Eaton in NYC ran the first government-funded study of syringe exchange.
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if you have some time tonight to change how you understandstand the Downtown Eastside, there are some perspectives i'd like to share. for tomorrow
#DTES #vanpoli This is @johannhari101 speaking last fall. via @YouTube
we are still doing #harmReduction but
>>>>>>we must expand our concept of HARM [because clearly we did not]
[because everything became much more harmful very quickly
fatal, in fact
HARM is actually dynamic, a shapeshifter.
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A thread.

I've been following the debate over the recent @BrookingsInst paper on #HarmReduction w/ considerable interest. Although there's many things going on, what I've been esp interested in are divergent perspectives on appropriate standards for causal inference.

One of the reasons for my interest is that what I have termed "unreasonable" demands for causal inference are at the core of the political, social, and legal strategies that comprise what has been termed the #ManufactureOfDoubt.

The #ManufactureOfDoubt is a script that regulated industries have repeatedly mobilized to advance their economic and political interests, most notably to defend against #publichealthlitigationand to create a #regulatoryvacuum.

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i've had to make this point several times when speaking to council.

it would be great if nobody has to do this in the future. i'd like that. if i don't have to point this out, that would indicate to me that we've made a significant change
#vanpoli #vanelxn18
if we refused to wait until the obituary before acknowledging that people have inherent dignity, worth, humanity, all that
if the motivating impulse is resentment, the consequences can never be productive. it seems to me that this is a big reason why the #DTES is so utterly messed up. an endless spiral of resentment & blame & regret, such fierce desire for a past that never was
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Here at “Addressing Fentanyl- #harmreduction strategies to reduce overdose” featuring @DanCiccarone @jondocsin and Jon Zibbell w Maya Doe Simmons as moderator.
Ciccarone’s talking about the triple wave epidemic, starting with prescription opioids, then shifting to heroin, and this third wave with synthetics and fentanyl. #HarmRed18
The fentanyl problem is regional particularly on the east coast. His study was conducted in Baltimore MD, Lowell & Lawrence MA, Chicago IL, and WV. Their interviews and data collection was trying to treat it like a new drug, exploratory. #HarmRed18
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FREE NYC EVENT TONIGHT: "A tale of two crises: Reading images of social epidemic" to discuss contrasts between depictions of crack in 1980s and current overdose crisis. Should be interesting! RSVP here:…
Getting started!
Now Michael Shaw of Reading the Pictures- he looked at race and the Opioid crisis imagery. He quotes the “call for gentler war on drugs” from NYTimes.
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Thanks for the call @bctoday appreciate the time to talk about the @BCCSU report on "Strategies to Strengthen the Recovery System in BC." An overall review is long overdue, given the situation - #overdose #bcpoli #harmreduction
and there is much to be encouraged by in the report. Dr. Wood states clearly that recovery is a process, by definition long-term, so more is needed beyond harm reduction and acute care.…
This is the bit that troubles me. I read the report closely and remember seeing a very early version of it well over a year ago. It's about "Therapeutic Communities":
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