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@kaiser is cutting the perocet i’ve been taking for 6 years since injuring my spinal cord. i have endless neuropathy and intense muscle spasms every single evening. now, my lumbar L5/S1 is acting up and i have pain from my right back to my ankle. it’s like walking through fire.
every single day of the last 6 years i’ve thought of suicide.

every. single. day.

but i’ve always had hope. that something would turn around. some sort of medical miracle would happen. i don’t have that hope anymore. i can’t face a lifetime of excruciating pain. it is hell.
i don’t understand why people have to be so cruel? because the sackler’s forced a drug on people who didn’t need it, now the people who really do need it, like me, no longer have hope.

these tweets do not mean i’m suicidal. i am not.
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On unsolicited advice for chronically ill folks: Why do we get so upset when you recommend a book, diet, vitamin, exercise, essential oil, tea, meditation, etc?

THREAD. 🧵 #NEISvoid #ChronicPain
1. Because it’s condescending. It suggests that we haven’t done our own research, or aren’t smart enough to consider these ideas. (Anyone recommending yoga or veganism, this is for you. It’s not like we haven’t heard of these things.)
2. Because it feels like victim blaming. It insinuates that it’s our choice to be sick because we don’t want to try new ideas, or we’re just too lazy or closed-minded to do so.

(Truly, if our conditions had easy & accessible cures, we wouldn’t be sick!)
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reason why it's risky taking vets off of opioids isn't cuz addiction

its cuz they're pain patients & U took away their meds necessary to eke out some function… #chronicpain #opioids @alexagibney @alexarbeyer #health #medicine #medtwitter #veterans
VA conducted studies proving there to be an exceptionally high correlation between pain intensity and suicide of military veterans

well documented that veterans as a population do have a chronic pain problem that is drastically undertreated…
there are obviously vets with addiction issues, but we shouldn't flatten vet care into just one thing,

the needs of pain patients & those concerned about addiction are not opposed to each other,

Pls stop treating as if it was just one thing…
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#ChronicPain affects over 30% of people worldwide and exerts an enormous personal and economic burden.

A new @TheLancet Series on #ChronicPain presents recent findings across specialties, with implications for health care providers and patients:

The Series explores 3 types of pain—nociceptive, neuropathic, nociplastic—and the biopsychosocial model of pain—interactions between #chronicpain, biological, psychological, and social factors.

Read an update on burden, best practices, and new advances:
Nociplastic pain is a new descriptor of pain arising from abnormal pain signal processing. It applies to a range of conditions, such as fibromyalgia, that lack clear mechanisms or biomarkers—a challenge to diagnose and treat.

Learn more ➡️
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I WISH that I had good news to share with you all but sadly I don't. The #palliativecare doctor said he only treats end of life or #cancer pain & I am once again thrown back in the water like nasty stinky unwanted chum.
He said that I shouldn't be removed off Rx #opioids & in his opinion the the forced wean is too aggressive. I happened to have a horrible #crps attack so he got to literally see what that looks like. It's not pretty.
WHY are patients forced to go through this much shit in order to get basic care? I 100% feel discriminated against & it isn't ok. He did say that he was going to call my doctor tomorrow & speak to them directly to see if he can convince them to keep me on or adjust my meds.
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Studying the statements from the 2021 Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit,

I can confidently say that things are going to get tougher for pain patients,… #chronicpain #opioids #rxdrugsummit #drugs #opioids
CBT for chronic pain???…
warning doctors even more about the dangers of prescribing opioids,… #drugs #opioids #health #medtwitter #addiction #chronicpain
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This study could benefit people with #ChronicPain by helping round out the science for the safety/efficacy of LTOT. This could influence future research trajectories based on patient reports. See thread.
Some raised concerns that we don't know what the results will be, but that's how science is supposed to work. If people knew what the results would be, there'd be no reason to study. Because millions have likely been force-tapered, this could contribute to an end to the practice.
The ethical issues surrounding forced tapering stand on their own. However, having science that proves opioids aren't as dangerous or inappropriate for chronic "non-cancer pain" as some claim is also important because public policy is informed by it, whether we like it or not.
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A painful struggle: Opioids can be dangerous
but prohibition is worse😷

CDC will not take responsibility for the crisis,
nor fix the 2016 opioid guidelines🤯… #health #drugs #opioids #medtwitter #disability #chronicpain #biden
In a contentious Feb 16 meeting, CDC confirmed they would not admit fault for their role in the opioid crisis nor revise their devastating 2016 opioid guidelines😬

@libbyemmons @NYDailyNews @Narcocast @ZachWritesStuff @filth_filler @slsatel @JDVance1 @geraldposner @CathyYoung63
total of 10 mins centered on the workgroup,
no discussion of deaths or patient abandonment

Instead, officials spent 30 mins congratulating one another for their courageous handling of the Virus… @Zigmanfreud @jessesingal @thehoffather @ConceptualJames
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Hey @MassAGO, your rabid attack on Purdue ignores a few things:

1. Substances are not the problem.

2. Millions of #veterans, #chronicpain, #cancer & #sicklecell patients rely on the medications you continue to demonize.… via @usatoday
Yes, the Sacklers engaged in shady & dangerous marketing tactics, but opiate use has been on the rise since the 70's.

With the constant attack on pain medication, it's nearly impossible for the people who need them to get them.

Doctors, intimidated by state medical (cont)
Boards, raids by the DEA & *guidelines* created by @supportprop that have been abused & twisted into draconian laws have not only devastated pain care in America, it's opened the door for exceptionally more dangerous substances to take over, like #illicitfentanyl. (Cont)
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reread @thackerpd piece on ASCH,
I like Paul, but hes way off,

He attacks those selling controversial ideas, not the ideas themselves, cuz those arguing them may heaven forbid,
be conservative… #science #health #chronicpain #opioids #journalism #politics
Sorry Paul, but disagreeing isn't a thought crime,
though our new public health overlords want it to be

Also when in the world @statnews "industry-friendly opinion page of STAT news"

That is just not true,
#journalism #health #drugs #Disability…
We would be here all day citing articles from @statnews that support attacking Purdue, the Sacklers, Big Pharma, etc

(which they deserve btw)…
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Spent years seeing surgeons, rheumatologist, PT , PCP, etc. for dif issues only to have to diagnose myself (my rheumatologist agrees) with #EhlersDanlos which I only could do because I am in medical school.... has this happened to anyone else? #ChronicPain #medtwitter
Kind of blown away by the response, so far over 1000 reactions in total. Feel like I am starting to get a decent sample size to show that there is clearly a lack in clinical education that prevents most practitioners from integrating issues....
With so many people being mis or under diagnosed... feels like it should be on a standard differential for people presenting with joint complaints (and other chronic disease as well). #EhlersDanlos #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #chronicpain #MedTwitter
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A #Thread

Let's look at some common-sense q's on #PAIN & #ChronicPain

1) If pain is so benign (not harmful), why is it used in torture?
2) If chronic pain is something people can get used to, why is it outlawed in the Geneva Conventions? (Rule 90)
3) Is addiction so terrible that it's worse than a terminal disease?

3a) If is is worse, why do we imprison addicts & not send to hospice?
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#chronicillness brain is weird. A thread.
Brain: For months I’ve had horrible daily sx. I get a day of lower symptoms & go for 2 short 5 minute walks. My legs hurt from exercise! (Sad but also this pain is mostly muscle workout pain!) but my other sx seem low this very second!
Clearly... this MUST mean I’m getting better!

Body: *Ahem* 1) you walked less than most people do on the way to their office. 2) you’re forgetting about the near #migraine from a Dr. appointment 3) you’re forgetting the #tachycardia from putting your scooter in the car.
4) oh and today when you had the high BP standing up that dropped back to low w/in seconds and you felt it!? 5) You used a scooter today 6) left knee is outshining your right as far as pain and on fire, 7) you’re
wired and tied and up at 10pm tweeting because you can’t sleep.
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My latest for @TPostMillennial

🩺 Joe Biden's new EO denies patients in pain the medication they need💊… #chrnoicpain #drugs #biden #politics #health #medicine #MedTwitter #healthcare #Budget2021 #environment #OTD #quoteoftheday #SuperBowl
The genie for the far-left🧞‍♂️
otherwise known as President Biden

leads the executive gov agencies & the DEA to gamify pain medicine in order to "stop" the opioid crisis

Making it harder for your family to get help when you need it

#drugs #health #journalism #politics @JoeBiden
Biden allows DEA & others to radically expand unconstitutional powers & eliminate patient privacy like HIPPA

Making it so there is nothing in health
gov won't know about U🕵️… #health #drugs #opioidcrisis #opioids #medtwitter #biden #dea #LawEnforcement
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Watching ACCESS DENIED right now with Deaf expert Tim Riker signing, "I don't see any Deaf individuals that have tenured teaching positions. So it's really hard sometimes. There are boundaries to planning my future."

#DeafTalent #AcademicAbleism #DJAB
Tim signed about all the careers he considered: "Maybe I'll be a doctor. But I don't know any Deaf doctors. Maybe a lawyer? Finally I went into corporate. But I wasn't moving up in the company. Then I went to human services. There was a lot less resistance there." ASL Interpreter Ben is a wh...
Tim is signing in this image "Then I went and got my Master's at Gallaudet." He wanted to do a #PhD but orientation was not accessible. So he wondered: "If orientation isn't accessible, how will the PhD program be accessible?" #AcademicTwitter #IsYourPhDProgramAccessible ASL Interpreter Ben voices ...
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THREAD: Trama-DO or Trama-DON'T?
What to know about #tramadol

1/7 Tramadol has multiple mechanisms of action:
- via serotonin & norepinephrine reuptake inhibition
- after metabolism to M1 metabolite, via opioid agonism #chronicpain #arthritis #MedEd
2/7 People metabolize #tramadol variably 🤔💊

- Some who are ‘ultra rapid’ produce more M1 (opioid);
- Some ‘poor’ metabolizers (~20% with inactive CYP2D6) may have more SSRI/SNRI-like effect

Thus, analgesic & adverse effects are unpredictable #MedEd
3/7 Tramadol, once called a ‘safer’ opioid, causes tolerance and withdrawal, and is associated with addiction, overdose, and death

Observational studies show people treated with #tramadol, vs other opioids, are ↗️ likely to engage in prolonged opiate use #chronicpain #arthritis
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"#ChronicPain on the #Brain - 4 #Psychological Effects of Living With #pain"
Researcg covering the different ways the brain processes pain show us that the brain reacts differently to short-term pain than it does to long-lasting pain.…
When the body experiences the latter, it can change the #centralnervoussystem (CNS),& influence sensory, emotional,& modular circuits that would otherwise inhibit pain.
#chronicpain is now looked at as a #neurological #disease of it's own- comorbid with symptoms of #anxiety and #depression

#mesh injured are suffering on many levels....
Pleaee do NOT underestimate the psychological impact of living with daily chronic #pelvicpain
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I do get annoyed at the occasional conservative who really believes disability is a made up category

Not saying gov welfare is the best system, but there is a need in every society to protect the feeble and truly weak
#Disability #Health #MedTwitter #ChronicPain #Conservative
We learned the hard way from the Soviet Union, Yahtzee Germany, Eugenics Europe, CCP China, and the Japanese Empire what happens to a society when they sell their souls and try to wash their hands of disabled people
#Disability #ChronicPain
To bww clear @docMJP is great,

I'm not talking about him or hardly anyone of u
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1/This week in @journaljgim: “Promoting Patient-Centeredness in #opioid Deprescribing: a Blueprint for De-implementation Science”

Tools of “deimplementation science” should guide evaluation of health care changes - w/@BethDarnall @AllysonVarley…
2/Opioid prescribing has ⬇️37% since its peak in 2011. Today, many agencies agree that “deprescribing” was not carried out in ways that consistently protected patients.

We ask “how can well-intended changes to care transpire in ways that are unsafe or harmful?” 2019 CDC Surveillance Report, IQVIA data
3/De-implementation= “reducing or stopping practices that are ineffective, unproven, harmful, overused, or inappropriate”
With opioids, that could be not starting, stopping or reducing.For us, this does *not* reflect a commitment to opioid elimination from care.h/t @VPrasadMDMPH
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Watching #USASP2020 session Pain-Related Stigma in Adolescents with Primary Chronic Pain in the medical setting: What is Getting Lost in Translation?

Speakers @neville_alex @EmilyOWakefield @kidspainmd

#stigma #uncertainty #chronicpain #communication
Diagnostic uncertainty is the perception of a lack of or incorrect label to explain symptoms. @neville_alex talked about the function of a diagnosis & how a diagnosis isn't helpful if it doesn't make sense to/for the person. Their recent paper #fulltext:…
Take home messages from @neville_alex on #diagnosticuncertainty #USASP2020

A label/diagnosis is not enough. Negative test results don't provide relief. Patients can persist in their search for the 'right' diagnosis. Past experiences impact current trust in the medical system.
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I called my local @CVSHealth @cvspharmacy today to check if they had a chair available for me to sit in while I waited for my appointment. The operator informed me that all chairs had been removed due to #covid. (1/4)
If you have a physical disability that limits your ability to stand like I do, your only option would be to sit on the floor, or on the toilet in a stall. And I'm sure you'd be escorted out if you did that. (2/4)
#CVS this is UNACCEPTABLE. I understand the risks for #Covid, but as you can see in the following videos, there's plenty of room. Video 1 of 2. (3/4)
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Something I’ve always struggled to try to explain to able-bodied friends is the need to “perform” pain to be taken seriously by healthcare workers.

So I thought I’d do a thread on it...

#ChronicPain #NEISVoid #ChronicIllness
Pain is relative. So my 5/10 is not the same as anyone else’s 5/10. And, when you’re in chronic pain, your pain tolerance necessarily goes up so that you are not roaring and screaming in pain 24/7.
As well as that, pain is exhausting. If you’re in pain all the time, you can’t afford the energy to be screaming in pain 24/7. Sometimes you don’t even have the energy to grind your teeth or breath harder.

But why is that a problem...?
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Telling a sick or disabled person "oh but you don't look sick" is actually really crappy and hurtful, even if you mean it as a compliment.

Let's talk about the reasons why.

First of all, some background. Not every illness or disability is visible.

Some flare intermittently, some are never visible. Sometimes people are in incredible pain but don't show it because they're used to it, or just don't want to talk about it with you.

Lots of options.

Autoimmune disorders, autonomic nerve disorders, digestive disorders... tons of conditions are only visible on the inside. And not everyone's going to show you the proof, because more often than not it's none of your business.

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