Good Morning, “They” need another distraction—“Phoned Home” ..

Everything is going according to plan, “Nobody” Loves Humanity unconditionally …

Be careful who you follow, ask yourself the most important Question when listening to these “XRP RIDDLERS” or “in the know”
Accounts, #WHY do they avoid the Military ? …

“Nobody” & the Military are in complete control … Control is an illusion, THE PEOPLE are truly sin control & have all the POWER, THE PEOPLE/Children come first ..

The false reality being presented as “Reality, is the “reality”
Created by evil that GOOD has to SLOWLY awaken the people out of ..

Once awakened, the REALITY that is & ALWAYS has been/Always existed (hidden from humanity) becomes clear to those asleep. .
Ones start to realize all that their family members who came before them, what they
Had to live through ..
The most important Question asked, “Was my family even alive”? ..
One starts to HONOR all those lives that came before them, they start to WANT to truly live for not just themselves but LIVE for those that came before them that didn’t have the chance
Too truly live & be free the chains that that bound their minds, souls & spirit …

Everyone is/has been living dead inside, very few can say with lying to themselves they’re alive/been living FREE for themselves.

Those who have had to dedicate their lives leaving truth
Hidden in plain sight, being told what to do & how to do it—Is/was that TRULY LIVING?

The people on the outside looking in, feeling like their voices were never heard or they could not do anything about what everyone KNEW was happening—Is that truly living?

Humanity living
Their lives enslaved to A purposely created corrupt system, A system designed to keep them down & living in debt—Is that truly living?

How about those who have children that can barely put food on the table, keep the lights on or provide cloths for warmth—Is the parent & the
Children truly living?
Even if the child has no clue what is happening to WHY they are going through all that they are—Are those children truly living?
What Are the chances of those children #BREAKing stage cycle & living FREE from all shackles that their parents lived with?
The Mislead You has been DYING TO LIVE for HUNDREDS of years, it’s truly time for HUMANITY to choose the path humanity wants for themselves.. This goes WAY WAY WAY MAY beyond Government, corrupt politics & money—Being REBORN should have A whole new meaning too Most; ImageImage
Choose LIFE, LOVE & #JOY

Let’s Live !!!

No one [NEEDS] truth to be REBORN, all the TRUTH “NEEDED” has always been WITHIN ..
It starts with the Man/Woman in the MIRROR, BE THE CHANGE & MAKE THE CORRECT #SIMPLE #CHOICE ..

#CHOOSE With your own FREE WILL, God NOT because ImageImage
you [NEED] something from God, CHOOSE God because you Have FAITH & CHOOSE TO BELIEVE in Humanity ..

God already knows what EVERYONE NEEDS,
#Clean Food & Water..
Food & Water is all anyone NEEDS.

Each individual has their own path that exists for them to be able to LIVE Image
As the BEST versions of themselves they can be for themselves & for the others around them. YOU living YOUR BEST life being YOUR best version of yourself, brings the BEST version out in others..

MIRRORS are POWERFUL Tools, Be A mirror Image & LIFT each other up.

There is A
Spoon, It’s been in Gods hands feeding his people who are being reborn as INFANTS within A Brave world that has always existed, IT WAS KEPT HIDDEN ..
#AND NOW, Gods people #BLOOM .. Image

Too My Love, Let’s Grow Young Together & be each others other half that was always missing .. It’s been THOUSANDS of Years, The stars have been aligned & the Stars Shine just for #WE —The people deserve to be loved the way they should have been loved form the start & so do U. ImageImage
This Is THE END .✍️

THE END/The Collapse has already happened of Corruptions evil empire—Everything has been Scripted out to awaken humanity slowly & Safely WITHOUT any kind of Fall Out76 .. Image
THE BEGINNING is where the whole Tree has Brand New Foliage, Filled with LIFE, LOVE & Happy Endings …

2 Become 1
1 & #ZERO Stand Tall ImageImageImageImage
4417 = Same Same

Milwaukee Beers
“Hold My Beer”

Hold me close to your heart, I will love you like there’s no #TOMORROW—A Fathers Love for his Children Knows no Bounds ..


I AM ImageImage

• • •

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May 12

Side By Side

The MAGA King Returns, Side by Side with The King Of Kings …
This means Queen & King have an entire summer to ourselves to do whatever #WE Want ..

Only 1 Of A Kind
U N i 🌽
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Earth Quack—Massive ImageImage
The People don’t want Real & I’m 117% A O K with this ..

More time for Fun in the Sun with Her, such A Blessing !
Bag Delivery—CENTER Stage

#EXIT = Entrance #SONG #3

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May 11
Time To Eat & Yes, Lovely . …
Time to make some moves, 151617. ImageImageImageImage
🎶 By the DAWNs #EARLY
Light … 🎶

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May 11
It’s never been about the money to me, ever ..

The money I have coming to me, I will take A vacation for A little bit & then drive around the Country changing peoples lives that I see asking for change on corners ..

Or changing someones life who is playing an
Instrument on the corner/outside of festivals ..

I would always see leaving Summerfest/other festivals/events talented groups of individuals playing all kinds of different instruments & would say to the people I would be with—Imagine being one of these People out here playing
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May 11
Sorry to be so blunt saying this, some JFK JR super fans will not be happy seeing this but it’s truth ..

John is not the answer, he is apart of the equation but not the answer ..
DJT is not the answer, Major part of the equation but not the answer ..

The Answer to the
Million Dollar Question, God.

God was thrown away like A piece of Garbage, Cast off & spit on for being himself & loving those who were just going to be left behind that did no wrong .. The wrong these individuals committed in THE PEOPLES eyes, being born into THAT life
& subliminally crying out for help in any way they could ..
If the ones at the very top saw or knew they were helping GOOD or crying out for help, the Puppet Masters would destroy them & anyone close to them.
Not only would [they] destroy those crying out for help or helping
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May 11
Nothing is what it seems & No One is who the many think they are …

The false reality created around the world for the last 59-100 years with evil being in complete control, “they” Pre planned EVERYTHING & implemented “their” plans within cartoons KNOWING the world was going
To 1 DAY start awakening, so “they” mocked SEPARATE individuals IRL that make up 1 Family.
Major world changing events like 9-11, wars & so much more was all PRE PLANNED to make it look like “Time Travel”. Those who were just waking up seeing this would be like “OMG”, thinking
What they were seeing was good.
Everything done was always either mocking the Trinity/God or those God himself keeps close to his heart.

Moves & Counter moves made by evil that was able to take over the whole world from bottom to top, creating A false reality around humanity
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