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Today in our review will be a project that uses #Omnichain Synthetics and related to such words as Slippage free, Unchained Liquidity. Please welcome @synthr_defi🎯

#LayerZero #LZ #LayerZeroEcosystem Image
1/ What is @synthr_defi ?📊

SYNTHR is a synthetic asset protocol that enables users to #mint and trade on-chain derivatives of various financial assets using trustless financial contracts💎
2/ The goal @synthr_defi 🤔

SYNTHR aims to build on existing #DeFi products to make financial assets more accessible through the creation of synthetic assets, Delta-Neutral Vaults, Hedge #Pools, and derivatives 💯
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Yellowstone, Johns Family …

The Duttons used to tell Jr’s Story.
Ranch/Farmer (IMPORTANT) Used to represent United States/World/World Stage, just like Wrestling does it with the ring being the world stage ..

My grandfathers letter, #FAMIL-Y—The #Y is #YELLOW because he
Was crying when he was writing it, it was one of the last letters he wrote before he died.

“Never forget the #Y

Cold Play —#YELLOW
The Simpsons family =
- John/Homer
- Marge (My grandmothers name was Margaret)
- Bart/The Son
SANTA has Reign Deer, The Y ..

This is Gods CountryY & it belongs to the people ..
God is the only way that everything gets returned back to the people, anyone else who tries it’s always endless WARS or endless something else, GOD PUTS AN END TO #ENDLESS
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.@YaOnlyLivvOnce, lets get this Show on the Road ..

U N i both know, I wasn’t good enough for Miss Piggy in the beginning & I shouldn’t be good enough now. .
She needs A ken doll, not A d-G(k).

I’m A loser, Remember ? ;)

Key In
I’m not about that life & refuse to have ‘A Star Is Born’ be my fate. I know why [they] made that shit.
Mirror image, ‘Undiscovered Stars’ ..

Born To Roll.
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Side By Side

The MAGA King Returns, Side by Side with The King Of Kings …
This means Queen & King have an entire summer to ourselves to do whatever #WE Want ..

Only 1 Of A Kind
U N i 🌽
🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎
🏍 🏍🏍🏍
Earth Quack—Massive
The People don’t want Real & I’m 117% A O K with this ..

More time for Fun in the Sun with Her, such A Blessing !
Bag Delivery—CENTER Stage

#EXIT = Entrance #SONG #3

Fork Lift, .@VinceMcMahon —Thank You! … :)
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JOHN 3:16
John F Kennedy Jr

I choose to forgive John & Replant his Flowers, it’s what MOTHER would have wanted ..

What #SONG upon arrival to the #LZ ? …

Castle Of Glass, Into A Million pieces ..
-Splinter Cell
Shredders • T. BURTON
Vincent KENNEDY McMahon, created Stone Cold Steve Austin as A mirror image of himself .. VKM chose to be the “bad guy”/The Authority that he despised in the world, Of all who rose up against “The Authority”, Stone Cold Steve Austin was FEARED the MOST by VKM (the character) …
Because of what ALL OF [THEM] have done to Johns Family & John ..

He planned his whole life around Vengeance, fearing God would never forgive him for what he knew he had to do or the fear of God not caring about ANY of it.
That Vengeance sought after, it weighs on
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(3) 5:5 1
Rest In Peace # 2 Paul Gray
Rest In Peace #1 Joey Jordison

#H = 8 I Love You CT !! I Will never let you down ..

Dam G

Here we go everyone, Buckle The F up & REALLY REALLY start loving one another as G0d has Loved YOU! Image
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Again, F-That bus ..

I don't EVER want to be one of the "Cool Kids" ..
I have EVERYTHING within NOTHING . .
Fully Flared .

This is the Intro to the Fully Flared skate Video ..

The significance if this video, means EVERYTHING . .


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Welcome Home ....🤭
#LZ ...

House Is Clean & I'm glad your closet is too ...
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