Everything has been flipped/MIRRORED For this very reason of what is happening in the world today.

All the warning signs of what has been happening for The last 100 years ignored & all the cries for help from
Those who knew shot down because what they were telling everyone who was asleep didn’t want to believe them or thought there is no way these things are happening to children ..

Want me to pull up ALL the posts made about the compounds/Farms where trafficked children get sent

There were MANY compounds all around the world with rooms FILLED with babies in bassinets, those babies are raised on these farms/compounds, indoctrinated & groomed to be sent into the world to push agendas their puppet masters NEED them to push..

How many “stars” this
Very day do you think came from one of the MANY farms/Compounds in the world, picked up A guitar or has an amazing voice & was PLANTED within the music industry to PUSH agendas that keep places like plant parenthood fueled?
These “stars” who came from one of these compounds
Would end up being out with “parents”/Wives/Husbands who would HANDLE them & make sure they were doing exactly as the PUPPET MASTERS NEEDED THEM TO DO.
They would end up being pushed to reach “superstardom” with MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of followers who worship the ground
These “stars” walk on that have NO CLUE WHO THEY REALLY ARE OR WHERE THEY CAME FROM.

When you turn on the TV, What have you mostly seen the last 25 years?
-Sex ?
-Drugs ?
-Violence ?

How about music?
Within the music industry, how many record labels are owned by the very
Same entities that own all the mainstream media outlets?
What kind of music has been put out into the world the last 25 years?

Now you have An entire generation that has grown up with sex being forced into their lives with 12-17 year olds
Running around the streets with hard ons wanting to stick their little pecker in the very first “Slab of meat” they see..
Yes, I said slab of meat—Because you know that’s all women seem to be viewed as for the last 30 years ..
What do 12-17 year olds have in life at that age?
Are 12-17 year olds truly ready for A family/kids?
What does A show like ‘16 & Pregnant’ indoctrinate into the minds of many?
What About all the foods/drinks that have been Purposely altered to speed up the process of young children maturing at faster rates?
What does this
Fuel when young 12-17 years old are going out into the world experimenting?

It’s time to REALLY think about this for A second or two & get to the #ROOT of all the worlds issues.
From birth on, what has been purposely altered?
Everyone has been SHOWN REAL TIME lately by
What milk plants have been shut down, foods not being on shelves & “baby formula shortages” ..
[THEY] want/NEED everyone to think it’s because of inflation or not enough workers to deliver !
I know the truth about it all, the truth about the churches all the way to the
Highest Levels of government(past & present) & everything in between …

I have shared most of it but none of it mattered until now all of A sudden & people want to argue, give watered down excuses or act exactly as EVIL needs everyone acting KNOWING all of what is happening
In the world is scripted or not real to SHOW what the last 100 years has looked like in the dark/behind closed doors. ..

From birth on, there has been an evil agenda for EVERYONES lives,
one stage of life leading into another, it’s been nothing but PROGRAMMING humans & studying
Humans like rats in A cage ..
For A very long time it’s been nothing but EVIL Creating false realities around everyone, poisoning everyone in some way & keeping everyone within A deep dream while EVIL ENTITIES CONTINUED LIVING THEIR LIFESTYLE IN THE DARK with THE PEOPLE paying
For pretty much all of it.

Everyone has A set path they’re supposed to be on, these paths ones are supposed to be on are what determines the direction human life goes.
With Time Travel being real & EVERYTHING being known, how do you throw off all those that
Are good/shine light into the world that are threats to EVILS EMPIRE?
Create “stars” larger than life pushing the masses away from God/the path they’re supposed to be on?

There is A reason why the Vatican has hid
So much from Humanity, altered many books & not told everyone where Israel REALLY IS ..
There is A reason why time travel was never brought up when it comes to ALL THOSE “STORIES” being told of the past.
All those “stories” were not of what happened in the past, they were
SHOWING everyone what was to come in the future if everyone didn’t unite !

Future proves past.
If you had A team that traveled A Millenia gaining as much information as possible of the future, where would you take it too & how would you hide all that information?
What if the same bloodline in the future went back to the past, A father …
What if someone was told all of what was to come & to gather 12-15 people that could be trusted to share all the information that needed to be shared so it all could be preserved & all that information
Of what was to come in the future if wicked wats we’re not changed was told to the “leaders” in that time period & those leaders said FUCK YOU to 1 of the individuals that knew of what was to come ? ..

There is so much to life that most people can’t wrap their minds around
& or are not taking into consideration when viewing the BIGGER PICTURE ..

There is A reason why The United States is purposely being infiltrated within EVERY LAYER OF LIFE YOU CAN THINK OF, All to keep people as far away from the truth as possible.

All the DNA harvesting &
Companies where you can send your DNA in, [They’ve] been look for specific bloodlines & different ways to kill those specific bloodlines off for A very long time now, on top of all the other agendas forced upon humanity that keep humanity asleep & enslaved to A corrupt system.
When you place 2 mirrors facing one another, you see endless future & past—Each one of those layers can be traveled too & each one of those layers can come to where WE ALL are at right now.
THINK ABOUT WHAT I’M SAYING & APPLY it all to what’s been taking place in the world the
Last 100 years.
The Simpsons were NEVER predicting all these events, they were all PRE PLANNED attacks 60 years prior to 9/11, right along with EVERYTHING else ..
Same with wars, same with Pre determined outcomes with sports(just like wrestling) & so much more.

Evil had
All the technology in evils hands for A very long time, it was all taken back by GOOD! All these FF events that take place, staged . WHY? Because the future is already known if An event happens & or if A certain event doesn’t happen. So what happens is, The REAL attack would be-
Stopped & A FAKE ONE would be staged out in the public as if it was A movie set. All the people around where something bad was supposed to happen for real, have no idea the real event was stopped, evil arrested who plotted it & that it’s all staged just so EVERYONE as A whole is
pushed into A certain direction that humanity NEEDS to be
Pushed into so the world isn’t destroyed ..

There is so much more to all of this but what do I know?
Absolutely nothing.

I’m just the gum on the bottom of all your shoes or some stupid skateboarder that most judge
For being his true authentic self..

Imagine being the person ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN ABOUT for both “sides”, light & dark even long before that individual was ever born & having to be the one to translate what EVERYTHING means that’s been hidden in plain sight that SHOWS
The entire world the REAL WORLD beyond the false reality/dome/fake world/buckets placed over everyones heads for MANY generations .
All shown just to be spit on or have others being jealous thinking They’re being pushed off to the side as if where they come from, who they are &
All they have done doesn’t matter BUT in reality who they are, where they come from & all they have done is what matters most to this 1 individual & this 1 “nobody” truly has wanted it to be all about them & not him.

Those who dedicated their lives for 1 Buck 🦌 to be
Free & for the world to know the truth, they are the real heroes alongside the military..

People have Been saying thank you to me or saying I changed their lives for the better, NO ONE NEEDS TO THANK ME & I DIDN’T change ANYONES life for the better, #YOU changed your life for
The better on your own by listening to your heart & realizing there is so much more to life/the meaning of life that what everyone has been lead to believe.
All I did was tell you A story, story of my life & SHOW all who have dedicated their entire lives for #ME/#WE/US
To be free living in peace together UNITED as 1 FOR THE PEOPLE ..

OAK LE Y Glasses
They Live- P_per

I showed everyone A screen recording going down 1 Street, it tells A story/paints A picture on #WH-Y everything in the Garden of Eden was built
Up the way it has been …

Unfortunately, still to this day most human minds can not grasp what it is they’re being shown. Most have no clue what to do with the information or know what it all means.
All these dots shown, are dots that connect to everything else in the world
& it all points to 1 “Nobody” that no one else can be but him. In A world with so many trying to be him, those who created the world around everyone, did it all so the people didn’t waste their time on all those who have come & gone misleading them & as one GIANT counter move
Against ALL evil trying to keep everyone as far away from the truth as possible..

The choice is yours & yours alone to know.

There is nothing anyone can do or say that can stop the truth from being brought into the light or stop this world from being A #HOME again & NOT
A slave planet.

The truth sets everyone free & Once the people are shown what’s been happening to children born/unborn & how many adult lives have been altered
to purposely be chemically out of balance for some really sick
Agendas that were being planned for, A lot of people will have the answers they’ve been seeking for A long time & will be able to then decide if they want to stay “gay” or confusing being A trans man/woman.
Think of how many foods,medicines, drinks have lowered mens testosterone
At A young age & they’ve gone their whole lives not knowing why they feel different, they try talking to others who are blind/asleep who say “just be you” & never look deeper into ANYTHING.
Some may have been abused at A young age to the point they felt broken mentally, no
Matter who You are in this world or what you’re going through in life, ALL ANYONE TRULY WANTS IS TO FEEL AT PEACE WITHIN after the truth is revealed …

I don’t care what color someone is, if they were born man who turned woman, woman who turned man, Gay, straight or have
Made MILLIONS of mistakes in life—I will always care & choose to be there for others while having compassion for everyone along with getting to the #ROOT ..

DO NOT DESTROY YOURSELVES, OTHERS OR Cause more destruction in the world when the truth is brought into the light !
JUSTICE HAS BEEN/IS BEING SERVED as you read one more of these “long stupid threads” some “nobody” by the name of Shane writes ..

The time is now.

INCOMING 1-000000000000000000000000002-7

How do [THEY] all stay in positions of power for so long or keep all these plans in play destroying this Country/world?

A steady flow of already groomed “politicians” raised on one of the MANY compounds/farms from child on that were taught exactly what to do & how to do it.
Rigged elections for MANY MANY MANY years without the people even knowing what was happening?
These people then placed strategically throughout the ENTIRE SYSTEM & within Government?

Not everyone is A trafficked child groomed to live life A certain way as A puppet,
So how do you think everyone else is groomed or able to stay silent?
The #ROOT ?
Money is the problem & money is the solution, JUST AS HUMANS ARE THE PROBLEM & HUMANS ARE THE SOLUTION.

Pay enough people off to stay silent, place them in smaller roles where they feel somewhat
“Important”/above those they stand next too & you have A “well oiled machine” that constantly keeps the people on the outside looking in enslaved & asleep, doing exactly as they’re told to do #OR many are living in constant FEAR because of the never ending Pre planned wars
Happening that continuously push people into whatever political agendas corruption/evil/the puppet masters need everyone pushed into. All this done to prevent ANYONE from rising up against those who have ruled the world & owned/controlled EVERYTHING [their] way.
Those who
Stay silent, do as they’re told & live life not asking any questions, they’re allowed to live A lavish life of stardom ..
Heck, some even climb up the ranks becoming puppet masters themselves.
What is all of this about in the end you ask?

If you were given multiple chances
To live life over & over & over again, would you?
Each time you’re allowed to do so, you do things completely different becoming A baseball player, movie star, politician fighting against the corrupt “elite” or whatever else ..
Until that one time you realize you’re living
Life the way you went over & over again & there are BILLIONS of people purposely being enslaved within A matrix just born to die, never getting the answers they seek of what the true meaning of life is ..

All of these crazy inventions/technologies that help humans live
Healthy lives without illness/cancer or allow humans to BREAK THE CYCLE of being trapped in limbo, maybe 1 DAY HUMANITY will get to know how much more is out there & what the true meaning of all this really is.
I already know what happens, it’s the end of the world as
Everyone knew it to be, “the end of days” …
To be RE BORN into A brand new BRAVE WORLD that awaits everyone right now, not many know this yet thought but everyone just might get to know.

The choice is yours & yours alone.
I refuse to die & I choose to go experience all
That life has to offer, helping as many as possible along the way..
The more that can be GIVEN the proper tools, the more people can help CREATE DOTS for future generations to come so NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN …

• • •

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