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Wie soll ich formulieren? Halte es auch für wichtig, dass 🇩🇪 Flagge "erobert" wird, im Sinne von: pers. Beziehung zu ihr entwickeln. Im Grunde jedes Land hat zu eigener #Flagge alltägliches bis pos. Gefühl. Warum will Deutschland sich da ausnehmen? Falscher #Stolz.Falsche #Scham.
☝️Gleichzeitig entspräche dem eher ein freier Akt an Stelle bloßer (Gegen)Reaktion.
Frei sein, selbstverständlich selbstbewusst sein. Kein Trotz. #Emanzipation💪.

Nein: das ist kein #Nationalismus, das ist ein Stück Identität, das implizit #Achtsamkeit anderen ggü. in sich trägt
☝️Ein würdiger Akt reagiert nicht bloß auf etwas außerhalb - er entsteht in einem Spannungsfeld nach Innen & formt einen ureigenen Werdeprozess.

Ich will mich nicht als "nicht-du" definieren. Sondern ich selbst sein.

Jenseits von Gruppenzwang, Hashtags und Vorgaben - #Stolz
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Happy Birthday !

1 + 03 = #GRIND 13

Even though we don’t always see eye to eye all the time, we’re still FAMILY …

4 EVER is A lie

I could never turn my back on family on Family, it upsets me Royally knowing A few thought I didn’t know who
Sweet Lu represented IRL…

SATAN HAD A SON, his name is Jesus/SABTA/STAN.

Trinity #3 & Red INDY SHIRT are mirror images of one another ..

The ending scene/Battle is in A .5 half pipe/Key Stone Pipeline, in the end WE ALL AS ONE come out in top … Meaning, Mankind Wins !
I accept being Unforgiven by whoever who thought things weren’t being shown as they should have been but I shown—Truth is I made it known in the best way possible that would not get everyone in an uproar & at the same time plant seeds..
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Album cover, She Is Actually A He …
Hidden in plain sight.

Death Your sadness, Anger, Rage, Sorrow & Madness within your music all those years kept me alive—Most days it was all I had & That is #WHY I choose to do so the complete opposite from what you thought I would, Save
A Life who never believed..

It’s truly no big deal you never believed, For the longest I was anti-myself & didn’t believe either ..
It was your music, deaths Music that brought me to life when there was no more life left within, So I put that life for the last 20 years into
Protecting the children being abandon or hurt by ones within this once cruel world so cold ..

You’re not A liar death & I never could hate you—The darkest always shine the brightest of lights, That is why death was always depicted riding A Pale White Horse . .

This is what
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«Oui,nous vivons une période difficile()mais malgré tout cela il faut croire en la grandeur de l'aventure humaine!»,se laisser guider par la douce Lumière dans l'obscurité qui nous entoure:"Guide-moi de l'avant.Veille sur mes pas()UN SEUL PAS À LA FOIS ME SUFFIT"
En ce 1er jour de 2023,pourquoi est-ce que je poste si peu de messages sur Telegram,YT,Odysee, Tweeter?
1°/Parce que j’ai l’impression d’avoir partagé au fil du temps l’essentiel de ce que je souhaitais partager:
-valse à 3 temps (1:peur, 2:division, 3: vaccin en unique solution)
-origine humaine du virus:#biocrime
-l'Abonnement Vaccinal Chronique
-hygiène des mains (en rentrant chez soi, après toilettes, avant cuisine, après s’être mouché/avoir éternué)
-importance de la prévention (rythme de vie sain, alimentation saine, exercice physique, contemplation
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Hi #Songbird Community,

Since our launch, the #Senators have been actively discussing TSO ethics and It is time to build Songbird's first TSO #ethics scoring system.

Recently we have seen TSOs openly discuss collusion, TSO best practices, and the costs of running one. 1/🧵
@ftso_au, one of the very first TSOs on Songbird providing data since September 2021, who has also brough @flaremetrics to the #Songbird ecosystem; shed light on how expensive running a TSO can be.

@flareoracle_io, another OG TSO on Songbird who brought $sFORT to Songbird 2/🧵
-offered to look after smaller, more ethical TSOs by delegating to them. A few other TSOs joined the initiative.👏

@TsoAtlas, brought up the ethics discussions among TSOs and challenged complacency in our ecosystem.

@HugoPhilion mentioned that @FlareNetworks has planned 3/🧵
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There are a few things we can do to make a difference:
-respond to the @GOVUK covid inquiry
-tell people the stories of the vaccine injured & bereaved
-tell people the poor process the booster approvals have been through
-sign relevant petitions
-join @Togetherdec
Understand the plight of the vaccine injured & bereaved watch this video from @OracleFilmsUK
Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion
Or read individual stories here @VIBUK1 @ukcvfamily
Wear a @VIBUK1 ribbon
Tell everyone that
@moderna_tx BA1 booster was approved despite negative efficacy
@Pfizer_UK BA1 data is not available & the PAR is missing key information

@pfizer BA4/5 booster is approved based on BA1 performance

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I have shown everyone what the 01-47-87441 number mean, it’s My Birthday …
10-11-87 144

Now you will understand all the other numbers & why they were used specifically as they were.

3030150 Will always Remember Everything & Forgive …

Whatever/Whoever in this world
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Did you miss @visionofviii's Twitter Space this morning?

Don't worry; here's everything you need to know about Vii & his upcoming project, @ether!

- Vii's personality
- How to get an invite to Ether
- How this space changed my view on Ether & Vii

🧵 1/9
The Twitter space started with Vii inviting his friends up on the stage and having a great time with them. They were laughing and joking around like nobody was listening. Doing this gave us a rare look into Vii's personality, making him relatable as a founder.

🧵 2/9
Vii's passion for digital art was made apparent by the constant mention of it throughout the space. He even told us he's been working on Ether for almost two years. Not specifically the NFT collection, but the conceptualization of characters/art.

🧵 3/9
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1/n Some factual information - please share:
I open my front door and through the trees, I can see Mitella street, where Paul Abbot - creator of Shameless lived on the the brink as a child. Every day, I walk through Burnley Wood to my smallholding. It's not possible not to smell
2/n ...weed on the way. A typical everyday scene is a young couple walking past - the girl is pushing a pram and the lad has a can in one hand and a spliff in the other. I served an old-fashioned engineering apprenticeship and the blokes who taught me were as down to earth as can
3/n I lived through the punk movement from the front end - i.e. as a guitarist in a punk band. The point I'm making is that pragmatism oozes from my pores. It's not possible for me and my ilk to be conspiracy theorists. Our bullshit detectors are ultra-honed. Many from
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Ring The Bell


Crazy to think it’s been 6 years already that we’ve been #RED, Transitioning to #Greatness ImageImage
ABBA *+*🧎‍♀️

Even when “Broken”, NOT Broken …

1 & 0 Stand Tall

#Rejoice ImageImage
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5+6= 11 More Hours—Stay Tuned. .

I truly can give the word & that word gives EVERYONE what they want, LITERALLY …

Is any of this about money? …
Is any of this about possessions/Materialistic objects ? ..
Has ANY of what’s unfolding ever been about the Gold?
In your mind, right this very second—Take it all away & show yourself what YOU see ..
- Take all evil away.
- Take all money away. ..
- Take all possessions Away. …
- Take all [NEED] away. .
- Take all Addictions away.
- Take all away that makes this world hurt & Thrive.
Once you have taken it all away, What/Who do you see? …

Starting from #ZERO, What is all YOU/EVERYONE [NEEDS] ? …

Out of the entire world population, how many would now know exactly what has been wrong with the world for THOUSANDS of years & know exactly how to-
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These are confusing times for many people. No one is without questions, hesitation, conflict or lack of understanding about themselves, their lives and their place in this moment in time.
“Dueling realities" exist—some people are being pulled one way, and others are more or less
'stuck' in the old ways and simply aren't aware that there's a way out.
An ascension of consciousness and a clearer understanding of truth comes accompanied by a gradual detachment from our artificial world.
It becomes more and more present, and more and more identifiable.
begin to lose interest in much of what we used to enjoy, as we continue to realize the illusion around us is nothing more than a scripted reality.
Things that formerly demanded our interest no longer seem relevant or tasteful, and our thirst for knowledge can only be quenched by
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@Togetherdec #Together
Is your mission somewhere in a nice sharable format?
The slide from your AGM is much clearer & simpler than the one on your website
To restore ALL of our basic freedoms
1. Stop vaccine passports (and ensure no return)
2. No vaccine mandates
3. Stop mass-testing
4. No more children's covid vaccines
5. No more lockdowns / restrictions
6. Bring back democracy - end coronavirus legislation
7. Stop censorship - bring back free debate
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On 8/7, we discussed the Biden-Harris Administrations reports on #LongCOVID & offered a full circle look at where we are as a community & what is needed to move us forward to ensure each action in motion today, makes it over the finish line. 1/25 🧵

We discuss the need for you, your friends & family & other community allies to GET VOCAL & help get policymakers to understand the decades long impacts that #LongCOVID will have on their communities due to its systemic effects. #AllHandsOnDeck for #LongCovidAction
If more people got involved in the efforts happening now, the sooner millions could see help! If we don't begin changing public policy now, we may miss our window of opportunity to do so in our lifetimes. We need action now! Not later, not in a few months, not next year, NOW!
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On August 13th 2022 the HUMAN RIGHTS LEGAL PROJECT are celebrating one year after our first successful intervention to stop #Pushbacks in #Samos.
This is a small thread of how a small number of people can stop the illegalities of the government:
In April 2020 the Greek Government began its systematic and brutal pushbacks against refugees.
For a year, due to the pandemic restrictions, their actions went almost unnoticed.
@ABoatReport was trying to reveal what was happening but no one on the ground could do anything.
We were witnessing his posts feeling incapable of intervening: to protect both #AsylumSeekers and the #RuleOfLaw and #HumanRights.
On the 21st April 2021 another pushback took place in Marathokampos, Sámos. 4 days later one Palestinian woman with her three kids came to our
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Hail to the Chief.
Tay, I know it’s ultimately ur choice/decision at the end of the day but how does your dad feel about Elvis being the Pastor that day? …
King is the pastor for King & Queens Wedding, extraordinary times we’re living in. ImageImage
It’s UR day, I want U to have the day U always dreamed of, I want it to be everything & more.
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🪨 & 🛹

Born To RoLL Skate Video, Featuring myself & FAMILY …
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Life Has Only just Begun for all ! …

Thank You for always believing in ME, Even on the darkest of days this world has ever seen—You never stopped having faith in The smallest spark lighting the way. That spark turned into A BEAM OF LIGHT …

I Will NEVER Abandon yoU! ImageImage
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Those of you who are sad to see @BorisJohnson go remember
-He closed schools
-He closed children's playgrounds
-He made children think they would kill their grandparents
-He made laws that you could be fined for meeting family
-His Lockdowns resulted in suicides
-He banned sport, obesity increased
-He caused an increase in alcoholism
-He destroyed pubs & small businesses
-He made people reliant on furlough destroying the hospitality sector
-He made laws that protestors could be arrested
-He closed the @NHSEngland for 2 years
-He enabled extensive fraud on PPE, Test & Trace, and I suspect vaccines
-He claimed vaccines were safe & effective when they were not
-He ignored vaccine damage victims
-He coerced people to take vaccines, he even mandated it
-He made it impossible to see GPs
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The pic on the left is from 5 days after rescuing Duke & on the right is at Year 3 …

I know why [they] chose all the symbols/Symbolism [they] did, all to try making it look like “nobody” was apart of [their] sic club, turning as many people away from 1 individual was always
The goal for [EVIL] …

#R yan Ortin —LIVES ON FORVER ! ..




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Myself & Tyrone/T-Bone (T-Bone Was in OSIRIS #THE #STORM

Madison Wisconsin
“Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan”

Tactical Skateboarding Full Length Video
Put my heart & soul into my part in this Video, BoRn To RoLL!

#Madison Wisconsin
#One Love

The Champ Is Here !

.@taylorswift13 — CALM DOWN might Make sense to everyone now …
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1) So Molly Kingsley from Us for Them claims UfT have "nothing to do with" the Safer to Wait leaflets. Even threatening @dgurdasani1 with lawyers. Molly loves to claim innocence of not being involved with other groups, however, we have the receipts...

2) I posted the below thread on the day Hart's Clare Craig announced the launch of Safer to Wait. #Hartleaks revealed exactly who was involved. UfT's Ros Jones/Maidment is listed first in About Us on their website & there's a link to UfT's website too.

3) The leaflets in question appear on Safer to Wait's Our Leaflets page & on the download it has a big old Safer to Wait logo on there. ImageImage
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All this because someone was Born, Someones are still alive & what has been happening to children …
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