1. I think it's important to recognize that this was likely #Putin's idea that he sold to #Erdogan in their #Sochi meeting.

"We will not reconcile" .. Night demonstrations in the liberated areas of northern Syria, in rejection of the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister.
2. Remember, #Kadyrov was there. Could it be intended to expose the people who will never play ball so Kadyrov's crew can assassinate them? I'm not sure they are that clever but it is always worth considering. Putin is reported to be in a dream world where he fantasizes victories
3. are coming soon. It's possible Putin is that out of touch to not realize what the #Syrian opposition is really thinking. Also, #Assad has been on the rehabilitation tour and may also believe that because the corrupt #GulfState leaders are willing to forget his
4. past that all the rebels in west and northern Syria will forget it too. This is where Assad's addiction to murder has perhaps come back to bite him. Had he been more accommodating in #Daraa he might have tricked these rebels into buying the new nicer Assad.
5. But Assad couldn't help himself and started assassinating people in Daraa. Any rational Assad opponent has to know that he will eliminate them when the time is right. For the folks who have been in bed with #Erdogan, they may not be ready to be slaughtered.

• • •

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Aug 12
FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say.

My Washington Post subscription allows me to share this gift article, at no cost to you.

Read here: washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
2. In 2017, I posted a long thread that made the case for Flynn and #45 being involved in providing Arab states with the ability to make nuclear weapons from Russian spent fuel to be used to run reactors they were all involved in selling. You can't even talk about doing that
3. without a license and because it can make bombs it is covered by FISA so you get lit up the minute you start chatting about it. SCI material doesn't have a lot of lose copies in other places beyond the intended storage
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Aug 11
1. Once upon a time the rebel groups in western Syria were supplied by the CIA. That was likely under the belief that they were willing to oppose Assad on terms palatable to US decision makers. The extreme radicalization of the Syrian resistance groups by Turkey financed by
2. malign actors in the Gulf, may mean that there are too few people still committed to ending Assad's regime to resist the Turkish, Al-Qaeda and Daesh affiliated mercenaries. But there is a possibility that there are enough people who want to actually live in peace in Syria who
3. realize that only the SDF provides the opportunity to live free of the regime's brutality while UN ordered process is completed that will eventually lead to free and fair elections. If Assad wins he stays. If he loses he goes but there will be no mass bloodletting. Allawites,
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Aug 10
1. As I have opined for months, to charge #45 with a serious Chapter 115 disloyalty crime the DOJ needs clear proof that he advocated the use of criminal violence to stay in power after the voters voted him out. I suspect that during the attack, Meadows was providing updates
2. to #45 and communications from him to the conspirators. The person whose background fits the description I would expect from the tactical commander commanding the coup military force was Stott Perry a retired Army Brigadier with combat experience. Martial law doesn't
3. work without the "martial" component. I live in the only state that was ever under martial law. There is no civil government or courts. Just the armed force that imposes it. I think Perry was tasked to command that force and the communications over Signal will prove #45 is
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Aug 9
1. Here is the part of Fed. R. Crim. P. 41 that deals with the "receipt" #45 certainly has but has not disclosed. The "return" goes to the Magistrate Judge.

(C) Receipt. The officer executing the warrant must give a copy of the warrant and a receipt for the property taken to
2. the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken or leave a copy of the warrant and receipt at the place where the officer took the property. For a warrant to use remote access to search electronic storage media and seize or copy electronically stored
3. information, the officer must make reasonable efforts to serve a copy of the warrant and receipt on the person whose property was searched or who possessed the information that was seized or copied. Service may be accomplished by any means, including electronic means,
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Aug 9
1. For all the people who have been complaining about Garland not being more forthcoming with his investigation just remember by keeping his mouth shut the loonies on the right all thought nothing was happing. McCarthy's reaction was interesting. I thought at first he thinks it
2. can be used to get out the base and impair the Dems' momentum going into the midterms. But then it occurred to me that he may have believed all the noise that Garland was giving #45 a pass. What if he's been on the phone with #45?
3. What if the conspirators have all been talking about their crimes on the phone? Title III wires are cumbersome & hard to keep long-term. But if you're going to charge you obviously have probable cause and if it's an ongoing conspiracy like this one so you might give it a shot.
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Aug 9
1. If DOJ is ready to charge #45 for the fake electors plus seditious conspiracy and the purloined documents remained an unresolved issue, once DOJ charged for other crimes there would likely be no more discussions or even ability to execute a warrant. So perhaps
2. today's search warrant was just a lose end in a larger multi-count case that the DOJ is soon going to file and they wanted to make sure that the documents were no longer in #45's possession even if they don't charge him for it.
3. If you accept the reporting that the FBI was at ML all day, and the documents were in boxes it is likely that the warrant included evidence that went beyond the documents. They opened his safe. He may have had evidence of financial or other crimes in it. I remain of
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