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♦️Erdoğanism: A Tale of a Dictator♦️

Turkish Prez Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed #UNGA on Kashmir. He said that #Turkey favors to resolve the issue of #Kashmir with dialogue according to UN resolutions & according to the wishes of #Kashmiris. Let’s burst the bubble. Image

Remembering Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the “Father of Modern Turkey” when turkey use to be a modern and secular state, an Islamic republic with a progressive approach.

#KashmirInUNGA #UNGA Image

But the Turkey of today is very different. It is ruled by a man who wants to take it back to its Ottoman ambitions.
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan teaches the world what is “right” and what isn’t. But does he practice it himself.

#KashmirInUNGA #Erdogan #UNGA Image
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#LIVE: 75th UN General Assembly session kicks off, and for the first time it is being held virtually with prerecorded messages from world leaders
#LIVE: #UN Secretary-General #AntonioGuterres urges the world to be prevent a #ColdWar and halt conflicts so it can focus on #COVID19 pandemic at #UNGA #UN75 #coronavirus Image
#LIVE: US President Donald #Trump says @UN must hold China accountable for #coronavirus outbreak #Covid_19 #UNGA #UN75 Image
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Once upon a time #Erdogan & #Turkey was seen as a success story that had 0 problems with its neighbours and great relations with #Israel - to the extent that the pro-Israeli Jewish diaspora were very keen to host Erdogan and collaborate across many issues…
Attending the meeting were Citi's Chief Executive Officer for Europe, Middle East & Africa James C. Cowles, Partner at Caxton Associates Jeff Enslin, CEO of Lazard Ken Jacobs, President of Blackstone Hamilton E. Jones, CEO of Warburg Pincus Chip Kaye,
Henry Kissinger, president of WL Ross and Co. Wilbur Ross, Representative of the Secretary-General for the Investments of the Fund Carol Boykin, chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and his manager Espen Agdestein, James Rothschild of the Rothschild Family.
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One year ago #Turkey’s #Erdogan told during the #UN General Assembly that his country is going to create a so-called ‘safe zone’ in Northern #Syria by eliminating & ethnic cleansing the native population in the region and called on the International Community to support him
On October 2019 #Turkey started their unlawful border-cross operation into Northern Syria with the green light of the US and other western countries. The first target of Erdogan & his jihadists were the Kurdish-controlled regions #TwitterKurds
After few days of airstrikes on the cities Serêkaniyê, Tal Abyad and Qamishlo, Turkey started with the ground offensive. The first act of the Turkey-backed jihadists was the extra-judicial killing of Kurdish Politician #HavrinKhalef #TwitterKurds
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1⃣ The blood thirsty Dracula no none talks about,

the Islamofascist Devlet BAHÇELİ, president of MHP,

the NAZI party that co - governs #Turkey 🇹🇷


A thread Image
2⃣ Devlet BAHÇELİ,

the NAZI that destroyed #Turkey 🇹🇷,

is a Cancer in the soul of our neighbors,

he is 100% responsible for the current alienated face of #Turkey🇹🇷,

he is the reason that #Turkey🇹🇷 moved away from #Europe🇪🇺 and #European🇪🇺 values…
3⃣ Who is Devlet BAHÇELİ?

How he manages to pass under the radar but still be able to set the path of destruction for #Turkey 🇹🇷?

In 1987, Devlet Bahçeli became a member of the board of the Nationalist Task Party (MÇP),
#TurkeyIsATerrorState Image
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#Rizk'imi veren #Hüda'dir
666'ya minnet eylemem..

seytani kelimesinin
ebced degeri=666'dir

ibranice'de "vav"
sayisal degeri=6
Nostradamusun kehaneti;
"21.yy 666 sayisiyla yönetilecek"

Ve "Müslüman" #Erdogan
Bakim parasi (#Rizk) olarak
666 TL verecek

Masonlarin/illuminatinin Seytanilerin
kutsal rakami olan 666;
iblisin sayisal degerini temsil eder.

Peki neden özellikle 666 TL?

Tesadüf mü?Degil tabi

Birinci Madde neydi?
"Küresel olaylarda Tesadüf diye bir sey yoktur" Image
ABD Hazine Bakanliginin resmi armasinin altinda
666 yer alir.

Bilgisayar Sistemlerinde
#Ürün'lerin (#Rizk'in) fiyat karsiligini belirleyen #Barkod'larin
basinda-Ortasinda ve sonunda birer 6 bulunur=666

Rulet oyunlarindaki sayilarin toplami=666'dir Image
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Today we welcome Greek Prime Minister @kmitsotakis to our Group meeting. We will not accept that #Turkey is pursuing an expansionist policy, destabilising the entire region. We firmly stand with #Greece and #Cyprus in defending their borders and territorial waters. #EastMed
Our reaction must be given on two levels:
1⃣#EUCO to define the conditions under which we could trigger new economic sanctions. If the provocations continue, #Erdogan must be hit where it hurts most - in his wallet. #EastMed
2⃣It is time to fundamentally rethink our ties with #Turkey. We must end the membership process and rethink a new relationship based on the idea of ​​partnership, in which we are not held hostage. #EastMed
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A ver, perdí la inspiración....Veamos!! En mi opinión, la crisis de #Venezuela se comprende mejor desde una visión geopolítica. Verán, la dinámica del sistema político nuestro baila al son de los intereses extranjeros que sostienen al chavismo, y a su "oposición", en el poder.
Yo les recomiendo, si van a leer este hilo, tengan su mente abierta; dejen de chuparse el dedo. La política son relaciones de poder e intereses, a nivel micro y macro; y la nuestra no es la excepción, y si es a nivel geopolítico, más aún.
Me permito recomendarles que dejen de lado el sentimentalismo, y la defensa a ultranza de caudillos de Partido. Si usted no está preparado, y no tiene la madurez política para hacer eso, mejor se retira.
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#Siyasi #Dedikodu

Avlameroz=Konusalim demek

Kayades=Susmak//Görünür olmamak/Kendini saklamak

Yahudilikte bir Prensiptir/Kuraldir/Tercihtir

neden susuyorlar/Kimden nicin cekiniyorlar?

Tarih boyunca neden hep KOVULDULAR/KOVULUYORLAR?
... Image
Kayades kuralina uygun olarak
Sustuklari halde her yerden kovuluyorlarsa,
konusurlarsa kimbilir neler olur!

Neyse konumuz bu degil.
istanbul'da #Bülbülderesi Mezarligi var.
cogunuz duymussunuzdur bu mezarligi.

Bu mezarligin birkac özelligi var Image
#Yahudilik ve #Kabala literatüründe
derin anlamlar tasiyan bircok simgeyle birlikte,
Özel Mezartaslari
Sözler vs bulunur.

Mezarligin temel özelligi;
#Sabetayist'lere ait olmasidir.

Sabetayist=Kripto (Gizli)Yahudiler/Dönme Yahudiler
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Thread on 🇹🇷&🇬🇷 standoff in East Med. Early Aug 🇹🇷 sent seismic vessel & warships for gas research on continental shelf claimed by both, 🇹🇷 seeking create fait accompli. This is clear violation international law. 🇬🇷sent warships to prevent this. None wants conflict but big risk.1
#Erdogan wants to revise status quo, incl. the 1923 Lausanne Treaty which defined the borders of the #Turkish Republic. Revisionism is dangerous, that’s what wars are made of. Militaristic rhetoric is not helping either. 2
🇪🇺wants partnership with 🇹🇷, important for security, energy & migration. But EU🇪🇺 mainly owes solidarity to members 🇬🇷&🇨🇾 when facing external threat. Many carrots on table but without some sticks 🇪🇺 cannot be credible. 🇪🇺 on Friday listed sanctions if 🇹🇷 continues escalation. 3
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A piece by @MadaMasr on the #EastMed tensions with my two cents.

#Thread with some of my comments.

[Do read the whole thing, it's extensive and very balanced]

#Turkey #Egypt #Cyprus #Greece #Israel #UAE #Libya @prioMidEast @PRIOUpdates @PRIOCyprus…
1. "The Egyptian-Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (#EEZ) deal is important because it settles, at least partly, an issue that has been open for decades in the area and completes another small [piece of the] puzzle in the maritime zone disputes of the #EasternMediterranean"
2. #Turkey's actions aim to“to deconstruct the existing regional status quo & security architecture & bring about a new one that will be more beneficial to itself, in terms of the geopolitical space, the natural resources and the maritime routes that it will be able to control.”
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Animasyonun yapim tarihi-2008

Camlica Camii'nin yapim tarihi-2012

Ve Camlica Kulesi- 5G Baz istasyonu
Animasyonu yapanlar,

4 yil sonra Camlica tepesine
Camlica Camii'nin
ve karsisina Camlica Kulesinin yapilacagini
nerden biliyordu?

Eyy #AKP kimsin sen?
Animasyonda gösterilen Camii'nin patlama ani.

Patlama sirasinda cikan dumanlara dikkat
5 OK seklinde
ve arkasinda yikilmayan 1 minare=6 minare

en arkada ise ucu sivri tuhaf bir yapi=5G Kulesi

Sol tarafta istanbul Bogazi
Tam karsisinda yüksek binalar=Levent

Hersey Planli.. ImageImageImageImage
2012'lerde yapilan Camlica Camii'nin birkac özelligi var.

1-Cok pahali ve lüks olmasi-#israf

2-Masonik ögeler barindirmasi

3-Acilisini Erdogan'in yaptigi
Camiiyi yapan HedefYapi firmasinin Konkordato ilan etmesi

5-Küreselcilerin 2008'de yaptigi animasyonda gösterilmesi
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Hier werde ich einen Thread öffnen, wo ich alle Verbindungen zwischen Erdogans Organisation zu deutschen Parteien und Politikern in Deutschland aufdecken werde. Täglich werden neue Informationen dazu kommen.
#AKP #UETD #UID #DITIB #CDU #SPD #GraueWölfe Image
#CemileGiousouf traf sich mit merkwürdigen AKP-Gestalten. Daher erklärt es sich von alleine, dass sie so genau auf die Symbole der kurdischen Freiheitsbewegung schaut. Die Grauen Wölfe ignoriert sie aber. #VerbietetGraueWölfe ImageImage
#IlhanBükrücü von der CDU bekommt Auszeichnungen von AKP-Bande um #MetinKülünk. Vielleicht für die gute Lobbyarbeit für #Erdogan? Vetreter von WIN sind auch auf den Bildern zu sehen. ImageImageImage
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Have you visited this beautiful place?
I did!

It is Turkey’s #ChoraChurch
That Erdogan decided to convert to a mosque.
A lesson to those wishful analysts who thought #HagiaSophia is just a one off PR stunt!…
When I toured Eastern Turkey, I encountered many deserted building belonged to the displaced Armenians.
Now Erdogan want to wipe the remaining Greek history of Turkey
I find it hilarious that some still find Erdogan’s actions like converting #ChoraMonastery/church into mosque.
101ideological dogma: Why is not part of their vocabularies.
There are only grievances
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After #HagiaSophia now #Erdogan turns the historic Orthodox Byzantine
Monastery of Chora into a mosque! this is an insult to Islam and Muslims, not just to Christians. #ChoraMonastery
The barbaric acts of Erdogan and Turku continue
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@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump "If you want a vision of your life under Biden presidency think of the smoldering ruins in #Minneapolis the violent anarchy of #Portland the bloodstained sidewalks of #Chicago..imagine the mayhem coming to your town & every single town in America."-@POTUS
@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @POTUS "#JoeBiden abandoned #Pennsylvania!"-@POTUS @realDonaldTrump #VoteRedOrBeDead
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#Exclusive : #Turkey provides base for '20,000 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood' supporters… via @TheNationalUAE Image
The New Century Foundation report said that as many 30,000 Egyptians were living in #Turkey and most were being given shelter by the government of President #Erdogan.
While the exact number of Egyptians in #Turkey is not detailed in official statistics, the report quoted an #Istanbul-based opposition leader as saying 20,000 Egyptian #MuslimBrotherhood members lived on Turkish soil.
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⬇️Full thread ⬇️


Topic: #Nazi ideology of so called #GreaterAlbania as the main cause of conflicts in #Kosovo, #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Macedonia and #Greece

#Balkans #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #GreatAwakening
As the world’s attention is mainly focussed on #USElections2020 and distracted by the #COVID19, there's a project in progress to absorb #Kosovo, Preševo Valley in #Serbia, southern #Montenegro, #Epirus in #Greece and western North #Macedonia into a single #GreaterAlbania state.👇
On a daily basis people of #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Macedonia and #Greece are threatened with irredentist territorial aspiration by Albanians who openly declare #GreaterAlbania with added lands from these countries. #Kosovo has been violently ripped off and history is repeating.👇
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A lot is being talked about #Turkey in light of President #Erdogan's populist views and recent decision of UAE to recognize Israel.

Here is a thread about Israel-Turkey relationship and why current Turkish view is leaning against Israel:
Turkey recognized Israeli state in 1949 and established a diplomatic mission in Tel-Aviv a year later. It became first Muslim country to do so mainly because Turkey, then, was ruled by secular dictators and the political elite had misgivings about Arab revolt against Ottomans.
The Israeli attack on its Arab neighbors in 1967 strained its relations with Turkey. Full annexation of Palestine after the six day war was condemned. However, low level relations continued as Turkey was more focused on threat from Soviet Union during cold war.
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#Thread |📺 @ShireenMazari1: #Pakistan's policy bureaucracy and slow diplomacy failed Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI's robust #Kashmir lobbying after 5 Aug. 2019.

I was honored to host her on Sat at @KashmirLobby event. I will show some clips here, then add my analysis
📺@ShireenMazari1: Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI singlehandedly changed #Pakistan's narrative on #Kashmir following India's 5 Aug 2019 actions (when he compared Kashmiri situation to the #Holocaust). But @ForeignOfficePk failed to pick up on that.

📺@ShireenMazari1: Our diplomacy on #Kashmir does not go beyond statements of moral, political & diplomatic support. No work on promoting Kashmiri culture of resistance which is an important part of all resistance movements.

@KashmirLobby @mohrpakistan
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At the time when #Erdogan supporting the Pakistan openly and interfering the internal matter of india the meeting of Amir khan with first Lady of Turkey is morally unacceptable at all.
really i was not expected from @aamir_khan .
Mr Khan should studied about the Erdogan regime
Erdogan is an extremist Turkish President.
He believes that he wants to become his Caliphate in Islamic countries.
In 2017, he completely changed the Turkish constitution. He proved himself strong and took control of Turkish power.
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