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#Breaking: Just in - Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says work on #Manbij in #Syria's roadmap has been accelerated recently, but has to be completed as soon as possible.
#Update: But supposed "YPG/PKK" terrorists are still active in Syria's #Manbij, claims Turkey's Foreign Minister "Mevlut Cavusoglu" and says in Washington while addressing the Coalition to Defeat ISIS [Daesh]
#Update: And then earlier today the #SAA Syrian army are in combat positions near the #Kurdish city of #Manbij in case the #Turkish forces will try to conquer the city #Syria.
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1) Nordic Monitor has investigated how #Erdogan rushed to gift Turkey’s multibillion dollar tank factory to cronies, #Qatar. Quite interesting facts came out.…
2) The documents reviewed conclude Erdoğan rushed a bilateral financial agreement between Turkey and Qatar through Parliament for approval ahead of his decision to turn over a $20 billion tank and pallet factory to a company run jointly by his associates and the Qatari army.
3) The deal, the avoidance of double taxation agreement, came just in the nick of time before govt presented national tank factory on a silver platter to Turkish-Qatari armored vehicle manufacturer #BMC, a company run by Ethem Sancak, a member of #Erdogan's ruling party politburo
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#Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa now descending to Rafic Hariri Airport in #Beirut #Lebanon for the Arab economic summit. Looking at the flight path and the huge detour avoiding #Iraq and #Syria I believe there is a bit of anxiety in the air. @kaisos1987
The "Qatar-Iran-Turkey" the sky
The Airbus A320 Prestige is for the delegation.
This is the Emir's prestigious 747-800 now landing in #Beirut. Same bird given by the Emir to #Erdogan.
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Nordic Monitor talked to a senior gov't insider in #Turkey and reveals how Turkish intelligence used former special ops officers to train & arm jihadists…
2) After the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011 during the Arab revolutions, a special desk was set up in Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) for the purpose of toppling Assad and replacing his regime with an Islamist gov't under the secret orders of #Erdogan .
3) According to a confidential source who spoke to Nordic Monitor on condition of anonymity, one of the first things MIT did was to recall all former police officers, ex-military members and special operations figures who had trouble with the law in the past.
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1) Nordic Monitor take the lid off a stealthy pro-Iranian radical group #Malatyalılar that wields considerable influence in #Turkey’s governance…
2) The group is closely connected to Turkish intelligence agency MİT, has been busy in penetrating into the security and foreign policy apparatus of the Turkish government, shaping policies that nurture jihadist views and transforming Turkey into a rogue nation.
3) The Malatyalılar, reorganized in 1992 under an illegal structure called Türkiye Islam Hareketi (TİH, Turkey Islamic Movement) with cells established for armed conflict and weapons stockpiled for a future battle, is led by an extremist figure named Zekeriya Şengöz
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1. And now I'm going to tell a story. Another false flag. This time is to force @POTUS not to take the US army out of #Syria.
They already have a lot of experience (8 years) to make chemical attacks to accuse the Syrian government.
OH, and they even have a manual.🧐😲🤨
2. ISIS terrorist? 😲Seriously?🤨 Have they investigated? 🤓And they already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

Preliminary reports say at least six people were killed & 19 injured by the explosion. US official: 4 US army Killed & 3 US army wounded.
3. ISIS took responsability?😲Seriously?🤨Have they investigated?🤓They already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) took responsibility for the attack that reportedly targeted the US-led coalition’s patrol.
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The map of Syria
Turkish President #Erdogan will meet with his Russian counterpart on January 23 to discuss the future of the Syrian east and the city of Manbij. This comes after a telephone conversation between Erdogan and #Trump before yesterday.1/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia
With the scrutiny of the Turkish, American, Kurdish and Russian military movements in the Syrian east and its surroundings, it is now possible to develop a scenario that will be closest to what will be the map of the Syrian East.2/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
In a secret visit to #Ankara a few days ago, a Syrian delegation led by Ahmed al-#Jarba, a leader of a military group of Arabs supported by the International Coalition and #Washington, arrived from the areas of #SDF.3/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
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1) More than 500 intelligence officers purged and/or jailed by Erdogan gov’t in #Turkey in an unprecedented move to turn the nation's spy agency into an abusive & intrusive tool at the hands of repressive regime…
2) This amounts to 7 percent of intelligence officers #Erdogan has purged and/or jailed from the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) since 2013, when he and his family members were incriminated in a graft probe that involved Iranian and Saudi nationals.
3) According to a secret document obtained by Nordic Monitor, the agency revealed that 558 MİT employees have been dismissed from the spy agency, corresponding to some 7 percent of its total workforce.
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1) Nordic Monitor reveals how Turkish intelligence agency MIT worked with a cutthroat jihadist in Syria who killed Christian clerics…
2) A jihadist militant who killed two priests and beheaded many innocent people in Syria has long worked with Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT, which helped him get away with lesser charges when he was caught in an al-Qaeda sweep by Turkish police.
3) His name is Maghomed Maghomedzakirovich Abdurkhmanov (aka Abu Banat), a Russian national who travelled to Syria through Turkey in 2012 to join jihadists and had led the Jamaat Abu Banat terrorist group, later part of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
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1) Nordic Monitor reveals another case of how #Turkey hushed up the case of intelligence agency MIT arming jihadists in Syria…
2) The Turkish government dropped an investigation launched in November 2013 into arms shipments to jihadist group when police seized 931 empty mortar shells and 10 metal tubes for launchers from a truck in Adana near the Syrian border.
3) The arms transfers were done under the auspices of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), and the man who coordinated the entire setup, from manufacturing in machinist shops in Turkey to transport to Syria, was an operative of the Turkish spy agency.
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1) Offsets are not the only problem in the sale of American Patriot missiles to Turkey…
2) The major stumbling block between Turkey and the US on the finalization of the sale of $3.5 billion worth of Patriot missiles, whose purchase awaits approval by the US Congress, has always been the issue of offsets. But that is not the only problem in the proposed sale.
3) Judging from the wording in the notification @StateDept sent to Congress on Dec. 18, 2018, this issue remains undecided. “The purchaser requested offsets. At this time offset agreements are undetermined and will be defined in negotiations between the purchaser and contractors"
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THREAD on @RT_Erdogan's @nytimes op-ed, #Ankara's relations with @realDonaldTrump, #Putin
1.#Erdogan's op-ed - masterpiece of communication effort in hostile info-environment,the lobbysts who worked on it deserve credit for understanding psychology of Western reader&current political discourse in #US which helps them pick arguments urbi et orbi
2. Endorsment: #Erdogan basically argues #Trump is right in his decision to depart #Syria but it should be done in a smat way to meet "interests of US, international cummunity & Syrians" => shout out to both Trump's conservative constituency & liberals: "TUR cares about YOU"
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1) @nordicmonitor reveals the full text of implementation deal for military agreement between #Turkey & #Qatar that allowed Turkey to set up a base in Doha. The agreement is full of loopholes and vague terms that appear to have been deliberately inserted.…
2) The bilateral agreement would allow Turkish President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan to use Turkish air, land and naval assets to promote his own ideological and personal interests in the Gulf and beyond by using the hard power of the NATO military alliance’s second largest army.
3) The agreement carries huge risks of escalation of Turkey’s involvement in conflicts that may have nothing to do with protecting or promoting Turkey’s national interests. The vagueness in the deal were deliberate & systematic to allow Erdogan to use them as he sees fit.
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1) Hayrettin Karaman, an 84-year-old leading theologian & chief fatwa (religious edict) giver for the repressive regime in Turkey, is a hired ideologue who offered his services in exchange for financial benefit, courtesy of his client, Turkish President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan.
2) In November 2018 Karaman was elected vice president of the Qatar-based International Association of Muslim Scholars (IAMS), a Muslim Brotherhood outfit that was listed as a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf nations.
3) The IAMS had been administrated by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a man who endorsed suicide bombing and armed jihad, who is the supreme ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qaradawi is an ardent supporter of Erdoğan, and he describes him as the leader of all Muslims.
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It‘s remarkable that @RT_Erdogan is preventing peaceful demonstrators from raising awareness about the genocide #China‘s committing against the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Separately, I’ve seen tweets from #Turkey’s talking heads accusing the [frequently incompetent] @CIA of…
… being behind the demonstrations. As somebody who‘s openly, vocally critical of the #CIA (seriously, check my timeline) & who spends hours everyday trying to help raise awareness of the #Uyghur issue, I can tell you that I’ve seen *NO* US gov’t support for the #Uyghurs AT ALL…
… this is immensely frustrating, b/c this is a #HumanRights crisis & the #CIA would actually be in a position to help if they wanted to do the right thing. But more importantly, this conspiracy theory deflects from something more troubling: #Turkey’s closeness w/ #China
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#SRO - ANALYSIS - With the ammount of forces being driven toward Greater #Idlib this night, clearly showing #Turkey has given green light for this move (it never happened until now), the best "winner" of the situation is the Northern Federation - #Rojava #SDF coalition (1).
#SRO - ANALYSIS - The most #Turkey proxies to be occupied in N-#Idlib | W-#Aleppo in front of the recent #HTS activities, the most of #SDF to breathe for coming weeks, far from the rising tensions and expected large offensive to be launched on Tal Abyad and Serekanye (2).
#SRO - ANALYSIS - So why #Turkey now completely turning tables ? #HTS presence and power was well known. But problem isn't #HTS for #Turkey, it's #Astana process. How to exist on international stage if you can't play your part (#Idlib was Turkey responsability) seriously ? (3)
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1. Why did @realdonaldTrump say Syrian Kurds are selling oil to Iran? First, though they rarely make public statements, #SDF have politely explained that is not so & would be difficult if not impossible because Syria has no border with #Iran. @WHNSC @foxandfriends @hogangidley45
2. Nobody could accuse @POTUS of a firm grasp of facts, so could he be confusing Iraqi Kurds with Syrian Kurds? We know that Manafort was involved in the failed KRG referendum and I suspected the subsequent attack by the IRGC on Kirkuk and siezure of the fields. Is that it?
3. Trump gets intel briefings and is known to leak secrets. There have been reports of the Kurkuk oil being traded with Iran. Is that what he was talking about? The @WhiteHouse owes the #SDF, our brave loyal allies, a response about what was the basis of that statement.
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1) Militants of a Turkish al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group have been operating under the auspices of the country’s ruling party AKP gov-t, arming themselves for what they claim to be a defensive move to protect #Turkey from the attack of western crusaders, Jews and Russians.
2) We studied one such militant who has been used by the AKP to attack journalists & critics and investigated his profile in depth to uncover a worrying pattern of radicalization among AKP supporters. The trend is not unique, and the case is definitely not an isolated one.
3) His name is Murat Özdemir, and he is one of too many faithful of Erdogan's followers. He and his family connected to a Turkish al-Qaeda group which was calling for armed jihad. Seen here posing with Turkish president son Necmettin Bilal Erdogan.
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1) Exactly four years ago today, #Erdogan government was caught making an illegal arms transfer to jihadist groups in Syria under a scheme that was off the book and unauthorized and in which weapons were secretly transported in trucks by the National Intelligence Organization MIT
2) A tractor-trailer full of heavy arms was intercepted by security forces on Jan. 1, 2014 at 16.40 hours near the Turkish village of Torun on the highway between the towns of Kırıkhan and Reyhanlı in the southeastern province of Hatay, near the Syrian border.
3) A Turkish prosecutor issued a search and seizure warrant after he was informed by the gendarmerie that an intelligence tip, classified as secret, was received at 16.00 hours indicating a truck full of arms and an escort car were on their way to cross the Turkish-Syrian border.
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1. From July: IMO why #Erdogan intends genocide. And why @POTUS @SecPompeo @Whitehouse need good attorneys when they are out of power of they allow Turkey's planned genocide: MT Turkey’s total fertility rate falls to 2.07 in 2017 - Turkey News… via @HDNER
2. Turkey's non-Kurdish population is crashing. This report evidence known trends of falling birth rates in Turkey's western provinces and highest rates in N. Kurdistan. Turkey's Islamist AKP party has attempted to revert the liberal secular society into an Islamist theocracy.
3. Women impacted by Islamism appear to be voting against it by not having children. Kurdish culture continue to result in large families and IMO in 20 years will outnumber the ethnic Turkic inhabitants. So Erdogan needs a final solution. Trump @WHNSC & Pompeo have agreed to it.
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1. Why @GOP must impeach & remove @realDonaldTrump to survive.
It's true, in very Red gerrymandered districts, turning on @Trump will likely costs a seat. But for many @SenateGOP & about 40 @HouseGOP sticking with a corrupt traitor turned #ISIS affiliate is a loser. Sorry #MAGA.
2. How bad is Trump-Russia? He's about to be charged with major state & federal crimes, most property will be seized & family locked in Rikers Island. But @Trump's bizarre decision to force Mattis to denounce him & then ally with #ISIS affiliated @RT_Erdogan was the final straw.
3. Now that Trump has forced the IC to come clean about the facts they have concealed about Erdogan, his family & Turkey's MIT related to ISIS affiliations, it is unlikely @CIA Turkey section survives if it continues to hide Turkey's role in ISIS for some realpolitik baloney.
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Since Mr Brett McGurk will no longer be needed? Perfect timing. 🇸🇾 #Syria
I completely trust #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦#🇦🇪UAE and our GCC partners to ensure 🇸🇾#Syria will remain in good hands..
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Thread: @arimelber asked me last night whether #TrumpShutDown was at all related to the pressure brought to bear by the #MuellerProbe. Let’s consider this more closely. It’s a distraction & attempt to show strength at a time that #Trump has been weakened.
First, #MuellerProbe will continue full steam ahead. It is funded and not impacted by #TrumpShutDown. The shutdown isn’t wise or good for anyone. So a shutdown only serves to help Trump if it makes him look strong and like a “winner” to his base. Wrong-headed But Trumpian logic.
Things to remember as we wake up to a partial #GovernmentShutdown: You will still get Medicare, Medicaid, SSI services. Dept of State, DOJ, DOT r among the agencies that will have to shut some activities. Homeland security won’t stop border enforcement, courts will operate.
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1. When @realDonaldTrump gets told by @HughHewett on @MSNBC he's blown it in Syria it may be sign 20 @SenateGOP may be willing to remove him. Mattis quits. Universal condemnation by command & force families. If I'm right a blood bath is only hours away. @DefenseIntel @USSOCOM
2. #Erdogan declared total war of #Genocide. It will make Yemen look like a garden party & will spread to Turkey & push several million more refugees into @NATO EU nations. Volatile mix of Kurds & Turks in Germany could result in open civil warfare. @usbotschaft @StateDeptDSS
3. But that's Putin and his Islamist pals' plan. Merkel knows it even if Macron & May are clueless. When Europe is burning remember you could have acted. Trump is betraying the US. Don't betray your own countries.
Protect the #SDF.
@GermanyDiplo @EmmanuelMacron @theresa_may Photo of Rouhani, Erdogan and Putin
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