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Who is #IRGC and what is it's mission?
In this video, we want to take a look at some terrorist activities of #IRGC in the world.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran @usadarfarsi @StateDept @statedeptspox @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @USUN @GermanyDiplo
Below is the history of IRGC.
#IRGC created by #Khomeini in 1979 is an #Iranian government agency tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. Espousing a radical ideology and a paranoid worldview.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran
#IRGC uses secret #police methods against its opponents within #Iran, and terrorist tactics against its enemies abroad.
The IRGC creates, trains, funds, arms, and deploys forces with thousands of fighters beyond Iran’s borders.
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#Israel has offered #Lebanon humanitarian and medical aid. Unfortunately the Lebanese government did not react.This was to be expected as the offer came from an enemy. On Twitter and other social media I saw a lot of very cynical and negative comments about 1/
the „horrible“ Israelis and their fraudulent offer. This is really sad. Many years ago I made a film about the field hospital Israel has set up on the Golan helping #Syrian civilians who were victims of the civil war there. The Israeli doctors saved lives, made operations. 2/
These Syrian civilians were very thankful. And between the Israeli medical staff and those people human, personal bonds were developed. Beyond politics! We all know that we cannot trust politics. So what is left if you want to develop some kind of understanding and trust? 3/
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Sharing with you a #Syrian awe-inspiring day of hope.

Since yesterday, I’ve been overwhelmed with hope. The brave Syrian revolutionaries are protesting, once again, against the Assad state, in areas still occupied by the #Assad-#Russia-#Iran alliance, in Swaida and #Daraa. 1/9
The revolutionaries in #Idlib also took to the streets in support of them, and protested against Al-#Qaeda fascism. Their voices, their free, heroic, and fearless voices, have swept me off my feet. 2/9
The same low-quality videos. The same breathtaking atmosphere of standing up against the bloodthirsty butchers of our land. The same sharp, uncompromisable ideals. 3/9
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This is an example of what #Turkey & #Qatar are doing to #Libya now. After capturing #Tarhuna from #Libya National Army today, #Syrian mercenaries & Islamist militias of #GNA used this #Turkish made Kirpi II MRAP to break into #Tarhuna's Mall before looting every shop there!
This video reminds me occupation of #Mosul by #ISIL/#Daesh in summer 2014. These Islamist militias of #GNA as well as #Turkey backed #Syrian Mercenaries captured city of #Tarhuna from #Libya National Army. They can be seen shooting their guns & terrorizing people.
Watch these #GNA's Islamist militias showing off the weapons & equipment which they have captured from #Libya National Army after occupying the #Tarhuna today. Two BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, several pick-up trucks and ammunition can be seen among the captured weapons.
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What is happening in #Daraa and #Sweida in southern Syria?

The following thread is based on interviews with locals and individuals/mediators involved in the case
1/ on March 27, 2020, 2 civilians from Busra al-Sham went to neighboring #Sweida to sell their cows. The 2 civilians were kidnapped by a local armed group for a ransom
On the next day, 3 armed men entered #Sweida and attempted to kidnap 3 civilians near #Qurya village.....
2/ before they shot and killed 1 of them.

Local armed groups from #Sweida were searching for the 3 gunmen before they got ambushed by the 8th Brigade of the 5th Corps near #Daraa borders....
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The chemical massacre

It is one of the crimes Bashar Al-Assad committed.
Through the use of internationally prohibited weapons.
He executed his crimes rudely because he knows that the international community will not hold him accountable.

Hundreds of people have died.
Choking with sarin gas.
The voice of the world rose.
These crimes were condemned. Then the world was silent.
These crimes have been forgotten.

But we did not forget
We will not forget these crimes.
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1/8: I handed over papers proving that I am a journalist, a former detainee by the #Syrian intelligence, at risk because of my work, and told him "leave me be."

The #Greek policeman said with sarcasm: "who would read or care about this?” I will not forget this all my life.
2/8: In very difficult circumstances I was arrested in closed camps, written on them UNHCR but run by the army and the police.

I was sent back to #Turkey, where I lost my way home due to the torture that I had been subjected to by European Union special forces.
3/8 "We hope you are fine.We reported the same problem. At every opportunity we intervened with EU leaders to urge them to take on their responsibility of receiving asylum seekers," @hrw said.

"We are sorry to hear this.These…reports are of great concern to[us]." @Refugees said
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#THREAD: As the #Syrian war enters its 10th year, @AFP has put together a series of stories that shed critical light on where the conflict and its many players now stand. Taken together, they reveal the brutal cost of war & how regular #Syrians are paying the highest price
"It's certainly not a simple international conflict."
@RobaHusseini on how Syria plays host to a complex international showdown involving #Russia, the United States, #Turkey, #Israel and #Iran.
"Fear of death has turned into fear of poverty."
@Maher_mon from #Damascus on how residents of the Syrian capital are struggling to rebuild their lives after years of war.
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THREAD: #Hezbollah quagmire between #Idlib #Iran and the #coronavirus:
First, various reports coming from Idlib indicating major losses within Hezbollah forces, against Turkish and Turkish-supported #Syrian rebels 1/9
Second, some of the recordings made by #Hezbollah fighters indicate that the #Russians have abandoned them. See this video 👇🏼2/9
Third, many of #Hezbollah fighters receiving military training in #Iran and a number of Lebanese Shia residing or visiting Iran have been exposed to #coronavirus and are sent back to #Lebanon. 7 cases have been reported in Lebanon so far, all linked to travel from Iran 3/9
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#BREAKING: Angry over his inability to drag #NATO into #Syrian war, dictator #Erdogan has ordered #Turkish security forces to open borders and let #Syrian refugees travel freely to #EU among them there are hundreds of #ISIL members which #Turkey recently released in NE #Syria!
#BREAKING: This video is reported to be showing the first group of #Syrian refugees walking toward #Europe after #Turkish Gendarmerie opened the borders on order of #Erdogan. There are #ISIL members among them who are recently released from the #SDF's prison camps in NE #Syria.
They are on their ways to #Europe now. Tens of thousands of refugees from #Syria, #Afghanistan, #Pakistan & other countries are now walking toward the borders with #Bulgaria to immigrate to their future home, #Germany! They are thankful of #Erdogan!
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1/In #Idlib recently, Abu Muhammad al-Jolani spoke with @CrisisGroup about how his group, Hei'at Tahrir al-Sham #HTS, is adjusting to the changing realities on the ground in the face of a #Syrian regime offensive and an intensifying humanitarian crisis.
2/Jolani claims that #HTS has forsworn transnational jihadist ambitions and is readying itself to focus on governing territory under its control. And he told @CrisisGroup: "We are under no illusion that we can govern Idlib on our own."
3/If #Putin and #Erdogan want to preserve the Turco-Russian relationship, they will have to find an accommodation over #Idlib. In such a scenario, Ankara and Moscow would have to find a solution to the HTS question.
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Cher - Prayers for this World [From Cries from Syria] HQ Wouldn’t it be something if #Cher #Sia @maroon5 @U2 @QueenWillRock
@Pink did a #LiveAid 4 #Idlib?!
#AndyTaylor from @duranduran
@BetteMidler the Godess ❤️
@RollingStones who I’m praying will send me a ticket to see them for my birthday in San Diego
@RobertDowneyJr 1 of the sexiest voices alive, all got together?
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#Important #News! #Threade

#Israel #Jerusalem #Russia #Syria

#Russia's #ambassador to #Syria released this week what some saw as a veiled threat to #Israel if Israel continued to #bomb #Iranian positions in the war-torn country.
On February 6th, 20 #Syrian and #Iranian military officials were #killed in an airstrike on a target near #Damascus. The attack also resulted in #Syrian air defense systems accidentally firing on a #Russian 172-passenger plane.
The plane was able to land safely at a nearby airport. However, #Russian #ambassador Alexander Yefimov was not interested in the Israeli justifications. In an interview with Sputnik arabic, Yefimov described the #Israeli #attacks as “#provocative and very #dangerous”.
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#Syria #Turkey #Russia
Battle Of Idlib and Prospects Of Turkish-Syrian War 🤔

Battles for #Syria | February 9th - 14th, 2020 | Images, and updates from #Aleppo Front

Another #Syrian army helicopter shot down

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UPDATE - Northwest #Syria -

Last night, a camp for displaced people was hit by shelling in #Sarmada.

“This is horrifying. It shows how nowhere is really safe for people in #Idlib now”, says Cristian Reynders, MSF Project Coordinator.
This is an area where tens of thousands of people fleeing the #shelling in #Idlib thought they would find #safety.

We have been supporting newly displaced #Syrian #families in #Sarmada for the past two weeks.
#Syria: “We are appalled by the #shelling of this camp, where many people, who had fled the violence, had sought #refuge”, adds our Project Coordinator.
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[ Thread: Internationalized #manpower in the war for #Tripoli ]
Long before #Ankara began sending #Syrian Turkmen fighters in Dec to help the #GNA, the number of gung-ho fighters willing to go risk their lives on behalf of the #LNA in W #Libya was insufficient.

That is an important reality even if pro-#LNA voices are loathe to acknowledge it
That’s why the #LNA has used #Sudanese mercs throughout 2019. On LNA side, Sudanese mercs have been basically part of the furniture, eliciting little comment.

Above issue is also the reason why the arrival of a few hundred #Russian fighters near #Tripoli in Sep had a big effect.
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Revolutions are about daring.

Revolutions begin when you dare to dream of what you’ve been told is impossible.

This is what the Arabic on Waad Al-Kateab, the #Syrian director of Oscar-nominated film "For Sama," says:

“We dared to dream and we will not regret dignity.”
#Aleppo film-maker vows to continue showing reality of #Syria… h/t @rmslim
#Syrian designer and events planner Reem Masri is behind Oscar-nominated Waad Al-Kateab’s For Sama Oscar dress.

Masri, a refugee based in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, has known Kateab since 2013.…
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1/#Turkey had well established "soft power" lines of influence throughout the Greater #MiddleEast (North #Africa, Horn of Africa, Eastern #Mediterranean, etc.).
2/But now #Turkish leaders are ready to assume greater risk to assert overt military power in an expeditionary manner to expand #Turkey's influence, and therefore leverage, on conflicts beyond the country's near abroad (#Libya being farther than say #Cyprus or #Syria).
3/However #Turkish leaders don't want to risk significant casualties to their own forces in these expeditionary ops, whether far away like in #Libya or closer to home like in #Syria, when #Turkey's military has spent so much time and $$ building a proxy force of #Syrian fighters.
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#BREAKING: According to a former #Turkish Air Force pilot, two Airbus A400Ms of the air force transferred almost 250 Jihadists of #Syrian National Army to #Istanbul from Gazientep airfield minutes ago to be transferred to #Tripoli, #Libya by passenger airplanes within next 4 hrs!
My source corrected me and told me that, #Turkish Air Force has No intention to send these Airbus A400M transport airplanes directly to #Libya due to the fact that #Egypt|ian Air Force's F-16Cs supported by #UAE|AF Airbus A330 MRTT tankers are patrolling in #Libya's airspace now!
#BREAKING: The first group of #AlQaeda affiliated #Syrian mercenaries from #Idlib are now on their ways from #Istanbul, #Turkey to #Tripoli, #Libya on-board flight Number 8U1971/AAW1971 of Afriqiyah Airways's Airbus A320-214 with 5A-ONL register.
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A message from an ordinary #Syrian to the people of #Canada:
There is no better way for you to learn the truth about what has been going on in #Syria during the past 9 years, to figure out how heinous are the crimes that have been committed in your names...
... against the #Syrian_people and how much you have been lied to by your own government and media outlets, than coming over here, seeing with your own eyes and hearing with your own ears from the Syrian people on the ground, those who have lived this war day in day out since...
... the very first day, those who have lost their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, and in many cases, their whole families, from those who couldn't have proper treatment because of the sanctions that have been imposed and...
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53. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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9. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?…
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What I find sickening re western media furore & "grief" over death of #WhiteHelmets founder James Le Mesurier - where is their outrage, horror or shame over deaths of thousands of #Syrian civilians under "care"of WH & extremist groups? Where are demands for public enquiry?
There are none because these media hypocrites are tasked to defend #WhiteHelmets at all costs, as #Syria "chemical weapon" narratives flounder, OPCW corruption is an open wound for regime-changes-war orchestrators.
Rather than do the decent thing - support a public enquiry into a publicly funded, terrorist-linked organisation which stands accused of organ theft, child abuse & war crimes by Syrian people - MSM prefer to sanctify James Le Mesurier & try to discredit academics, journalists
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