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Bakugo Katsuki was having a shitty start to his day. He overslept past his alarm, his mom forgot to buy new coffee beans, the line at the cafe was too long so forgive him for bumping into some tiny omega he couldn’t see!
He couldn’t miss the train and he was about to! His boss was a pain in the ass uptight stickler for attendance and he really didn’t want to waist hours of his work day getting lectured by him! So he didn’t stop. He couldn’t. He just kept running.

“EXCUSE ME!” The omega shouted.
But he didn’t have time for him. Not now!

“I SAID EXCUSE ME! HELLO!” The omega shouted again. What a nuisance. He needed to move on! But to Katsuki’s shock, the tiny thing ran like a rabbit and caught up with him before pulling his wrist to turn him around. “Hey!”
“What?! What do you want, squirt?!” Katsuki snapped, enraged. He didn’t have time for this!

“You bumped into me and made me drop my husband’s bento! Now I have to go all the way home and remake it! The least you could do is apologize!” The omega scolded.
“What do I care?! I’m fucking late, now scram!” Katsuki ordered before trying to take off again but the surprisingly strong omega held him in place, using both hands to grab his arm.

“You’ve inconvenienced me far more than I’ve inconvenienced you! There will be another train!”
“But I spend time making my bentos with love and care! I pick the perfect wrapping, I take time to write an encouraging note! Each one is made special and now I have to go do it again and hope I can make it on time for his lunch break! So you owe me an apology!” He pleaded.
Katsuki stared down at the petite green haired freckled harbinger of his day. His green eyes had a fire to them that Katsuki had never seen in an omega before. But it didn’t matter how beautiful he was, he was irritating as hell.

“You want an apology? Here’s one.”
“I’m sorry to whoever’s mated to such a fucking nuisance!” Katsuki shoved him off of him before taking off once more. The omega didn’t chase him this time.

Katsuki’s head swelled in anger as his boss Iida Tenya scolded him because he missed the fucking train.
“Really! Caffeine consumption is the least reasonable excuse for being late!”

“Maybe if you put coffee machines in the office-” Katsuki began to argue.

“And encourage such an addiction?! Never! Next, you’ll be asking me to hand out cigarettes!” Iida lamented.
Katsuki needed a cigarette after dealing with him.

He sat down exhausted.

“Don’t worry, man!” Kirishima Eijiro, the alpha who’s cubicle was next to his encouraged. “It’s just door duty for one day!”

“Why do we have to do door duty in the first place?!” Katsuki seethed.
“What do we have Uraraka for, anyway?!”

Uraraka Ochaco was the very first omega actually hired in Ingenium corp. She worked as a secretary but Iida had extremely old fashioned views regarding alphas and omegas and therefore didn’t want to risk letting her answer the door.
“I have very important tasks!” Ochaco reminded Katsuki from the back of the very crowded office. “You have no idea how many prank callers we get! Speaking of…” The phone rang. “Ingenium Corp, how can I help you? Um…oh..oh hi! I’m Uraraka, we’ve never actually met!”
“Uh huh…okay! Yeah! I’ll send Bakugo to get the door right away!” She hung up the phone and stood up grabbing everyone’s attention. “That was Iida-San’s wife. He’s here!” She frantically fixed her makeup and clothing.

“No way!” The staff began to scramble to look presentable.
Bakugo sighed and stood up to stretch. Whoever his wife was wasn’t doing a good job, Iida clearly needed to get fucking laid. Katsuki walked to the elevator, glad to get out of that stuffy office. He took a deep breath, hoping to not make a bad impression.
He didn’t need his day to get any fucking worse. Katsuki walked to the front door to answer it only to feel all the air sucked out of him. Aw shit. It was the omega from earlier. The one he bumped into.

“Aw fuck.” He hung his head back.

“Oh…so YOU’RE Bakugo-San?”
The omega crossed his arms with a brand new bento, amused.

“It’s not too late…for that apology is it?” Katsuki said sheepishly as he looked away. There was a painful full minute of silence as he felt the omega stare at him. It filled him with impending doom.
“Well?” The omega finally said. “Go on.”

“I’m sorry…for bumping into you…” Katsuki groveled.

“And?” He pressed.

“And for…saying that shit about you being a nuisance or whatever.”

“Thank you. Lead the way.” He ordered and Katsuki had no choice but to obey.
The walk down the hallway was the longest walk Katsuki had ever taken. And the ride up the elevator was painfully quiet.

“Bakugo-San.” Iida’s wife said tepidly as they got closer to the office door.

“What…I mean, yes?” Katsuki questioned.

“I won’t tell him.”
Katsuki sighed in relief. “Tha-”

“I won’t tell him, but you have to do me a favor. If he asks, this is our fist time meeting. Do you understand? I never grabbed your arm. I never ran to catch up to you. I never raised my voice at you. Okay?”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes.
“Sure.” He agreed.

Katsuki went to open the office door when Iida flung it wide open.

“Izuku.” He greeted the omega, ignoring Katsuki.

“Surprise.” Izuku smiled sweetly holding up his bento. “You forgot this at home!”

Iida stared at him in disapproval. “Wait in my office.”
Izuku’s smile immediately faded before he slowly nodded to him and walked into the office.

“Welcome, Iida-San!” Various office workers greeted Izuku but he ignored them and walked straight into his husband’s office and closing the door.
Katsuki stared as Iida’s face contorted before he put his hand over it, took a deep breath and turned around to look at everyone with a smile.

“Today, I’m giving you all an extended lunch break! Please enjoy yourselves in the caffeteria!” He announced.
The office workers all chattered in excitement before leaving to the cafeteria as instructed.

“Come on, Bakugo!” Kirishima put his arm around him. “I heard they’re making extra spicy beef today!”

Katsuki has an uneasy feeling but wordlessly followed him and his friends.
He was about halfway down the hall when he realized he forgot his wallet in the office.

“Hey! I’ll be right back!” Katsuki let them know. He hurried to his desk in the now empty office when he heard shouting from behind his boss’s door.

“What were you thinking?!”
“Leaving the house on your own?! What if something happened to you?!” Iida scolded.

“You forgot your bento.” He could hear Izuku whimper between sniffles. “I thought it would be fine. I know the way. It’s broad daylight. Other omegas can and do walk by themselves!”
“And these new age omegas are immoral and wrong! Is that you wanted?! To be like those whores?! Look at how you’re dressed! I can see your thighs through those shorts!” Iida argued.

“It was hot outside…it was just to make sure you ate your lunch. I didn’t want you to go hungry”
Katsuki could smell his distress all the way from his desk and it made his alpha scream. But he had to calm it down. This was none of his business. A couple’s dispute. Who knew Iida was even an ass to his wife? As long as he didn’t touch him…Katsuki stayed behind just to be sure
“Izuku, are you really questioning your alpha’s decision making? If I left your bento behind, it was a purposeful choice!” Iida snapped.

“But…why?” Izuku cried. “I worked hard…”
“Again with the questions.” Iida sighed. “This is what I get from not choosing from an institution… My secretary promised to prepare me a special meal her family makes. It’s right here.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Izuku asked.

“I’m…sorry.” Izuku said quietly.

“No…I apologize for raising my voice at you. Here. Wait downstairs in the nursery. No one is using it today. We’ll go home together.” Iida instructed.

“I can walk back home by myself…”


“Okay…I’ll wait…in the nursery.”
Izuku slumped out of the office, shaking. He gripped the bento he brought pathetically with one hand and wiped the tears that streamed down his face with the next. As soon as he shut the door behind him, he looked up and met eyes with Katsuki.
His face flushed, embarrassed as he stormed down the hallway. Katsuki quickly rushed to catch up with him.

“Hey! Hey! Wait!” Katsuki grabbed his wrist.

“Not here, Bakugo-San.” Izuku tried to yank his arm back. “What were you doing back there? Tenya sent you away!”
“It doesn’t matter. What’s with that asshole?!” Katsuki snapped as Izuku kept walking toward the elevator.

“It’s like you said.” Izuku sniffled. “I’m a nuisance. You were right to feel sorry for him.”

“No! I was an idiot. Hey!” Katsuki followed him into elevator when it arrived
“Just leave me alone!” Izuku cried when the door closed. “I’m fine!”

Katsuki stared at him as he buried his face in his hands, sobbing. He still carefully made sure the bento wasn’t disturbed. Not even letting his tears fall onto the handkerchief.
Katsuki squinted his eyes before snatching it from his hands.

“What are you-” Izuku began to ask before the elevator door opened and Katsuki grabbed his wrist and led him to the nursery. He snatched the key from his and and let them in. It smelled like play doh and spilled milk.
Katsuki wordlessly sat in the tiny toddler sized table and opened the bento up.

“Did you eat already?” Katsuki asked him.

“Yes…I ate before coming here…” Izuku said nervously.

“Good. Cause I’m fucking starving.” Katsuki grabbed the note Izuku wrote and read it.
Do your best! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
You’re an inspiration!
Izuku <3’

“Cute.” Katsuki smirked. “But he’s not real inspirin’. But I get the need to lie to him.”

“I’m not lying.” Izuku laughed. “He has this big company and I have…what he gives me.”
“This big company was given to him by mommy and daddy and their mommies and daddies. He’s in the same boat as you.” Katsuki snickered before chowing down on what was in the bento. He finished the whole thing in under 5 minutes. “Holy fuck.” He huffed as his face flushed.
“That was delicious!” He said, genuinely shocked.

“Y-you really think so?” Izuku blinked. Tenya had never told him what he thought of his food.

“I was just eating it to be nice and was prepared for cardboard! What the hell, are you some kind of kitchen fairy?!”
Izuku hadn’t heard genuine praise in so long, he didn’t know how to react. And the fact that it came from an alpha…his omega wasn’t behaving as it should.

“Um…I just make it the way my mom taught me.” Izuku explained. “She told me to make sure every bite has an explosion of-”
“flavor and to take my time preparing whatever it is I make because good food is worth the wait!”

Katsuki stood up and walked toward him before putting his hands on his shoulders. “She’s right. And I take back what I said earlier. Anyone would be lucky to be married to you.”
“If he can’t appreciate you, he doesn’t fucking deserve you.” He whispered.

Izuku blushed furiously. He shouldn’t feel this happy. He felt tingly all over. “He has his good points..” He smiled sheepishly. “Really, he takes good care of me.”

“Does he?” Katsuki wiped a stray tear
Suddenly his phone went off, indicating his lunch break was almost over.
Katsuki clicked his tongue.

“Hey listen,” He huffed. “Something tells me today wasn’t your first time out by yourself. You were way too confident.”

“Yeah….” Izuku confessed.
“Then how about spending time with someone who doesn’t view you as property?” Katsuki handed him a business card for a music shop. “You know as well as I do, Iida gets to the office two hours of time. I help my friend open her store before work. Come hang out with us.”
Izuku stared at card before looking back up at Katsuki. “Wh-” He stopped himself from questioning him.

“Hey.” Katsuki said gently. “You can ask me anything.”


“Because I feel like seeing you around more. But if you don’t want to..”

“I do!” Izuku agreed.
“Thank you Bakugo-San”

“It’s Katsuki. Call me Katsuki.”

Izuku smiled as a blush crept on his face. “Okay…Katsuki-San.”

Katsuki smirked at him devilishly sending chills down his spine. He was so attractive, it made Izuku feel things he was only supposed to feel for his mate.
“Gotta go now.” Katsuki said before slipping on a squeaky toy and landing in a pile of stuffed animals making Izuku buckle over in laughter. He felt bad but he couldn’t stop laughing at this big strong alpha covered in a pile of teddy bears that all said “Mama!”
“Ka-!” Izuku offered to help him up as he couldn’t stop laughing. “Are you okay?”

“Don’t say a word!”

“I’m sorry, it’s just…you’re more like Kacchan in that pile! I wanna get you a bottle!” Izuku giggled.

“You’re lucky that bento was fucking good!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
Izuku laughed so hard, he began to wheeze. “Come on, you’re gonna be late!”

Katsuki started at him laughing and softened. So much better then how sad he looked earlier. “You have a pretty smile.” He blurted out as he dusted himself off. “Don’t let him ruin it.”
Katsuki walked out of the room and hurried back to the office.

Izuku stared at the business card wistfully. Iida told him he wasn’t allowed to tune or play the piano in their home. It was a beautiful piano and Izuku missed playing. One visit couldn’t hurt…
TBC 🎶🎹
CW for this part: Disturbing sexual behavior described. Abuse mention.
Izuku sat in silence in the backseat of car as Tenya drove them home when the work day ended.

“Tenya…” Izuku finally spoke up after twenty minutes. “Hey. I’m really sorry for leaving the house without telling you.”

“It’s alright, Izuku.” The man sighed.
“Just don’t let it happen again.”

Izuku nodded to himself as he played with the business card in his pocket. Tenya at least seemed in a better mood.

They got married two years ago. Izuku’s mother was sick and her care was becoming very expensive.
He was only 17 at the time, and not many places were looking to hire a fresh out of high school, non mated omega. He finally landed an interview somewhere and on the way there, he saw a man in a wheel chair not set his breaks properly. His care taker wasn’t paying attention,
And he began to roll downhill far too quickly almost falling into the pond nearby. Izuku was luckily a fast runner. He had done track in high school and he stopped the man just before it was too late.

“Oh my goodness! Thank you! You saved my life!” The man happened to be-
-Iida Tensei. The ceo of Ingenium corp who had just gotten in a major accident. He was extremely grateful to Izuku and asked how he could help him anyway. Izuku had expressed he needed a job to help pay his mom’s expenses but Tensei had a better idea.
His younger brother Tenya was preparing to take his mantle, but an unmarried alpha wasn’t good for optics. He had been scouting Omega institutions but there was no one good that met his picky standards.

“You, however, are beautiful.” Tensei noted.
“And you saved me which Tenya is sure to appreciate. Let my family take care of you. Your Mom will receive the top care.”

It happened quickly. Tenya was kind and kind of shy. But he had a very narrow view of how omegas should behave and Izuku tried his best to fit that view.
Afterall, the Iida family had done so much for him and his mother. Even though she was sick, she was more comfortable than she had ever been. The least Izuku could do was keep up Tenya’s home, and be as perfect as he could possibly be for him.
His standards were exhausting but Izuku did his best. He did miss his freedom which was why when Tenya was at work, he would sometimes slip out and see his mom. Or go to the store or mall by himself and just get out of the house. He needed it for his sanity.
The two finally got home and Tenya opened his door before presenting his arm. Izuku smiled gratefully before grabbing onto it and letting Tenya escort him inside.

“Since, um, I couldn’t get back home to clean it. The kitchens a bit of a mess.” Izuku cleared his throat.
“I’m sorry. I’ll fix it right away.”

“Izuku.” Tenya sighed. “You really didn’t think to clean before leaving either?”

“I was in a hurry! I didn’t want to miss your lunch break. But…but I’ll only be a minute and then I’ll make dinner for us.” Izuku explained nervously.
Tenya held his hands up in resignation, too exhausted to argue. “Very well…”

Izuku hurried and did as he said. However the meal took longer than usual because Izuku wanted to make up for everything that happened. He made Tenya’s favorite extra delicious for him.
They sat in silence and ate their meal.

“Thank you.” Tenya nodded after he finished causing Izuku to smile.

“Did you like it?” He questioned. Maybe he was pushing it, asking for praise. But after hearing Katsuki praise him earlier, he wanted to hear it from his husband.
Tenya stared at him for a long moment before standing and stretching. “Yes.”

“I’m glad!” Izuku couldn’t help how happy he felt. He cleaned up the kitchen and was happy Tenya was in a much better mood. When he was done washing the last plate, the alpha pulled onto his wrist.
He embraced him for a moment before kissing his forehead, surprising him.

“Am I too hard on you?”

Izuku smiled up at him, feeling warm at his affection. “Not terribly. Not-”

He was about to say more when his husband kissed him, surprising him further.
Tenya hardly ever did things like hold and kiss him, he was so old fashioned, he only felt those were necessary while they were mating. That’s when Izuku realized what he wanted and he felt his own blood go cold.

“Tenya.” He pushed himself away. “I don’t…not tonight.”
“Izuku, we have to keep trying for a family. My parents are insisting they have a grandchild soon. I have given you your space after last time. But we have to go back to trying.” Tenya persisted.

They had been trying to pregnant for a year.
However, Tenya had a very difficult time keeping hard or getting a knot inflated. It made Izuku feel like he wasn’t attractive enough for his alpha. Sex between them wasn’t fun, it was work. Tenya had made it clear, Izuku shouldn’t enjoy himself and if he did, he was dirty.
They had tried various things to help Tenya finish but nothing seemed to work. However the last time, Tenya discovered something when Izuku accidentally let a noise slip out. He had grabbed his throat to silence him and the fear in Izuku’s eyes made him…very excited.
The alpha finally managed to keep himself hard as he set a brutal pace. The more distressed Izuku was, the more he enjoyed himself. It’s like he wanted more than anything to punish the omega for existing. Izuku was terrified and almost passed out from lack of oxygen by the time-
He was done. Tenya finally finished inside him and Izuku wailed when they were done. The alpha apologized over and over but Izuku was just so scared.

“It won’t happen again. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

They hadn’t tried again since then.
Izuku didn’t want to try again anytime soon. “It was really scary.” He began to cry. “I don’t want to..I’m sorry!”

“How long are you going to punish me?! I’m a man aren’t I?! I have needs.” Tenya argued. “As my omega, it is part of your duty to satisfy them!”
Izuku just shook his head causing Tenya to sigh.

“Alright then…leaving the house without telling me, showing up to my work unannounced, not cleaning before you left and now refusing me? I’m sorry Izuku, you are to sleep in the guest room tonight!” Tenya ordered.
“But…” Izuku whined, it was difficult for him to sleep without his nest. The guest room was cold. He hated it.

“You need to learn to behave! I’m done spoiling you!” Tenya snapped causing Izuku to whimper. “I’m sorry, but it has to be this way. Take a bath and go to sleep!”
Izuku laid in the guest room all alone after doing as he was told. In times like this, he had to remember at least his mom was happy. He closed his eyes when suddenly he remembered fiery red ones.

‘You have a pretty smile.’

‘Don’t let him ruin it.’

He felt hot all over.
He broke into a sweat as he felt slick start to build up. He whined before taking a deep breath and reaching for the business card by the night stand. He deeply inhaled it. Burnt caramel. It smelled like him. A smile crept on his face and suddenly, he was happy he was alone.
The next day after Tenya left, again neglecting to grab his bento, Izuku showed up outside of the closed music shop. He was nervous and excited at the same time. He looked at his phone and realized he didn’t have Katsuki’s number.

“Holy shit. You actually came.”
A familiar gruff voice startled him.

“Ah! Was…was I not supposed to?!” Izuku turned to face the alpha.

“I invited you didn’t I? Of course you were, I dunno I just worried you’d chicken out or something.” Katsuki shrugged.

“I’m not a chicken.” Izuku grumbled.
“True, you were brave enough to marry that stick in the mud.” Katsuki sighed making Izuku laugh.

“He’s a very wealthy stick in the mud.” The omega pointed out.

“I knew it!” Katsuki smirked. “I knew that asshole had to have landed a catch like you for the money.”
“A c-catch?! Me?” Izuku blushed.

“Oh, like you don’t fucking know it.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Just look at you.”

“Is he harassing you?” The shop door opened and a girl with short purple hair stepped out.

“Fuck off, this is the guy I told you about.” Katsuki introduced.
“Nice to meet you, Deku. I’m Jiro. I own this place.” She smiled.

“DEKU?!” Izuku turned to Katsuki who was laughing his ass off.

“Is that not your name?” Jiro blinked before whacking Katsuki on the head.

“No, it’s Izuku.” The omega corrected her.
“Sue me, I only heard it once!” Katsuki sighed. “And no way in hell I’m calling you Iida. Come on. We only got so much time.” He grabbed his wrist and lead him inside.

Izuku was in awe by all the instruments in the store. Three other people greeted him as they entered.
A blonde omega with a black streak through his hair, a beautiful tall alpha with her hair in a ponytail and a beta with hair covering his face.

“These are my band members.” Katsuki introduced.

“You play in a band?” Izuku smiled excitedly. “How cool!”
“I’m Kaminari Denki!” The blonde omega introduced. “I play the guitar, pretty cool right!”

“My name is Tokoyami Fumikage.” The beta dressed in all black held up a different guitar in his hand.

“And I’m Yaoyourozu Momo. I play piano and write music.” The alpha girl smiled.
“I also play piano!” Izuku gasped excitedly. “I haven’t been able to in years but, I’m happy to meet someone else who does. What do you play, Kacchan?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes at the new nickname but didn’t say anything. He kinda like how it sounded coming from him. “Drums.”
“Come on, I got a cool place to show you.” Katsuki lead him up the stairs and the band members looked at each other.

“He’s not gonna help set up today, is he?” Denki sighed.

“Come on.” Jiro scolded. “He never brings anyone around. Let him have this.”
Katsuki led Izuku to a separate room upstairs that said “STAFF ONLY. KEEP OUT.”

Inside was a small recording studio but what Katsuki really wanted to show him was aquarium built into the wall.

“Oh wow! How nice! Look at those fish!” Izuku blinked in excitement.
“Pretty relaxing, huh?“ Katsuki smirked before sitting on the couch next to the wall.

“Yeah! The various tropical colors created a calming yet inviting environment!” Izuku began to mutter at the way the aquarium was set up.

“I like to come here after work.” Katsuki informed him
“Cause it’s stressful as hell working for your alpha. I couldn’t imaging fucking living with him. There’s something about looking at these little guys swim that makes me forget about all that stress. I figured you could use that too.” Katsuki explained.

“You’re very kind…”
Izuku blushed.

“Not really.” Katsuki patted the spot next to him on the couch and Izuku tepidly sat there. “The way he spoke to you just pissed me off. I don’t usually interfere in other peoples shit but… there’s something about you.”
“Am I that pathetic?” Izuku laughed.

“No.” Katsuki gently caressed his face. “There’s just something about an omega with Jack rabbit speed who forces strangers to apologize to them and cooks with God’s fucking recipes that I can’t get out of my mind.”
“Kacchan, I’m married.” Izuku said as the distance between them was getting smaller and smaller. “To your boss.”

The alpha hovered his lips over Izuku’s, close enough for them to breathe each other’s air but not enough to touch.

“And you’re such a good omega, it’s a shame.”
The praise went straight to Izuku’s loins as he couldn’t hold back anymore and closed the distance between their lips. Katsuki grabbed the back of his hair and drunk him in, all of him in, savoring him like Izuku had never been savored before. He tasted and smelled amazing.
“Mmm…” Izuku had never felt this good, it was almost too much. This was wrong. He was married! Katsuki pulled away immediately.

“You okay?”

“Yeah… I just. This is wrong.” Izuku whimpered. “It’s wrong! I’m sorry, I..”

“Don’t apologize.” Katsuki just smiled at him.
“You’re right.” He caressed his face once more. “It’s fucked up. But, the way he treats you is also fucked up. You’re special, Deku.”

“Y-you think so?” Izuku blinked as Katsuki pulled him onto his lap.

“I know it. There’s something wrong with him, not us.”
“I’m overwhelmed.” Izuku shuddered. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Do you trust me?” Katsuki asked.

“I think so.”

Katsuki pulled his hair gently back before gently kissing him. “Then we can figure that out later. But right now, all I wanna do is see that smile.”
“C-can I get your number?” Izuku handed him his phone making the alpha chuckle.

“He doesn’t check it, does he?”

“He doesn’t know about this one…” Izuku informed him.

“You’re smart.” Katsuki kissed him again. “You know how to survive. So hang on for me, okay?”
“Hang on?”

“Don’t lose that smile.” Katsuki said once more.

“You’re trouble, Kacchan.” Izuku said drunkenly.

“And you’re worth it, Deku.”
It had been a week since Izuku started going to the music shop and it was the best week of his life. He was so happy to not only have a whirlwind romance with Kacchan but he also made FRIENDS with everyone in the band. They even added him to their group chat.
The mornings before Katsuki had work were usually spent in the recording studio being loved and treasured by him in a way Izuku hadn’t experienced in…well, ever. But what was really exciting was that after Kacchan would leave, Jiro loved his help so much, she offered him a job!
It was just to open the store and work in the back helping unbox things when customers were there so no one would see him. And only a few hours a day, but Izuku had never had his own money before and he gleefully accepted. As long as Tenya didn’t know, it was fine…
Izuku couldn’t help but feel guilty when he was home. He felt like the worst omega on the planet for not being faithful to his alpha. But there was something about Katsuki that made his heart and body betray his mind. He was glad he was still banished to the guest room.
“Izuku.” Tenya addressed him as he was leaving for work.

“Y-Yes?” Izuku couldn’t help how nervous he was around him.

“Where’s my bento?” The alpha asked in concern.

“You hadn’t taken it all week.” Izuku informed him. “So I didn’t make one.”
Tenya balled his fists in frustration before taking a deep breath. "Izuku. Sometimes, I am stumped by your lack of consideration."

"Lack of consideration? I work hard on those every day. And you never give me a heads up when I don't have to!" Izuku surprised even himself.
Maybe it was being allowed to speak freely all week, maybe it was the confidence he couldn't help but feel when he knew he was going to see Kacchan. But he couldn't hold himself back from speaking up.

Tenya just looked at him in shock before grabbing his wrist forcefully.
"Ah!" Izuku yelped as he was dragged to the bedroom and thrown on the bed. "Tenya, stop!" He cried.

"I don't know what else to do with you! How dare you talk to me that way!" Tenya rose his hand as if he was about to strike and Izuku cowered in fear, covering his face.
The alpha stopped himself as Izuku's distress filled the room. He instead slowly pet the crying omega's hair. "I'm sorry, I've had a stressful week."

Izuku didn't know what to say or do as he trembled and tried to stifle his sobs. Tenya sat next to him and stroked his face.
"You can help me relieve that stress though...and I'll forgive you for the bento, okay?" The alpha said before wrapping his arms around him and forcefully kissing him. Izuku was too scared to resist him or push him away. He just wanted him to leave.
Katsuki paced around the music shop as anxiety filled him. He tried to keep himself busy. But it was five minutes past 7 and Izuku still hadn't shown up yet. He texted him three times and the omega didn't respond. He usually responded right away.
"Maybe he just slept in, Katsuki." Jiro tried to ease his worries.

"Not with the asshole he lives with!" Katsuki seethed. "Probably makes him wake up before him no matter what."

"I think I see him now!" Momo called from outside as she brought a box in.
Katsuki rushed outside to greet him and felt his heart drop. Izuku looked like hell. His eyes were swollen, and cheeks were puffy. It was the middle of summer but he was wearing a turtle neck. And despite how hot he must be, he was shaking.
Katsuki didn't care that they were in broad daylight. He threw his arms around him causing him to sob into his chest.

"What's wrong?" He asked gently.

"I'm...sorry." Izuku whimpered. Katsuki picked him up in a hurry and ran inside, up to the recording studio by the fish.
He held the distressed omega in his lap as he trembled and cried.

"I...didn't say no. I was..so scared. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

It wasn't hard for Katsuki to put together what he meant.

"Izuku." He whispered in his ear. "I knew what I was getting into by doing this."
"I'm not mad. You did what you had to, right? He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Izuku cried harder in response and Katsuki felt his blood boil. He kissed his head over and over before slowly reaching his hand down to pull down the turtle neck revealing finger shaped bruises.
"I just...wanted him..to leave." Izuku said between sniffles.

"The only person I'm pissed at is that scum of the earth." Katsuki growled. "I'll kill him if you want. Just say the word."

"Kacchan, I just want to stay here...like this. With you. I don't disgust you, do I?"
"No." Katsuki gently pressed his lips on each bruise. "Are you kidding? You're perfect. Strong as hell. A fighter. Can you smile for me? Please?"

Izuku looked into Katsuki's eyes and felt instantly relieved, better, safe. He tried his best to stretch his lips out.
Katsuki in return kissed his wobbly smile and he could feel it. The tenderness and care that went with it.

"I wished I met you two years ago." Izuku whispered.

"You want me to find a time machine, baby? I will!" Katsuki declared making him laugh.

"That's impossible, Kacchan."
"Fuck what's possible." Katsuki grumbled. "I want to move the fucking earth for you."

"And yet, when we met you didn't even want to apologize to me." Izuku teased.

"THERE'S the little shit I love so much." Katsuki whispered making Izuku look at him in awe.

"What did you say?"
Izuku's heart beat so loud, he almost didn't hear Katsuki repeat himself.

"I love you, Izuku,"

"Kacchan." Izuku cried again before throwing his arms around him and kissing him over and over. No one had ever expressed that to him except his mother. "I love you too."
"How about I ditch work today. And we go have some fun, yeah?" Katsuki grinned.

"Fun?" Izuku inquired excitedly.

"When's the last time you went to an amusement park, huh?"

"AN AMUSEMENT PARK?!" Izuku's face flushed. He felt so childish for being that excited.
But he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t been allowed to have real fun since his mother got sick. “A-are Kaminari-kun and Tomoyami-kun coming too?!”

“Do you want them too?” Katsuki deflated at the invitation of his friends.

“Is that okay?” Izuku covered his mouth at his outburst.
“Of course.” Katsuki faked a smile before kissing his lips again. “But you’re riding all the rides with me!”

“Sharing is caring Kacchan!” Izuku laughed.

“Yeah and I don’t care about those guys!” Katsuki growled.

“You’re so mean!”

“And you’re lucky you’re so cute!”

“Am not!”
Izuku hummed happily when he returned home for the day. When Jiro and Momo found out what happened, they closed up the shop and decided to join them too! The six of them had the most fun Izuku had had in years. He had never felt so supported. It made him warm inside.
Izuku held the one the thing he felt safe enough to take home close to his chest. A small photo booth strip with him Kacchan. Kacchan also won him several stuffed animals but, they had to keep it at the shop for obvious reasons. None of them wanted to let Izuku return home.
But they didn’t know why Izuku depended on Tenya so much. Not even Katsuki knew about his sick mother. Izuku didn’t want anyone to inconvenience themselves more than they already had. They already did so much.

“I have half the mind to kidnap you, ya know…” Katsuki whined.
“Remember what I said Kacchan, I’ll let you move the world for me, but life in prison is where I draw the line.”

Izuku had joked. But truthfully, being kidnapped by Katsuki wouldn’t be so bad. It just would make things awful for his mother. And he couldn’t have that.
Izuku looked up at the grandfather clock in the living room of his home and sighed. It was the weekend now. Tenya doesn’t work on the weekends. Which means Izuku couldn’t see Katsuki for 48 hours. Everything was so wonderful with him, he forgot about his frightening morning.
The clock kept ticking, almost taunting him as the time for his husband’s return came closer and closer. He didn’t want to be near him. He didn’t want to return their nest. And he REALLY didn’t want him to touch him.

“You know Izuku…”
A conversation he had with Jiro earlier played in his head. They were in line to get snow cones and she felt the need to say something. She was an omega like him, mated to Yaoyourozu.

“The shop was something I had to do for myself. I know it’s hard being an omega.”
“The world has so many laws keeping us down. But, there’s always a loophole, a way to survive and come out on top. When they make so many rules against us, one is bound to conflict with another.” She smiled at him. “That’s your fighting chance.”
Izuku nodded to himself as he stared at the clock further. He had a phone call to make.


Tenya cursed Katsuki as he sat in the office working overtime due to his absence. It was unacceptable but unfortunately Bakugo was his best worker so firing him wasn’t an option.
His attendance may have been atrocious, his attitude needed severe improvement, but his work was phenomenal, quick, and organized. It would take hiring three employees to match his efficiency. If he only would show up!

“Iida-San!” Ochaco, his secretary walked in.
Tenya tried not to look at her. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

“What is it?!” He cleared his throat.

“Your brother is on the line!” She informed him.

Tenya froze. He admired his brother more than anything, he needed to be in his best mindset.
“Hello Tensei!” He grabbed the phone.

“Good to hear from you, Tenya.” Tensei said warmly.

“What can I do for you today?” Tenya hoped he was able to show him the most positive energy.

“I just wanted to let you know, I’m on my way to pick up your wife.” His brother informed him
Tenya panicked for a moment. Would his brother see the cracks in his marriage? Did he see that Izuku wasn’t obeying him properly and know of his failures as an alpha? “Izuku?”

“Yeah. Inko-Chan called me and asked to spend the weekend with him.”
Tensei laughed. “You know after all those two have done for me, I can’t refuse them. Izuku would have asked you first but I told him to let me do it for him. It’s not a problem, right?”

“Of course not! Inko deserves to have her son by her side! I would never deny her!”
Tenya feigned support. Truthfully, he needed to keep trying for an heir. His parents were getting antsy and investors were beginning to question the future of Ingenium corp. But to deny a sick woman a weekend with her son would be cruel.
“I thought so! And hey, maybe I’ll leave my omega at home and we can do something just us two this weekend!” Tensei offered.

“Yes. That sounds like a good plan.”

Tenya sighed when he finally hung up the phone.

“What was that all about?” Ochaco asked.
Tenya finally looked up at her and tried to control himself. She had her hair half up today. And while normally an omega as free as her would disgust him, he was entirely fascinated by every word she said.

“Nothing.” He smiled. “Just family business.”

“Sounds tiring.”
Ochaco stretched. “Like a shift without Bakugo-kun! At least when he’s here I have something nice to look at!” She laughed.

“Are you attracted to alphas like him?” Tenya couldn’t help but feel jealous.

“I just think he’s funny!” Ochaco blushed. “But so are you!”

Tenya had never been called funny in his life.

“You’re stern like this.” She impersonated him. “But then you’re brother calls and you get all..cutesy and happy!” She laughed. “It’s really funny! But you’re married and Bakugo-kun isn’t.” She fluttered her skirt.
“And I’m way too old to be single.” Ochaco walked out of the office and suddenly Tenya had a very good reason to fire Bakugo. He shook the thought off. That would just make everyone’s life more miserable.

Tenya’s stomach rumbled and he pouted. He never did get that bento.
Izuku couldn’t help the happy expression on his face as he texted Kacchan and their friends in the group chat about escaping to his mom’s for the weekend.

Jiro 🎶
You should see Bakugo’s face right now!

YaoMomo 📖
It’s like a weight has been lifted off of him!
Kacchan 🧡
Fuck you guys and fuck yeah!

My brother in law is very nice! He’ll do anything for me and my mom! 💕

Kaminari ⚡️
Is he single? 🤔

Kacchan 🧡

Kaminari ⚡️
For ME! I’m asking for ME!
Izuku giggled at the text messages in the passenger side of Tensei’s car as they pulled up to the cozy house where Iida family houses his mother and her care takers.

“What’s so funny?” Tensei asked.

“Oh! Um, just something I saw online.” Izuku lied.

“You kids and your memes.”
Tensei smiled softly. Izuku liked Tensei. He made him feel comfortable. He wondered why one brother was so kind and the other so cruel.

“So, I know this isn’t my place to ask..” The alpha said steadily. “But since Tenya has taken over Ingenium corp, it’s kind of a big deal…”
“I realize you’re very young Izuku, but that kind of makes me think it should be easier. Why haven’t you two had kids yet?”

“Um..” Izuku shuffled uncomfortably. He didn’t want to disappoint him. And he couldn’t exactly tell him their bedroom problems…
“I’m sorry, I know I’m prying, I’m just worried about you. If you don’t have an heir soon, the family…they’ll take drastic measures to get rid of you.” He said seriously, making Izuku’s blood turn cold. “And divorce is not an option, do you understand what I’m saying?”
“I…” Izuku shivered.

“I could help you.” Tensei put his hand on his leg. “If Tenya’s not…up for the task…I could make sure you have an heir. He won’t have to know. It will still be in the family. No one will suspect a thing.”


“Just think about it, okay?”
“You have my number. Enjoy the weekend with your mother.” Tensei smiled.

Izuku nodded before grabbing his things and bolting.

“Hey, Izuku!” Tensei called for him before he could knock on the door.

“Y-yes?” Izuku slunk back to the car window.
Tensei slowly handed him something before smirking at him knowingly. “You dropped this.”

Izuku’s face paled as he grabbed it. The photo strip of him and Kacchan at the amusement park.

“I see you have A LOT to think about. Bye, now!”
Izuku snuggled on the couch with his mother as the caretakers brought her tea and him hot chocolate. They were watching an old All Might cartoon together. A cartoon superhero who was Izuku’s favorite as a kid.

“You know, that wasn’t too long ago.” Inko, his mother hummed.
“What wasn’t?” Izuku asked her.

“When you were just a kid. And now look at you, all grown up and married.” She began to get emotional. “It feels too fast.”

Izuku purred as he wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll always be your little pup, mom.”
He missed her. He missed her scent, he missed her comforting arms, he missed her soft skin. He also missed talking to her. Izuku used to be extremely close with his mom. He didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, but she was his rock. He felt he could tell her anything.
But now, it was like he had to hide so much. He hated lying to her but almost every conversation had to be filled with them.

“I’m doing good!”

“Yes, Tenya is wonderful!”

“I love him.”

And the worst lie he always told.

“I’m really really happy.”
But at least he could say that part with confidence now. Kacchan made him happy. He had friends, he had something to take his mind off his horrible life at home. He wished he could tell his mom all about Kacchan. He wanted them to meet! He wanted her to love him too.
“I feel like I forced you to grow up. You used to be so positive about the world around you. My little ray of sunshine and now it’s like…there’s an umbrella covering your head.” Inko kissed his head as she said that. “Is marriage that stressful?”

“I’m fine, mom.” Another lie.
“L-look! It’s my favorite scene!” He pointed at the TV and she pursed her lips.

“Yes, yes!” Inko laughed before squeezing him tight. “I can watch this one over and over with you, my Izuku.”
She smiled as she watched his eyes fixated on the heroes on tv, doing her best to ignore his turtleneck sweater in her warm living room.


Katsuki felt on top of the world as he excitedly waited in front of the coffee shop in the morning where he first met Izuku.
Deku 💚
Almost there!

Izuku had been able to tell his mom he made friends without giving away too much information. She was enthusiastic at this fact and encouraged him to spend the day with them. Which meant Katsuki got a whole day to spend with him without time restrictions!
Katsuki knew he would get in a shit ton of trouble for missing work the day before and making everyone do overtime just before the weekend, but their little amusement park date was necessary. Because if Katsuki did show up to work, he would be wanted for a violent murder.
He meant what he said when he was this close to kidnapping Izuku, but he knew as well anyone that when it came to escaping bad situations, Izuku had to be the one make that decision. If Katsuki took that choice from him, he would be just as bad as Iida.
The best he could do was give him options, support, a shoulder to cry on and the best sex he’ll ever have! Okay, maybe that last part was wishful thinking. Izuku was still shy when it came to that stuff. It was clear he wanted it but Katsuki was patient.
Izuku wasn’t used to communicating his desires. He was still processing that it was natural for him to even have them. Katsuki wanted him to feel safe enough to ask him himself. If he asked, he worried the omega would say yes just to please him.
But, that didn’t mean Izuku wasn’t in every one of Katsuki’s dreams. He loved the little bastard and his adorably large green eyes, mesmerizing freckles, and extremely pullable curls. He couldn’t wait to see him. He was sexy as hell.

Katsuki turned around to the Angel calling him only to cringe. Hard. What the fuck was he wearing?! Izuku was dressed in a large oversized sweater that barely covered his shorts, large sunglasses that covered up half his face, a gaudy purple scarf wrapped around him topped with-
a large white straw hat.

“Deku.” Katsuki seethed in second hand embarrassment. “What’s with the clothes?”

“You mean my STYLISH DISGUISE?” Izuku beamed proudly. “Tenya doesn’t work today so we have to be careful!”


“But do you recognize me?”
Izuku did a twirl and Katsuki couldn’t take it anymore as he grabbed the omega’s waist and pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss.

“I’d recognize you a mile away, nerd.” He whispered.

“Well what do we do, then?” Izuku pecked his lips. “It’s bad if he sees me out..”
“Guess we have to go somewhere more private, huh?” Katsuki purred. “Wanna come over?”

Izuku’s eyes sparkled excitedly. “To Kacchan’s house?”

“Yeah…it’s not too far.” Katsuki couldn’t help himself as his hands wandered below his waist making Izuku shudder.

“Okay…let’s go!”
The walk to Katsuki's house was almost unbearable as the electricity between them grew with every corner they turned. It didn't help that Izuku's small hands were gripping his arm, trailing now and then to the scent gland on his wrist. Katsuki wanted to eat him.
He wished he wasn't wearing the stupid hat or scarf so he could steal kisses and gobble his cheeks every now and then. He decided to change the subject for the last leg of the walk.

"How was it seein' your mom? You kinda stopped texting us for awhile." Katsuki grumbled.
"Wonderful." Izuku smiled a genuine soft expression and it made Katsuki feel relieved. He was easy to read but he never said how he was really feeling.

"That's good. I'm sorry for stealing you from her." Katsuki sighed.

"You can't really steal what's yours, Kacchan."
Katsuki froze in place before grabbing his wrist and kissing him against the nearby wall. "And what's mine, huh?"

"Any free moment I have." Izuku whispered before throwing his arms around his neck and tip toeing to press their lips together once more.
It was so easy to get lost in the moment when kissing Kacchan. Nothing mattered but him. Katsuki's tongue entered his mouth and lapped his, savoring the way he tasted and grunting in pleasure. Izuku tried so hard to hold back his mewls, but he couldn't. He felt too happy.
"It's okay, baby." Katsuki whispered, encouraging him. "I love the way you sound."

"You don't think I'm...dirty?" Izuku blushed.

"I WANT you when you're dirty, Deku. Just like I want you when you're clean. And when you're dressed like a blind old lady." Katsuki teased.
"You're so mean." Izuku giggled before Katsuki grabbed the bottom of his lip with his teeth and nibbled gently.

"And you're sexy as hell."

Izuku chirped in glee. He'd never been called that, ever. He didn't think anyone would think of him that way.
Suddenly a car horn honked making him jolt.

"FUCK OFF!" Katsuki snapped as he flipped off the passerby, a mother with a car full of children.

Izuku sighed in relief but his heart still raced as he remembered the conversation in the car with Tensei.
His leg suddenly burned as he remembered how it felt to have the older man touch it. He felt actually dirty this time...

"You alright?" Katsuki questioned as he gently grabbed his hand to lead him the rest of the way to his house.

"Yeah...I'm fine."

Katsuki didn't believe him.
Izuku was absolutely fascinated by Katsuki's house when they got inside. He immediately removed his shoes and ran around like a kid in a playground checking everything out.

"You have a pool!" He said excitedly as he pointed to the backyard.

"Don't you?" Katsuki questioned.
"Tenya says pools are useless and expensive for only a few hours of entertainment a year." Izuku informed him. "But I feel like I would definitely spend more than a few hours if we had one!"

"To see you swim around? Just imagining it's enough entertainment to make it worth it."
Izuku blushed before Katsuki crept toward him and gently removed large hat on top of him and throwing it to the side. He pulled the sunglasses off his face and grinned. "There's your pretty eyes."

"Kacchan." Izuku huffed. Katsuki then reached for the scarf making him stiffen.
"Shh...it's okay." The alpha whispered as he slowly unwrapped it revealing his bruised neck and collarbone.

"Mmm.." Izuku looked away in shame before Katsuki kissed his cheek then his chin then slowly he showered his neck in slow gentle kisses.

"You're safe, you know?"
He pulled him into a gentle embrace and Izuku felt the truth to his words to his very core.

"You can tell me anything that's botherin' you too. Like the car...did I fuck up some how by flipping out at that lady?" Katsuki questioned.

"N-no! It wasn't you!"
Izuku reassured him. "Though I don't think you should flip off mothers in front of their children, that didn't really bother me as much as it should." He laughed nervously. "I just... I don't want to keep burdening you with my home life. I want my time with you to be about you."
Katsuki pressed his lips to his forehead before leading him to the couch in the living room. "Sit. I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" Izuku wondered if he said something wrong.

"Just wait." Katsuki smirked. "Impatient dork."
He walked upstairs and Izuku fiddled with the sleeves on his sweater. Kacchan's couch was so soft. His home was stylish, but cozy. He liked it. He liked it a lot. It smelled like him.

Katsuki returned down the steps and Izuku perked up as the alpha sat next to him and-
pulled him on his lap. Before Izuku could ask anything, Katsuki grabbed his face and pulled him in for another deep kiss. Izuku's heart soared. He really loved Kacchan. He could kiss him forever. The alpha slowly grabbed his hand and placed something cold and small in it.
Izuku sat back and looked at the key Katsuki handed him.

"What's this?" He asked.

"I want you to be able to come over whenever you feel like it. Even if I'm not here. Even if I'm busy. If ya need to get away, whether it be for 5 minutes or forever, it's yours."
“Ka-“ Izuku’s eyes flooded quickly. “I…I don’t understand, I can’t take this. I don’t deserve it!”

“Life isn’t about who deserves what, Deku. You don’t have to earn a single thing from me. I want you to have it so please.” Katsuki folded his fingers over the key. “Just take it”
Izuku threw his arms around Katsuki and buried his face in his chest. He was happy. He was so so happy. He felt comfortable, safe, loved. Things he thought he would never be able to feel again. They laid in that embrace for what felt like forever. Izuku just wanted to soak in him
He crawled up from his chest and kissed his lips again and again and again. But he felt it all over, kissing wasn’t enough. Being held by him wasn’t enough. He needed more. He WANTED more.

“Kacchan.” Izuku said shakily.

“Yeah?” Katsuki whispered as he kissed just under his ear.
“I want you.”

“You have m-”

“No!” Izuku straddled his lap and feverishly nibbled on his collar bone. “I want all of you.”

“You sure?” Katsuki questioned as he cupped his ass, feeling the skin that peeked through his shorts.


And Katsuki couldn’t say no to that.
Izuku didn't want to return home after his wonderful weekend with Kacchan. After being with him fully, he never wanted to be touched by another man again. He cursed his mating bond to Tenya. He wanted it gone, erased, he didn't want to belong to him.
But, he was so afraid of the consequences to his mother. So as painful as it was for him to get in the car when Tenya came to pick him up. He had to. He had to for her. So she could continue getting the care she needed.

The ride home was quiet, tense.

"How is your mother?"
Tenya questioned. Izuku took a deep breath and feigned a smile.

"She's good. I'm glad I got to spend time with her." Izuku said shortly as he kept his eyes out the window.

Tenya looked at him for a long moment and it made Izuku nervous. Why was he staring at him?
He never looked at him longer than he had to. Did Tensei tell him about the photo booth strip? Tenya put his hand on Izuku's leg and he reflexively jolted.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Izuku took a shaky breath.

"You're not as chatty as usual." Tenya noted.
"I thought you didn't like it when I was chatty." Izuku said tentatively.

"I never said that." Tenya was unusually calm and it made Izuku nervous. "You're not even going to ask me how my weekend was?"

"How was your weekend?" Izuku parroted robotically.
"It was good. I spent a day with my brother." Tenya said excitedly.

"O..Oh?" The omega was just ready for the other shoe to drop.

"He said I shouldn't be too harsh with you." Tenya sighed. "Izuku...I want to try his advice. Can you forgive me?"
Izuku felt sick to his stomach. Tensei was a wildcard. He could blow everything up at any second. Why was he protecting him? He didn't trust his intentions. Not after his 'proposal'.

"Am I allowed any other option?" Izuku couldn't help himself say. Tenya squeezed his leg tighter
"I understand it's difficult. I..I want to be better. So if there's anything you need to make it easier. Please ask it." Tenya said as he pulled into their home.

Izuku pondered his options. "Can I have space?"

"Space?" Tenya raised his brow.
"I want to move into the guest room. I don't feel safe in our nest. Until I feel confident that what happened the last two times doesn't happen again...I'd like it if I could sleep there." Izuku finally turned and met his eyes. He slowly removed the scarf he was wearing.
Tenya tensed at the sight of the bruises he left.

"Very well." He agreed with a cracked voice. "How long would you need?"

"I don't know." Izuku began to cry. "You scare me. I can't trust you. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells all the time. I'm scared just telling you this!"
The alpha stared at him another moment longer before turning off the car. "I understand. I'll help you move your things."

Izuku couldn't help the shock he felt. He didn't expect this at all. Why was Tenya being nice all of a sudden? What did Tensei say?
He felt numb as they moved his stuff into the guest room. This felt so sudden, and new. But, he was glad. He was glad to have his own room and he hoped, he prayed that this would mean Tenya wouldn't touch him. He could be Kacchan's and only Kacchan's.
After Tenya left his room and Izuku got comfortable in his bed surrounded by all the scent he enjoyed, he grabbed his burner phone and called Katsuki.

"Deku?!" Katsuki questioned, shocked to hear from him so soon.

"Hi Kacchan." Izuku greeted happily.
"Is everything okay?! Are y-"

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Izuku giggled. "Um, there's been some weird stuff happening at home, but...I moved out of the nest. I have my own room. I feel safer, even just a little."

"Huh?" Katsuki couldn't believe what he was hearing.
"I don't know what came over me. I think it's because thinking of you gives me strength! That because I have you and the others looking out for me, I felt confident enough to ask for space! I didn't expect him to give it to me, but he did. So..thank you!"

"Fuck yeah, Deku!"
Katsuki sighed in relief. "You're badass. You know that? Next step, murder."

"No murder, Kacchan!" Izuku laughed.

"Izuku?" Tenya knocked on his door causing him to drop his phone on the bed.


Tenya opened the door slightly. "Who are you talking to?"
"J-just mom!" Izuku tucked his phone under his pillow.

"I hope I'm not interrupting. It sounded like a pleasant conversation." Tenya sighed.

"Yeah." Izuku smiled nervously. "Um, what did you need?"

"I just wanted to say, thank you for giving me another chance."
Tenya said seriously. "I understand I have failed you. But you have my word! I will do everything I can to earn your trust again!"

Izuku didn't know what to say so he just nodded.

"I just had to tell you. Please, resume your conversation." Tenya gently closed the door.
The omega waited till he heard his footsteps walk far enough away. He then grabbed his phone and pressed it back to his ear.

"Kacchan?" Izuku made sure he was still there.

"What was that about?!" Katsuki whispered harshly.

"Why are YOU whispering?" Izuku giggled.
"I don't sound like yer mom, pretty little liar!"

"You don't know that, my mom could be an ogre!" The omega teased.

"ARE YOU CALLING ME AN OGRE?!" The alpha hissed making Izuku laugh again. He loved talking to him. He loved him so much. So why did he feel so guilty?
A month had passed since Izuku moved into the guest room, and Katsuki could already see major differences in the omega. He was happy, confident, and their bedroom life was amazing since Izuku finally felt safe enough to communicate what he wanted!
Katsuki had never felt happier being with Izuku. Their relationship was special, and even though they had the occasional disagreement or 20, Katsuki was just glad Izuku felt he COULD disagree with him. It took the alpha more and more willpower to not brutally murder his boss.
His work days were miserable, even though he had the most wonderful mornings with his omega. Katsuki was at least glad that Izuku took full advantage of using the key he gave him. He loved coming home to his whole house smelling like Izuku.
And the omega made sure to scent EVERYTHING. He also loved to swim in the pool and Katsuki had security cameras pointed in his backyard. He sometimes would sneak a peak on his phone while at work and have to calm himself done. Izuku was aware of the cameras, he wasn't a creep!
It was early in the morning and Katsuki hurried to meet Deku at the music shop. He walked in to Izuku chatting with Momo and Jiro adamantly about some band they just got new vinyl records of.

"And they have a violinist who is only 13 years old but she's absolutely amazing!"
"You're absolutely amazing!" Katsuki growled before wrapping his arms around Izuku's waist and kissing his neck.

"Ah! Kacchan! You scared me!" Izuku giggled.

"DOWN DOG!" Jiro whacked him with the broom she was holding.

"Fuck off!" Katsuki kissed Izuku while flipping her off.
He then hoisted his legs around his waist before carrying him up to the recording studio.

"Mmmm, good morning." Izuku whispered as Katsuki slammed the door behind him and threw him on the couch.

"Now it's good." Katsuki grinned as he climbed on top of him.
"Wait. Ahh, Kacchan, wait." The flushed omega squirmed as Katsuki began to run his hands under his shirt.

"I'm impatient today, Deku. I found the present you left under my pillow." Katsuki growled as he pulled out a pair of black panties from his pocket.
"Ha, that's only part one! I need to show you something! Let me show you!" Izuku purred.

"What else is there to show me, huh? I've already seen everything." Katsuki nibbled on his ear.

"It's something I'm proud of!" Izuku grabbed his face and kissed him over and over.
"You breathed today? I'm proud of you, baby." Katsuki huffed.

"Kacchan!" Izuku squealed in glee. "Get off, let me show you."

Katsuki leaned up and pouted. Izuku crawled over his lap and scurried over to a locked cabinet in the room. He opened it and brought back a piggy bank.
"What's this?" Katsuki questioned.

"I have two paychecks in here. I told Jiro-San to put everything in here so Tenya doesn't find it." Izuku smiled before taking a deep breath. "I want...I want to leave him. It's going to take a long time. But it's a start!"
Katsuki felt a wave of happiness. Izuku SHOULD be proud of himself. Because what he was doing was brave as hell. If it was money he needed, Katsuki could help but he knew how Deku was. He knew it was important for him to do this himself.
"This going to take a long time, maybe two years? Or even more. But this is the first money I've made I can really call my own. I'm going to work really hard to keep making more so...if you could be patient with me! I'd really love to be happy with you and only you!"
Katsuki grabbed his face and kissed him. "Deku, I'll do anything for you. I'll wait as long as you need. I'll be here as long as you need. I'm yours. You understand? I belong to you!"

"Kacchan." Izuku cried. "I'm so glad I met you!"
Katsuki didn't care how late he was going to be to work. He picked up the omega and carried him back to his house straight to his bed. To THEIR bed. They spent the morning making love, and Izuku was the loudest he'd ever heard him.

It was music to his ears.
Uraraka dangled her legs at the cafeteria table as she pouted furiously while Katsuki was trying to ear his bento in peace.

"What are you starin' at?!" Katsuki snapped.

"You! You were late again and now Iida-San's acting crazy!" She vented.
"Let him bitch, I'll get the work done." Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"I don't think Katsuki is why he's acting crazy." Kirishima pointed out. "The whole Iida family did a surprise visit on Friday. They just left town this morning. They probably are giving him all kinds of grief!"
Katsuki felt uneasy about that. Izuku didn't say anything about his in laws being in town. And he didn't act any different than usual. Did he even know?

"Whatever the reason, he's asking me to stay late!" Ochaco groaned. "And I have plans!"

"Do you want me to wait?" Ei offered.
"I could walk you wherever you need to go!"

Ochaco shook her head. "It's not fair for you to do that Kirishima. But Bakugo-kun can!" She beamed.

"Bakugo-kun absolutely CANNOT!" Katsuki growled.

"You were late! So YOU wait!" Ochaco insisted.
"Why is that asshole making you stay behind?! I thought he didn't think omegas could handle the dark." Katsuki said bitterly.

"He also thinks omegas should go straight home. So THAT'S where he arranged his driver to take me." Ochaco grumbled. "PLEASE Bakugo-kun!" She begged.
"It IS your fault, dude." Eijiro pointed out.

"Fine." Katsuki growled. "I have something to do but I'll be back to take ya where you need to go. Just text me when you think you're done!"

"I need your number to text you..." Ochaco blushed before handing him her phone.
"You're our secretary." Katsuki scowled at her. "Ya know how to find it."

"Fine." She pouted before pocketing her phone. "Thank you for coming back for me."

"Whatever." Katsuki went back to eating the bento Izuku lovingly prepared for him.
Later that evening, Katsuki made out with Izuku in his hot tub as he waited for Ochaco to text him when she was done. Now that he knew Iida was gonna be late, he took full advantage of the extra time.

"Kacchan, I have to go home soon."
Izuku laughed.

"No you don't." Katsuki growled. "Asshole's not off work yet."

"Unfortunately I still have to make Asshole dinner." The omega pouted.

"You're too good for him." Katsuki nibbled on his neck.

"I'm too good for you too!" Izuku teased.
"Say that again." Katsuki huffed.

"What? That I'm too good for you?" Izuku kissed his lips.

"Yeah...you're hot when you're cocky."

"Kacchan." Izuku blushed as he buried his hands in his face.

"Don't get shy now!"

"I can't help it!" Izuku blushed. "You're unbelievable."
Katsuki removed his hands from his face and kissed each finger before staring into his eyes. "All I do is tell ya the truth, Deku,"

"I'm lucky, Kacchan." Izuku swooned. "I'm so luck to have such an honest alpha."

"That's what I like to hear." Katsuki grinned.
He then splashed him making the omega shriek.

"Stop! Stop!" Izuku laughed before tackling him in the water. The two wrestled underwater until the bubbles cleared and they stared lovingly into each other's eyes and meeting their lips in order to breathe.
Katsuki lifted him to the surface and he didn’t know how he managed to take him inside, dry him off, bathe him and carry him back downstairs but he did all between sucking every breath of air he could out of the omega.

“Okay.” Izuku kissed Katsuki at the entrance of the house.
“I have to go now. But I’ll see you tomorrow?” He chirped sweetly.

“Bright and early.” Katsuki whispered back.

“I love you.” Izuku hummed. “So much.”

“Right back at ya, ten fold.” Katsuki ruffled his hair before he watched him walk away.
He would walk him home himself but he knew how Izuku valued his independence. He didn’t have to KNOW Tokoyami was following him from the shadows making sure he got home safe. It was dark, afterall. Katsuki sulked in his living room when he was too far to see.
He missed him already. His thoughts were interrupted when his phone buzzed. He told Uraraka to text him not call! He picked up, annoyed.

“Hello?” He growled.

“Um…is this Bakugo-kun?” Ochaco sounded panicked.


“I’m ready…can you hurry please?”
Katsuki would normally scoff at anyone who demanded a favor from him then asked him to rush. But there was something about the way she asked that raised the hair on his arms.

“Give me 5 minutes.”

Ochaco was stoic when Katsuki picked her up.
Her bright and cherry personality faded. They walked in silence to wherever she needed to go. Katsuki wanted to ask if she was okay but she didn’t seem in a talking mood at all.

“Bakugo-kun.” She finally stopped walking as they got to the center of a bridge.
Katsuki turned to face her as she stared at the lake they were over, the moonshine making it look extra pretty. “I think I’m gonna quit.” She said sadly.

“Huh? He that irritating today?” Katsuki hoped it was just that.

Ochaco didn’t say anything for awhile.
“You wanna know something?” She smiled as a tear fell down her face.

“What?” Katsuki could smell her rising distress.

“I kinda have a crush on you.” She giggled. Katsuki didn’t know how to respond to that. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to try anything…afterall, I’m a bad person”
“What makes you say that?” Katsuki questioned.

“Iida-San’s married, right? We all saw his wife, right? He was so cute. I wished I got talk to him. I felt like we could have been friends.” Ochaco began to whimper. “So why did I? Why couldn’t I? I just did it!”
Katsuki’s anger rose after he realized what she said. “Did the bastard come onto you?!”

“It wasn’t all his fault! I didn’t stop him. I didn’t say no! And the twisted thing was I enjoyed myself. But I didn’t want to! I really want to!” She began to sob.

“I was surprised…I didn’t know how to refuse…do you know how hard it is for an omega to get a job in a company like this?! A salary like mine amongst omegas is UNHEARD of. I didn’t even think he liked me like that. I thought I really earned this job. I’m so stupid!”
“Hey!” Katsuki grabbed her and held her as she cried. “You worked hard. You’re the only reason that place functioned as well as it did. Even if we had to get the damn door. He may have hired you because he was a piece of shit. But you earned every damn penny! Understand?!”
Ochaco cried in his chest for what felt like forever.

“I can’t return your feelings.” Katsuki whispered to her. “I’m seeing someone.”

“I figured.” Ochaco laughed through her snot. “All the good ones are taken.”

“You’re not. So keep looking.”
“Thank you Bakugo. Whoever’s seeing you is lucky.” Ochaco smiled before parting from him. “Can you tell Iida-San I’m not coming back.”

“He should already know!” Katsuki growled. “Let him figure it out.”

“I just feel bad…his wife…”

“Don’t worry about him.” Katsuki smirked.
“He’s strong.”

The next day, Katsuki arrived bright and early to the music shop. He needed to tell Izuku about Uraraka in person. He tapped his foot when his phone buzzed.

Deku 💚
‘I’m not feeling well. I’m sorry. (。•́︿•̀。)’
Katsuki called him and Izuku picked up immediately.

“Hey, baby?” He whispered. “What’s wrong?”

“I woke up with a fever…it’s not my heat either so I think all that swimming gave me a cold or something…” His voice sounded raspy. “I really wanted to see you.” He whined.
“I want to see you too. Maybe I can bring soup or something.” Katsuki said sweetly. “Spend the day with you in your room.”

“Kacchan, you and I both know that’s too risky…” Izuku pouted. “But if it wasn’t..I would. I’m seeing a doctor in a couple of hours. Tenya got worried.”
Katsuki had to hold back the urge to tell Izuku how TENYA obviously wasn’t too worried about him last night. Izuku was sick, he didn’t need more to worry about.

“Tell me how it goes, okay?” He said softly.

“Okay.” Izuku agreed. “I miss you already.”

“Love you, Deku.”
“Love you too, Kacchan…”

Katsuki arrived to work, irritated as hell. If it wasn’t for Izuku being sick, Katsuki would choke out Iida the second he saw him. He plopped down at his desk and scowled at Ochaco’s empty one.

“Did you hear?” Kirishima whispered to him.
“What?” Katsuki asked.

“Uraraka got fired!”

“Fired?” Katsuki seethed. “I thought she was gonna quit!”

“No. She came in bright and early and the boss fired her in front of everyone who was here! Told her to pack her desk and go home.”

Katsuki stood up in anger.
The hell was his problem! He came onto his secretary who decided against quitting and then just fired her?!

“That bastard!”

“Calm down, man. Sit.” Eijiro urged him.

Katsuki wanted more than anything to quit right then and there. But he kept the job to keep an eyes on Iida.
If he quit on him, the bastard might take his anger out on Izuku.

“Fuck.” He whispered before sitting back down. The day felt like a daze. He texted Izuku for updates but it had been four hours with no response. He was worried. He tried to call him at lunch,
But it went straight to voicemail.

After their lunch break, Iida was in a surprisingly great mood.

“How about we open the windows?” He opened them letting the breeze in. Something the employees had begged for but he never allowed. “It is such a BEAUTIFUL day! I love the spring”
The normally stern boss was now chipper. He had a pep in his step that grinded Katsuki’s core. Was this sick freak really celebrating getting laid the night before? He went around praising each and every person for their hard work.

“And Bakugo! I never say it,”
“But you are my BEST employee! The Ingenium corporation is truly blessed to have you!” Iida praised and Katsuki wanted to deck him in the teeth.

He had a twisted feeling in his stomach. Something made him want to vomit. He needed to hear from Deku. Something. Anything.
Iida was in such a good mood, he sent everyone home early. Katsuki’s anxiety only worsened as he got home. He called Izuku over and over. Nothing. He needed to go see him, but…he didn’t know where they lived. According to Tokoyami, he lost Izuku at a large gated community.
That’s as far as he knew where the omega lived. Katsuki could go there and hop the fence but all the houses looked the damn same. All the cars were in garages, he couldn’t break down the door of every person’s house till he found him.
Katsuki kept calling and calling until he fell asleep.
The next day was miserable for him. He showed up to the music shop and again, Izuku hadn’t arrived. None of their friends had heard from him either.

“He didn’t give you an address? Ever?” Jiro wondered.
Katsuki just wordlessly nodded his head ‘no’.

“Perhaps we could call the police?”Momo suggested. “We could it anonymously. Have them check on his well being?”

“The Ingenium corporation donates a heavy amount to the police department every year. They won’t do shit.”
Katsuki felt his head pound. He was so damn worried. He didn’t know if Iida being in a good mood was a bad thing or a good thing. He needed an update on Izuku. Any kind of update!

“He said he brother in law was nice, right?” Kaminari suggested. “Can we get a hold of him?”
“It’s worth a shot.” Jiro put her hand on Bakugo’s shoulder reassuringly.

“A shot in the darkness.” Tokoyami stated.

“Yeah, just a random concerned employee asking intel on his brother’s wife?” Katsuki scoffed.

“I could ask!” Jiro said. “I’ll say I’m a friend of his mom’s!”
“What about his mom…does anyone know how to contact her?” Momo wondered.

Everyone kept brainstorming as Katsuki felt more and more hopeless. He tried calling Izuku once more and felt his world collapse as heard the automated message.

The line was no longer in service.
Katsuki had one goal when he went to work. He didn’t care. He was going to pound the shit out of Iida until he told him what’s going on with Izuku. He kicked open the office doors and was surprised to find everyone huddled around the center.

“Bakugo!” Iida said cheerfully.
“Late as always, but I’m glad you are on time to hear this!”

“What is this about?” Katsuki tried not to snap on him in front of everyone.

“The Iida family and Ingenium incorporation want to thank you all for your hard work. We have much to celebrate! Because of this…”
“I am throwing a party at my home! And I’d love it if you could all attend!” The CEO announced and Katsuki’s jaw dropped. He didn’t know if it was a stroke of luck or what…but he was just glad he had a way to Izuku!

“A party?” Ashido Mina cheered.
“When?” Katsuki hoped it was soon. He needed it to be soon! If it wasn’t, at least he would get his address. Then he didn’t care anymore. He was ready to kidnap Izuku. Something wasn’t right!

“Next weekend I’m hoping! My wife would like to personally make you all invitations.”
“However, he is under the weather so hopefully when his condition improves, he will be up for the task!” Tenya informed them. “If it doesn’t improve soon, I will post the details on the bulletin board. But please, clear your calendars for the following Saturday!”
Katsuki wanted to burn the whole office down. Seven days…he had to seven days without even hearing from Izuku? That was torture. And what did he mean by condition improving? How sick was Izuku? Katsuki didn’t know how he was gonna make it without his hair going grey.
The week was torture. Every single day felt like nails on a chalkboard. He noticed Iida still ate at the cafeteria. Was Izuku too sick to even make him bentos? What was going on with him?! Katsuki missed him. He missed his scent, his touch, his laugh, his smile.
He thought back to how determined he was to leave. How excited he was to make his own money. How happy he was, how happy THEY were. Katsuki needed hope, something anything.

“The party’s this Saturday but we still haven’t gotten those invitations, huh?” Mina gossiped at lunch.
“Well he did say his wife was personally making them! There’s about 40 people in this office. Depending on how fancy he wants to make it, that’s a lot of work!” Eijiro pointed. “Plus, if he’s sick, that’s an even more brutal task.”

“It must be hard being Iida’s wife.”
Mina groaned. “Do you think they even fuck?” She giggled and Katsuki couldn’t help but slam his fist on the table.

“Ah! What gives?!” Mina gasped.

“Shut it! Just shut it, okay? You’re all so fucking annoying!” Katsuki stood up, threw his lunch away and bolted outside.
Katsuki needed the air but because life hated him, it was pouring rain outside. He hated the rain. He took a deep sigh and went back to the office to grab his coat. He opened the door and accident bumped into someone.

“Hey! Watch where you’re…oh..shit.”

It was Iida Tensei.
“Yeah, shit!” Tensei laughed and Katsuki was thrown off by his cherry demeanor. He was nothing like his brother. “You’re Bakugo Katsuki-kun, huh? I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Have you really?” Katsuki pouted, all complaints from Tenya he was sure.
“My brother might not seem like it, but he appreciates your hard work.” Tensei smiled warmly. “I understand giving him headaches by being late is fun, but maybe take it easy on your colleagues. They don’t have a rockstar career to hide behind.”

Katsuki shrugged in response.
“Sorry, don’t mind me. I know I don’t work here anymore.” Tensei chuckled. “I was just here to drop off the party invitations!” He informed him before walking past him.

“Wait!” Katsuki couldn’t stop himself from grabbing onto his wrist. “Did Izu….did Iida’s wife make them?”
Tensei smirked knowingly. “Yeah. You know him?”

“Iida j-just said something about him being sick… is he better?” Katsuki couldn’t hide his concern as Tensei sighed.

“You have nothing to worry about Bakugo-kun. My wife and I have moved into the guest room to help care for him.”
“We look forward to seeing you at the party!” Tensei then grabbed his shoulder and whispered in his ear. “Your invitation is thicker than the others.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened as Tensei waved at him before taking off. Just what did this guy know?
He rushed to his desk to grab his coat. He really needed the air now. He had left it hanging on his office chair…but it was gone.

“What the fuck?” Katsuki whispered before looking under the desk to see if it fell, in his drawers, he then ran to the coat hanger by the door.
No coat. Did he leave it at home? No, he may have been tired but he remembered specifically going back inside his house to get it. That’s when he remembered…Tensei was holding a coat similar to his. WHY DID THE JACKASS STEAL HIS JACKET?!
Katsuki wondered if he left anything important inside of it. No, his wallet and keys were in his pants pockets. What the hell was going on?

As the stressful day, came to a close, Iida handed everyone the invitations Izuku made. Katsuki heard everyone ooing and aaing.
But Katsuki was shameless and stuck the thing straight to his nose. Relief instantly swarmed over his body. Izuku definitely made this. God, he still smelled amazing. Katsuki missed him, he needed him! He hadn’t seen him or heard from him in five days!
He immediately stood up and rushed to the bathroom. He needed to see why his invitation was thicker. What was Tensei talking about? Katsuki sighed shakily in the bathroom stall before opening it. He pulled the invitation out and heard a sickening clank on the floor.
He looked slowly down and picked up the small object wrapped in a piece of paper. He opened it with shaking hands as he could already tell what it was.

The key to his house. The paper had a note.

Thank you.’
“It’s okay. Hey, it’s okay.” Jiro tried to comfort the crying alpha on her and Momo’s couch.

“At least we know where he lives, right?” Denki tried to think positively. “There’s definitely more going on! He isn’t…he’s not dumping you, man! You guys are what true love is!”
“I’m just so damn worried.” Katsuki cried. “I…what if I have to see him wrapped around that monster’s arm…what if he really is done with me. I don’t know! I don’t know!”

“He has it really hard, Katsuki. We don’t know his reasons for staying…”
“But, unfortunately omegas in his shoes tend to go back.” Jiro pointed out. “I’m sure he’ll come around again, but you need to decide if it’s something you’re willing to sit back and wait for!”

“Are you kidding?!” Katsuki snapped. “Of course I’ll be here! I’ll always…”
“…always be here. If he needs me to sit back and wait, that’s what I’ll do!”

“I admire your persistence.” Tokoyami sighed. “But you have to think about yourself too.”

“I AM THINKING OF ME. And I can’t be happy again until Deku is out of that asshat’s house!” Katsuki growled.
“You’ve been quiet, YaoMomo.” Jiro pointed out as she stared at her mate who was turning the invitation over and over.

“Bakugo-san…can I see the note the key was wrapped around?” Momo questioned.

“I ripped it and threw it away…” Katsuki grumbled.

“Hmm…” Momo sulked.
“You’re thinking really hard about something.” Jiro noted.

“Maybe it’s the key itself…” Momo then perked up, startling everyone. “THATS IT! It’s the KEY! The key!”

“Huh? What’s the key?!” Katsuki was wondering what on earth she was babbling about.
“Izuku-San left a hidden message! Look!” She pointed at the invitation. Certain letters were bolded in red ink.

Everyone crowded around her and the invitation.

“But…the letters don’t spell out anything!” Denki scratched his head. “I think he was just trying to be fancy!”
“They do spell something!” Momo beamed. Katsuki looked at her and read them from the bottom, up.

‘Y A O M O M O’

“He left a message for you?!” Katsuki blinked.

“He must have known you’d show it to me! We both bonded over our love of Piano! And what do pianos have?”

“And LOOK!” Momo showed him the decorative confetti that was glued to the invitation. Music notes. “There are phrases between the notes!”

Katsuki scanned the invitation and read them while his heart raced.


“But…the back of the invitation is blank…”
“Hmm…” Momo sighed. “We’re missing something!”

“The inside!” Denki excitedly declared. “Look, he made the invitation with this card paper layered with stock paper, layered with notebook paper! We need to peel off the layers! Tomoyami! Get the box cutter!”
“On it!” Tokoyami grabbed it and Katsuki snatched it from his hand. He carefully peeled each layer off as everyone watched with baited breath. When he peeled the last layer, a photo fell to the floor. Jiro picked it up and her eyes went wide in shock.

“Well? What is it?!”
Katsuki snapped.

“Um…congrats?” Jiro blushed before handing him the photo. It was a sonogram. Izuku was pregnant.

“Bakugo…” Momo said steadily. “There’s writing on the back.”

Katsuki flipped it over and paled.

‘I don’t know what to do!’
Izuku woke up with a pounding headache. His whole body hurt. His fever was higher than ever. How was he supposed to be ready for a party today? He needed to force himself to go. To see Kacchan. To explain himself if possible. He wondered if he figured out his coded message.
Probably not. Kacchan was smart but…Izuku grabbed his coat as he felt his body revolt against him. He inhaled whatever was left of the alphas scent, but it wasn’t enough. He had been crying and sweating into it for the past two days.
Everything happened so fast, it was a blur. Izuku had woken up with a strong burning sensation one morning. He figured it was a fever, maybe from all the swimming? Tenya immediately booked him an appointment with the family doctor. She was nice. Shuzenji Chiyo was her name.
She took his vitals then immediately ordered a pregnancy test. Tenya had only ever been able to properly finish inside him twice, so Izuku hoped that wasn't it! He didn't think it was possible for him to get pregnant by someone else when he was claimed.
So he never asked Kacchan to be careful when it came to protection. His whole world collapsed when the pregnancy test came back positive. Tenya was over the moon, but Izuku felt numb. Doctor Shuzenji did an ultrasound and the omega should have felt happy, but he just felt trapped
Tenya held him happily and kissed his head as they saw the pup's heartbeat. He was about a month along the way. Izuku had the chills and was too weak to protest. The Doctor looked at him for a long moment before asking Tenya to step out of the room.
"This a joyous moment, I'd like to be here for every moment!" Tenya protested.

"I need to investigate his illness more. That includes a rectal exam, most omegas I examine prefer the privacy." Dr. Shuzenji explained causing Tenya to flush.

"V-very well!"
As soon as Tenya left, Izuku held himself uncomfortably. He really didn't want this lady to investigate his insides.

"Don't worry, I lied to him dear." The old woman said sweetly.

"W-why?" The omega croaked.

"Izuku." She looked at him seriously.
"You're very young. And you married Tenya very young. How detailed of a sexual education have you had?" She questioned.

"J-just the stuff they teach in school. Which for omegas is mostly how to p-prepare yourself and save yourself for your alpha." Izuku explained. "Why?"
"I know how the Iida family is, my dear. I've been their personal caretaker for years. You can be honest with me, you're safe here. Did you ask for HELP conceiving this child?"

"Um..." Izuku remembered Tensei's offer. Was it that common for this family to do that?
"There's a misconception that you can't get pregnant by anyone else if you're mated, but that's false. It's entirely possible, but it's ill advised. And you have all the symptoms that that is the case." She explained.

"I do?" Izuku bit his lip as he stared at the ultrasound.
Was this pup...Kacchan's? His and Kacchan's?! His heart suddenly swelled. The doctor took note of his change in mood and smiled tensely.

"Are you having an affair dear? Outside the family? Like I said, I won't tell anyone." She reassured him. "My job is to care for YOU."
"Um..." Izuku sniffled as he got emotional the longer he stared at the child growing inside of him. "I..I love someone. I love someone who's not Tenya. He makes me really happy."

Dr. Shuzenji sighed. "That unfortunately makes things a bit more complicated."
"Your mating bond is forcing your body to reject your pup." She explained. "And your pup is rejecting the mating bond. It's like there's a war of wills within you. And it's not going to bode well for you the longer this pregnancy goes on."

"What do I do?" Izuku squeaked.
"There's two things you can do. You can terminate the pregnancy or sever your mating bond." She explained solemnly. "But either of those things will not go well in this family, Izuku."

"Is...there anything else?" Izuku asked sadly as he stared at the ultra sound of his pup.
"You can suffer through this and hope you survive and the pup makes it. But you both will be in pain. It won't be pleasant for either of you. But, if the pup's sire is nearby, it will be much much easier. Is it easy to get to him, dear?" She questioned.

Izuku smiled as he fiddled with the key in his pocket.

"Okay dear...just be careful you don't get caught. You're the youngest I've seen them do this to." She reached and squeezed his hand. "I'd hate to see such a bright future get snuffed out."
Izuku needed to tell Katsuki the news. He had hoped he would be happy. That he could help him figure out what to do. The best thing for them and their pup. Their pup! But unfortunately, he passed out as soon as he got home from his fever. His body really couldn't handle it.
When he woke up, he felt someone play with his hair. Everything was blur, he was so...sick.

"Kacchan?" He said weakly.

"Try again." Tensei's voice whispered in his hear making him jolt.

"T-Tensei?" Izuku shivered in fear.

The older alpha gently kissed his forehead and rubbed his belly making Izuku whimper. "Don't worry, we're just here to care for you when Tenya's not home."


"Me and my wife Tsuyu. She's not as cute as you, but I'm sure you'll get along." He whispered.

"Izuku, don't forget." Tensei whispered before reaching into the drawer by the omegas bed and taking out the vibrating phone. "I know your secret. Don't worry. I'll keep it to myself." He removed the battery. "But you have to stop seeing him."
"What do you want from me?" Izuku cried.

"Shh, don't cry." He wiped the tears off his face. "I'm just doing you a favor. You're so beautiful, it would be such a waste to get rid of you. It'll be our secret, okay? The first of many I'm sure."
Tensei stood up and Izuku wanted to hurl.

"I'll leave you alone for a bit. We'll be keeping a very close eye on you. Me and the whole family. So please, don't do anything stupid. There's a bell on your night stand. Ring Tsu if you need anything!" His cheery demeanor returned.
Izuku was absolutely miserable with Tensei around. At least he was right about one thing, Tsuyu was wonderful and shockingly...Tenya was too. Izuku's pregnancy caused him to do a complete 180. He suddenly was extra kind, caring, and his rock through his illness.
But Izuku still didn’t trust him. How long would his kindness last? And how cruel would he become once he learns the pup isn’t his? At least Kacchan and Tenya both had red eyes, but there were no blondes in the Iida family. He would surely be found out.
But Izuku was too weak to protest being moved back to their nest. He could barely make out anything that happened during his day. The one moment he did find clarity was when his in laws were over suddenly. They pushed Tenya to throw an announcement party.
Surprisingly Tenya vouched for Izuku.

“He is in no condition to be paraded around a party right now!” He argued.

“I agree with Tenya.” Tensei sighed. “Especially a company one. You think the investors won’t notice how ill he is?!”

“We did the same for Tsu and she managed.”
Their mother argued. “This is important. The world needs to know you have an heir coming!”

“Um…a company party?” Izuku spoke up.

“Yes.” Tenya’s father fixed his glasses. “Everyone in the office will be invited along with investors, business partners and select clientele.”
Izuku perked up at that. Kacchan. He would get to see Kacchan. He needed to make this party happen at all costs.

“I’ll do it!” Izuku volunteered.

“My dear, it is too much. You don’t have to.” Tenya tried to dissuade him.

“You all have done so much for me and Mom.”
Izuku said between coughs. “I’m sure if I take my fever medicine before the party and turn in early…I can manage. Really, it’s the least I can do. I’ll even make the invitations!”

Tensei eyed him suspiciously. He was about to protest but their mother clapped in glee.
“What a darling you are! Truly, my son is so lucky to marry you. What a good judge of character you are Tensei for recommending him! I thought I would have to pull teeth. Thank you, Izuku. You are a wonderful addition to this family.” She smiled warmly.
Izuku had tried to avoid Tensei after that. But the alpha knew what he was up to. He was getting weaker by the day and Tsu was getting extra concerned. Izuku needed a way to see Kacchan. He needed a way to collect his scent. So…he made a small deal with the devil.
“Tensei…” Izuku approached him when Tsu turned in for her nap.

“What is it, Izuku?”

“I…thought about what you said.” Izuku slowly crawled on his lap and Tensei froze for a moment before slowly petting him.


“I need you to do me a favor.”
Izuku explained to him he was cutting out Kacchan for good, returning the key he gave him, but he wanted one last moment with him.

“At the party…if you can help me get him alone. I’ll…I’ll be good for you. When you want me to.” Izuku said shakily.
“But only after the party! When your end is done.” Izuku hoped him and Katsuki could figure something out. Anything! To save him, his mom, the pup! He really hoped so.

“Well then…” Tensei smiled at him as he stroked his chin. “Do you think I’m stupid, Izuku?”
“No!” Izuku blushed. “I’m banking on you not being stupid. You’re a powerful man so…I’m sure me reneging on our deal…is not an option at all.”

Tensei smirked before kissing him making him squeak. “Alright. How about I get something to make you feel better from the office?”
The coat from Kacchan sent relief all over his body. He spent all day inside it. Holding onto it for dead life. He never wanted to not be wrapped in his scent. His fever actually went down while he was wearing it. He really hoped Katsuki got his message.
Now with the faded scent, all he could rely on was pregnancy-safe fever pills and tea. He had to look his best for this party, be presentable. He must have taken three baths just in case. Because he also wanted to be presentable for Kacchan. Despite how anxious he was,
how sick he was, and how much pain he was is, he was SO EXCITED to see him. He really hoped he showed up.

Just three more hours.

Katsuki fixed the tie he was wearing, he had been in a complete daze since he found out Izuku was expecting.
He looked at the sonogram again and again.

“What’s up little guy?” He whispered. He wondered what it be like to feel Izuku’s belly in person. He was so anxious to see him. He knew he would hardly have the gift of self control. His goal was to take him and never let him go.
BUT, kidnapping was still a crime.

“You ready to go?” SHE asked. His date.

Katsuki took a deep breath. “Be right out.”

“I’ll see you in the car. Boy, are they in for a surprise.”

Katsuki sulked as she walked out. Good thing, the law didn’t really apply to rich people.
Izuku was tightly bound in a corsette over a fancy silk white button down. He wondered if the Iida seamstress knew this was a party to announce his PREGNANCY.

“Can I…breathe a little more…please?” He questioned making her roll her eyes.

“Whatever the client wants.”
She puffed her cheeks before loosening the corset but only slightly. Izuku hadn’t felt this dolled up since his wedding day. His gold parachute pants made him feel slightly silly. She topped his hair with a gold tiara to match.

“There we are! Sun goddess Izuku!” She laughed.
Izuku looked in the mirror and smiled fondly. He looked ridiculous. Kacchan would make fun of him. Kacchan. He needed him more than he needed to breathe. Speaking of…he stumbled back before Tenya caught him.

“You alright?!”

“Yeah…just…fine.” Izuku lied.
“You look stunning.” Tenya smiled into mirror before pressing a kiss on his temple.

“Thank you. You too.” Izuku didn’t have to lie that time. He did look handsome without his glasses and his hair slicked back.

“Let’s go. The guests are here and they are going to announce us.
Izuku had butterflies in his stomach. He really hoped Katsuki was there.

“Thank you all for coming!” Iida’s mother clinked a champagne glass. “We all invited you here to celebrate many things! A wonderful year for Ingenium Corp, how grateful we are for your hard work and…”
“To celebrate the fact that our son and his wife are expecting another wonderful addition to the Iida family! To Tenya and Izuku!” Everyone clapped and cheered and clinked champagne glasses as Izuku and Tenya came out to the center of the celebration.
But Izuku couldn’t focus on anything because…he smelled him. He smelled him, Kacchan. Alpha. His pup’s sire. He was here. He was a magnet that Izuku couldn’t stop his feet from moving toward. The pain was unbearable. He wanted him, he needed him. He couldn’t think!
He couldn’t stop himself. He bolted from the center and when his eyes met Katsuki’s, he felt the entire world freeze.

“Kacchan!” He cried and he threw his arms around him, breathing him in, soaking him in, letting him take away all the pain. Even with the entire company watching
Katsuki knew he was in for the fight of his life when he showed up to the party. Under no circumstances, was he about to leave without his omega and his pup. He thought of many options, but resigned himself to ONE. It required him giving something up. But Izuku was worth it.
He needed to throw all his cards on the table, no holding back. Katsuki had entered the party alone because he had a strategy. And because SHE was so damn dramatic and needed to be fashionably late. Whatever. He knew what he was dealing with.
He spotted Kirishima and Mina who had their hands full with two cocktails. An open bar at a pregnancy announcement. Classy.

“Katsuki! Over here! Over here!” Mina waved.

He walked over to them begrudgingly when his shoulder was tapped on.

“Huh?” He turned to face Iida Tensei.
“You made it.” The older man smiled tensely. “Late as always!”

“‘M not that late.” Katsuki groaned.

“It’s almost time for the announcement!” Tensei laughed before leaning down to whisper in his ear. “When you see Tenya bring Izuku to me, head upstairs to the balcony.”
Katsuki looked up at him suspiciously. He didn’t know whether or not he could trust the guy. Izuku was obviously using him as a messenger. But why would he help him cheat? Was he really on their side?

“What’s your deal?” He questioned. “Why are you helping us?”
Tensei chuckled before a taking a sip of his wine. “Regardless of how it was conceived, Izuku is bearing an heir to the Iida family. Just helping him tie up loose ends.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. No way was Izuku saying goodbye to him. He must have lied to this guy.
He was about to say something when he heard champagne glasses clinking. It was time for the announcement. Katsuki took a deep breath. He really didn’t want to see his boss parade around HIS Omega bearing HIS child. But he had a plan. Patience. Be patient.
The Iida family head’s wife chipperly spoke some bullshit about celebrating hard work and blah blah blah. But then she finally got to the point. Katsuki tried to control himself when she said his name.

“Tenya and Izuku!” She raised her glass and everyone around him gossiped.
“Congrats” Tensei whispered in his ear but Katsuki couldn’t really process it. His eyes were glued on Izuku. He missed him. He was as beautiful as ever, shy about all the attention he was receiving. He looked ridiculous wearing a tiara and a corset?
Poor thing probably couldn’t breathe. Izuku looked around nervously as photographers took pictures of him. Katsuki wondered if he was okay. Something wasn’t right. Izuku yanked his arm away from Tenya and ran his direction. Katsuki couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
Everyone gasped and whispered around him in confusion as Izuku bolted straight toward Katsuki, he looked directly into his eyes and Katsuki felt the world stop as the omega threw his arms around him in front of everyone. He was shocked but he could feel it: Izuku needed him.
He knew it would make it worse, but he wrapped his arms around him anyway. He couldn’t help it. This threw a wrench into everything. He never expected to have to do this so publicly. But it’s what Izuku NEEDED.
Fuck it. If he has to blow everything up for him, then that’s what he’s gonna do.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Tenya marched towards them and reached to pull Izuku out of Katsuki’s arms.

“Fuck off!” Katsuki growled as he held Izuku tighter. “Ya wanna know the MEANING?!”
“Stop it!” Tensei whispered behind him. “Not here!”

“No, fuck it! You don’t deserve him!” Katsuki shoved Tenya back.

“Unhand him now!” Tenya demanded. “Or I will resort to using force!”

“Right, force, your go to, huh?!” Katsuki laughed.
“Just WHAT are you implying?!” Tenya growled.

“I know what you did to him! Why don’t you tell everyone here the only way you were even able to knot, huh you sick freak?!” Katsuki snapped.

“Izuku! Get away from him!” Tenya ordered.

“No…” Izuku whimpered. “I can’t….”
“I’m not leaving the sire of my pup!” He cried as his sobbed into Katsuki’s chest.

Everyone gasped and gossiped around them.

“P-party is over! Everyone out!” Tenya’s father demanded. “Izuku has a strong fever! He doesn’t know what he’s saying!”
“The hormones are messing with his head!” Tenya’s mother laughed it off. “We thought the poor thing would be up to a party, but…it turns out not!”

Tenya cooled himself off after his parents attempted damage control. He couldn’t add more fuel to the fire.
“Please Izuku.” Tenya said sweetly. “You’re not thinking straight…you’re confused.”

“The only one CONFUSED is you!” Katsuki growled. “Ya heard him! This is my omega! My pup! And I’d never hurt him the way you have!”
“I’d never treat him like an unfeeling doll! I’d never put my hands on him! And I’d certainly never fuck my secretary at work while he’s at home!”


“Everyone! Out now!” Tensei demanded before suddenly the door slammed wide open.
The entire Iida family gasped in shock, the investors froze where they stood. The room turned so quiet, you could hear a penny drop.

“Yoo-hoo!” A beautiful woman with blonde hair wearing an all red gown walked in holding an expensive bottle of champagne. “Sorry I’m late!”
Bakugo Katsuki hated his family growing up. They planned everything in his life to a tea. Perfectionism wasn’t something to be strived for, it was just expected. After all, he was the sole heir of the Dynamite business empire.
His mother, Mitsuki, was an icon. She just went by “Mitsuki” because she had been married so many times, no one could keep track. Katsuki’s father was husband number 7 and the only one who actually gave her an heir. She kept Katsuki for herself and divorced him like the others.
Mitsuki wanted him to take over the family business but Katsuki couldn’t stand it. He wanted to have down time, friends, a life! The ability to choose what HE wanted but his mom was insistent on passing everything to him. He knew more about the business world at 12 years old,
the he did about his subjects in school. He was bright and could easily pick it up but all the other kids had the ability to join clubs, socialize, while he had to sit in on business meetings. It was exhausting but no matter how much Katsuki tried to rebel,
she managed to always suck him back into her web. The last straw for him was after he graduated university. She sat him down and told him he had to get married. It could be to anyone of his choice, but she gave him a MONTH to choose.
She didn’t let him even choose his friends without her approval. She wanted him to do it so he could go to this couple retreat that a senator was going to be at. He only respected alpha men and she needed their company to sponsor his campaign.
It was purely a whim of hers to want get into politics. That’s when Katsuki realized his whole life was being built on this crazy woman’s whims! He wasn’t going to stand for it. So that night, he drained his trust, packed his bags, threw a dart on a map and moved there!
It took time to get adjusted to living on his own. But any of his struggles were HIS and his alone. He drained through his trust fast after buying a house with cash. His first job at the music shop wasn’t cutting it especially since he joined the owner’s band.
They tended to sink a lot of money into getting things off the ground. He hated using the experience he learned through his mom, but he found a way to land a job at Ingenium corp when he saw they were hiring. He could have climbed up the ranks but he didn’t want to.
He just wanted a simple job that would pay the bills while he got to live the life HE wanted. That all changed when he met Izuku. One small run in caused his whole perspective to change. Suddenly, it wasn’t just him he was living for. He began to live for that smile.
Katsuki really did try everything to respect Izuku’s boundaries and let him leave Tenya when he was ready. But when he saw that sonogram, he knew it was a cry for help. Izuku wasn’t able to leave. But he wanted to. And Katsuki was up against a mountain.
His options were kidnapping, murder and extortion, but those were all drastic and would create more problems. Izuku needed a stress free pregnancy. He DESERVED to feel safe and never worry again! Katsuki needed to free him. The Ingenium Corporation thought they were powerful.
But their influence was nowhere near Dynamite’s. Katsuki knew it was the best option he had. So he did, what he hadn’t done in 6 years. He called his mother.

“Well if it isn’t the ungrateful brat!”

“Look, hag! just did what ya told me to! I found someone to marry.”

“Yeah yeah, sorry or whatever. Can ya help me?” Katsuki grumbled.

“Help you?! You run away for years and you want my help?!” Mitsuki scoffed.

“He’s pregnant.” Katsuki said causing the line to go quiet.
“How can I help, dear?” She said sweetly, completely changing her tune.

“He’s married to someone else!” Katsuki informed her. “But it’s definitely mine!”

“Oh dear, you act like that’s an obstacle.” She laughed.

“It is for the rest of us! Are you gonna help or not?!”
“Of course. But Katsuki, you need to come back home.” She said darkly.

“Already planning on it.” Katsuki sighed.

“Well that’s settled then! I’ll get the private jet!” She said excitedly.

“Don’t you need the address first?!” Katsuki clicked his tongue.
“Did you really think I didn’t know where you were all this time?” Mitsuki giggled.

“Whatever. Just get here fast.” Katsuki sighed. Of course he couldn’t escape her. He wasn’t looking forward to the family business, but he would do anything for Izuku.
Izuku was shaking as he held on tight to Katsuki. His feet really moved on their own. He knew he messed up big time. He put himself in danger, his pup, his mom, Kacchan! But somehow holding onto him, he felt everything would be alright. It had to! He couldn’t let go!
When the door opened and the woman walked in, Izuku couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty. Everyone was staring at her like Jesus himself walked into the room.

“M-Mitsuki? Oh…I-I wasn’t aware you received our invitation?” Tenya’s father cleared his throat.
They had never invited her, but if she showed up then it wasn’t a mistake!

Tenya was desperate to free Izuku from Katsuki after such an important woman entered his home. He couldn’t have her witness such a…such a mess!
To his horror, the click clacking of her red bottomed heels stopped right in front of them.

“Let me see.” Mitsuki said sternly and Katsuki rolled his eyes before letting go of Izuku. She stared at the omega who was very confused and frightened.
She snatched the tiara off his head and fixed his hair. Then she tilted his chin with her long acrylic nails and stared into his eyes before turning his head to look at one side of his face then the other.

“Cute.” She smiled. “Can you breathe in that, dear?”
Izuku still had no idea who this woman was or what she wanted with him but her scent was somehow comforting despite she herself being intimidating. He shook his head ‘no’.

“You.” She snapped pointed to Mina who was nearby. “Take this off!”

“Y-yes Ma’am!”
Mina went to work unlacing Izuku’s corset as Mitsuki turned to face everyone. “Thank you all so much for throwing this party to celebrate my upcoming Grandchild!” She popped champagne bottle.

“Wh-what are you talking about?!” Tenya choked.
Izuku took a huge breath of air as soon as the corset was off and almost fell to the ground before Katsuki caught him and held him close. He gripped onto his shirt for support before peaking a the woman. He knew she reminded him of someone. How did he not see it?
Kacchan looked just like her.

“I’m so sorry my son had too much fun playing in that little office of yours but I’m sure you understand he’s done with all that now and will be taking the toys you didn’t care for well enough.” She laughed. “The divorce will be quick and easy!”
“Divorce?! You can’t just decide that!” Tenya snapped.

“Sure I can!” She beamed before glancing at one of the investors. “Mitamoto-San! You were a lawyer once! Explain to him how abuse and infidelity are open shut cases!”
“No need!” Tenya’s father pleaded. “I…I’m sure an annulment can be arranged.” He cleared his throat.


“No Tenya! I am deeply ashamed of you! You do not represent the Iida family properly!” He said sternly.

“Tenya, how could you?” Tensei shook his head.
Anger filled Izuku as he couldn’t help himself but slap Tensei across the face.

“How could he?! How could you! This is all your fault!” Izuku cried. “I saved your life and in turn you sold me to your brother! You dangled my mom’s care over my head,”
“Made me believe that I could trust you! Then when you got me alone you t-tried to sleep with me! Tenya may have been horrible and abusive but you knew that and convinced me to marry him anyway! All so you could have me to yourself when he inevitably failed as an alpha!”
“You did WHAT?!” Tenya approached his brother but not before Katsuki grabbed his shoulder.

“Nuh uh. Allow me.” Katsuki then socked Tensei in the jaw causing party goers to scream and part ways.

“You..bastard.” Tensei spit blood out before Katsuki punched him again.
He then turned around and kicked Tenya straight in the stomach before grabbing him and throwing him straight his brother crashing their heads into each other.

“Please stop this!” Tenya’s mother cried.

“I agree Katsuki. We’re done here, right?” Mitsuki smirked.
Tenya’s father nodded solemnly. “Yes…both my sons behaved shamefully…”

“Very well, our lawyers will be in contact with yours!” She wrapped her arms around Izuku. “Let’s go, Katsuki! We’ll come back for his things later. I would stay for the rest of the party,”
“But this house is too cozy for my taste!” She grimaced. “Toodles!”

Izuku woke up with Katsuki in his bed, purring up a storm. He couldn’t believe everything that happened the night before. It felt like a fever dream.

“Morning.” Katsuki kissed his forehead sweetly.
“Kacchan.” Izuku smiled. “Am I really here? I’m not dreaming?”

“Nah…you’re here. With me.” Katsuki whispered before placing kisses on his head and his neck. Izuku felt a lot better with Katsuki at his side but his body still was revolting due to his mating bond.
“Mmm…” He whispered as his head began to pound.

“Hey.” Katsuki whispered in his ear. “I know things are moving fast. But…I’m gonna help you. I’m gonna get you free from him for good.”

“How?” Izuku croaked.

Katsuki explained everything to Izuku. All about who his mom was,
his life before meeting him and the Dynamite family business. He told Izuku about the deal he had to make for her help…

“You don’t have to come with me. If you wanna stay here and stay working at the shop, you can. This house will be yours.” Katsuki explained.
“I’ll be here at least until he’s born.” Katsuki smiled rubbing Izuku’s belly. “Helping you every step of the way. But after, I gotta go back.”

“I’ll go with you!” Izuku held on tight to him. “As long as…as long as my mom can come too? I need her nearby.”
“Of course.” Katsuki kissed his lips. “Whatever you want, I’ll make happen. I just know how much you loved the shop and our friends so…I didn’t wanna just assume.” He grumbled.

“Kacchan! There’s nothing I love more than you.” Izuku smiled brightly before kissing him again.
“I’m glad you said that.” Katsuki smirked before reaching into the drawer and pulling out a small ring with a beautiful red gemstone embedded in it. “If you come with me, I want to be all yours so Izuku, will you marry me?”

“Ka-” Izuku’s eyes watered before the floodgates broke.
“You mean it! You want to marry m-me?” Izuku sobbed.

“Duh! Whaddya say, crybaby?”

“Yes! Yes, of course yes!” Izuku threw his arms around him and cried happily.

“Fuck yeah.” Katsuki whispered. He didn’t care he had to work for his mom. This was everything he wanted.
About a month passed and the band came by to help pack the house.

“You feeling better?” Jiro asked Izuku as she bright him some water.

“My body is still getting used to the severed bond…” Izuku explained. He had just received the surgery the day before.
“But the pup is much happier and once I’m stable enough for Kacchan to claim me, it will be even more happy!” He smiled brightly.

“I trust Katsuki, but if you need anything, you have my number!” Jiro insisted.

“Thank you, really. All of you. For your help. I’ll miss the shop.”
Izuku sighed. He wished he could have helped there a bit more.

“Well, how about I offer you a REMOTE position!” Jiro smiled widely before reaching into her bag and pulling out a laptop with a bow on it.

“H-huh?” Izuku blinked.
“Sales have been doing pretty well but honestly between managing, stocking and making sure the place doesn’t burn down, I’m not too good at analyzing the numbers and running the business side of things. You’re very smart.” She explained.
“And even though you’ll be living with Katsuki in a lavish lifestyle, it would be nice to not depend on him and have a way to make your own money, right?”

“J-Jiro-San. Th-thank you! Yes! I’d love to! Thank you!” Izuku began to cry.

“We omegas have to stick together, right?”
She smiled. “Katsuki may have helped you get out of that situation, but Izuku…you did your best too! YOU got out of there. YOU fought for your own happiness. Never forget that.”

“Y-yes. I won’t. Thank you!”


One Year Later
Izuku blushed as he stared in the mirror at his simple bridal pantsuit. It was soft and all white.

“You look beautiful.” His mom said as she rocked in the chair holding Kazuko, his and Katsuki’s newborn child. “My sunbeam is back.”
The radio was playing the news.

“Breaking. Former Secretary of Ingenium Corporation, Uraraka Ochaco, blows the whistle on the corrupt dealing of her her former employer!”

“Can you turn that off?” Izuku requested.

“Sorry, Kazuko likes the noise.” Inko laughed.
Izuku walked stared at himself longer, hoping he looked okay. He was nervous even though it was a simple backyard wedding.

“You look great.” Katsuki’s voice startled him as he leaned on the nursery door.

“Kacchan!” Izuku gasped. “What are you doing here? It’s bad luck!”
“Lady Luck can’t stop me from marrying you!” Katsuki scoffed before running toward Izuku and accidentally tripping on a toy and landing in a pile of Kazuko’s stuffed animals.

“KACCHAN?!” Izuku doubled over in laughter. “You were saying?”
Katsuki stared at his giant smile and sighed happily.

“You’re beautiful.”

/end thread.

Thank you all so much for reading! I almost was sad to update this today cause I didn’t want to finish! But it was time and while I had fun, they deserved their happy ending!
If you all enjoyed that and my other works, I really appreciate tips 🙏 It really helps keep me motivated and the Starbucks to keep my brain working does get pricey 😵‍💫


• • •

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“I get it.” Katsuki sighed as he stared down at the journal. “It’s really ours, huh? The brat?”

Izuku paused for a moment. “Yeah… he’s a lot like you.”

They stared at each other as that thought set in. They had a child that they made together. Out of love.
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