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#bkdk #angst #drama #omegaverse Happy Ending as Always.

Katsuki was a proud alpha soldier. He was finally done with that god awful war. Unlike his colleagues, he was one of the few who didn’t drown his sorrows in alcohol but, he still had to join them in their outings.
That’s how he ended up in this seedy ass show omega lounge with his closest friends and colleagues Kirishima Eijiro and Kaminari Denki.

“Come on, Relax!” Eijiro encouraged him, shoving a beer his way as a little omega wearing next to nothing danced on stage while alphas gawked
“I’m just here to keep you out of fucking trouble.” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“You know Kats” Denki leaned in, reeking of alcohol. “They say that the omegas here have business cards. If you wanna get a little ‘aftershow’” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Fucking pass.” Katsuki scoffed.
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➡️ Del 25 de abril al 1 de mayo ⬅️
🎥 Salas de Cine y Plataformas. 📺
Estas son nuestras recomendaciones:

🟣 Alcarràs
🟣 X
🟣 El asedio de Silverton
🟣 Las 7 vidas de Léa
🟣 Ozark
🟣 Undone
🟣 Bang Bang Baby
🟣 Clarice
⬇️ (1/2) ⬇️
🟣 James Bond Sin Tiempo para Morir
🟣 Mayans M.C.
🟣 Barry
🟣 El bebé
🟣 Made for love
🟣 Pares y Nones
🟣 Las luminosas
⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️
🟣 Alcarràs
➡️ [Cine]
➡️ 2h
Después de ochenta años cultivando la misma tierra, la familia Solé se reúne para realizar juntos su última cosecha. #vidarural #Familia #drama #alcarras
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Weekly Update - Week of 4/13

Had a busy week w/ work so I'm a few days off of my usual Wednesday thread. But here's the numbers for the week from a variety of investments. Have a few new tables to show you as well! Enjoy!

2/ We'll start w/ @tombfinance. Price of $Tshare has stabilized and the $Tomb printer has started again, which I've been anticipating w/ the fall of $FTM. Moved my money out of @Reaper_Farm (which I love BTW) and back to @tombfinance. Going to start adding to $Tomb / $MAI pool.
3/ Next we have @HectorDAO_HEC which is still slow and steady. Price has been rising though so the affects of the DEFI tools are starting to come to realization. Not paying a ton of attention here, just leaving it and seeing what happens.
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Skenario Film
- A Thread -

#religi #bacaanreligi #dramareligi #sepaksawut #ramadhan2022 Image
Ext. Lapangan Bola - Malam

Layar hitam. Terdengar suara gendang ditabuh. Sekelompok remaja putri menyanyikan sholawat nabi, berpadu dengan gemuruh sorak-sorai.
Perlahan mulai terlibat sorak-sorai yang berasal dari para penonton yang sedang menonton suatu pertandingan di tepi lapangan bola. Kaum pria, pemuda dan anak-anak lelaki, berpakaian koko, sarung dan peci.
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Skenario Film
- A Thread - Image
Title Card

Layar hitam, tertulis judul sebuah puisi: Pujangga Cinta.


Rangkaian adegan melatar-belakangi credit title. Image
-(Ext. Pantai - Pagi). Dari laut tenang di lepas pantai, berlatar-belakang gunung dengan awan putih berarak di atasnya.

Jika pujangga cinta memanggilmu. Datanglah. Cinta akan membawamu mendaki gunung.
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Weekly Summary for the Week of March 16th

It's that time again. Last week was rough on prices, but some price jumps at the beginning of this week. Let's take a look at @tombfinance, @HectorDAO_HEC, @nemesis_dao, @osmosiszone, @ThorNodes, @VaporNodes, @AngelNodes

2/ First up is @tombfinance. Rough week for the price of $TShare, mostly driven by decline in $FTM. Think bottom is close, so adjusted strategy to take advantage of $Tomb printing once it starts back up again. Shifted $TShare / $FTM LP back to @tombfinance.
3/ Next is @HectorDAO_HEC. Project announcements really jumped the price, we'll see if it holds. Jury is still out on the performance of $HEC, but might turn a corner soon.
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IPOB/ESN which have metamorphosed to unknown gunmen in southeast is now ravaging Anambra without being challenged by security agencies.

They now go to any community in Anambra doing burial or traditional weddings occasion to check for security agencies or
ebubeagu etc, they invade any occasion heavily armed shooting sporadically making guests to run for their lives.

Some community before they do any burial in Anambra have to bring food, money,drinks etc to appease unknown gunmen in their camp, if not that occasion will not
hold.They move freely in most villages in Anambra threatening Igbos etc.

Obiano is silent,soludo is talking about his sworning in ceremony, Abaribe is eying to be Abia Governor,Ike Ekweremandu want to contest for governor too, Peter Obi is not saying anything,all the traditional
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It's Wednesday, so we have a new weekly summary for all of the daily investment posts. This thread includes data from:
@tombfinance / @Reaper_Farm
@HectorDAO_HEC / @nemesis_dao
@osmosiszone / @ThorNodes
@VaporNodes / @AngelNodes

Check it out!
2/ First let's take a look at @tombfinance, staking $TShare / $FTM LP in #autofarm @Reaper_Farm. @FantomFDN #drama caused some lower price action this month, but Tomb shows some consistent returns. Don't care about price, I care about #Compounding
3/ Next, let's look at @HectorDAO_HEC. APR is slow and steady and this project is pretty boring with very low returns. Price action continues to decline, but looks like a bottom is near. The pivot to a bank and $TOR saved the #rebase project, but we'll see what happens with $HEC
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On FB, Yiren Wang is a notorious faceshamer, bodyshamer, slutshamer, and cyberbully on various kpop girl groups including cyberbullying other stan accs even on their selca days. Yiren is reportedly a Blink, MY,& Teume
#kpop #everglow #drama
Unbeknownst to the victim, Yiren Wang has been using the victim's pictures without consent nor knowledge since 2020. Stealing the victim's photos from her fb highlights for malicious intent by posting negative captions to trigger Yiren's target audience which are the other stans
This has finally reached the victim on June 4, 2021 from a colleague who is a stan and also a member of a kpop fb grp. Shocked and upset, the victim asked help to mass report Jangjen's post (one of Yiren's many accs) to take it down. Other stans asked if the victim is rlly Yiren
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Weekly Wednesday - DAO Investment Summary

Each Wednesday, I'll post a thread with a table summarizing the weekly gains from my daily summaries for @Reaper_Farm / @tombfinance, @HectorDAO_HEC, @nemesis_dao, @Wonderland_fi. Will also update on any news that's happened the week.
2/ It's interesting to see how the #DAOs are all figuring out how to survive. Most #DAOs have seen a 90%+ decline in price last month. As I mentioned in last week's thread, they are a great way to raise funds quickly: . Now we will see those in action
3/ @tombfinance has seen the best returns so far, although I'm still down overall. $TShare price is fluctuating, but the #APR is adjusting beneficially when the price is low. Using @Reaper_Farm has been seamless and I've been happy so far.
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Mighty Sovereigns Of Ottoman Throne : Sultan Murad I

By Ekrem Buğra Ekinci

👆🏻 widely used illustration painted by court painter Konstantin Kapıdağlı in the early 19th century shows Sultan Murad I , the 3rd ruler of Ottoman beylik that turned into an empire .

👆🏻👉🏻📸 Credits : Büşra Öztürk - Daily Sabah
While his predecessor , Osman & Orhan ghazis , had gathered a nation & created a state , Sultan Murad I improved his lands , making a prosperous country from it for all citizens .
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#Dune (ꜱᴀɴꜱ ꜱᴘᴏɪʟ)
Alors que sort une nouvelle adaptation par Denis Villeneuve, je me dis que j’ai rodé les #livres et les #adaptations en tout genre.
Un #thread #découverte de ce monde exceptionnel et ses adaptations.
[Mes avis sont personnels pas universels]

Dune c’est le premier livre une série de 6 constituants le #CycleDeDune.
Cette épopée SF de Franck Herbert est l’histoire d’une dynastie au cours de plusieurs millénaires. Arakis surnommé Dune est une planète source unique d’#Epice, ressource essentielle aux déplacements spatiaux Collection Pocket Dune Franck Herbert
Thèmes abordés larges : géopolitique, colonialisme, écologie, religions, conservation des cultures minoritaire, clonage, transhumanisme …
Univers à rapprocher : Berbère, Judéo-Chrétien, Musulman, Perse, Germanique, Chinois, Grecque, Bouddhique, Afrique centrale, Slave, ...
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As you know, the Supreme Court Justices have had their current building only since 1935.

This leads to a gripping question: Where were those guys for the first 146 years!? 🤔

What do you say we take a little road trip together to find out? 🚗 I’ll drive . . .

First stop – New York City! 🍎

The Supreme Court was born in 1789 (thanks to the Judiciary Act of that year) and lived, ever so briefly, in the Royal Exchange Building right here. 👇

(It wasn't the fanciest of beginnings - the Royal Exchange was a covered marketplace . . . ) Image
Bonus Fun Fact: Before the Court convened, the federal court for the District of New York sat in the building on Nov. 3, 1789 – making it the 1st federal court to sit under the new Constitution!🥇

Their first business? Admitting lawyers to the bar, including Aaron Burr (Sir).⭐️
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#DelightReview : #Incendies
2010 - #French
#OTT- #AmazonPrime
#Genre - #Thriller #War #Drama

The film is about the ultimate cruelty and pain that a woman experiences. But the twist of the screenplay puts us together with the story film that goes so
1/8 Image
and transmits the pain of that woman to the viewer.

Through this story,the sectarianism within Christianity and Muslims and its ugly face are shown. The film is based on a stage play called #Incendies.
A woman who dies after working as an assistant to an Advocate
for eighteen years will give her will to the Advocateand ask her children to join both a man and a woman on one condition. The condition was that the woman should find her father, and that her son should find his brother with him, and then add the property
#Incendies Image
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🎥 Movie: Mirage 2018

🎧 Audio: Spanish

🎭 Genre: #Mystery #Drama

⭐️ Rating: 7.5/10

🎯 Note: OTT: Netflix 🔞: No

🍿 › #TiruppurPrabha51 ‹ 🍿

📱› ‹📱


🎗 ѕнαяє🎗 ѕυρρσят🎗 ImageImage
The Invisible Guest, The Body, Julia’s Eyes -Director ~ Oriol Paulo - இவரோட இன்னொரு படம் தான் இது..

டைம் டிராவல் படம் தான்,
ஆனா நீங்க நெனக்கிற மாதிரி இருக்காது,
இரண்டு மின்னல்களுக்கு நடுவே ஒரு டைம் ட்ராவல்.

ஒரு வீட்ல ஒரு கொலை, அதைப் பார்த்த இன்னொரு பையனும் இறக்கிறான். ImageImage
25 ஆண்டுகள் கழித்து அந்த வீட்டிற்கு வருகிறது வேறு ஒரு குடும்பம்.

மின்னல் மூலம் 25 வருடங்கள் முன்னர் அங்கு நடந்ததை மின்னல் அப்படியே அப்பட்டமாக ஒளிபரப்புகிறது,

கணவரும், பெண்ணும் தூங்கிட்டு இருக்காங்க, ImageImageImageImage
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A few friends, especially those entrenched in VC, have reached out to me over the last few days asking for a take on the $SUSHI situation. So I thought I'd start a thread to share my thoughts.

This has basically evolved in to a DeFi maxis version of reality TV. #drama
0/ First a disclaimer and some transparency: I've been HODLing $SUSHI ($XSUSHI since I'm staking) since late last year.

I believe $SUSHI is undervalued.

Let's start with some background and history:
1/ Sushi is an automated market maker (AMM), a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a DeFi darling. Sushi runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

@0xMaki is one of the founding members of Sushi. He operates mostly anonymously (one of the beautiful aspects about working in this space).
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#DelightReview: #Bala ( #Hindi) 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Genre - #Comedy #Drama
#OTT - @DisneyplusHSVIP
An entertaining movie, with a message to *accept yourself as you are* ..must watch

This movie perfectly captures the life of a prematurely balding young man & his struggles
( not a kind of serious typical movie .. 85% of the movie filled with so much fun )

its directed by ' #stree' fame #AmarKaushik,in the lead of #AyushmanKhurrana. #Ayushman has created his own audience& he has proved his mettle. Amar Kaushik who gave hit in 2018,
in the form of Stree has brilliantly directed Bala too.

You rarely find a film which let's each character take a centre-stage, let's the movie float into a brilliant success ( especially #YamiGautam #Bhumipednekar & #JavedJaffrey's roles)
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#DelightReview : #Backcountry (OTT -not available on Indian platforms)

#canada #English - 2014 #Drama #Thriller

After watching continuous #Thriller based movies this movie didn't tend to create a strong sense of suspense or convincing fear.But this is what happens when
1/3 ImageImageImageImage
someone recreating the true story which happened earlier in real life.
People who are interested in wildlife hiking should watch this film.This movie has both good&horrible side.

Especially for that particular sequence between the pair&bear was brilliantly
#Backcountry 2/3
Taken ..only for that sequence itself you can watch it for once this movie.

Bit slow movie but One time watchable 👍🏻
For link DM me

💐💥 #TamilDelight 💐💥 #Backcountry
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#DelightReview #Kadakh - 2020 ( #Hindi & #Tamil+ #Telugu dub also available )


#Genre - #Drama / #Thriller
Runtime - just 1hr 35mins

Watched this #Kadakh yesterday .. entire movie took in single flat itself with limited casting like #ChitntuKaBirthday movie. 1/4
people who are into script writing/film making should must watch this..why I'm saying director took a just a decent one line & developed well & completed with very cost effective.. one time watchable for sure..2/4

Those who not Watched #ChintuKaBirthday ( #ZEE5 ) watch that too as per concept movie budget supposed to very high but director brilliantly did Screenplay & through some sound effects techniques he deal those sequences ..3/4
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#SILENCED (2011)

ஒரு படத்தால் ஒரு நாட்டோட சட்டத்தை மாத்த முடியுமா? முடியும் அதான் இந்த படம். தென் கொரியால நடந்த உண்மை சம்பவத்தை அடிப்படையாக வைத்து எடுக்கப்பட்ட இந்த படம் தான் அந்த சம்பவத்தை நிகழ்த்தி இருக்கு. Image
1961ல் தொடங்கப்பட்ட இந்த #Gwangju_Inhwa_School ல் காது,வாய் பேசாத குழந்தைகள் படிக்கிற பள்ளியாக ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்டு இருக்கு. 2000 லிருந்து 2005 வரை இந்த பள்ளியில் படித்த குழந்தைகள் 9 பேர் அங்கு இருந்த principal and teachers னால sexual, physical ஹாரஸ்மெண்ட் பண்ணப்பட்டு இருக்காங்க
இதை அப்போ அந்த பள்ளிக்கு புதுசா வேலைக்கு வந்த வாத்தியார் ஹியூமன் ரைட்ஸ்க்கு கொண்டு போயும் எந்த ஒரு நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்படல அதுக்கு அப்புறம் அந்த பள்ளியில் படித்த முன்னாள் மாணவர்கள் இதை பத்தி டிவில சொன்னதும் இந்த கேஸ் மேல நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்பட்டு இருக்கு ஆனாலும் குற்றவாளிகளுக்கு
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🎥 Movie: Nizhal 2021

🎧 Audio: Malayalam

🎭 Genre: #Thriller #Mystery #Drama

⭐️ Rating: 6.6/10

🎯 Tamil Dubbing: No, 🔞: No

🎟 OTT: Prime

🍿 › #TiruppurPrabha13 ‹ 🍿

📱 › #Nizhal2021 ‹ 📱


💢shαrє & suppσrt 💢 Image
நல்ல ஒரு மலையாள த்ரில்லர் படம்,

ஹீரோ ஜட்ஜ், அவருக்கு ஆக்சிடென்ட் ஆகி மூஞ்சில batman மாஸ்க் போட்டு இருக்கார்,

அடிக்கடி அவருக்கு மட்டும் மழை பெய்கிற மாதிரி தோணுது,

இது தான் கதை - எப்படி ஆக்சிடென்ட் ஆச்சுன்னு தான் படம் முழுக்க சொல்லுவாங்கன்னு பாத்தா,

அதான் இல்ல, Image
ஒரு குட்டி பையன் அவனோட அம்மா நயன்தாரா ஒரு கிராபிக் எஞ்சினியர்,

அவங்க இப்போ தான் அந்த ஊருக்கு வந்து இருப்பாங்க,

அதுக்கு முன்னாடி மும்பைல இருந்து இருந்தாங்க,

அந்த குட்டி பையன் அவனோட ரப் நோட்ல ஒரு கொலையை நேர்ல பாத்த மாதிரி தெளிவா கதை எழுதி வச்சி இருப்பான், Image
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"Usually we sat in a dark room [], all of us facing some sort of electronic device, procrastinating...There are no #sports... No #music... No #drama... When I'd get home, the first thing I wanted to do is lay down [] & just look up at the ceiling..."…
"Sometimes I felt like we were living in some sort of hell torture device. We try to escape this torture device by staring at our phones, going on #socialmedia or playing games. It is the only thing we can do, but it is making us more #depressed, & we feel worthless & #lonely."
"We want to escape the loneliness, #depression, anxiety & stress, but our electronics are causing more. We waste our time scrolling through #TikTok or #Instagram when we should be [] #playing sports or hanging out with #friends.

But we can't. I have completely given up trying."
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“What did I like? Having grown up in the 1950s this book really grabbed me. Having two bases in the town made it a good chance that a girl would run into boys from military families at some time or another. I happen to have had four boyfriends. Four because they moved so often.
Most of them were transferred after their dad’s had finished training. Two of them shared a lot of the things that went on at home and one of them was so close to Dave’s life!” - DD Gott - Donadees Corner @williamAGlass3
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“As Good as Can Be may be primarily a coming-of-age story, but it is also quite the page-turner, ...
Subscribe to the author’s newsletter here
Buy a copy on Amazon here Image
and it’s easy to get caught up in the Knight family’s tragic story, one largely written by the family’s alcoholic patriarch, a man unwilling ever to put his wife and children above his own military ambitions.
It’s one hell of a ride.” – Sam Sattler
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