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The interview started out alright. But Izuku was anxious which made his hero partner, Kacchan, on edge which meant if the reporter asked the question he knew was coming, her life span was about to end.

“So, Deku-San.” She pried.
“Y-yes?” Izuku’s leg started shaking and Kacchan firmly gripped his knee under the table to remind him he was supported.

“Uravity and Ingenium just had their pup which they named after you. How do you feel about that?”

“I’m very honored that they would do such a thing!”
Izuku said as confidently as he could sound.

“Yes, it is an honor to name their child after the number one hero. The first omega to take the spot, along with you of course DynaMight.” The reporter said happily. “But the world can’t help but wonder-”
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#bkdk #omegaverse #affair #drama #angst #happyending

Bakugo Katsuki was having a shitty start to his day. He overslept past his alarm, his mom forgot to buy new coffee beans, the line at the cafe was too long so forgive him for bumping into some tiny omega he couldn’t see!
He couldn’t miss the train and he was about to! His boss was a pain in the ass uptight stickler for attendance and he really didn’t want to waist hours of his work day getting lectured by him! So he didn’t stop. He couldn’t. He just kept running.

“EXCUSE ME!” The omega shouted.
But he didn’t have time for him. Not now!

“I SAID EXCUSE ME! HELLO!” The omega shouted again. What a nuisance. He needed to move on! But to Katsuki’s shock, the tiny thing ran like a rabbit and caught up with him before pulling his wrist to turn him around. “Hey!”
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@kateschapira Kate Schapira: Jan 10, 2018, you tweeted: "Women I know & care about have suffered from Joseph Massey's predatory behavior, so I am sharing this letter..." Who are the women who have suffered from #JosephMassey's "predatory behavior"? Your close friend #KateColby, #MeToofraud?
@kateschapira Kate Schapira: Truth is your female poet friend, #KateColby, happily had a *consensual affair* w #JosephMassey 2014-17. After he told her husband about affair (guilty conscience) & his book was accepted by @weslpress (her "personal dream press") she unethically #MeTooed him.
@kateschapira @weslpress Kate Schapira: Jan 10, 2018, #KateColby posted on her FB that #JosephMassey is a "serial abuser" w link to website, "The Poet Joseph Massey Is An Abuser." Same day, you (Colby's female poet friend in Providence) tweeted the link to the same site? Cc @BrownUniversity @mkimarnold
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