Andrew Dawson, Deeper Dig ..

The world can solve this right now & have A few Biblical answers ..

The Smallest of Details in reports & timing, most important ..

1 + 1 = 3 + 4 = (7) - 1 - 2022

There is so much here !
Learn the Language EVIL MOCKS, Gods Language !
[They] mock God by using Gods coding when doing evil, because most only break down or go deeper at face value & [THEY] know this, EVERYTHING the world wants to know is given not by good but by evil to the world ..

Evil Mocking
Shows the truth within the lie/cover up, I pray you’re seeing what I’m putting out there..

I’m going to show you something.


Rome has been lying to the world about Religion for HUNDREDS of years, there is so much more to all of this & 99% of what humanity has been
Force fed has been A lie ..

Beneath DOME OF THE ROCK, where it’s said that Jesus was, A GIANT—What? …
[THEY] needed everyone looking for the force fed History knowing the truth would be looked over or never thought of.

I bet the USA holds more Biblical Jesus answers than
Where everyone has been Force fed, few knew the truth on the outside of [their] circle so it was easier to hide?
Look here not there for thousands of years?

The Pacific North West—WASHINGTON (GEORGE MAG)

Arizona/AZ—The Beginning & THE END ..

Every single state was created in time KNOWING what the future held & planned accordingly creating everything strategically KNOWING the people would 1 DAY awaken/Start awakening ..

Every sports teams was created for the same purpose, this is why [THEY] infiltrated these
Specific layers like sports, entertainment ETC hurting children—Once the people figured out what has been happening to children, that is all the people would focus on & ultimately destroy themselves & this world IGNORING #WHY everything was created as it has been all around the
country/World & what it all means ..

On My mothers side, the guy I talked about having the glass eye (left eye), he owns A TOW TRUCKING BUSINESS in WASHINGTON, he is A very important piece of the puzzle completing the MISSION. He moved to ARIZONA A few years back.
Milwaukee, if you’re driving WEST on HOWARD 🦆 Avenue from HOWELL & HOWARD, YOU COME TO 35Th street intersection (JFK = 35), you also come to HIGHWAY 36 LOOMIS Rd—His last name is Loomis ..
The 36Th President was #LBJ, This is VERY IMPORTANT & you will soon see #HOW & #WHY
Everything happened as it has ..

Also on LOOMIS Rd was THE TURF skatepark which was the very first indoor skatepark in the entire Midwest or Entire country. .
Inside the Turf were EMPTY POOLS to skate, 1 of those POOLS was called the #KEY HOLE !
An entire #FULL #PIPE ..

This is where it gets good, If you continue going down Highway 36 Loomis Road SOUTH from HOWARD & LOOMIS, You pass MULTIPLE streets with each one of those streets/intersections painting A picture that SHOWS the world what they have been wanting to know
All these years ..

Eventually you come to the EXIT RAMP of 76 th Street/ #RAW SON EXIT (1776/1976)—The #SON of MONDAY NIGHT #RAW? SHANE.

Right before the #RAW SON/76Th Street off ramp to
THE ROCK sports complex you cross #ROOT RIVER ..

THE #LAND #FILL that has been A skii & snowboard “Mountain” is named CRYSTAL RIDGE ..
The Minor League #FARM TEAM at THE ROCK (The Key Stone) where I played ball is THE MILK MEN ..

IN THIS MOMENT I am SHOWING you my roots
& #WHY everything was built up/Created all around the Country as it has been ..

I know why #BOTH KENNEDYS FAKED THEIR DEATHS & why EVERYONE ELSE faked their deaths, It’s all mapped out & A clear picture is painted IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN ..

I can show you all so much more
But only if it actually matters the way it should matter because all who sacrificed & or dedicated their entire lives for me, did the same for every single one of you too.

Just because I share what I do, in the ways that I do, does not mean I make this all about me—

How do you know where to look for yourself ?
YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, where you come from & remember form your earliest years as A child on—REMEMBER ALL OF IT & connect the dots.
Do you remember when you were young?
Did you let go of your inner child?
Do you remember all of the GOOD & THE BAD?
Do you remember EVERYTHING in-Between?

Do you remember your dreams?
Do you remember your nightmares?
Do you remember what you wanted to be as A child
When you got older ?

How much of your life do you wish was put into A time capsule every 5-10 years only to be opened 20-40-60 years down the road for your to then reflect on your life?

I have A time capsule set to be open 2025 at St. Veronicas, the JUBILEE YEAR & the VERY 1
Class to put memories in A memory bank time capsule .. I still known exactly what I put into the time capsule ..

Every single moment of my life correlates to what [evil] has done in the world throughout history & what good has done/created in the world throughout history—
911 George Bush was at A school, everything that was done before 9/11, during 9/11 & after 9/11 was all done mocking my very existence.
All dates, significant time stamps, “air plane” numbers & so much more, it all adds up to me being born & the worst evil beings this world has
Ever seen knowing above it ..

Just as EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOUR TIMELINES was being messed with/altered in some way that was beneficial to evil, mine was too ..

It’s all there, it’s all there for the whole world to see & connect ..

One of the main reasons why it had to be
Done this way, all the infiltrators, false prophets & whoever else that came along claiming to be someone they’re not could be exposed immediately without ANY TIME WASTED on one’s who were misleading The people as far away from where the people needed to be YEARS ago.
It took all that pain, sorrow, hate, judgments placed, attention given to distractions when the truth was being shown making it easy to ignore distractions while seeing the true meaning behind all of it & loneliness..

I personally do not care that I was alone my entire life
Or care that I was 100% alright with being alone this whole time—what I do care about though is the fact that the woman I love was alone crying out for comfort & help but I chose the people of the world who rejected me for being my true authentic self & judged me for sharing what
Needed to be shared in order for all to see who chose to know but it wasn’t the popular subjects/truth or coming form A somebody—A lot of bad took place by evil because I was sharing my life with you, it made evil powerless & gave the people the power to KNOW.
Keep showing?

• • •

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Jan 16
I Am not without A Queen.

She was pissed off no one told her I was raising kids that were not mine, she then understood these 3 children & their safety was most important—Not giving an ultimatum of the kids or her, she knew it would only strengthen our bond. She knew we would
Love one Another even more than we did the previous day, putting that same love into the children we bring into this world ..

These days of Futures Past, I always knew A specific future already happened that had #ToBe & that is THE WAY.
[THEY] knew this & it’s why
So many cyber throw themselves at me, ones who would never give someone like me the time of day if this was 10 years ago. .
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I will always Remember what it took to get to this VERY MOMENT IN TME:E, I #HONOR the fallen who spent their lives trying to set humanity free & subliminally show back then what was to come in the future KNOWING he had to leave.


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Makers Family.


Who has the Book of Souls?
Who had the Book of Souls?
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Bring the Book Of Souls back to where it belong ..

Choosing who I want to spend the rest of my life with now. ImageImage
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It’s been America First & America Last All at the same time this whole time using bad actors purposely bad acting & doing all they are as A way to show the world how evil got away with EVERYTHING in the past & or to also show who is at the tippy top—The Subliminal Verses … Image
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It’s No Secret many are cloned, cloned from Egyptian Pharaohs, women that are men, men that are women & actors on the BOTH sides of the isle within politics wearing masks dressed as women being politicians & code versa ..

I chose to love thy enemy, show mercy & give comfort Image
When so many in this world world along the way chose to be cruel & judge ..

90% of the things being talked about on A daily basis by the people, none of it matters ..
90% of the things being talked about on the TV every day, none of it matters.

What’s being given attention
Is either being done to slowly awaken humanity, see who is awake, see who can rise above it all & watching/waiting for the hidden Royal Bloodlines to emerge amongst everyone throughout the years ..

Just as the Royals stole our identities pretending to be someone’s they
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Remember when the words “HELP” were encrypted in some of the MANY Tweets made by .@elonmusk, .@taylorswift13 & A few others ??

All of them know who is here along everyone & each had the change to do good for the world ..

“When bad does good”

Did the Illuminati infiltrate
The churches?
Who #WERE the Puppet masters to the puppet masters ?

All Roads Lead back to?

WHAT IF in the coming weeks you finally see what I have been showing this whole time ?

If the Illuminati were the creators of the story of Jesus, which is Satan & the real story Image
Everyone was never told was the story of “The Devil” which was actually Jesus/God/The Son & Israel is actually the Pacific North West in the USA—The REAL Garden Of Eden where God is, Milwaukee Wisconsin & The SIM P SONS tv show is actually about Gods family mocked by those who
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Jan 15
#Enjoi 🐼

I Will Continue to say it over & over again, I forgive but I will never forget ..
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