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Feb 8 19 tweets 5 min read
Let me share some of the themes I mentioned to media around the world tonight regarding the #SOTU of the most failed POTUS in our lifetimes:

1. By my count, Biden went about an hour before even mentioning two of the most significant crises confronting the nation: The open
border, which is entirely Biden's innovation and creation and has invited a crisis in which 4.5M aliens from all over the world, including those on the terror watch list, with violent criminal histories, violent gang members, human and drug traffickers, and record levels of
lethal fentanyl have poured into our nation; and the vast national security, public health, economic, human rights and other threats from China's Communist Party (CCP) that have escalated on Biden's watch, including the CCP's recent surveillance balloon, which the CCP then lied
about, the genocide (remember all those "never again" promises?) both the Trump and Biden administrations confirm the CCP is committing against the #Uyghurs, the CCP's recent violation of its 50-year agreement on #HongKong, and the vast criminal acts of non-kinetic war targeted
against us and our allies; 2.) After @SpeakerMcCarthy and many others made it crystal clear that the #GOP opposes any cuts to Medicare or Social Security and that such cuts are off the table in budget negotiations, Biden outrageously said tonight that the GOP wants such cuts to
these programs. (In fact, it was Biden who cut $300B from Medicare to fund his green energy programs and Obama/Biden who cut Medicare by $500B to fund #Obamacare). How does Biden expect to build any bipartisan goodwill when he flat out lies to the nation about GOP positions? It
creates a toxic environment and is yet another flat out Biden lie; 3.) Fact: The economy on Biden's watch is far and away the worst of our lifetimes. But instead of acknowledging that reality tonight, he fundamentally misrepresented and talked around this fact and the colossal
economic crisis he has created. He outrageously attempted to suggest that he was bringing jobs back to the U.S. In fact, on Biden's watch, the U.S. trade deficit last year reached an all-time high of $948B. He made reference to inflation as if his vast and wastefully-directed
spending, which is its primary cause, had nothing to do with it. For four years, Trump had both inflation and the border well controlled. Both of these crises began the moment Biden took office and are a direct product of Biden's policies. On Biden's watch, inflation has
consistently outpaced wages, and real average earnings dropped 1.7% from 12/21 to 12/22. The American people get all this, and it is reflected in how they view the Biden presidency: 41 percent say they are worse off today economically than before he took office; 4.) Biden finally
got around to mentioning the unprecedented number of Americans now dying from fentanyl overdoses but outrageously failed to mention the fact that this a product of China's Communist Party, which manufactures and ships it into Mexico, and traffickers who then carry it across
Biden's open border. The fentanyl crisis could end tomorrow if Biden were serious about closing the border and confronting the CCP, but he inexplicably places more value in his open border and appeasing the CCP than he does on the lives of innocent Americans he is charged with
defending; 5.) I believe I heard Biden take credit for lowering insulin prices. No. It was Trump who did that, capping it at $35 a month; 6.) We are now about a year into what amounts to a war against Russia over the Donbas, where we have no vital national security and innocents
are being killed. Yet Biden still has not articulated what our ultimate strategic objective is in continuing to escalate this conflict as opposed to seeking to deescalate and end it. We have invested tens of billions of American taxpayers' money into it and now advanced military
technologies that will almost certainly need to be guided by American personnel. Yet, there has been no Congressional authority for any of this as is constitutionally mandated. With an extraordinary amount of American treasure and now possibly American lives on the line, we are
owed an explanation of what precisely we are doing, how long it likely will last, and why seeking an end to the conflict is not more advisable; 7.) This president is now under federal investigation by a special prosecutor for criminal mishandling of classified documents. Not a
word on that tonight. He handed Afghanistan to the Taliban and left to them and the CCP Bagram Air Base and $85B in American military equipment. Again, not a word on that tonight; and 8.) Biden seems in absolute denial about both his universally failed presidency--and
how the American people see him. Fewer than four in 10 say the state of our union is strong, and 58 percent of Americans say it is not strong. So what is the state of our union? I would say trust the people, not tonight's speech that was written by Biden's seasoned handlers; and
9.) None of this is partisan. Six in ten Democrats do not want Biden to run in '24. They too feel the pain of his failed policies. Fact: The state of the union is in absolute crisis and maybe freefall, and the burden of saving it now falls--as it always has-- to we the people.

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