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Latest for @dwnews: On Thursday's "Arts and Culture" program, I talked about #China's recent attempt to extend its #Xinjiang propaganda effort to the realm of cinema, with the release of a musical and several documentaries by @CGTNOfficiale.…
The musical, called the Wings of Songs, featured three main characters from three different ethnic community, is a clear attempt by #Beijing to present its version of "ethnic unity" in a very forceful way.
I cited the prominent phrase used in Chinese official documents and state media, describing the ethnic unity as "the seeds of a pomegranate," to highlight #Beijing's insistence to claim that all ethnic groups in #China live harmoniously together.
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Latest on @radionz: In my latest appearance on the Overseas Correspondent's segment, I talked to the host about #Taiwan's recent wave of local #COVID19 cases extended from a suspected quarantine hotel mismanagement, #Taiwan's challenge to ...…
... increase vaccination rates with the lack of #COVID19 vaccine options. The new #COVID19 case and the low vaccination rate have increased the anxiety here in #Taiwan, as both the government and the public becoming more vigilant about pandemic prevention.
Then I touched on the motion that the NZ parliament passed yesterday, which they unanimously declared #China's persecution of #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang as a serious human rights violation and concern.
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As Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, those in #China are forced to follow strict government guidelines as they try to maintain their religious tradition. That's especially true for #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang. By @dakekang and @kmorit:…
" Tursunjan Mamat, a practicing Muslim in western China’s Xinjiang region, said he’s fasting for Ramadan but his daughters, ages 8 and 10, are not. Religious activity including fasting is not permitted for minors, he explained."
“My children know who our holy creator is, but I don’t give them detailed religious knowledge,” he said, speaking through a translator. “After they reach 18, they can receive religious education according to their own will.”
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Last week, Australian academic Jane Golley claimed that an anonymous academic paper "debunked" the estimated number of #Uyghurs detained in #Xinjiang as well as the evidence of forced labor in the region. She reflected on that incident:…
"The anonymous 18-page document took aim at work by Australia’s Strategic Policy Institute but primarily focused on the work by German academic Dr Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation who was recently sanctioned by China."
"Several of Zenz’s key works have been peer-reviewed by Xinjiang scholars. By contrast, the report attempting to discredit his work has not been peer-reviewed."
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THREAD: Delighted that @ShaunBaileyUK, @Conservatives candidate for #MayorofLondon, has put action in response to the Chinese Communist Party in his manifesto

He promises City Hall sanctions on China until
it stops human rights abuses & sets out how/

He says:

"China is undermining human
rights in #HongKong through it’s
oppressive national security law and
committing genocide against #Uyghurs
in Xinjiang. I have repeatedly
called for the @MayorofLondon to use
City Hall’s influence to stand up to
"City Hall’s extensive links to Beijing means that this is an action well within the Mayor’s remit. I will implement City Hall sanctions on China. I will end the twinning arrangement between London and Beijing"/
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More than 1 million #Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities are being held in China’s brutal camps. Hundreds of mosques and Muslim cemeteries have been destroyed. Muslim women are forcibly sterilized; Uyghur children are taken from their homes and sent to state-run boarding schools
Men can be sent away for wearing a beard or declining to consume pork or alcohol. The Chinese Communists are attempting to wipe out a culture, a way of life, a people.
While we were talking, she learned that the regime has listed her father, Abduqeyum Hoja, as a terrorist as well.

“He is 80 years old!” she exclaimed. “A retired archaeologist. What kind of terrorist?”
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Turkey summoned the #China Ambassador after the Chinese embassy warned that they could take action against two Turkish politicians who expressed support for the #Uyghurs.…
Earlier on Tuesday, the Chinese Embassy tagged @meral_aksener, the head of the opposition Good Party, and Ankara's mayor, @mansuryavas_en, in two Twitter posts in which it defended Beijing's policies and said “the Chinese side reserves its right to a rightful response.”
The embassy tagged Ms. Aksener and Mr. Yavas after the two marked with Twitter posts the killing of Uyghurs by Chinese forces during an uprising in 1990.
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I'd like to share the full Press Statement I released yesterday, concerning the sanction China imposed on me for research documenting the genocide against #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang. (1)
"I learned in the early hours of [26 March] via social media outlet Twitter that I have been sanctioned by the PRC (Chinese) government for ongoing research speaking the truth about human rights violations against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang, Northwest China; (2)
"in short, for having a conscience and standing up for social justice. That the Chinese authorities should resort to imposing sanctions on UK politicians, legal chambers, and a sole academic is disappointing, depressing and wholly counter-productive. (3)
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#EU #Brussels #Sanctions

The EU Council agreed today to implement restrictive sanctions on eleven persons and four entities who are responsible for severe human rights violations and abuses in different countries around the world.
These 15 designations are part of the first larger set of listings under the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime, which also included the naming of four #Russian individuals earlier this month.
The sanctions demonstrate the EU's firm commitment to uphold human rights and take concrete measures against those who violate or abuse them. The violations targeted today include the large-scale arbitrary detentions of, in particular, #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang in #China,
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Report from @CNN about the consequences of #China's years-long campaign to persecute the #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang. Parents who fled abroad are separated from their children back in #Xinjiang and many of these children are now placed in state-run orphanages.…
It is part of @amnesty's new report that documents the impact of #China's policies in #Xinjiang on #Uyghur families. Like @MamutjanAB, many of the children are banned from being reunited with their parents abroad.
"This week, a CNN team tracked down Mamutjan's 10-year-old daughter Muhlise at her paternal grandparents' home in the city of Kashgar, in southern Xinjiang.
When asked if she has a message for her father, whom she hasn't spoken to since 2017, Muhlise began to cry. "I miss him."
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1/19 I regret that my Epoch Times investigation isn't finished yet & I'm going fast as I can

With that said, this #thread is another teaser & I'm giving it early release because of its implication to the #UighurGenocide vote in #CDNpoli today & how MPs have been sorely misled
2/19 #CDNpoli #Uyghur #UighurGenocide

First off, the Conservative party pressure to force a vote in Canada is due to a campaign concocted by Steve Bannon, to squeak through his agenda (continuing Trump's agenda) to force a war with #China before Prez Biden can get up to speed
3/19 #UighurGenocide

They're capitalizing on right-wing ownership of most #CDNmedia to disinform #CDNpoli about the #Uyghur issue, without the threat of being fact checked

Our dystopian news climate is being used to manipulate @JustinTrudeau into painting @POTUS into a corner
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🚨 Must-read thread 👇👇👇

It’s focus is on Australia but it’s equally important to the US, Canada & any country that values basic rights, freedoms & rule of law.

The #CCP is engaged in least 1 full-on #genocide, & 2 that approach that designation (vs #Tibetans; #FalunGong).


#Tibet: (note we're looking at @MauraMoynihan1's 1998 WaPo piece here, so this is a long time in the making).
Clarification: The #CrimesAgainstHumanity perpetrated by the #CCP against these groups are ALL a long time in the making. My comment about #Tibet above is that we as "enlightened" societies knew full well back in 1998 the horrors that the #CCP is capable of & still opened...
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Together with almost 70 legislators from all #G7 countries, @RepAGonzalez and I have drafted a letter to our leaders, calling them to unite around a plan of action that addresses Chinas internal & external behaviour which we consider contradictory to international standards.
Full list of signatories from the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, Italy and the European Parliament. @TomTugendhat @StewartMcDonald
Our primary objective should be clear: acting as one #G7 alliance to hold firm in our commitment to uphold the international order while ensuring countries like #China play by the rules that they themselves have agreed to. #G7letter
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You would be annoyed if someone misspells your name or ignore your correction request as has been the case here. I trust you would agree that the Uyghurs people desire and linguistic rules of their language should be respected. 4/6
We respectfully ask the @APStylebook and the worldwide media organization to use the correct spelling "Uyghur" instead of "Uighur" Editors' excuse of following @APStylebook is not plausible. 5/6
So, please hear us out and experts as quoted in this thoughtful piece by @RadioFreeAsia in published 2010. 6/6

@UyghurCongress @UyghurProject @Uyghur_American
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The @CECCgov said in a new report on Thursday that new evidence suggests that #China has possibly committed “genocide” in its persecution of the #Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities in #Xinjiang.…
The CECC report called for a formal US “determination on whether atrocities are being committed” in Xinjiang, and such a determination is required within 90 days of US legislation passed on December 27.
CECC co-chair, Democratic Representative Jim McGovern, called China’s actions to crush human rights in the past year “shocking and unprecedented” and urged Congress and the incoming Biden administration to hold Beijing accountable.
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Latest: Following #China's ratification of its extradition agreement with Turkey, human rights organizations and #Uyghurs in Turkey are now anxiously waiting to see if the Turkish parliament would ratify the agreement or not.…
"#China's NPCSC ratified the extradition agreement signed in 2017 with Turkey on December 26, 2020. The news made thousands of Uyghurs living in Turkey begin to fear for the possibility that they might be extradited back to China at Beijing’s request."
Mirzehmet İlyasoglu, a Uyghur man living in Turkey, said the Chinese government has long viewed the Uyghurs as targets for crackdown. Any Uyghur who has studied, travelled to or lived in Turkey will be viewed as a separatist by Beijing.
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U.K. Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab described #China’s persecution of the #Uyghurs as “torture” as he laid out measures to ensure that no companies are allowed to use forced labors in #Xinjiang in their supply chain.…
Deterrent fines will be imposed on firms that do not show due diligence in cleaning up their supply chains, he said. The aim was to “ensure no company that profits from forced labour in Xinjiang can do business in the UK, that no UK business is involved in their supply chains”.
He also proposed a review of export controls to Xinjiang province – the region in which tens of thousands of Uighur Muslims have been detained; new guidance to companies operating in the province; and a commitment that the Modern Slavery Act will be extended to the public sector.
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UPDATE: @antonioguterres is going to fire me specifically because I reported @UN actively providing names of #Uyghurs, #Tibetans and other dissidents to the Chinese government. @UN is trying to stop me taking @ministerBlok to court for repeating their defamation. /1 @UNWatch
The corrupt investigation must be the fastest in @UN history. Remember the people caught on tape having sex in a UN vehicle? Still employed. Everyone who gave names to China? Promoted. Whistleblowers? Another story. @whistleblowing @GovAcctProj @BMcGleenon @RepMcGovern
@ministerBlok you defamed me to the Dutch parliament. You said you would follow my case. So far, @UN fired the judge with no notice, refused to protect me when recognised as a whistleblower, and is now going to fire me for taking you to court. @PieterOmtzigt
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China declared the ratification of an extradition treaty with Turkey, a document that Beijing would like to use, among other items, to speed up the return of some "terrorist" refugees and Muslim Uighurs.
Although the bilateral agreement signed in 2017 has not yet been ratified by the Turkish parliament, concerns have already been posed among the large Uyghur diaspora (estimated at 50,000 people) present in Turkey.
Turkey has linguistic and cultural links with the Uyghurs, and Ankara has long been one of the main supporters on the international stage of their cause, while Turkey's public display of support has recently declined.
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The #ICC said it can’t assert jurisdiction over China’s repression in #Xinjiang.

But facts are facts: China’s gov't has committed serious rights violations against the #Uyghurs on a 🚨massive 🚨scale.

A 🧵on @hrw findings so far & next steps.
In 2018, @wang_maya literally wrote👏 the👏 book👏on the Chinese govt's mass, systematic campaign of violations against Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang. /2
The Chinese govt's "Strike Hard" campaign has subjected ❇️ 1 million+❇️ Turkic Muslims to abuses like:

💠forced political indoctrination
💠collective punishment
💠restrictions on movement and communications
💠heightened religious restrictions
💠mass surveillance

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US politician and Western MSM started new round of campaign accusing China using millions of #Uyghur slaves to work on #Xinjiang cotton "plantations". Reports source none other than Adrian Zenz, originator of million Uyghurs in concentration camp story. A thread debunking Zenz
Adrian Zenz, @VoCommunism “researcher” came out w new report purportedly w evidence of #Uyghur slave labor used to produce cotton in #Xinjiang.

‘Evidence’ 1: because Uyghur majority region in Southern Xinjiang employ local labor!!!
Zenz claims China replacing Han migrant labor in #Xinjiang with local #Uyghur in order to meet its local poverty alleviation program MUST mean Uyghurs are slaves!!!
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#Uyghurs The implications of this new evidence, impacting 20% of the world’s cotton: Companies must consider all cotton produced in Xinjiang *may* be tainted with forced labor.

This has immediate implications for supply chains across the fashion industry.

The this new evidence on forced labour in #Xinjiang to produce cotton should impact govts considering implemention of new human rights due diligence laws, to ensure companies can no longer turn a blind eye to abuses in their supply chains. #modernslavery…
Today I am giving evidence to @CommonsForeign on accountability in international law for atrocities in Xinjiang against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.

This new evidence on #forcedlabour shows again why govts must take concrete steps to ensure corporate accountability too.
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إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

#Uyghur scholar and author Sheikh Muhammad Qasim Amin al-Turkistani passed away at the age of 93 in Saudi Arabia.

#Uyghurs #SaudiArabia
Born in 1927 in #Kashgar city of East Turkestan. He completed his primary education and then immigrated to Makkah in 1950 where joined Al-Falah schools in Makkah and classes at Masjid al-Haram. He worked in Jeddah Radio & he used to write for Saudi newspapers of Al-Bilad & Okaz.
Sheikh Muhammad dedicated his life to the cause of East Turkestan and translated #Uyghur books into Arabic and Arabic into Uyghur, including:

History of East Turkestan by Muhammad Amin Bagra. (From Uyghur to Arabic)

Greater Turkestan, Its Past and Present
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Latest: A Kazakh man who fled #China's #Xinjiang in 2019 was arrested in Ukraine's western border town Lviv, as he tried to cross into Poland and reach Germany to seek political asylum. He now faces the possible fate of being deported back to #China.…
The 23-year-old Yilisen Aierken arrived in Ukraine in mid October, but he lost his travel documents on October 21. He originally wanted to go to the Chinese consulate and seek new copies of his travel documents. But he was afraid of being deported back to #Xinjiang.
He contacted @Atajurt_HR after he was arrested and the founder of Atajurt, Serikzhan Bilash, immediately reached out to U.N. officials in Kazakhstan as well as U.S. and German diplomats in the country, hoping they could help negotiate Aierken's freedom with Ukrainian officials.
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