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Just adding to this: while most judges won’t plagiarise as blatantly as Wilson Chan, he is by no means the only mediocre plodder type who chose to join the #HongKong judiciary as a stable income safe haven. And when the judiciary is stacked with mediocrities, … (1/5)
… it has a downstream impact on the quality of litigators working in #HongKong too. I can say hand on heart that at the elite end of the profession, litigators in HK are as intellectually bright as any in the common law world. However, as the quality of the judiciary … (2/5)
… deteriorates, it means that these really bright litigators are increasingly running cases in front of judges with vastly inferior intellects, meaning that it takes less intellectual effort (still a lot of grunt work of course) for these smart cookies to run rings … (3/5)
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I have been given a lowdown on the hearing today. It seems like the judge was asking some really basic questions and the #HongKong Department of Justice was not ready to answer even the basics. I have never encountered a party seeking an injunction to be so ill prepared … (1/7)
… even by the standards of a first hearing. When you apply for an injunction (which is a remedy when you need something relatively urgently) you always prepare fairly comprehensive submissions and supporting affidavits even for a first hearing, so that you can be ready … (2/7)
… to seek an initial limited time period interim injunction straight away even if you’re not sure the court would necessarily agree with you. To get such an injunction means your papers to the court should already have all the basics answered (especially when … (3/7)
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Amnesty International said it had spoken to Uyghur student Abuduwaili Abudureheman. Abudureheman told the group he had not entered #HongKong, a claim that was also disputed by his South Korean professor and the city’s government.…
“Abuduwaili Abudureheman spoke with Amnesty International and told us he did not travel to Hong Kong, contrary to previous information received,” an Amnesty International spokesperson told HKFP on Tuesday.
The Hong Kong government “strongly condemned” Amnesty’s statement last Saturday, with a government spokesperson saying that there was no record of the student entering Hong Kong, nor of him being denied entry into the city.
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"Amnesty International said it was trying to confirm the whereabouts of a Uyghur scholar it said had gone missing in #HongKong after the government denied he entered the city and reports emerged on Monday that the man remained in South Korea."…
Amnesty International said on Friday that Abuduwaili Abudureheman, who spent the past seven years pursuing a Ph.D. in Seoul, had traveled to Hong Kong to meet a friend on May 10.
His academic adviser told South Korean media on Monday that Abuduwaili had remained in South Korea, easing concerns about his safety but raising questions about how the tale of his disappearance emerged.
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parliamo di #Cina

la situazione a #HongKong e il punto cieco della politica estera cinese

dall'approvazione della Legge per la Sicurezza nazionale nel 2019

che de facto abolisce l'autonomia di Hong Kong garantita dalla formula
"un paese, due sistemi"

Hong Kong è di fatto ⬇️ Image
tornata cinese
la formula "ritorno nell'abbraccio della Madre Patria"
si è rivelata una forma di controllo massiccio su tutte le attività della città

che prima godeva della fiducia di investitori stranieri

la forte opposizione popolare non è riuscita ad evitare il peggio
⬇️ Image
Hong Kong ha visto praticamente congelate le proteste del 2019 dalle chiusure Covid
e le norme contro gli assembramenti
hanno fornito ai legislatori l'occasione per arrestare i leader delle proteste

Jimmy Lai
proprietario tra l'altro del quotidiano ora chiuso Apple Daily è
⬇️ Image
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Another sad yet predictable outcome in #HongKong: the civic party announced they will dissolve the party after members cast vote to confirm the decision.…
They were once the second largest pro-democracy political party in #HongKong .

Chairperson @AlanLeongKahKit said The Civic Party was founded at the breaking point of the controversy over Hong Kong's political system, …
… and has always been determined to defend democracy and the rule of law and protect the rights of Hong Kong people.
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"A #Uyghur student has been missing in #HongKong for more than two weeks since he sent a message saying he was being interrogated by Chinese police at the city’s airport, a human rights group said Friday."…
Amnesty International said Abuduwaili Abudureheman, who was born in Xinjiang in western China, traveled to Hong Kong from South Korea to visit a friend on May 10 but has not been heard from since he texted his friend about being interrogated after his arrival.
“The unknown fate of Abuduwaili Abudureheman is deeply worrying, given the background of crimes against humanity committed against Uyghurs by the Chinese government in Xinjiang, and its ongoing pursuit of Uyghurs who have traveled overseas."
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#HongKong #香港
Have you ever thought that in 2019-2020, hongkongers and hong kong protesters have committed countless crimes, so it is only natural that they are still being tried and convicted even now. Letting them get away with it is a denigration of the justice system.
1/3 ImageImageImageImage
#HongKong #香港
From the very beginning, this group of hongkongers and hong kong protesters have only been shamelessly pursuing hatred and satisfying their own anti-social existence. And they are the ones who really confuse black and white and reject the existence of dissent.
#HongKong #香港
Even if they commit crimes, they will only subvert the facts and pretend to be victims under the guise of pursuing democracy, not to mention refuting the other side with lies, and doing so only to rationalize their evil deeds and steal sympathy.
3/3 ImageImageImageImage
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“The axing of a satirical political cartoon by a major #HongKong newspaper was due to “political pressure” from government officials, cartoonist Zunzi told RFA.”…
Cartoonist Huang Jijun, 68, who had cartoons in every edition of the now-shuttered pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper for 26 years, said that the canceling of his column reflects the overall political climate in Hong Kong.
"Of course it was due to political pressure," he said. "It wasn't that my fee was so low that I couldn't keep doing the cartoons."
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#HongKong, one of Asia’s biggest international financial centers, *today* just formally approved retail trading of #crypto assets. Effective 1 June 2023.

Huge deal for #Web3 economy in Asia + #币圈

11 key points from the conclusion paper drop from the SFC today:
1/ Hong Kong will allow retail traders to trade crypto (was resticted to professional/accredited investors only before) Image
2/ Onboarding requirements still require retail users to fill out a risk tolerance assessment test Image
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A decade-long decline in the birthrate, exacerbated by a recent exodus of residents from the city, has led to an alarming plunge in student as well as teacher numbers, leaving #HongKong’s education system facing a serious crisis.…
According to official figures, more than 64,000 students – from kindergartens to secondary schools – withdrew from the local education system in the past two years.
In the last academic year (2021-2022), more than 33,600 students, or 4% of the total student population, left school – a 10% increase from the year before.
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The @ActonInstitute @tiktok_us has been partially restored.

TikTok told the @WSJopinion "the account was removed in error and is available again on platform."

But why have two of the videos been removed for violating "community guidelines?" We don't know.

🧵 1/ Image
There's no explanation here for why this video was removed."

Do people describing how determination, fearlessness, and never surrendering in the face of intimidation defining what makes them Hong Kongers violate @tiktok_us's "community standards?" 2/
There's no explanation why this video was removed.

Does describing how #JimmyLai has been arrested and persecuted and treated like a terrorist for the "crime" of practicing journalism violate @tiktok_us's "community guidelines?" 3/
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The @ActonInstitute's @tiktok_us account was suspended yesterday, without notice or explanation.

The reason?

We're telling the truth about how China is stripping Hong Kongers of their human rights and persecuting pro-democracy activist #JimmyLai and others.

🧵1/ Image
On April 18 we premiered our documentary feature film THE HONG KONGER: JIMMY LAI'S EXTRAORDINARY STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM online for the world to see.

In the two weeks since that premiere, more than 1.2 million people have watch the film. 2/ Image
We shared promotional videos for the premiere of the film on all our social media accounts: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and – yes – TikTok.

In just over a week, we had amassed 4+ million views of our TikTok content, 64K likes, and more than 27K followers. 3/ Image
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Using @hkairport flights data on #Apr30 crawled by @webbhk , it's found that only 34.8 flights/hour at the #HongKong Int'l Airport during regular operation hours (0700-2259). That's 51% of the declared capacity of 2-runway HKIA & 41% as initially designed in 1991. 3rd runway?😅 Image
Using Online Coordination System, we can observe @hkairport's slot availability for summer 2023. Mostly green on #Apr30.

It was always yellow(nearly no slot) and red(no slot) before COVID. Being fully booked was a common thing for the #HongKong airport.

Not for now. Image
Even in the busiest week in coming August, greens are everywhere.
It shows how the former int'l aviation hub has been lost to other hubs in the region b/c of the late easing of #COVID restrictions, the aftermath of the enactment of National Security Law & lack of attractions. Image
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The #HongKong Gestapo, aka NSL police, forced former pro-democracy labour union HKCTU members Joe Wong and Denny To to call off the planned #LabourDay protest. HKCTU was disbanded last year.

It reminds me of pics taken on May Day 2005. Might never watch these in HK again. Image
Leading the protest is, of course, the head of the HKCTU Lee Cheuk Yan.

In the heart of Causeway Bay, the protest went along the roads of "usual protest route" of the #HongKong island - From Victoria Park to Gov HQ.

Lee is now behind bars for organising "illegal assembly". ImageImage
Migrant domestic workers were the long-term supporters of the annual #MayDay protests. From wages to mandatory live-in arrangements, they've been campaigning for policy changes to make the city a friendly workplace for MDWs. At peak, there were ~390K of them serving HK families. ImageImageImage
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🌐Hong Kong is starting to warm up to crypto!

New regulations are well underway, creating clarity for investors and potentially unlocking massive capital inflows from Asia, particularly China.

Discover the key factors in this thread. 👇 (1/5) Image
Hong Kong's SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) has established new regulations that provide clarity and security for businesses and investors, creating a conducive environment for growth in the digital assets sector. These guidelines ensure compliance and minimize risk (2/5)
Hong Kong's strategic position, robust financial infrastructure, and deep connections with mainland China make it an ideal epicenter for bridging the global crypto landscape between East and West. 🌏 (3/5)
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𝐗𝐢 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠'𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐧 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 & 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞:

Exposing #XiJinping's family corruption business & Tagging all who towed #DalaiLama Fake campaign so as to identify paid Wumao members.

A THREAD . . . Image
1. His younger brother Xi Yuanping is a permanent resident of #HongKong with an #Australian PR. He is the president of the International #Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association. Image
2. The eldest sister, Qi Qiaoqiao (follows her mother’s surname), is a naturalized #Canadian and the chairman of #Beijing Zhongminxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Image
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1/15: I was recently called a “China Macro Tourist”, so I decided to do the following and give a chance to everyone to find out about China’s Macro reality for themselves.

Since the best way of learning is by doing, I will set a few questions so that everyone who doubts to find……
2/15 a: We start from the GDP: China’s GDP is an input number and not an output figure like in Western economies. National accounts are based on data collected by local governments, which are rewarded for meeting growth targets; hence, local governments are incentivised to skew……
2/15 b: The Brookings Institution, in a research paper published in March 2019, estimated that China's GDP growth from 2008-2016 could be 1.7% (annually) lower than publicly acknowledged. I am confident China did not stop there. What happens if China’s GDP is 20% lower than most……
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New analysis here shows that the average #TikTok user is more likely to be exposed to content favorable to the CCP than a user of other major social media

TikTok search results for “PLA” overwhelmingly pro CCP

“Wuhan lab” lacks relevant results on TikTok, suggesting moderation Image
Leaked documents obtained by a reporter in 2019 showed that "TikTok... instruct[ed] its moderators to censor videos that mention Tiananmen Square, Tibetan independence, or the banned religious group Falun Gong." Those guidelines are no longer in use.…
That same year, a search for #hongkong on Twitter returned images of pro-democracy marchers.

Searches on TikTok revealed a different and for the CCP "more politically convenient" version of reality: playful selfies, food photos & barely a hint of unrest.…
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#HongKong pro-democracy veteran Albert Ho has been arrested again and had his court bail ceased. Several media reported that he may contact Andrew Chiu's family in an attempt to send a message to the defendant-turn-witness in #NSL47 case.
Chiu has always been controversial... Image
1/ You may probably know him b/c of this incident happened in Taikoo at the height of #antielab protest back in 2019.

People outside the core of #HongKong politics may sympathise with him and give subsequent recognition.

That's not quite the case for those in the field. Image
2/ Chiu was well-known for 2 things among people in #HongKong politics. 1) His questionable doctoral degree & 2) His biz dealings w/ pro-#Peking politicians.

His honourary degree is awarded by SABI university, a known diploma mill. Still, he insisted on his doctoral title. Image
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With a surge in #NSL arrests, many in #Hongkong may be feeling uneasy. Time to revisit some basic knowledge about police arrests and searches: THREAD (not legal advice, talk to a lawyer, etc.)
1. For an arrest and house search, there is going to be a bunch of police officers. Don't freak out, most of them are just gonna stand around and let a few people do the actual work. It's going to be slow because they're bureaucrats.
2. The police need a warrant to search your home/office. They should show it to you. It should state the address to be searched, and the reason. The warrant will probably empower them to take anything (personal belongings and digital devices).
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"The screening of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, a British slasher film due to be released in #HongKong this week, has been cancelled, its distributor said on Tuesday, without giving a reason for pulling it."…
VII Pillars Entertainment said on its Facebook page that it was with “great regret” that the scheduled release of the film on 23 March had been cancelled. It did not give further details.
Hong Kong’s Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration told Reuters that it had issued a certificate of approval to the applicant. “The arrangements of cinemas in Hong Kong on the screening of individual films ...
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"An international rights group that monitors civil society around the world has downgraded #HongKong in its global monitor citing a 'systematic crackdown on dissent' under the NSL imposed on the city by the ruling Chinese Communist Party in 2020."…
Civicus Monitor said in its annual survey of civil survey that crimes under the law are “vaguely defined and have become catch-all offenses to prosecute activists and critics with heavy penalties.”
“Activists have also been criminalized for sedition, while around 3,000 protesters have been prosecuted for their participation in peaceful gatherings and protests, such as Tiananmen Square vigils which until recently were held annually,” it said.
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"Forty of the 100 U.S. senators co-sponsored a resolution on Wednesday urging a strong U.S. government response to any Chinese efforts to clamp down on dissent in #HongKong, including the use of sanctions and other tools."…
The resolution is non-binding, but is intended to convey a strong sense that lawmakers are closely watching events in China and will respond.
"This resolution calls for the release of all wrongfully-accused defendants and encourages the U.S. government and democratic partners to use all tools available to hold Beijing and the Hong Kong government accountable," said Senator Jim Risch.
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