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In a few minutes we’ll be live-tweeting today’s National Security Seminar Series event on irregular warfare, with Michael Kofman (@KofmanMichael), Kevin Pollpeter, and special guest Markus Garlauskas (@Mister_G_2), moderated by Bill Rosenau (@WilliamRosenau).
Rosenau: GPC often viewed on two fronts, as day-to-day competition on one hand and high-end competition on the other. Adversaries seek to use irregular warfare (IW) across both fronts
Look at questions of what modern IW looks like? How will adversaries employ IW in competition? And how they'd employ IW in armed conflict/conventional warfare?
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1. Plenty of people put in plenty of effort to help these #HongKong-related laws — which you may or may not like — materialize. Since you asked, let me answer. Congress first introduced the #HKHRDA amid the Umbrella Movement, when it received zero attention from @BarackObama.
2. Never from 2014 to 2018 had it even moved out of committee in either chamber. Yes, it passed the Senate last fall when no one denied @marcorubio’s request for unanimous consent, but he took a while to defeat closed-door special interests before he could bring it to the floor.
3. @SpeakerPelosi chose another path, insisting on a roll call so whoever dared to oppose it must do so on the record. This was how the 417-1 House landslide happened. Despite these supermajorities, @realDonaldTrump was ambiguous until the last minute.
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THREAD: As the Vatican prepares to renew its ridiculous deal with the Chinese Communist Party regime, which has delivered precisely zero for the Church & only entrenched the regime's repression, I remind you what I've been saying for past few years:

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Dr. #Yanlimeng, the whistleblower who fled #HongKong tells the world about the #ChineseCommunistParty (#CCP)’s #coronavirus and its origin.

She shows evidence of lab engineering rather than a natural evolvement of the virus.

Full report is included.…
Uncovering the Truth: Engineering the #Coronavirus in Wuhan Lab by Dr. #YanLimeng…
The #coronavirus was artificially engineered in the P4 lab in Wuhan. - Dr. #YanLimeng

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[Thread] Sept 8, 2020: POP releases popularity figures of CE and Secretaries of Departments
The latest popularity of the HK CE and Principal Officials remains low. #HongKong #HK #HKGov #CarrieLam
1/ CE #CarrieLam:
Popularity rating = 28.1 marks, 50% participants give her 0 rating
Net popularity = -48 percentage points
These figures have not changed much from half a month ago
2/ Secretaries of Departments:

Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung
Popularity rating = 28.5 marks
Net popularity = -39 percentage points

Financial Secretary Paul Chan
Popularity rating = 35.5 marks
Net popularity = -18 percentage points
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Mini-scoop: Spotted a blurred out protest slogan in Yau Ma Tei on Street View last week. 👇… Viewed from another angle, you can see it takes aim at Xi Jinping.

@googlemaps told @hongkongfp's @creery_j that an algorithm error covered it up.
And just spotted this morning - 'Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times' - was also blurred out. The gov't says the slogan is illegal under the national security law.…
Both phrases can be spotted elsewhere on @googlemaps
though.… @studioincendo

The Street View car toured #HongKong at the peak of the demonstrations last year, capturing 'Lennon Wall' message boards, posters, vandalism and floral tributes to protesters...
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1) Trump/Pompeo/UK disinfo on Hong Kong National Security Law. 1984 Joint Dec: "The [HKSAR] will be directly under the authority of the Central People's Government of the [PRC &] will enjoy a high degree of autonomy, EXCEPT IN FOREIGN & DEFENCE AFFAIRS."… >
2) US NED-funded protesters trashed Hong Kong, beat, maimed, burn & killed Chinese civilians for a year while the cops struggled to maintain order & killed no-one. Meanwhile, US killed 1,004 Americans last year yet they're attacking China? Perverse.
3) A reminder of the Hong Kong rioters' brutality and slavishness to their former colonial masters. Lisa Nandy, Stephen Kinnock & others ignore these atrocities, instead inventing pretexts to build a war on 1.4b Chinese.
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In 3 days, #BoycottMulan. Disney's #Mulan actress supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality and fought against freedom as a US citizen.

WATCH this new alternative trailer on Hong Kong's #FightForFreedom. Check out this thread for the stories behind the source videos #StandWithHongKong
First, context for why we are calling for #BoycottMulan.

Chinese actress #LiuYifei, a naturalised US citizen who enjoys freedom and democracy, supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality in a social post.

#FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong…
One of the first videos is the "Thin Yellow Line" by @SCMPNews. It's a citizen-led initiative to form human barriers during 2019 #HongKongProtests to protect young protesters. It won the prestigious 2020 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize:…
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[Religious talks via #GoogleMeet allegedly surveilled by #CCP security agency in #HK]

1. @hkcnews_com reports the HKCCCC church held an online talk on Christianity in #China via #googlemeet on Aug 30, illustrating the history of religious policies in China.
2. Although the internal event was exclusively for members, three unknown users, respectively called “HK branch of China’s national security bureau”, “China’s national security bureau” and “Shenzhengovernment” made requests to join the talk soon after the talk started.
3. When the pastor tried to report the issue to all the participants, he was repeatedly removed by a third-party entity from the chatroom, more than 10 times, which making the talk forced to be suspended.
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When Chinese MSS approached Alexander Ma back in the 90s, their real target was CC#1, the unnamed co-conspirator. From the traits given in the complaint, I found that all signs pointed to David Ma, an ex-leader of overseas Chinese democratic movement.…
According to the FBI complaint, CC#1 worked for CIA in 1971-1982 and was posted overseas. In 2001, he met with Chinese MSS officials in #HK, took USD50k and provided classified intel. He also allegedly identified multiple suspected US human assets for the Chinese.
Investigation found David Ma matched CC#1 in age, place of birth, work history with the US gov't, place of residence, criminal record, current health status, and most importantly, his membership of an anti-communist organization.
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Morning! 5 with Fitz

1 - Algos will sell (a bit) but don't let that fool you
2 - $AAPL $TLSA > my targets
3 - #Congress > what a joke!
4 - Move over #Nasdaq, #hongkong tech's here
5 - @MotoGP - one of the most amazing finishes you will ever see

In to win!!

Good morning and trust you had a fabulous weekend!

Big open this morning but likely to fade a bit. Don't let that fool you. Algos are programmed to sell a little when they hit new highs.

Stay the course, focus ... "best not rest!"

2 - $AAPL $TSLA and more - my targets on each and why

Super fun @Varneyco this morning on @foxbusiness 😀

There will be ups & downs but the real bet is digitizing your life and information, not selling widgets

#intowin #investing #trading…
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@Apple wants to silence #political opinions, that it should also stop manufacturing black and yellow #iPhones, and only make products in blue, red and white.” 1/n

@SolomonYue⁩ ⁦…
『但近日經理限制口罩款式,黃色、寫有香港字樣、及有「#FDNOL」(Five Demands, Not One Less縮寫、五大訴求缺一不可)字樣的口罩均屬禁止之列,但藍色口罩則獲允許。』 3/n

@Apple Store禁員工戴港產黃口罩 職員證肖像不許穿黑黃色衫…
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[Thread] August 18, 2020: POP releases the latest social indicators & rankings of people’s most familiar political figures
All 5 indicators have registered all-time lows since records began in 1997. #HongKong #HK #Freedom #Prosperity #RuleOfLaw #Stability #Democracy
1/ Core Social Indicators (on a scale of 0 to 10)
Degree of freedom: 4.7
Degree of prosperity: 4.2
Compliance with the rule of law: 3.8
Degree of stability: 3.8
Degree of democracy: 3.7
2/ People’s Most Familiar Political Figures

Compared to half a year ago, regardless of their popularities, 6 political figures remain in the top 10. Anson Chan, John Tsang, Jasper Tsang, Leung Kwok-hung have fallen out of the top 10 list...
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[#HKers calling on #Cellebrite to halt selling phone hacking technologies to #Belarus] #standwithbelarus

1/ Phone hacking tech is one of the weapons abused by authoritarian regimes to stamp out dissidents, in particular, crackdowns on leaderless movements in both Belarus and HK.
2/ Solely in #Hongkong, throughout #hkprotests last year, #hkpolice has been using Cellebrite's hacking technology to crack at least 4000 #Hkprotesters’ phones without consent, with our private conversation used by authoritarian regimes for political purges.
3/ Recently, a group of Israeli human rights lawyers have found that the investigation units of dictatorship in #Belarus have been using Cellebrite's forensic system, #UFED Touch, to break the defence systems in smartphones.
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
MASSIVE PROTESTS MILLIONS in #SouthKorea in, get this, a Q Protest! O.O BOOM 💥 Against Mask Restrictions, against #COVID19 #Scamdemic Against #ChildTrafficking & against the #NWO #Globalism by #UN #EU &the Elite Crime Cabals. INCREDIBLE #Spain also Today
3/ Many TROLL FARM accounts attacking this video LYING through their faces that supposedly there are no protests in #SouthKorea. TOTAL LIARS!!! Of course there are HUGE protests in Korea now! Don't listen to these LIARS! Look at their TROLL accounts!! TROLL FARM DISINFO people!!
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1/5 From #Belarus, #HongKong, to #Thailand - the masses have been thrust to the forefront of a global struggle against the surging offence on our values of freedom and liberty.
#HKerswithyou Image
2/5 One viral photo after another, we hail young protestors as fearless agents of change. We applaud, reshare, retweet. But this characterisation cannot be further from the truth.
#SaveParit Image
3/5 Contexts are different, but the scenes have started to blend together. Of being brutally beaten up, jailed, raped in detention, murdered, or of a criminal record that strips away all future opportunities. The young aren't fearless, they are terrified. Image
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Latest: Despite being disqualified alongside 11 other pro-democracy candidates last month, #HongKong politician and journalist Gwyneth Ho isn't planning to stay silent. She thinks it's more important now to maintain #HongKong civil society's vitality.…
"Since the Basic Law has a lot of protection for fundamental freedoms for the citizens of Hong Kong, I personally think that if I am upholding the Basic Law, there is no way that I can agree to the current version of the national security law. That’s why I’m against it."
"I do feel it’s impossible for a person to be upholding the Basic Law and not opposing the national security law at the same time. We see that no matter what we answer, it didn’t make a difference."
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The police raid at @appledaily_hk, the only pro-democratic paper in #HongKong, on Monday was shocking. But across the town, a major shake-up occurred at the newsroom of broadcast station iCable, which is equally alarming.…
There had been rumours that the former news director Fung Tak-hung would soon be let go. The surprise came at his replacement: not one, but three new appointed media executives, all of whom have far less experience in running a newsroom. E.g. Oscar Lee, the new director of news
is best known for being an anchor/parenting KOL. He was mocked for this interview with police chief in March.
At 0:50 Tang said he realised the pressure was beyond what he expected. Lee's follow up question: Is the pressure more than you had expected?…
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#HongKong activist Agnes Chow @chowtingagnes has been released, 26 hours or so after being arrested on suspicion of violating #NationalSecurityLaw. She says passport’s been confiscated, & #HongKongPolice accused her of collusion with foreign forces on social media... 1)
But Chow said police, during the process of taking her statement didn’t specify when the alleged collusion took place, or through what social media. She said she’s been released on $HK200,000 bail, an amount she called “very harsh”. 2)
Unlike Tony Chung, who was earlier arrested over #NationalSecurityLaw allegations & had a saliva sample taken, Chow said she didn’t need to do so, only giving her fingerprints.

She said this is the 4th time she’s been arrested, “& frankly, this time was the scariest” 3)
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3,000 people are watching a livestream of a newsstand in Mong Kok, where today's issue of @appledaily_hk will be soon be arriving, fresh off the press. There is already a line of people waiting to buy their copies. #HongKong #nationalsecuritylaw Image
A man wearing a gas mask is the first person in Hong Kong to get their hands on a copy of today's @appledaily_hk after the arrest of @JimmyLaiApple and the raid on their offices. Image
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@SecPompeo praised @JimmyLaiApple in his "#Communist #China and the #Free World’s Future" speech at @NixonLibrary.

"I’ve talked with #HongKong’s #democracy leaders, from Cardinal Zen to Jimmy Lai. Two days ago in London, I met with Hong Kong freedom fighter @nathanlawkc." 1/
His arrest flies in the face of #USA as "a beacon of #freedom for people all around the #world".

"If we don’t act now, ultimately the #CCP will erode our freedoms and subvert the rules-based order that our societies have worked so hard to build. ... 2/
... If we bend the knee now, our children’s children may be at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP), whose actions are the primary challenge today in the #free world." ~ @SecPompeo 3/3
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Summary of what happened to #HongKong press:
- Jimmy Lai, founder of only remaining pro-democratic newspaper @appledaily_hk, arrested under national security law, newsroom searched
- News directors of iCable and NowTV, two credible broadcast stations, replaced
- Immigration department set up new unit to review visa applications of foreign journalists
- International media outlets have trouble getting visas for correspondents in HK
- Independent outlets denied access to reporting sites/interviews with police
- public broadcaster @rthk_enews, which is now under a government probe, is also blocked from entering Apple Daily headquarters to report on the ongoing search.
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Both of Lai’s sons also reportedly arrested along with executives of his company.…
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