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This is the UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres for the 590th day; this @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric has been asked 10 question incl on #Cameroon #Myanmar #HongKong China #coronavirus #Samoa UN rapes Denmark - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, given that 8,000 people have fled from #Cameroon into #Nigeria in the past two weeks because of an upsurge in violence and some arrived with gunshot wounds - what is the UN doing? Why didn't SG Guterres even mention this at the AU?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, February 13-2: On #Myanmar, what is the SG doing to get the Internet turned back on, as he didn't in Cameroon?…
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1/ Paid a deliberate visit to the somewhat neglected SARS memorial in #HongKong Park yesterday. Not so long ago, but it seems no lessons learned. No action plan ever put in place.

The busts are a very sad, moving & unusual tribute, as the dead medics were so young.
2/ Dr Kate Cheng was an HKU grad who worked in Tai Po Hospital. Volunteered to join the SARS team, but was infected & died June 1, 2003 aged 30.…
3/ Heung-may Tang was assisting at the United Christian Hospital. Infected with SARS & died May 15, 2003 at 35.
8 healthcare worked killed in all.

GovHK should be grovelling about heroic medics at the start & end of *every* press con, not attacking them for "illegal" strikes.
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A brief history on how the Clinton family sold out America & the Navy for China in Long Beach, Ca #China #Clinton #California #LongBeach

source article 1997

China Ocean Shipping Co [#COSCO]
#LongBeach Naval Station tentatively placed on the Military Base Closure-Lit by #POTUS41 #Bush in 1991. #POTUS42 #Clinton closed in 1993. [Job lost 17,500 military & civilian & economic impact loss was $52.5 million & drove the California economy into the tank
in 1995-1996 during #Clinton-#Gore Campaign fund raising activity, Clinton admin actively intervened to make sure a #China China Ocean Shipping Co [COSCO] interest got a too-good deal on #LongBeach shipping terminal
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#Hongkong’s new #quarantine rules are entirely toothless! New measures rely heavily on the self-discipline of the targeted people? #WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak

1/ Even though the rule has been put in place today, there is no staff informing newcomers about the new measure.
2/ Even though #HKgov claims that 14days quarantine is mandatory, new arrivers are told that they can “go out” during the quarantine periods so long as they wear masks. It puts into doubt the effectiveness of quarantine policy as it means #coronavirus can spread in communities.
3/ Although #HKgov warns to impose imprisonment and fines on violators, such punitive measures are only supported by daily phone calls and random checks. Even if quarantined people violate the rules, they will be only warned verbally.
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Important story on the Caronavirus, and the Chinese regime's previous statements on developing bioweapons to attack the United States.

Great reporting from @JRNyquist - #caronavirusoutbreak #carona #ChinaPneumonia #chinaoutbreak #HongKong…
@JRNyquist "We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves." - From the Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian at the time.
@JRNyquist Chi said: “If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. ..."
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The 2019 Novel #Coronavirus, or the #WuhanCoronavirus, has spread from #China to over a dozen countries, including the United States, France, and Japan.

Check back for updates. (Thread👇)…
Air Canada Announces It Is Suspending China Flights

Effective Jan. 30, @AirCanada is suspending all direct flights to #Beijing and #Shanghai until Feb. 29, the airlines said in a statement.…
@AirCanada New Zealand Charters Plane to Evacuate Citizens from Wuhan

@WinstonPeters, #NewZealand’s foreign minister, announced that the government has agreed with national carrier Air New Zealand to arrange a chartered flight to #Wuhan to evacuate citizens, according to local media.
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#國際關係辭典:Mandate】Home Office的一天,目睹全程恐嚇搶口罩、搶物資的狀況,十分難過。

... 「偽封關」之後,就是不信任理應保護人民生命財產的政府能有效運作。

... 昨日又說會盡力全球搜羅、而依然不見其效,令商界、民間不得不取代政府功能。官方資訊發放平台一律失去公信力,任何資訊都要依靠民間平台;政府四出批評fake news,自己的平台因為七個月來天天玩弄假數據、語言偽術,誠信破產而自食惡果,卻早被視為最大fake news。...
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#HongKong annuncia le restrizioni all'ingresso nella città cinese continentale come confermato #WuhanCoronavirus casi in Cina top 4500, fino * 60 %* durante la notte.I video s.m. mostrano il confine terrestre dalla terraferma a Hong Kong assalita da persone che cercano di fuggire
#HongKong taglierà il servizio ferroviario AltaVelocità con la Cina continent.dal 30 gennaio.Anche i servizi tragh. saranno fermati. In questo video,i funzionari sanitari sono bloccati da marea di persone cercando di attraversare il confine terrestre dalla terraferma a HongKong.
#HongKong L'A.D. Carrie Lam ha sottolineato #WuhanCoronavirus i pazienti che non hanno diritto al trattamento medico SAR - per inferenza cinese dovrebbero pagare facendo arrabbiare molti. Qui, una folla cerca di attraversare #HongKong .
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"It is increasingly clear that much of the blame for the seriousness of the #coronavirus’s spread can be placed on the culture of lying & covering up bred by #China’s deeply flawed & highly corrupted Marxist-Leninist system 'with Chinese characteristics.'"…
"Yet it’s also worth reflecting on the limited tools that the #Chinese government has to deal with the situation due to its parallel wars on both #religion & #civil society. The two are closely related as across the world the Catholic Church, Protestant denominations, Islam..."
"Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism & most other organized religions play an outsized role in civil society through religion-backed organizations & charities devoted to humanitarian services. The Catholic Church has traditionally been very active in providing such services..."
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🇨🇳 #China (1) | The question is no longer if, but how hard, the #coronavirus will damage Chinese economy (and its trading partners) in 1Q20.
🇨🇳 #China (2) | A blockage of 16 cities (~50 million people) coupled with the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday and prohibition for Cos to return to work soon implies that 1Q will fall below 6% for the first time since QoQ figures are recorded.
🇨🇳 #China (3) | The impact will probably broaden from retail sales, tourism/transportation...

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Gabriel Leung, dean of HKU's medical school on #CoronavirusOutbreak: basic reproductive number - secondary cases generated by an index infected case - is 2.13. According to best estimate, case count doubles every six days, in the absence of any public health intervention.
Inferred number of cases is around 25k, while inferred number of infections, i.e. including those who are in incubation stage, is near 44k.
Epidemic curves with or without population quarantine are very similar, so the policy may not have a substantial impact on the course of outcome. In other major Chinese cities, the outbreak will reach its peak in April/May, and die down in June/July, says Leung.
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🔥THREAD #HongKong #CoronavirusOutbreak
HK's leader Carrie Lam has raised response level for Wuhan #coronavirus to EMERGENCY

via @sumlokkei
@sumlokkei 2) #HongKong RESPONSE
via @sumlokkei

1. Upping govt's disease contingency plan from serious to emergency lvl

2. Four medical experts appointed to make suggestions directly to Lam
@sumlokkei 3) #HongKong RESPONSE
via @sumlokkei

3. Suspension of flights and trains to #wuhan indefinitely

4. health declaration forms at 4 piers and 6 land ports to mainland #china (punishment for those who give false info)
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"Commenters have especially condemned the perceived absence of the local, provincial &even nat'l authorities in the heart of the outbreak..Xi had made few public remarks about the disease bf Sat, when he called for officials to “stand @ the front line to safeguard social stablty”
"'Where is that person? He is not on the front line,' 1 user wrote on #Weibo, a Twitterlike platform, an apparent reference to Mr Xi. The posts were quickly deleted."…

"Beijing’s response highlights longstanding tensions between national & local officials"
"A professor of infectious diseases in #HongKong who helped identify #SARS, Guan Yi, has accused #Chinese authorities of delaying action & of obstructing his efforts to investigate the #outbreak."…

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"Today, #China faces the spread of another mysterious disease, a #coronavirus, which so far has killed 17 [+] people & infected > 540 [++]. And while Beijing’s response has improved in some ways, it has #regressed in others. It is #censoring criticism."…
"It is detaining people for spreading what it calls 'rumors.' It is suppressing info it deems alarming. Though China’s censors are busily scrubbing the Chinese internet, the... online community is registering its disappointment & alarm over Beijing’s handling of the new virus..."
CCP "has tightened its grip on the & civil society. It has deeper pockets & a greater ability to control the flow of info.[Thus], many of the media outlets, advocacy groups, activists &others who held the gov't accountable in 2003 have been silenced or sidelined."
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利申港島東護士,入職幾年,黃,612前線fa。03 SARS仲讀緊小學。



點解要今日24/1? 之後假期lab同ward有幾多人返工大家都知,少左confirm new case換來嘅就係新年大爆發,潛伏期14日,低燒,咁多親戚北上叫雞然後你去拜年,密集環境大家GG。所以今日P已經係last minute講數。
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The nomination of #Mishustin to be PM of #Russia likely represents an “all in, scorched Earth” move by #Putin to fight the #MagnitskyAct sanctions. Mishustin, along with Prosector General #YuryChaika, has been integral to the investigation of (1/3)…
… of alleged massive tax fraud (via #HSBC, the #HongKong #Shanghai Banking Corp.) by US citizenship-renouncer #BillBrowder.

With the opening of #NordStream2, we already see #Germany backing off the #Magnitsky narrative, with @SPIEGEL_English questioning key aspects (2/3)…
… of #BillBrowder’s shifting story (inc. the fundamental point that #Magnitsky was a lawyer & not an accountant).

The loser here is #HumanRights. The #MagnitskyAct is great, powerful legislation built on a questionable foundation. It should’ve been named after #LiuXiaobo. (3/3)
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تاکتیک‌های معترضان #هنگ‌کنگ
فقط بصورت تیتروار میگم. به‌تدریج تکمیل میشه.
📸 Fai Lo / HK01
#IranProtests #IranProtests2020 #HongKong
لیزر 3000 میلی‌واتی
زنجیره‌ی انسانی
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1/ It's terribly alarming that #HKGov barred Kenneth Roth from #HongKong for no reason. It well illustrates how #Hkgov now cooperates with #CCP to deliberately undermine our international human rights system.
2/ That is how #China’s global censorship regime works. First UK activist @benedictrogers, followed by reporters like @VJMallet and academics like @DanGarrett97, and now even US human rights advocates @KenRoth were denied entry.
3/ Bit by bit, #Beijing tightens its red line on #Hongkong, isolates this international city from the world, and puts #onecountrytwosystems in peril. The case is the best indicator of #Beijing ’s authoritarian expansion and weakening human rights situation in #China.
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My #TaiwanElection reflection - 11 hours into my work day, this is finally a moment that I can slow down and reflect on what has happened to me and my dear #Taiwan over the last 12 hours. We witnessed yet another history, one that no one saw it coming 14 months ago.
November, 2018 was a tough moment for me, with democracy facing fresh new challenges and marriage equality experiencing serious setback. That was the moment when I had doubt UN #Taiwan’s democracy, because everything I believed in suddenly looks seriously endangered.
I think my own pessimism pushed me away from covering #Taiwan politics for a while, simply because I wasn't sure if I could live through another political metldown on my own part.
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1/ Congratulations to #Taiwan’s new President #TsaiIngWen @iingwen and also #DPP @DPPonline under her lead! 👏🏻#Taiwan2020 #TaiwanElection
2/ Also glad to know many young politicians can successfully take seats in the legislature, such as #DPP’s Lai Pin-yu, Hong Shen-hang, #TSP’s Chen Bo-wei, and Independent @FreddyLim. Unfortunately, it is really pity that @enoch_tw can't make it this time.
3/ Today is the day for the majority of #Taiwaneses to choose their fate, to safeguard their democracy and freedoms, and most importantly, to say no to #CCP's authoritarian invasion. People of #Taiwan also show the world their defiance of #Beijing’s lie of #onecountrytwosystems.
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(1/n) THREAD: Setting the stage for the #TaiwanElection—happening right now!

By the #s: The big race is between Tsai Ing-wen (bottom bar) & Han Kuo-yu (middle bar)

Red: Unify w/ #China
Green: Independence
Light grey: Status Quo
Dark grey: Depends
Black: Don‘t Know

Source later
(2/n) For #Taiwan2020 the most important issue people are voting on is how #Taiwan is to relate to mainland #China.

The top bar in this graph is overall sentiment of the Taiwanese people. As you can see, the vast, vast majority favor either Status Quo or Independence from China
(3/n) You can also see that the positions of the two presidential candidates are *dramatically* different.

And as you'll learn if you watch this remarkable election primer with Lev Nachman @lnachman32, the political reality is also a lot more nuanced.
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It's #TaiwanElection day here in #Taiwan, the last bastion of democracy in the Chinese speaking world. Long queues since 8am at the voting stations in #taipei
Hearing a lot of "韩国瑜" at this voting station in #Taipei #TaiwanElection
Looks like the polling station I was at isn't a representative enough sample. Thanks goodness.
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Artists of HK (and friends!) - a #HongKong art thread

Thread of some of the HK artists & friends abroad who've been making protest art over the last few months, on Twitter, IG and Facebook. List in no particular order. Let me know if there are more to add!
.@smalltunghk is the artist behind 'Central Office Bae' and other fantastically amazing works.

.@pikat_hk really likes Pokemon, and was one of the driving forces behind #pokemonforHK 🥰 They are also just a very good egg in general.

IG: pikat.draw4fun
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#China's total exports in 2018 were $2.65 trillion, of which approximately $477 billion went to the #USA, $441 billion went to the #EU, and $157 billion to #Japan. Add #SouthKorea and #India, and that is over 50% of Chinese exports.
China's strong economy depends on the good will of a handful of governments. Gradually increasing tariffs (or economic sanctions) on Chinese imports in these and other like-minded countries and the EU, if linked to demands for: 1) human rights improvements in #HongKong, ...
... #Xinjiang, and #Tibet; 2) military deescalation in the #SouthChinaSea and #EastChinaSea, the #Korea n peninsula, and #ArunachalPradesh; 3) progression down a truly democratic path for all of China; 4) improved conditions in China for global business; and ...
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