1/25 There are many factors contributing to Canada's rapid decline. I will focus on the political contributions and touch on some cultural shortcomings. Notice that the vitriol is targeted exclusively at Justin Trudeau. This is intentional. Image
2/25 While the 2nd most racist Trudeau deserves it, we need to be honest: Justin Trudeau, despite his childish temper tantrums, made no decisions, and everyone in Ottawa knows it. This isn't speculation; it comes from sources in the Liberal Party.
3/25 The postmodern Canadian system is governed by strategic management companies/lobby groups who are subcontracted for the purpose of policy advisory, polling, and developing political platforms leading into elections. cbc.ca/news/politics/…
4/25 The system has been massively corrupted by global entities aligned with often hostile regimes to influence the direction of our society. If you see a lot of clown world policies that are removed from reality, this is why. ctvnews.ca/politics/ontar…
5/25 We are in the middle of World War Three, but World War Three is not a hot war; it is a warm war. Unlike the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the warm war is a culture war where Western governments are penetrated using political entryism.
6/25In many countries around the world, citizens are taught the importance of nationalism, strength, and building a life, while in the postmodern West, people can no longer distinguish the difference between a boy & a girl. This trained subjectivism is intentional brainwashing.
7/25 Lobbyists: In #PoMo Canada, a small number of lobby firms control the political establishment. In one example, the lobby firm that the Conservative Party subcontracts much of its policy advice to was co-founded by Justin Trudeau's Chief of Staff.
8/25 Yes, the firm founded by Trudeau's Chief of Staff is a primary subcontractor for the #CPC, & their former woke employee is now the deputy leader of the Conservative Party. If it feel like we are governed by a uni-party, this is another example.
9/25 In Canada political lobbyists still govern using the obsolete left vs. right framing. The left parties' message around social activism, the right message around economics. This is the approved Ministry of Truth policy framing. No deviation permitted.
10/25 In a hilarious example, the conservatives tried to con me into telling media platforms the Freedom Convoy was about inflation & supply chain mismanagement, while avoiding any mention of COVID mandates & ArriveCan - the very reasons we were there.
11/25 Why Trudeau remains in power: Weak conservatives refuse to take a stand & speak honestly about the current culture war. Instead, their strategy is to allow liberals to shift increasingly to the left, so that they can occupy the center.
12/25 This repeated failed strategy causes conservative voter abandonment. They would rather stay home than elect a fraud. Each time this happens, the libs shifts further to the left, & the conservatives chase them in line with the corporate lobbyists' strategy.
13/25 Canadian Culture: From my vantage point, the core distinction between Canadians & Americans is, unlike our American cousins, Canadians didn't fight a civil war to obtain independence; we just waited. This is evidenced by the strong bias toward freedom in American culture,
14/25 & the 1st and 2nd amendments. Nevertheless, Canada's lack of experience in achieving freedom through warfare, despite its participation in 20th-century theatres of war, works against us. Our patience & understanding makes us easy targets for exploitation; political entryism
15/25 This has resulted in a dangerous level of trust in government & bureaucracy. While American culture is highly distrustful of government, Canadian culture, broadly speaking, is blindly trusting of government, regardless of the evils our government have committed in the past.

1. Dionne Quintuplets
2. Electro-shock therapy 4 homosexuality
3. The indian act (reserves)

All examples of Canadian authoritarianism, yet our collective positivity blinds many of us from scrutinizing bureaucracy. The party knows what's best. thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/dio…
17/25 Multiculturalism, brought in by Trudeau Sr., who admitted its failure in his last book, targeted the Canadian identity and allowed sectarian foreign subcultures with alien values to flourish. It created the hyphenated Canadian and allows for sustained disintegration.
18/25 Political refugees often see their jailers or ISIS fighters who tortured them, have followed them to Canada. #Trudeau: ISIS Fighters Returning Home to Canada "Can Be an Extraordinarily Powerful Voice for Preventing Radicalization."
19/25 Legacy media helps label anyone who discusses difficult issues, such as the aforementioned ISIS fighters, as racists. Government & Foreign-funded NGOs, engage in targeted Lawfare & online harassment campaigns against those who speak out. (#TikTok harassment campaigns)
20/25 Now, the authoritarian Canadian government has just released its community consultation on the Bank of Canada website. The consultation includes many leading and persuasive questions aimed at promoting the adoption of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Image
21/25 This comes after Freeland, the finance minister with zero finance background & Soros biographer stated, "we'd like to unlock the savings of people's personal accounts for the COVID recovery."
She referred to your private savings as "preloaded stimulus," It's not your money
22/25 Freeland's comments strengthened the Canadian resolve in Bitcoin through her comments prior & during the Freedom Convoy. For all my American friends who keep asking why so many #bitcoin content creators are Canadian, this is why.
23/25 So, who is to blame for how screwed up Canada is? We have an authoritarian Prime Minister who never had a real job, obsessed with race, isn't in control while, "liberals" ignore these facts & simultaneously embrace censorship & demanded authoritarian covid lockdowns.
24/25 The corporate lobby structure capitalizes on fear & understand Canadians are normally passive. I believe this is why they reacted with excessive force to unlawfully aggressive beat and abuse protesting truckers. In the next step of escalation, the government is now...
25/25 using lawfare against us, in an ongoing campaign of smears & defamation online, b/c the freedom genie is out of the bottle. #Bitcoin was the passive freedom weapon we desperately needed during freedom convoy. Perhaps Bitcoin help revive Canada like it revived #ElSalvador.

• • •

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