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Écrit en 2019, ce livre de @CageJulia a vite vieilli depuis car la montée inexorable du #nouvelordremondial à rabattu les cartes. Que reste t il de notre démocratie quand les votes sont truqués (Ex machines Dominion), que le pouvoir n'est pas soumis aux votes (CE, WEF,...) ?🤔 Image
Ce livre partisan, qui sait bien condamner la droite populiste, sans s'attaquer au deep state américain, au mortifère #NOM représenté par #biden #trudeau ou #macron, présente néanmoins quelques analyses intéressantes 📚
Une personne, une voix : la démocratie repose sur une promesse d'égalité qui trop souvent vient se fracasser sur le mur de l'argent. Financement des campagnes, dons aux partis politiques, prise de contrôle des médias : le jeu démocratique est de plus en plus capturé par les
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Here is the clip showing that Brenda Lucki has been part of a team since she's been in office that has been working on banning firearms in Canada, which is the goal of the Turdo Libs

(Disarming Law-Abidding Canadians Permanently)

#Thread The libs will try and ban firearms.../1
This clip above is taken from Lucki's testimony at the hearing into Political Interference by the PMO and Cabinet Ministers (Blair, Telford etc..)

The focus is on the O.I.C. but Lucki let's it slip that they've been working on the #Firearms #Ban since she got into office...2/
This little bit seems to have been missed by many people, but it stood out to me

Here is #Trudeau letting it slip what he really wants to do to #LAW #ABBIDING #OWNERS



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🧵 1/51

This thread has very revealing data showing that mRNA-vaccinations create majority of the covid cases. Largest covid waves come always after the booster rounds. Not before. AFTER.

🧵 2/51

Isn't it weird coincidence that the EU suffered the most largest covid wave right after the boosting started?

Ofcourse this can be coincidence but with
what possibility the very same thing happened also in every EU memeber country? Keep reading...

#EU #COVID Image
🧵3/51 - Norway.

#Norway #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #Facts Image
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13/7/22 - Wat bind de familie #Bronfman en Justin #Trudeau: mensenhandelnetwerk NXIVM. Wat is #NXIVM? Welke boekhouders regelen de zaakjes zodat dergelijke misdaden buiten het collectieve bewustzijn blijven? Is Nederland de bank van de onderwereld? Hoe zit dat dan?🧵
27/10/17 - NXIVM is een 'zelfhulporganisatie' uit New-York die in de jaren negentig werd opgericht door #KeithRaniere (US). De #NXIVM cult/sekte kenmerkte zich door slachtoffers voor de elite seksindustrie te brandmerken
28/6/01 - al in 2001 waren de lijntjes tussen de Canadese regering en Bronfman zichtbaar. In 2001 ontving #Bronfman (in één schenking) $ 2 miljard aan Canadees belastinggeld. Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien was destijds minister president van Canada…
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freecanada .win is a Canadian forum styled like 4/8chan. The content posted is similar alt-right extremist rhetoric. Posted by Canadians. Registered (host: XenForo) in 2019, the vile platform used by many #Freedumbconvoy supporters/participants is relatively unknown #OttawaConvoy
I've shared posts by freecanada .win users-#HornyHonkies threads- showcasing the misogynistic, sexist & patriarchal ideologies held by these #freedomfakers. I'm always disgusted by what I read, but right now (Pride Month, Indigenous Month, Roe v Wade, Canada Day) it's nuts
#OttawaConvoy & #freedomfaker posts regarding #Indigenous peoples make me sick. The snippets are particularly offensive. Being patriotic doesn't mean ignoring your nation's history-good or bad. Based on what I've witnessed, a vast majority of this 'movement' are bigots #FreeDumb ImageImage
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Proposed powers to sell, redistribute Russian assets may violate international law, says legal expert | CBC News… #Freeland #cdnpoli #Trudeau #Russia #Ukraine️
"CBC News asked the offices of both Finance Minister Chrystia #Freeland, in whose name C-19 stands, and FA Minister Melanie Joly, who's responsible for Canada's sanctions regime, whether the Liberal gov sought or received guidance on whether it complies with international law."
"The only response that specifically addressed CBC's question was offered on background: all bills go through "rigorous legal analysis" before being introduced."
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"this endless effort to skewer and bait political opponents and critics, this finger-in-the-eye politics, has become the Liberals main guiding purpose."… #Trudeau #cdnpoli
"Mr. #Trudeau is responding to the #US debate over guns and mass shootings...he also vowed to defend abortion rights after the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked. He even made a show of kneeling at a Black Lives Matter rally"…
"Toronto police say 85% of guns used in crimes are trafficked from the #US. A Canadian ban won’t stop that illegal smuggling." #Trudeau #cdnpoli
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1/ #Trudeau's is the most ideological gov in #Canada's history. Canada is now ruled by an uneducated stubborn man whose only goal is to antagonize Canadians who don't vote for him because they hurt his vanity. #cdnpoli
2/ Today #Trudeau's coalition voted to keep drastic Covid vaccine mandates as restrictions are lifted everyhwere, and Trudeau announced a total freeze on gun ownership because of what's happening in the #US, not because of anything happening in Canada. #cdnpoli
3/ We are stuck with #Trudeau until 2025 because his minority gov receives the unconditional support of a small party, the NDP. If Trudeau continues along the same line, and he will, I expect Canadians to realize by the time his mandate ends the damage he's done to the country.
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Die Affäre #ElonMusk ist übrigens längst nicht mehr harmlos. Habe schon Februar (vor der #Twitter-Kaperung) vor dem antidemokrat. #Dualismus des Rechtslibertären gewarnt. Damals verhöhnte er Kanada 🇨🇦 & #Trudeau durch eine Gleichsetzung mit #Hitler. (1/4)…
Im digitalen #Libertarismus werden Demokrat:innen & Republiken mit dem #Nationalsozialismus gleichgesetzt, im Deutschen z.B. durch #RolandBaader. Plus #Verschwörungsmythen breitet sich derzeit „Extremismus der Mitte“, libertärer #Antisemitismus aus! (2/4)…
In den USA 🇺🇸 begann der Niedergang der Republikaner (GOP) mit d. rechtslibertären #TeaParty-Bewegung, Vorläufer von #QAnon. Genau dorthin driftet nun auch #ElonMusk, wirft US-Demokraten Verschwörung vor, zahlte „Schweigegeld“, um Recht zu biegen. (3/4)…
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Been thinking a lot lately about #Trudeau's useless Covid vaccine mandates that bar the unvaccinated from federally regulated transport (trains & planes):
They are at odds with the Science of Covid transmission;
They are at odds with provincial Covid policies, and the world;
#Trudeau's vaccine mandates are also at odds with the Science of Covid vaccines (2 doses = full vaccination). Trudeau's top doctor flouted the idea of a 3rd dose for full vaccination, but Trudeau knows he will lose support for the mandates if he were to ask this from Canadians.
In parliament, #Trudeau got the support of the majority of parliamentarians on the mandates, thanks to the NDP. So there is no effective push-back right now that can make Trudeau change his stance, neither from the public (where majority have two doses) nor from parliament.
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During lockdown, the Canada health agency tracked 33 million cellphone users to study their movements.
During the February protests against the federal Covid vaccine mandates, National Defence operated a surveillance aircraft above the protests.… #cdnpoli
Beware. Those who engage in misinformation as a profession are warning about misinformation on social media!…
33 million mobile devices...
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Absolutely important interview with the scientist who conducted the Danish study about the effect (or the non effect) of mRNA vaccines on all-cause mortality.…
Vaccines have effects beyond their specific effect against a specific disease. This effect can be seen by studying all-cause mortality after delivering a vaccine in a population. The effect of vaccines on all-cause mortality can be positive or negative. #mRNA #Moderna #Pfizer
Live vaccines contain a weakened version of the pathogen, they seem to decrease all-cause mortality

Non live vaccines, those that contain only a portion of the pathogen or a deactivated pathogen, seem to have a negative effect on all-cause mortality. #mRNA vaccines are non live
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Within 48hrs, 4 articles in Canada's leading newspaper show the rot that's at the heart of the #Trudeau gov:
Ethical breaches
Secrecy………… #cdnpoli
And, please remember, the #NDP is enabling all this. #cdnpoli #TrudeauCorruption #JagmeetSingh
"Bloc House Leader Alain Therrien on Thursday accused the minority Liberal government of using its confidence agreement with the #NDP to create 'a parallel Parliament with its own rules.'" #TrudeauCorruption #cdnpoli
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There is "mounting evidence pointing to the #Canada Armed Forces having trained members of #Ukraine’s military who are also reported to be part of extremist groups"… h/t @KoenSwinkels
A "report from George Washington University that found extremists in the Ukrainian military were bragging about being trained by Canadians as part of Operation UNIFIER" #Ukraine #Azov #Canada #cdnpoli
"soldiers from the #Azov regiment, identified by patches on their clothing and other insignias, have participated in training with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as recently as 2020 at the western-backed Zolochiv training centre in Western #Ukraine." #cdnpoli
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#Biden, April 21, the day #Russia declared #Mariupol liberated: “There is no evidence yet that Mariupol has completely fallen”
#BorisJohnson, April 22, from India:"#Putin "is very close to securing a land bridge in Mariupol now...We just have to be realistic about that.”#Ukraine
"During his recent visit to #Ukraine, #Johnson had reportedly advised Pres Vladimir #Zelensky to make a retreat from and form a new defence line but Zelensky had no option but to follow American advice."…
"For President #Biden, of course, there is good enough reason why the war should continue as a forever war. The war rallies Europe behind the #US’ weakening transatlantic leadership."
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Will the Canadian Disability Benefit receive it's funding in the Liberal Federal Budget 2022 presented tomorrow by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland?

#CanadianDisabilityBenefit #cdnpoli #Liberals #WhereIsTheCanadianDisabilityBenefit #Trudeau #Freeland #Disability #Canada
The answers to this poll are important to me.

As a disabled person, Since '21 I've had the "option" of using MAID due to the C7 amendments rushed through removing the safeguards surrounding it. (Even before the mental illness option for MAID opens in '23) I wasn't able to prior.
By keeping me trapped in legislated poverty, the government is keeping my quality of life poor. I can't afford basic necessities life therapy, rent or medicine. The gov is actively pushing me toward MAID by keeping my quality of life poor with the only other "option" is MAID.
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Trudeau getting trashed super thread

MEP Mislav Kolakusic of Croatia:
"Canada, 👀 once a symbol of the modern world has become a symbol of civil rights violations..."
MEP Christine Anderson of Germany:
"Mr. Trudeau you are a disgrace to any democracy. Please spare us your presence."
MEP Bernhard Zimniok of Germany:
"Clearly the values of democracy are being despised by [Trudeau]. Let us not give someone like this any speaking time in this house of democracy."
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Now awaiting 🇨🇦@JustinTrudeau at the European Parliament.

The Canadian prime minister will be participating in person in a session of the 🇪🇺 legislature at 17:30 to discuss 🇺🇦, after some vigorous handshaking here at the VIP corner. Image
🇨🇦#Trudeau is about to speak to the 🇪🇺European Parliament ahead of tomorrow’s emergency #NATO & #G7 summits here in Brussels to discuss 🇺🇦#UkraineCrisis.

He will also be having a bilateral session with 🇪🇺President Michel tomorrow on sidelines of #G7. Image
France's Europe Minister 🇫🇷@CBeaune says ahead of #Trudeau's speech to the 🇪🇺European Parliament that the fact the 🇨🇦Canadian PM is here shows the strong transatlantic unity right now on the subject of the #UkraineWar. Image
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"Politicians at all levels...have been conspicuous by their silence on threats to Russian Canadians... It’s almost as if it’s open season on anyone seen as insufficiently critical of Putin’s Russia or those who wish to remain...neutral"… #cdnpoli
"... the (celebration of the) absence of vigorous debate on the (#Ukraine) conflict in the Canadian context is extremely peculiar given how there’s at least some debate in other NATO countries, including in the #US"
"It’s almost as if cancel culture has morphed into a thought police that will brook no dissent on a particular received narrative on the current crisis...This cancel culture has seeped into international relations, too." #Ukraine
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"every other main player in the Ukraine crisis has strenuously avoided leaving their capital city . Ever since the Russian invasion began on Feb. 24, #Trudeau is really the only NATO leader who has journeyed outside his own borders."… #cdnpoli
"The Canadian delegation posted photos of themselves seeming to walk busily past Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The monument isn’t really between any offices that the group would have been visiting, so the image was almost certainly staged." #Trudeau #cdnpoli
"At a summit with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris in Warsaw, #Trudeau could be seen sporting his signature loud socks."
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adieu le dollar, place au yuan

"les États-Unis et l'UE vont trop loin dans les sanctions russes. Le résultat final pourrait être la dédollarisation de l'économie mondiale et des pénuries massives de matières premières dans le monde entier"
rappel : Macron comme Veran, Edouard Philippe, youngs leaders china…
rappel : "Macron, c'est Judas"
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<Guerre de dénazification>

Depuis le tentaculaire #AzovFilms (Canada>Ukraine #OpSpade)

au bataillon #Azov (#Blackwater...)

le terme atteint en Ukraine fût de longue entreprise

Crimée était une station balnéaire de VIP pédocriminels #LSmodels… ImageImageImageImage
De hauts responsables politiques ukrainiens font face à des allégations d'abus sexuels sur des enfants dans un camp de vacances en mer Noire. 2009 (#Azov)

Violés, forcés d'être filmés

Selon des témoins, plusieurs politiciens sont impliqués
dont des députés du #Rada 📝 ImageImageImageImage
#OpSpade c'est 400 enfants délivrés

Tourisme d'#IgorRusanov ImageImageImageImage
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