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For those interested in a possible connection between #NXIVM cult related parties and Prime Minister Justin #Trudeau in #Canada, here's an interesting article that explains historical links…
"The Paradise Papers, however, raise suspicions that one of Trudeau’s closest party allies, a man who counts among the prime minister's most ardent supporters, is involved in a tax avoidance scheme. That confidant is Stephen Bronfman, who has been friends with Trudeau for years."
"Trudeau’s political rise is tightly linked to Bronfman. When Trudeau first set out to become the leader of the Liberal Party in 2013, he asked Bronfman to help out with fundraising. And when Trudeau successfully landed the position, he put Bronfman in charge of filling the party
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Here's a lovely long list of #Trudeau govt screw ups that was collected by @Joel_Johannson on feedback he received in this thread ()
It’s up to 70 items so far. RT peeps! I'll keep it pinned until election! #TrudeauMustGo

JT’s Biggest Screw Ups;
1. SNC – Messier than Poutine
2. Deficits – massive deficits, budget don’t balance themselves
3. Oil Industry – complete annihilation
4. Carbon Tax – Tax grab.
5. Feminist Fraud – JWR, Dr. Philpott, Ruth Ellen, etc

JT’s World Class Screw Ups;
6. US Relations – pissing off our neighbor & ally
7. UN Migration Pact
8. Funding Terrorist Organization – RCMP Investigation
9. India Trip – total embarrassment on world stage
10. Foreign Relations – China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc

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Just watched a very interesting video on an article I previously posted. Well worth the watch. There was a person who ACTUALLY FOLLOWED the links in that article and found it credible. (thread)👇🏼
I also followed the links provided in this video and lo and behold, #MaximeBernier is funded and closely allied to a globalist organisation called the Montreal Institute!👇🏼…
I can't help but be amazed that Max has been involved in so many globalist undertakings like the UN climate change plan (thanks Gramma) along with his background in the Montreal Institute. 👇🏼
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The best explanation of SNC-Lavalin scandal yet!!! FOR ALL CANADIANS 🇨🇦, THIS A VERY POWERFUL MESSAGE CALLING OUT @JustinTrudeau’s POLITICAL INTERFERENCE WITH CANADIAN ZA JUSTICE DEPARTMENT #JodyWilsonRaybould @canpoli @realDonaldTrump
via @YouTube
Just in: Jody Wilson-Raybould’s EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY!!! @JustinTrudeau is IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! 🇨🇦 @CanPoli @AndrewScheer @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #HOOAH
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Mega Thread of Opinion (1 of 52)

My take on #Election2019, is one that will surprise all #Canadians who will take the #time to read past this #headline. It will be a #long #series of #tweets that will be #purely #honest & straight to the #point.
This #series of tweets will contain #jabs at #voters, the #media & our #political #parties & they are #jabs, that in my own #opinion are #merited. Agree or don’t agree, I won’t care, but it needs to be said to ease my conscience in the lead up to our election!
In 2015, Canada’s #media, declared that #Trudeau & .@liberal_party outflanked the @NDP on leftist policies & for the 1st time in recent history the media supported large deficits & destruction of our country’s finances over a more balanced approach. Let’s stop here for a sec.
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To my followers: In the last 24 hours, it's been said that I am much harder on the PM & his crew than I am on @AndrewScheer & some of his pals. I have said that if I were running the Scheer show I wouldn't have put him into that YELLOW vested shit show that hijacked a critical
issue-the need for pipelines to unlock opportunities in an industry that's bleeding. My respect for resource families is immense and if they received even 1% as much affection from #Trudeau's PMO & Privy Council as #SNCLavalin lobbyists do, we wouldn't need Truck drivers to
roll up Parliament Hill. The rhetoric from a Conservative Senator was sloppily stupid and so he got nailed as he should have. But most important, Andrew Scheer never called out elements of that demonstration which continue to injure the cause & the country. You cannot be
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#Venezuela's #NicolasMaduro:
"We had a large shipment of medicines to last the country for a year,a large batch of raw materials for food. The bank account was frozen,the contracts were cancelled & the money is seized. They suffocate us,steal our money & put a show for the world"
Nov. 2017:The transnational Pharmaceutical companies Baster,Abbot & Pfizer refused to issue exportation certificates to #Cancer drugs,making it impossible for #Venezuela to buy them
July 2017: The Citibank bank (#USA) refuses to receive #Venezuelan funds from the Central Bank for the import of 300 thousand doses of insulin, destined to cover the demand of 450 thousand registered patients.
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Ladies and gentlemen (and #Peoplekind), it's time for round 2 of #QP, #SNCLavalin version.

Before we get started.
1. Fridays have an earlier #QuestionPeriod, and a smaller group of MPs.
2. PM #Trudeau is not in the House.
3. Former AG Wilson-Raybould has not been seen so far.
If you want to watch live, #QuestionPeriod can be found on @CPAC_TV on your cable subscription.

What's happening now is called "Member's Statements". This allows MPs from all Parties to make a one minute statement on anything they want.
Note for any possible first-time watchers. MPs are not allowed to use names in the House, and instead have to say things like "The Minister of XXX" or "The Member from XXX" or even "My Honourable Friend" - an old #Harper Favourite. #QP #SNCLavalin
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Fake news controls those who do not think for themselves. This is your wake up call!

This will be my QThread and News Update for January 13th

#QAnon #News #GreatAwakening
2. Drop 2672
House focused on insurance of Mueller to push Dem tactics. Grand Jury testimony underway in several states. Attempts to block or protect themselves will FAIL. Far beyond corruption/sedition. What is the law governing removal of member of Congress/Senate? Lights on!
3. Q linked article:
Exclusive: CIA Ex-Director Brennan's Perjury Peril…
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MO: CRY VICTIM, get your paid ticket to the West....
Lookout!!! THERE'S ISLAMIC EXTREMIST FLOOD COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU!!!! @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @AndrewScheer #QAnon #Trudeau 👉
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💥 It's 1/11 💥
Q returned this morning! It's also been a busy news day. Buckle up, we have a lot to get to. 😎

This will be my QThread and Geopolitical News Update for January 11th.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #WorldNews
2. Not only is 111 a very meaningful number in numerology and a spiritual sense; but today's date is an exact mirror of the date of the #Benghazi attack. We will not forget! 🙏🏻
3. Early this morning / Late last night, Q returned with BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! 💥This woke up the night shift Anons fairly quick! 😎
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Dec.10 Trudeau plans to sign the #UNMigrationPact, which will ensure Canada 3rd world status within years.

While MSM keeps your attention on the south, (Look HERE, not THERE!), the Great North is in trouble - and we need help!

This is a must read👇🏼

We can do better than this! 👇🏼
ONLY 37,518 sigs!?

Trudeau just bought CDN media for $600 million to make sure Cdns stay sleepy.

Let your voice be heard! 🗣

Sign petition here:…

We call upon @JustinTrudeau to withdraw immediately! 🇨🇦
3. Don't wait until it's too late Canada! #FloodTheHill
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It's disgusting remarks like this that have pushed me to the point of vowing that I will NEVER call myself a feminist again. To say nothing of his revolting hypocrisy on this subject. #KokaneeGrope #cdnpoli #cpc
Ok, Let's have that "toxic masculinity" conversation, #Trudeau:
On the subject of males showing emotion, how does he suppose a ten year old boy (my son), who endured years of abuse in the foster system before being adopted, feels when he's told in school he should "apologize for the privilege he's received all his life" b/c he's white?
Where the hell was this "privilege" he supposedly had, while he was being molested in the care of GOV'T APPROVED caregivers?
Who knows, but under leftist thought crime rules, he's supposed to apologize for it, or he's "racist".
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So #Trudeau is spending #Canada into oblivion. Investment money is leaving or already left. #Canadamilitary lacks equipment and funding, with no long term strategy for procurement of military equipment. Rising interest rates (4th time since last summer) will eventually lead to-
hyper-inflation, absolutely devaluing investments such as Homes and Businesses of the average citizen. No Trade deal is even close to being signed. Massive new Taxes, waves of people entering the country illegally. A Prime minister who was found guilty of 4 felonies committed-
in the course of his duties as Prime Minister. Magically timed shootings coincide with gun control measures, at locations which would be celebrating holidays or having events where large numbers of people would be attending. #cdnpoli
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Newsday--- August 19th, 2018 --- Sunday

Lesson of the Day from @ SHEPMJS --🏮🏮

If you see a Poll Look For:

" ALL Adults"
"Registered Voters"

It's utter garbage. .


If a Poll says "Likely Voters"
--- Take THAT poll seriously

See Below for full explanation
Trump Approval
Among " ALL Adults": - 45-52%
Among "Registered Voters" - 47-52%
No Likely Voter - (?)

Blacks- 21%, 3% IDK
Latino- 30%, 2% IDK

@SurveyMonkey 8/9-15👇…
Ouch 👀

“We’re not negotiating with Canada right now,”
Mr. Trump said at a cabinet meeting on Thursday.

“Their tariffs are too high; their barriers are too strong.
So we’re not even talking to Canada them right now.”

#NAFTA #Trudeau
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@CharlieAngusNDP Wow are you guys ever colonized. The Trump family is working to take down the human trafficking rings that are connected to the scoops and #mmiwg. You get your news from our oppressors. #QAnon #GreatAwakening
@CharlieAngusNDP @Jordan_Sather_ is a major voice of the #8thGeneration. He has provided extensive coverage of the ongoing battle to restore truth to the people. #QAnon #GreatAwakening
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#GreatAwakening #Trudeau #Happy611 Great commentary by our truth-teller brother, Zackery West ⬇️

"Trudeau eyebrow coming off is provenance. Seriously. It's like Hillary falling down getting into the Scooby Van just before the election - on video. #QAnon
The Kennedy guy having spittle on the corner of his mouth in his response to the SOTU. It's like Pelosi calling Trump 'Bush' five times. #GreatAwakening #QAnon #RobertDeNiro #Trudeau

They roll out these puppets and clowns, and they're exposed, and the people see them for what they are. There were court jesters who brought down dynasties. Seriously.
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Le déraillement du #G7Charlevoix par #Trump démontre 1 trait central du président US. Il n'est pas"idiot"OU machiavélique selon le dilemme établi depuis son entrée en politique en juin 2015. Il paraît très cohérent idéologiquement ET fort naïf dans la relation interpersonnelle...
2) #Trump applique 1 doctrine ancienne,déjà exposée en 1987 dans sa fameuse pub au @nytimes:
a) refus de toute régulation de l'ordre international par les #EtatsUnis, trop coûteuse;
b) refus des alliances contraignantes
c) priorité à 1 développement centré sur le territoire US
3) Car reprenons ce texte de #Trump en 1987 qui est son 1er"manifeste"- publicitaire, quel présage- de politique étrangè tout le #G7Charlevoix, ainsi que sa mise en déroute- y est contenu...
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Que retenir finalement du #G7Charlevoix que #Trump quitte ce matin en avance après à peine 24h de présence?Qu'il avance sur la remise en cause d'1 ordre mondial libéral régulé par les #EtatsUnis depuis 1945 et qu'il se moque toujours des salamalecs.#thread…
2) En effet, on a vu de nouveau le président #Macron et le PM canadien #Trudeau revenir à la stratégie #compol des démonstrations d'affection et de dialogue amical, mises en scène pour l'opinion publique, afin de fléchir 1 #Trump qui les accueille poliment SANS s'engager sur rien
3) #Trump plaisante avec (sur?) #Trudeau, complimente-à l'excès- le président #Macron sur leur relation très spéciale, il est comme 1 poisson dans l'eau avec ses jeux de dupes face caméra, qui ne l'impliquent pas...……
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