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1/ #ChooseForward Another discussion with a #cpc supporter last night. I concede that I was intentionally winding him up—condescendingly disproving false claims with cited facts or correcting subjective beliefs with more reasonable alternative inferences.
2/ A recurrent #cpc theme is the need for a national debt reduction. In itself that’s a reasonable goal—in fact virtually every party wants to do that.
🇨🇦 $120Bn debt is AVERAGE among OECD;
🇨🇦 has the HIGHEST credit rating^ (AAA),

3/🇨🇦pays the lowest interest on our debt, at a time when borrowing costs are very low.
It is a GOOD time to use debt to accomplish national goals.
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In USA #Obama's team oversold Hope & Change to ppl hungry for it after Bush. When he didn't transform the world, they stayed home next election & he almost lost. Then stayed home next time over disappointment that Obama didn't create an Eden on Earth. So they got #Trump.
Same thing playing out here so far. #Trudeau was a Rorschach blot for ppls individual hopes & contrast to darkness of Harper. JT could never satisfy all those expectations. 4 yrs is barely time to even start fixing some things. And tho he kept 92% of promises
voting reform wasn't one of them. Reasons why don't matter to those who think it's the most important issue of our times. And JT, like Hillary, turned out to not be perfect. So like in 2016 US election ppl are disappointed due to their own naivete & ignorance of how govt runs
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#CPC know #Scheer is a weak leader, who lied about his earlier job qualifications to hide that he'd been on taxpayer's teat his whole adult life, is homophobic, will endanger our health as payoff for industry donations - but they are standing behind him not whining (1/7 thread)
about his 'imperfections'. They defend & champion him as they do for their candidates whether they're shitty or not. Meanwhile Liberals have been trashing #Trudeau for his distant past while overlooking his current achievements & govt successes & party's vision of country.
This is how Conservatives win. Because too many Liberals are holier-than-thou hypocrites & who can't handle if their pet cause didn't advance enough, because these Liberals think that their cause is the most important, damn the rest. If ur one of those Liberals, you deserve
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I was pondering Student Debt whilst dropping my son at Uni this weekend. #CPC2019

353,960 Students off to uni in 2018.

3 year intake means total is approx 1 Million.

Each paying on average £500 pm. for accommodation.

£500 Million PER MONTH on STUDENT DEBT given to landlords?
#CPC then I look around these Student cities and towns - and notice that the economy is literally being kept afloat by debt.

The only reason the shops are surviving, shop staff kept employed, restaurants, bars etc is Student debt.

But it's not real money - it is still future Government debt because the lending model is flawed.

Students will NEVER be able to pay the debt and to ask them too would be wrong.

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Thread - some horrifying pictures. Below I am listing only SOME examples of ridings in Ontario where the race is very tight and a Conservative will be elected ONLY because of vote splitting on the left. See for yourself.We are fighting the wrong battle here! #cdnpoli #elxn43 #cpc
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Dear #CPC folks who follow me on Twitter:
1. With all of @JustinTrudeau’s many, many misdeeds and mistakes, @AndrewScheer should be way, way ahead. Not tied. #cdnpoli #elxn43
2. You know this. You know it. You also know, or should, that attacking the media and Liberal voters (“Libtards,” etc.) all the time is dumb. You need some of them to win. #cdnpoli #elxn43
3. Again, with feeling: I don’t know why you don’t understand the campaign won’t be won here in Twitter. It won’t be. Ever. #cdnpoli #elxn43
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THREAD When you've been in airplane mode, check the news and... 👀
@JustinTrudeau the #brownface video incident is more serious than the two photos because it was not theatrical in nature. I am disappointed, but not surprised, given your testimony in Common Ground #cdnpoli #LPC
From your autobiography, it is clear that the person you are now is radically different from the person you were in your teens and twenties when the #brownface incidents occurred. The deaths of your brother and father (may they RIP) truly changed you #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #LPC
You found solice and peace in religion which enabled you to assist your devastated mother during her breakdown. Accepting God and meeting Sophie changed you from the angry and directionless youth you had been in your teens and 20s to the man are today #cdnpoli #LPC #cdnmedia
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Apologies if you've seen before.... trying out a threadroll. Content courtesy of @HarveyMyatt

Scheer's Platform/Position (Part 1):
1. Not bow down
2 UN/climate hysteria
3. Will Kill UNDRIP as UN has NO authority over
4. Will build pipeline!
@HarveyMyatt Scheer’s Platform/Position (Part 2):

5. Remove GST off home energy including oil, electricity, natural gas, propane, wood pellets
6. Reduce small business tax/federal taxes
7. $1,000.00 tax credit 4 home-schooled children
@HarveyMyatt Scheer’s Platform/Position (Part 3):

8. Will keep tax-free Canada Child Benefit/seniors benefits
9. Will increase transfers 2 provinces 4 healthcare/social services by approx 3% yr
10. New Parents Act - tax free parent/UI free
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@merry123459 1/ A mix of anger and sadness, Vicki. There are differing ambitions for Canada, but historically never the visceral antipathy the #CPC is creating. Harper was a bad; Scheer is worse. CPC is now a repository of awful. Stanfield was good man, Joe Clark, Kim Campbell .../2
@merry123459 2/ I even worked on Mulroney’s campaign (I’m now a reformed, repentent MBA). Whoever won, you could accept the result—at least both sides were honest. Ford didn’t win ON, Wynne lost it. The #ontpc policies are intentionally MEAN and intended to harm—that is sad. .../3
@merry123459 3/ Worse #Ontpc supporters I know LIKE that people are being hurt—that is just WRONG. They feed on selfishness to back a party with no moral center. This is covered by lies that people are complicit by choosing to believe. .../4
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#CPC supporters paid for Max's Billboards? 🤔
"Would you like to play a nice game of chess?" -War Games, 1983

What they don't realize is the People's Party of Canada doesn't need to play games. It's a grassroots movement & growing organically.

First move... FAIL.
The plot thickens. Election Meddling by a George Soros Organization?!!!
Quelle Surprise! 🙄
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Got something cute to show you, #CPC.

That's for today, with #PPC2019

This is #scheer4PM.

If it wasn't of the posts about Hong Kong, you'd be even lower.

Come to the [blue] light, folks!

If you truly want #TrudeauMustGo, it's with Bernier that you'll make that happen.

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Thread: Noticed a pattern in the recent spate of parachuted Conservative candidates for the upcoming Federal Election. It seems that they all share strong pro-life views. Just a coincidence? Decide for yourself. #Ableg #Cdnpoli #Canpoli #Onpoli #BCpoli #Mbpoli #Saskpoli 1/5
George Canyon – Parachuted to Central Nova Scotia. Strong Religious background. Has performed at many churches and pro-life events. 2/5 #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
Nelly Shin – Parachuted to Port Moody-Coquitlam in B.C. from Ontario. Strong anti-abortion stance. 3/5 #BCpoli #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
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.@PierrePoilievre raises a point of order asking for the document that Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon is referencing an analysis of saying thousands of jobs were on the line. MacKinnon says he has no such document to table #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre MacKinnon then slams Poilievre for having little experience in the private sector. MacKinnon clearly getting annoyed by Opposition points of order and complains. Committee Chair says it's his job to determine Points of Order. Terse exchange #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre Now the MP I am most interested to hear from, Liberal @beynate who says he AGREES the Ethics Commissioner should be invited to testify, breaking party rank. Erskine-Smith is clear he thinks the Ethics Commissioner made legal errors though and wants to ask qs #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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@mikebednarski @kalemlalonde @christoaivalis @theJagmeetSingh 1. Just one? Ok.

Here’s Niki Ashton taking #RebelMedia’s lead & claiming that the CRA wrote off a $133 Million dollar debt upon the direction of PMJT lol.
- Not only does she claim that this was done under the direction of PMJT but that it was the debt of a “millionaire pal of
@mikebednarski @kalemlalonde @christoaivalis @theJagmeetSingh PMJT.”
- Not only does Niki Ashton claim it was done under the direction of PMJT to benefit a “millionaire pal of PMJT” but that this unnamed taxpayer also involved other “high up Liberal friends” in this conspiracy.
-Not only does Niki Ashton claim that this conspiracy to
@mikebednarski @kalemlalonde @christoaivalis @theJagmeetSingh write-off a $133 million debt with CRA was orchestrated by PMJT to “benefit a millionaire pal” of the PM & involved “high up Liberal friends” but that this is a WEEKLY OCCURRENCE IN CANADA lol!!

Some of the #NDP “bright lights” that shared this #AltRightNDP bullshit include
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@FPVaughanIII @ITS_LIISA_ @Imamofpeace 1. I think some people have trouble understanding just what they are seeing in this video, and naturally want to deny what it is and what it means because it is both disgusting and disturbing to accept what is happening here. I doubt that even @AndrewScheer fully understands how
@FPVaughanIII @ITS_LIISA_ @Imamofpeace @AndrewScheer 2. thoroughly he is being manipulated and compromised by this meeting. On the surface this is a meeting with a community group that raises concerns and seeks his response to them, but the context here is much deeper. What we are seeing is a negotiation with a unique special
@FPVaughanIII @ITS_LIISA_ @Imamofpeace @AndrewScheer 3. interest group for policy and political commitments in exchange for delivering block votes, volunteers, and funding. Among the items on the table that Andrew Scheer commits the CPC to support are a) "Islamophobia" legislation; b) reigning in Canada Revenue Agency enforcement
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Watch weasel #Scheerdeau:

- tells men who openly teach wife beating & are promoting ultra sexist ideologies [highly rejected in Canada] that they're "unfairly criticized"

- appropriates the YellowVest movement while rejecting the anti-UN part.

- wife beater mentions how "the community" was deeply hurt by terms like Islamism (extremist Islam) used by Harper gov to describe the barbaric practices & that they "voted for Trudeau out of desperation":


Scheer: "I will make that pledge to you and I will come back here after the elections"

Keep in mind Scheer #CPC is not talking to Joe-The-Everyday-Muslim but to a lobby supporting extremism, anti-secularism & very backward sexism.

These people don't represent muslims.

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Dear women & girls of #Canada
I hope you're paying attention to this very important message from #AndrewScheer & his #CPC

With this tweet, they are signalling that your safety & your life are not as important as the jobs of construction workers. #cdnpoli
Studies have shown that when large construction projects bring "man camps" into remote rural areas, there are impacts on those rural communities.

The Conservative know this. They don't care. They wilfully ignore it - and they hope you don't know about.…
What PMJT said

“There are gender impacts when you bring construction workers into a rural area. There are social impacts because they’re mostly male construction workers. How are you adjusting and adapting to those?
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/1 Con free speech warriors are the most ironic free speech warriors.

#UCP #abpoli #CPC #pcpo #cdnpoli #onpoli
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10 Softball Questions @CPC_HQ& #CPC base would love to have me ask #Conservative leader

(1) When #JustinTrudeau said "budgets balance themselves" did you feel it was the most fiscally irresponsible political rhetoric you ever heard?
(2) When #JustinTrudeau showed up an airport to welcome #Syrian refugees did you feel that this wasn't intelligent refugee policy, but rather Liberal Selfie policy?
(3) When #JustinTrudeau showed up at pride parades did you feel the right thing to do was to not attend any because they weren't family events that any Conservative leader should ever dignify?
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McCarthyism at its finest as @jkenney flexes the power of his authoritarian government and uses Orwellian techniques to identify, out, and eliminate organizations and individuals whose ideals don’t align with his own. #cdnpli #abpoli #ableg
This from the de facto leader of the #CPC. Isn’t hard to see which direction a #CPC government would take us. The reality of the situation is @jkenney is using his McCarthyistic accusations to fraudulently direct tax dollars to the campaign war chest of the #CPC #cdnpli #abpoli
@JKenney’s statement that “these groups helped elect @JustinTrudeau government” reveals the real reason behind these targeted actions. In the end this targeted action against organizations & individuals who have broken no laws will be a complete boondoggle #cdnpli #abpoli #ableg
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1/ The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (#USCIRF)is a federal Govt commission created by the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of 1998. Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leaders of both political parties in the Senate and the House.
2/ It is mandated by the Act to produce an Annual Report on the State of Religious Freedom around the world. It names the most egregious violator countries as 'Countries of Particular Concern' (#CPC). The 2019 Report does not look good for #India, 5 years after a @BJP4India Govt.
3/ India is not a CPC-a Country of Particular Concern. It is a tier-2 country. Other than Cuba and Laos, it is the only non-Muslim-majority country in the list of tier-2 countries (Afghanistan, Malaysia, Iraq, Indonesia, Tajikstan, Bahrein, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey)
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"Conservatives just won't take yes for an answer ... " - #Trudeau.

Exactly. As I keep saying: Nothing pisses Conservatives off more than #Canada's success under the #Liberals.

#Scheer is throwing quite the hissy-fit here today during #QP. Never seen his dimples so red. #cdnpoli
Wow. #WeakAndy, red in the face and sweating sure is making good use of that there Parliamentary Privilege today. Everything he's said so far is halve-truths and bullshit. I think I saw steam shooting out his dimples.

#cdnpoli #QP
Ahh, poor little @CandiceBergenMP is still triggered over #Trudeau's xmas trip in 2016. HE TOOK A HELICOPTER RIDE THAT DIDN'T COST CANADIAN TAX PAYERS! Oh no! #LOL #cdnpoli #QP
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#TMXpipeline For yrs I've railed & laughed at regressive binary thinkers. Progressives like me believe every decision that's made in life has multiple outcomes & endings. Nothing is B & W, on or off. Today many progressives are angry & have decided binary thinking is OK now. /1
Twitter Can is being swamped by a binary mantra "One day it's a climate emergency, the next it's a pipeline." This is posted as if there is nothing on either side of that statement, there is no middle, no grey areas, no nuance, no variations, no other concerns except that one. /2
This is usually followed with how their party or organization would have made a different decision and how they're going to fight the evil Trudeau and stop the pipeline. Personally, I can't tell the difference between the tweets from #CPC, NDP, Greens, independent /3
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The @JKenney clip tweeted earlier was part of a speech he gave in 1999 to a Western Canadian Conference of religious Catholic home school parents- This is the entire speech. I have zero doubt many social conservatives will be inspired by the messages being delivered here.
As for the rest of us, it's painful. I personally couldn't watch it in one sitting. Those of us who are mainstream Canadians can get very complacent, thinking that religious zealots have too much power in the Middle East, and some other parts of the world, but Canada is immune.
But as the astronaut played by Tom Hanks, said in Apollo 13, "Houston we have a problem." When you watch this speech, you can decide for yourself whether @JKenney is expressing views that are core to his thinking, and therefore not likely to change significantly over time.
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