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🧵Hmm, notice the latest trend of manipulative bullshit coming from the #CPC? You know, where they’re suddenly pretending to be centrists caring about others because their nonstop messaging of hate & divisiveness wasn’t working? #cdnpoli
Let’s start with Mr “Barbaric Cultural Practices” himself, Stephen Harper. Harper goes around the world undermining democracies through the #IDU & supporting far right authoritarians like Muslim hating ethno-nationalists like #ViktorOrban & #NarendraModi. #cdnpoli #CPC
Next, we have #ErinOToole, who, along with all other #Conservative MP’s, except Michael Chong, voted against @iamIqraKhalid’s 2017 #Motion103 condemning #Islamophobia. Now he’s attending a vigil knowing Trudeau is away on state business? Quite a change in tune🤔. #PRscam #cdnpoli
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Which "experts" are you citing reg Bill C-10, @JohnBarlowMP?

#cdnpoli #QP
Yet #MagaBergen is totally fine with Harper appointing Vance. Back then they were just rumours so no biggie!

#cdnpoli #QP
Didn't the Liberals recently table a budget, @gerarddeltell? Or did I just dream that? B/c, according to the #CPC the most important issue in Canada right now is Harper appointed Vance.

What did @ErinOToole know in 2015, Gerard?

I DEMAND to know!

#cdnpoli #QP
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The Q-nuts, #CPC have hooked up w/ RW nutjobs to form a common front against something they know little to nothing about. Those screaming about censorship/dictatorship, like the American owned Postmedia/SUN chain, step right over the Charter and the realties of a minority gov.
Here is the Charter Statement concerning that bill. It was released in November of 2020. Odd that it's become a searing emergency at the same moment prov & fed conservative parties are tanking in the polls. Just a coincidence I guess. Read or STFU.…
As an aside: Could it be that the American owned Postmedia and SUN chains are seeing themselves in this bill? That they're afraid any new 'broadcast' licensing might end their interference in Canadian affairs? Or are they simply defending hate speech as a business model? 🤔
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Parece que não adianta a lei regular que parcela do Judiciário insiste em não aplicar o que o CPC diz e o STJ ainda vai enfrentar essa questão para definir se a equidade de honorários pode ser para quando o valor da causa é elevado para não usar os 10 a 20%.

#CPC Image
A decisão: "Nos termos do entendimento firmado pelo STJ, em sede de recurso repetitivo (Tema 872), não tendo sido manifestada resistência à pretensão veiculada em embargos de terceiro, por força da causalidade, o embargante que, por se abster de atualizar...
...o cadastro do veículo perante a autarquia de trânsito, der causa à constrição indevida, deve arcar com o pagamento das custas processuais, além dos honorários advocatícios (STJ, Súmula nº 303), que, à luz da equidade, diante do elevado valor atribuído à causa de singelo...
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🧵1. Since there’s so much disinformation (ie from @jaketapper), let’s breakdown the real problems in #COVID19CA.
Mulroney sold off 70 yrs of publicly owned domestic vaccine production capacity in 🇨🇦.… #cdnpoli
2. Chrétien/Martin increased R&D funding but selling off Connaught was a body blow.

Then Harper made things worse.

Not only did Harper’s #CPC gov’t cut PHAC funding by 23% (… )

Harper drastically cut funding to research councils. #cdnpoli #Covid19CA
3. Enter other issues, like cronyism between #Conservatives & pharma companies.
In 2011 Harper gave a 10 yr $425.9M contract to GSK (formerly GlaxoSmithKline). It required GSK to supply at least 15 million doses a month in a pandemic once its vaccine is ready #cdnpoli #COVID19CA
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🧵 Far-right, anti-choice #Conservatives in public office.

This is Michael Barrett, #CPC shadow minister for “ethics”. Barrett routinely sends profoundly dishonest mail-outs to his constituents, which only occasionally get challenged by the targets of his disinformation #cdnpoli
Barrett is cut from the same broad cloth as #PierrePoilievre, Derek Sloan & other #Conservative members across 🇨🇦. All of them helped into power by far right anti-choice organizations like Campaign Life Coalition & “RightNow”. #cdnpoli #CPC
Both CLC & RightNow are far right disinformation dispensing anti-choice groups whose members oppose abortion even in the case of rape & incest. Their extremist positions even target #Conservatives with less extreme views. #cdnpoli
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#CPC f**k up royally (Liberals care more about Canadian jobs than their own) @samoosterhoff leads the charge against human rights -the right of a woman to choose what happens to her, O'Toole showing himself to be an epic fail so what do they do? They attack Margaret Trudeau.
Their tool of choice for this attack? Why it's the American hedge fund owned GOP connected Postmedia propaganda machine of course. Even a garbage rag like that can't come up with one policy statement from those swamp creatures. Just a bunch of howling republican wannabes.
Conservative are weak pointless leaderless bottom feeding junk. Hell the @CPC_HQ and their idiot comms team are the scum scum scrapes off the bottom of its shoes.

No policies, no direction, no vision, no plan for the future, just hate the other guy & his mother. Assholes.
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IT'S NOT DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE Liberal MPs turning cartwheels over this Op-ed.

But, no matter.

AS A FORMER @CPC_HQ #CPC candidate who once felt the 'cold blade on the back of his neck' for having supported Kingston's local Prison Farm #YGK ±…
during 2015 federal election #Elxn42, I can say @JohnIbbitson DOESN'T approach the blight existing between the floorboards.

IN ALL FAIRNESS THOUGH - that is not the focus of @JohnIbbitson's op-ed. Column space is limited.

Far from being a welcoming "Big Blue Tent",
@CPC_HQ is riddled with a not-so-nice undercurrent of 'shenanigans and subterfuge' [polite description]. Actually, it could be said to be a type of rot.

The undercurrent (or if one prefers, rot) is resulting in a hemorrhage - a damaging loss of valuable people.
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1. #cdnmedia has a critically dangerous problem with RW propaganda & disinformation posing as “news”. Take “True North Centre” aka tnc. It’s a registered charity brought to you by #PostMedia propagandists. These BS charities are ideal conduits for #DarkMoney, disguising sources.
2. @CanRevAgency is likely overwhelmed by the pandemic & may not have the manpower to audit all of these BS charities. So 🇨🇦 needs a dedicated department within #CRA to investigate what amounts to #DarkMoney influence operations exploiting charitable status. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
3. The Right can’t win on truth or policy. #CPC has nothing but tired failed ideology, in slavish service to private interests of billionaires. So their strategy appears to be: saturate & pollute #cdnmedia & social media landscapes with so much disinformation, truth is drowned.
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Never seen so much ill-informed and stupid packed into one place on Twitter before. Cons have virtually no idea how the Government of Canada works.

The Cabinet is the Government. Garneau is a Cabinet member therefore anytime he speaks in the HOC he speaks for the Government.
The mornic blathering continued using idiotic tweets like "What do they have to lose?" w/ the Cabinet abstaining. Have any of these fools heard of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor who are being held in China? Then there's the word 'Diplomacy' something cons do not understand.
/2 Image
You'll also note over the last few days #CPC and their media partners have used an identical tactic to force a trend on Twitter. They link to the same article or video over and over and over. Each link has a blathering info vacant bark howling about the evil Liberals. Assholes
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1/7 The key question is: will the firearms bill announced yesterday make Canadians more safe? The answer is no. #canpoli #publicsafety #firearms
2/7 Nearly 500 shootings in Toronto last yr. Near record yr (despite existing gun ban & lockdwns) & vast majority by gangs- with illegal guns. Bill C-21 muni power & confiscation-in-place program only targets already law abiding firearms owners.
3/7 #CPC opposes the OiC & the confiscation of firearms from law abiding, licensed owners. How can #LPC actually not have brought forward compensation details while prohibiting use, transfer, transport, or sale?
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Jeff Ballingall defends his plagiarism as a 'tit for tat' measure against Alberta Conservatives.

This escalates.

Quickly. (1/n)

#cpc #cdnpoli #canpoli #ErinOTrump #TakeCanadaBackwards
Jeff Ballingall threatened to report Alberta Conservatives to F*cebook if *his* plagiarized content wasn't removed.

#GoodForTheGoose #cpc #cdnpoli #canpoli #ErinOTrump #TakeCanadaBackwards
Jeff Ballingall lives in an alternate reality where his "troll style" is 'obvious' (??). He personally identifies with his memes of public stock photos and large yellow font.

#cpc #cdnpoli #canpoli #ErinOTrump #TakeCanadaBackwards
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"Canadians deserve a leader who will fight for true diversity. Including diversity of thought." - Rachel Harder.

Sounds like an argument for accepting bigotry in the #CPC's "BIGot BLUE TENT" to me!

#lgbtq2 #cdnpoli
Ha! With the news that Canada's vaccines from Europe are secure Cons are going full on BS talking about scandals and ethics violations. It's gonna be an episode of the Cons Classic Hits.
PM is answering QP questions from his office.

Somewhere @GarnettGenuis is screaming into his microphone trying to virtually heckle!

#cdnpoli #QP
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#ProudBoys was started by Gavin McInnes.

McInnes was a contributor to Rebel Media.

Andrew Scheer's campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, co-founded Rebel with Ezra Levant.

#ErinOToole's manager, Jeff Ballingall of #CanadaProud, worked for Levant at Sun News TV.

Rebel Media sure was Proud when they hired this boy.

#cdnpoli #HamishMarshall #JeffBallingall #ErinOToole
Former Rebel contributor, Faith Goldy, was marching with the nazis in Charlottesville and caught the terrorist attack that killed Heather Heyer live on camera while streaming for Rebel.
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Despite his supporters that still exist in Canada, the Trump brand has become especially toxic in this country since he helped to foment an attack by supporters on the US Capitol on January 6. 1/25 #canpoli #CPCldr #CPC #TakeCanadaBack #cdnmedia

Conservative Party leader @erinotoole not surprisingly is trying to distance himself, though statements like "Take Canada Back" used during his leadership campaign echo the shallow populism of Trumpism. 2/25

The question arises then how much has Trumpism infected Canadian conservative politics? I know most of my conservative-voting extended family despise Trump and everything he stands for, but there are those for whom Trump is not just a hero, but a messianic figure. 3/25
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It’s not just that prominent federal & provincial #Conservatives were on #NaziTwitter, aka #Parler, but that when there was an assassination attempt on the Canadian Prime Minister by a radicalized RW disinformation & conspiracy believer, Cons were silent...or worse #cdnpoli #CPC
When would-be assassin, Cory Hurren, radicalized by RW disinformation, propaganda & conspiracies on social media & by #CPC, loaded his truck with weapons & crashed through gates intent on the assassination of #PMJT, #ErinOToole’s Twitter feed was very revealing that day. #cdnpoli
You might say, perhaps #ErinOToole didn’t hear about the July 2nd assassination attempt on the day. Well here’s what #ErinOTrump tweeted July 3/2020. He retweeted his deceitful propaganda video & other willful incendiary lies & said NOTHING about the attempt on JT’s life #cdnpoli
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It’s absurd to equate ideologically driven propaganda with journalism, but @JohnIbbitson & @globeandmail will try.
Failure to see the direct line between the same rhetoric & tactics that led to #TrumpInsurrection & what 🇨🇦’s political right has been doing, is willful blindness.
#JeffBallingall #HamishMarshall & others on #CPC’s team, like #RebelMedia, not only use mirrored messaging, propaganda & disinformation as seditious #Republicans, there is eerie coordination in their playbook, manufacturered conspiracies & who supports them. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
From members of #CPC, including #ErinOToole, on the disinformation dumpster fire that is #Parler (aka #NaziTwitter) to provincial #Conservatives obvious chummy relationships with crypto-fascists of the #GOP, draws clear & obvious lines between 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸’s political right. #cdnpoli
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Take a look at this vile lie being spread by #ErinOToole #JeffBallingall & #CPC. Look at this & tell me the political right isn’t colluding to overthrow democracy. Btw, the strengthened election laws are designed to limit #DarkMoney funding. #cdnpoli #TrumpTreason

H/t @samifouad Image
I’m attaching this old thread on Jeff Ballingall, since people need to know just how dangerous to democracy the #CPC has become.
#cdnpoli #ONpoli #ABleg #MBpoli #Saskpoli #BCpoli #QCpoli
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#XiJinping orders #Chinese Military to scale up Combat Readiness

7 Points
1. First Order of Central Military Commission (CMC) in 2021 Signed by #XiJingping
2. ORDERED his Army to be READY to 'ACT at any Second', stressing 'Full-Time Combat Readiness'…
2. Enhance TRAINING in REAL COMBAT conditions
3. Should remain on 'FULL-TIME combat readiness
4. Must 'resolutely implement' the orders from #CMC & #CPC, to mark 100th Anniversary of Party's founding on July 1 with 'Excellent Performances'.
5. Suggested a 'Substantial Increase' in the use of Technology.
6. #PLA must increase INTEGRATION of new equipment, new forces & new combat realms into Training & Combat systems
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🇨🇫🇷🇺 This is how they have finished one of the BRDM-2 donated by #Rusia to the #CentralAfricanRepublic. A truck was also destroyed by the "Coalition of Patriots for Change"
#WagnerGroup #PMSC
An-124 unloading 2 military transport helicopters Mi-8 at the airport in #Bangui, #CAR. Probably PMSC personal in the picture.
#WagnerGroup Image
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#JoshMatlowFail #TorontoSafety
2020 opened our eyes to Radical Left, pro Defund Police Toronto Clr.
Josh Matlow

👉👉allowed a shelter with drug injection site beside and near a daycare and several schools

#SafeTorontoNow — cont’d —

What kind of undemocratic City Councillor regularly blocks constituents on social media & censors concerns?

Angry citizens worried about crime united calling #MatlowResign
Robust Conservative #CPC Candidate @YRobertsonCa and Community Safety Champion stood up against crime for a #SafeTorontoNow #YvonneRobertson contd 👇👇

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Hey #Manitoba I have some news about shipping #OilByRail through #Churchill.
@Arctic_Gateway bought the rail line which the #Omnitrax hucksters rode into the ground. Omnitrax, helmed by #CPC MP Merv Tweed, tried to ram oil shipments through Churchill in 2013.
Scientists around the world raised their voice and said it's a terrible idea. First Nations living on the rail line said no damn way. @wildernews and yours truly spent a year explaining that this was stupid and dangerous.
In 2014 when Omnitrax dumped another train...
...into the Saskatchewan River Delta, the largest freshwater delta in North America, they gave up their idea. The train they dumped into the wetland was luckily only carrying wheat so there was less environmental impact than if it would have been oil. It was 1 of many crashes.
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Disinformation, propaganda & #Conservative operative, Jeff Ballingall. A thread.

Erin O’Toole’s chief digital strategist, Jeff Ballingall, can be likened to a young Roger Stone, in terms of how far he is willing to push the envelope. #cdnpoli #CPC #ErinOToole
Ballingall has chided organizations he’s worked for, such as RW conservative outfit “Canadian Taxpayers Federation” for being too “risk averse” in their propaganda campaigns.

He found other RW political campaigns he’d supported too risk averse too....

#cdnpoli #ErinOToole
So Ballingall started his “Proud” groups on #Facebook.
#Ontario Proud, later “Canada Proud”, which became third party advertisers, unconstrained by rules...or ethics.
#cdnpoli #ONpoli #CPC #ErinOToole
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Ooooooooh this gal’s got her rant on TONIGHT!! Careful now! Thread ahead!

*deep breaths.*

I just saw this post from #CPC MP Rachael Harder (Lethbridge.)

Hi, Rachael- I don’t think you’re on twitter anymore, but I’d like to chat.

#AbHealth #AbPoli #CdnPoli 1/
What I see from your Facebook post is the following. I’d like to clarify.

So of the 471 deaths so far in Alberta only 10 of them MATTER to you because everyone else had preexisting conditions?
Let me tell you something, Ms. Harder. I’m a 38 year old woman, with an 11 year old son and 14 year old stepson. My husband & I have a beautiful life.

I am four years older than you are. This is my family. We adore each other.
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