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A reminder of what a delusional psychopath Tom Marazzo is. This toxic nut-job who was fired from his job, not elected to anything, imagined himself as high level negotiator “willing” to sit down with elected opposition. The entitlement of these assholes is unreal. #FreeDumbConvoy
Tamara Lich, Tom Marazzo, Quiggin, Dichter, Pat King, Chris Sky, all of them, fit the description from this past tweet.
the #TyrannyOfTheStupid.

#FreeDumbConvoy #cdnpoli
The CAF’s wording of Marazzo’s full release from the CAF suggests he was let go. They won’t say why. #FreeDumbConvoy
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Let’s play connect the dots. I’ll say it again #FreeDumbConvoy is about establishing a RW insurgency. It’s not a coincidence that many #January6 insurrectionists have both participated in & promoted #CoupTruxKlan & the disinformation assault on #PMJT. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli
Enter players like Tom Marazzo. His connections to radicalized current & former law enforcement & military can be seen most readily through “vets 4 freedom” & its allied group “camp eagle”. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation
Marazzo also ran as a candidate for Derek Sloan’s neo-fascist “Ontario Party”, which enlisted the services of malignant insurrectionist, Roger Stone. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #January6thCommiteeHearings #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation #CoupTruxKlan
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings have taught us that the violence on #January6th was intentional & planned. So we in 🇨🇦 must ask ourselves what the intentions are of #FreeDumbConvoy for July 1st?

As Ive said many times during #CoupTruxKlan, it was both an op & a grift. #cdnpoli
Just as #GOP members of Congress helped plan the #January6th coup plot, so too are #Conservatives in 🇨🇦 in on the #FreeDumbConvoy plot. #NevrePoilievre & #MurphyBrownshirt are 2 obvious examples, but there are others. #cdnpoli
There are cross-border disinformation/propaganda networks poised to spin lies about #FreeDumbConvoy just as these networks did last time. #TrueNorthCentre #PostMedia #JCCF #Rebel #PostMillennial #FoxNews #OANN #NewsMax. This piece of the story is critical to pay attention to…
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🇰🇿🇷🇺Russia suspends the shipment of Kazakh oil.

This is reported by Kommersant:

🔳The reason: 50 WWII mines were found in the water area of the Caspian oil pipeline

🔳They'll be neutralized by the end of the month

@CeyhunAsirov #oott ImageImage
🔳The #CPC #oil #pipeline system is the largest route for transporting oil from the #Caspian Sea to world markets

🔳A 1.5 thousand kilometer long main pipeline connects the fields of Western #Kazakhstan with the Black Sea #oott Image
Currently, there is no alternative for Kazakhstan, but Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan was offered to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, but it was not done because they were afraid of Russia

President Tokayev spoke at SPIEF 2 days ago & he made clear his refusal to recognise LPR/DPR independence Image
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@MelissaLantsman Seriously Melissa?
U.K. airports are experiencing massive delays too, is that the fault of Canada's mandates?

#CPC #CPCNonsense…
@MelissaLantsman "British Airways cancels 124 Heathrow Airport flights as queuing issues continue"...…

#CPC #CPCNonsense
@MelissaLantsman U.S. airports are experiencing havoc and chaos, is that the fault of Canada's mandates too?

#CPC #CPCNonsense
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#SriLanka’s Sapugaskanda oil refinery to release 800MT of diesel to market.

#Sapugaskanda #FuelCrisisLK #CPC #EconomicCrisisLK #SLNews #NewsAlert…
#SriLanka’s Sapugaskanda will supply 800 metric tonnes of diesel to the market starting Monday (06) after being closed for over two months due to a lack of crude oil and a technical glitch, reports said. #Sapugaskanda #FuelCrisisLK #CPC #EconomicCrisisLK #SLNews #NewsAlert
The refinery that had been closed for over two months due to a lack of crude oil recommenced operations on May 27 but has been out of commission for a week due to a technical issue in one of its burners. #Sapugaskanda #FuelCrisisLK #CPC #EconomicCrisisLK #SLNews #NewsAlert
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⚠️CPC member data has been stolen ⚠️

By now you all know how much I hate disinformation & internet fraud.

Prepare for a very weird tale involving at least one CPC leadership candidate, Kyiv and hundreds of CPC members. 🧵

#cdnpoli #cpcldr #CPC
… 1/14
Earlier today I received an email from a CPC leadership campaign thanking me for pledging to donate $120 to the candidate.

I never made such a pledge. I’m staying neutral.

Immediately I was on alert. 2/14
I quickly messaged the campaign manager and asked if this was a marketing ploy or just a mistake.

I was told that their data shows I filled out an online pledge form on March 19 at 9:55am.

Except I was driving around Bay of Quinte at that time. Weird. 3/14
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And now we have two 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 I’m sure all of the liberals are feeling well 😂😂😂😂😂 you didn’t know that indirectly you actually voted for NDP 😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡. You really lost integrity
@JonathanWNV @liberal_party @NDP @JonathanWNV @cafreeland @OmarAlghabra @IndiaNewsNetwk
Keep the pressure on, Candice Bergen! You got my full support!! That’s his new mantra for everything and everyone but himself. Trudeau is just a weasel. Now he is caught. @ndp back a TRAITOR - @CanadianPM is a bent @liberal_party / @NDP
He doesn’t like hearing the truth and has to spin it if he can. It's hilarious. Conservatives maskless and liberals all masked up 😂Trudeau is just a weasel. Now he is caught. @ndp back a TRAITOR @CanadianPM is a bent @liberal_party / @NDP @JonathanWNV @cafreeland @OmarAlghabra
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Vladimir Putin has waged a cyberwar on the western world for over a decade. He gave us Trump, the IDU, and wars/insurrections all over the world including RW extremists and WS in Canada. He used SM sites like @Twitter to wage that war. He has cost the western world billion$
Now the world's democracies dither, hem & haw over sanctions & how to put a stop to that vile creature. Many don't want their cash flow disrupted or their energy needs curtailed "right now of all times" Sanctions will only hurt the average Russian, not the oligarchs. Utter BS.
History has shown us, over and over and over, he, like his predecessors will not stop at Ukraine. He will not stop until he has it all. He does not value human life, only absolute power. He put his nukes on the table, he is insane, he is willing to kill everyone everywhere.
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Walking into horses then throwing themselves on the ground screaming while people are there shooting propaganda videos, is what these groups wanted all along. I keep saying this, these groups were trying to force strong arm tactics. Russian & Chinese disinformation will use this
And by the way, NO a lady did not “just get totally trampled by a horse”. Two people walked right into the horses instead of moving out of the way.
What a coincidence that Putin the sociopath gets so much propaganda fodder just as Russia plans to attack Ukraine. 🤔 #CoupTruxKlan
Let’s look at some frames. The guy shooting the video yells “trampling horses” before anything. He kept saying it over & over then claimed it happened. You can see if u watch frame by frame, the horse actually jumped over the person in the red coat #CoupTruxKlan #OttawaOccupation
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Always keep in mind: #CoupTruxKlan is a hybrid warfare attack on 🇨🇦.
Public healthcare is the first pillar they want to topple by overwhelming it so private healthcare can move in.

Installing a far right #CPC, is part 2.
(Note the constant data mining using phoney petitions)
By the way, this playbook isn’t new. #CoupTruxKlan #FluTruxClan #OttawaOccupation
By the way, smarmy little #NevrePoilievre’s Trumpian lie that HE can “put you back in control of your life” - as he seeks to overthrow the gov’t & dismantle all protections for ordinary people - is an unbelievable level of toxic narcissism. #CoupTruxKlan
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Michael Cooper MP - PMJT will do anything to block the restoration of our freedoms. He even voted against a #CPC motion simply calling on his government to come up with a plan to end the federal mandates and restrictions. 90% of CDNS vaccinated what exactly is he waiting for? Image
Fyi a number of liberal and NDP MPs have removed their contact information (emails and phone numbers) from the web. Also they not responding to their constituents. @NDP @liberal_party @JustinTrudeau @LiberalQuebec @MatthewGreenNDP…
They are holding our freedom hostage 🙏🇨🇦 it’s a scary time in our country!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 thankyou @Cooper4SAE…
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Some loose threads. Not sure how they tie together quite yet, but I’m putting them out, untied.

There was a definite connection between Ezra Levant’s “Rebel”, Keean Bexte propaganda, Post Millennial, #TrueNorthCentre, & the promotion of both #NevrePoilievre & #FluTruxKlan op.
I’ll primarily use #TrueNorthCentre as the example, but the same thing was happening across RW propaganda media, including #Postmedia products. Namely, the takedown of O’Toole & the amplifying of Poilevre…using a litany of fake accounts. #NevrePoilievre #FluTruxKlan #cpcldr
The amplification of tweets that involved O’Toole’s leadership “review” saw a steady supply of fake accounts claiming to want Poilevre. To make it seem as though there was a large grassroots demand for #NevrePoilievre.

#cdnpoli #cpcldr #FluTruxKlan
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Hey folks ..
I'm asking you to think back for a moment
Remember when the FREEDUMB f*uckers ,aided and abetted by #cdnmedia
Tried to claim they were concerned about the supply chain ?
And I said ..
They don't give a rat's ass about the supply chain ....
Further I said ..
They will create issues and shortages and along with their most ardent supporters #CONvoyPartyCanada
will then try to blame the Fed Gov't for the 💩show THEY are creating

What I NEVER saw coming ..
Prov govt's and police forces sitting on their hands
Never thought they'd stand for freedom of the 90% being hijacked by 1% fringe of the unvaxxed 10%ers nor a terrorist siege of their cities
No matter how media or CON Premiers or CPC try to massage this
Theses aren't "protesters"
Their cause isn't just,it isn't even real FFS
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Go get them pierre. Our next prime minister. Thanks to all of the truckers. Without you none of this would of happened @OmarAlghabra… Image
Vaccine passports gone at midnight in Alberta.
La liberté gagne!


Sign my petition to end mandates nationwide. Link in bio
View all 3,503 comments Image
Powerful words from @RaquelDancho.
This government needs to provide solutions. Canadians are running out of hope. @OmarAlghabra… Image
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So we all know Premiers and PHOs ,responsible for vast majority of PH measures are giving these FREEDUMB f*ckers exactly what they want soon right?
We know Fed govt can't do shit about 🇺🇸 border crossing 💉💉 policy right?
This SIEGE/insurrection
of theirs ,this holding Cdns hostage ,the economy hostage has ZERO to do with mandates
It a far right extremist ,foreign funded effort to overthrow the duly elected govt of 🇨🇦
Think of it as the little brother/sister of Jan 6th Or a good bet part of Russian destabilization
efforts of NATO nations
Whatever you think is really behind this 💩 show
I can assure you anti vax has little to do with it
Cuz at best the masterminds of this hate fuelled operation are preying on a tiny minority crazy enough to engage in this anarchy, for their own end game
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Welcome to the new #CPC and their leader @PierrePoilievre Reference to back this picture’s claim:… Disclaimer: I can’t confirm if the term was used on more than this one occasion. Source if pictures:…
Reference:… @PierrePoilievre did apologize after a backlash of outrage. Doesn’t seem genuine to me. Not material for a democratic leader who states he intends to become our PM!
Read the details of the @PierrePoilievre violations of the Elections Canada Act here:…
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Pierre Poilievre worked to oust #ErinOToole just as a large scale info-ops attack is launched in 🇨🇦. Now Poilievre says he’s “running for Prime Minister of 🇨🇦”. He hasn’t even won #CPC leadership, yet foreign troll farms are retweeting him en masse. None of this is coincidental.
The past week+ I noticed a huge uptick in troll accounts amplifying Poilievre. It was creepy. Poilievre routinely gets boosted by fake “Canada Proud” & “Rebel” type troll networks. But this was different. Foreign troll networks amplifying the same messaging…& PP. #cdnpoli #CPC ImageImageImageImage
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This is about establishing a RW insurgency.

#FluTruxKlan #DomesticTerrorists #BorderCrisis #cdnpoli
Look at who the players are, promoting this #RollingInsurrection. I can only attach 4 pics at a time, so I’ll include a bunch in the 🧵.
#FluTruxKlan #OttawaOccupation #InfoOps #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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Why is interim #CPC Leader @CandiceBergenMP posing with convoy protestors and endorsing convoy participants? Why, per @MariekeWalsh , is she trying to make the protest Trudeau’s problem? A thread …
First: This protest is all about removing COVID restrictions. The People's Party of Canada is all about removing health restrictions. The only "partisan" symbols I've seen at this protest have been PPC flags
Second: Except for Bernier in the Beauce, no riding had more PPC voters than Bergen's riding of Portage-Lisgar. 9,790 people in her riding voted PPC -- or 21.6% in #elxn44.
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I see people saying the #CPC has shown how divided it's become and now we'll witness a rollicking battle for the soul of the party. That's not how I see it. That battle is over and won. I think Conservatives know exactly who they are and what they stand for. #cdnpoli
The #CPC will be a dedicated populist movement, harder-edged, more accommodating of online demagoguery, misinformation and feeding people's grievances back at them. They'll talk about the Harper coalition but it owes a lot more to the modern GOP - the DeSantises of the world #CPC
This party will not permit itself to be defined as hard-right or SoCon - but it will be much less uncomfortable with and far more inviting of those elements. They won't front-window them but they won't shame them either and they'll be quick to defend them. #CPC
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Let’s deconstruct what’s going on here. Notice how Poilievre & his crypto-fascist cohorts are working overtime to, er, whitewash this RW extremist #FluTruxKlan op? In this case, searching for rare BIPOC in attendance & donning them like blackface. #cdnpoli Image
Pierre Poilivre has no issues with the Nazi symbols, Proud Boys, III%ers, Soldiers of Odin (he appeared with these groups at the last dark money funded op: #UnitedWeRoll).

You’re supposed to ignore all that, while thugs threaten, harass, break laws, desecrate. #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
Do not come @ me for using the F-word (fascist). If you can’t recognize what creeping fascism 2.0 looks like by now, I can’t help you. #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
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Going to pull a few important threads together for everyone. re #FluTruxKlan.

#CPC like #GOP, has courted the far right for several years, however, at some point Frankenstein will always lose control of the monster.

#TruckersForFreedom is an op & grift unleashing extremism.
As of today, Tamara Lich added a new name & called “Freedom Convoy 2022” a “team” fundraiser. She added Benjamin Dichter (BJ Dichter).

She also once again increased the goal amount to $6M (talk about moving the goalposts).

Who is former #CPC candidate Dichter? #FluTruxKlan
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