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1/ (Thread) #TrumpTownHall & the video of #StevenCrowder's abuse gave me the courage to release audio from my marriage with Alex Jones.

TY, Daily Mail, for raising awareness about how #extremists use #DomesticViolence to control their prey. Article: Image
2/I shared the audio w my lawyers during my divorce & after. I begged them to use it while Alex Jones sued me for over 10 years, stealing my kids, harming & neglecting them while accusing me. They said it didn't matter.

I hope Hilary Crowder's trauma will matter in her case. Image
3/What really resonated w me was #StevenCrowder gaslighting Hilary & trying to get a reaction, while threatening her.. Alex Jones often did this to me. He harassed me daily and often hour to hour, then he would whip out a phone (or have one hidden) to try and record my reaction Image
4/Gaslighting women & accusing them so they have to prove a negative is a very common tactic of abusers in our broken family court system.

A couple years ago, I found horrible audio of a phone call between Alex & his wife he had my daughter record on an iPad that I bought her. Image
4/Erika Jones is a troubled, violent woman, who has assaulted my daughter and sadly turned to drugs, alcohol, violence, & her love of money rather than standing up to Alex Jones, even after she reached out to me when she tried to leave him. She is an abuser, no doubt... Image
5/#DomesticViolence is a complex dynamic, and there is such a thing as reactive abuse. Still, Erika's assault of my child without seeking help & apology and the sick communications she sent me of my daughter's security blanket, her perjury, cruelty & arrogance are her choices: Image
6/People wonder how I lost my kids to Alex Jones & the truth of his terrible behaviors & true character have been hidden by the lawyers and court officers that have protected him.

My kids who adored me prior to the divorce arrived injured, aggravated, and brainwashed by Alex.. Image
7/After calling my children's "therapist" (Alex Jones' selection, who reinforced the brainwashing), the "expert" (Alex Jones picked, complicit as above),& many others, because it was so clear what was happening, begging for help, I yelled at my kids. I was wiretapped...
8/My son was so manipulated, had never had Alex's attention, & was getting so much attention from Alex who bragged to him about the harm he was going to do to me in court. He was afraid, manipulated and brainwashed & chased me around, recording me. Not his fault.
9/Even though it was obvious what had happened and wiretapping is illegal, I was threatened that if I did not leave town for outpatient treatment my parental rights would be terminated. They sent me out of town, stole my property (using my poor kids), & Alex sued for over ten yrs
10/On Christmas Eve 2021, Erika assaulted Alex after Alex was horribly abusive to our youngest child, who he had not seen in months. I believe Erika has made her choices, that she & Alex have a clearly false marriage (she is paid $600K/yr), & that Alex's Xmas Eve abuse shows it: Image
11/Even while the Sandy Hook families sued Alex and all of my kids fled from him, the Court let him sue me, and refused to protect my kids after the continuous family violence and his and Erika's DUI charges, while he got wasted on-air, raged, & admitted he wasn't an "actor."
12/I hope that this thread reaches a lot of people & will update w the audio/video above soon. Here is a good thread I made about #DomesticViolence & #Extremism w a link to WNYD's show w/me and Tasha Adams, divorcing wife of #Oathkeepers Stewart Rhodes:
13/#DomesticViolence is a complex phenomenon & common control mechanism of #extremists. I 1st filed for divorce in 2005 & always tried to escape Alex. If you wonder if you are in an abusive relationship, you probably are. Family court routinely gives violent abusers custody: Image
14/Alex Jones' lawyers have lied in court, falsified evidence, defamed me on infowars, ruined my kids' lives a& are currently involved in Fraud on the Court, Conspiracy Against Rights, Bankruptcy Fraud to hide their obstruction & crimes for profit at the expense of y children. ImageImage
15/I am an okay enough mom lost my kids so Alex Jones could profit attorneys & use Infowars to destroy our nation & defame others. I lost my kids after I prevailed in a jury trial in void litigation for trying to stop Infowars: ImageImage
16/.@WulffJones it is never too late to do what is right. You have abused my kids & perjured yourself in court for $$. You need help. You can get help to stop you from being abusive & being abused. You live a lie.
17/Alex Jones: You owe me years past due child support, are in breach of contract(s) and your and your attorneys' criminal nonsupport is being enacted to abuse, endanger, and harm your own child:
18/Fullenweider Wilhite, Minton, Bassett, Burton, & Collins, LLC, Shannon & Lee, Holland Knight, Ray Battaglia Law, Crowe Dunlevy, & All Noticed: You are engaged in crimes, fraud and/or are being assistive there to. Return my property, disclose, withdraw.
19/Our family courts are broken & wrought with corruption & routinely used to further #DomesticViolence by lawyers like Alex's that profit by abusing women & ruing kids' lives. I'm filing in court soon to stop Alex Jones/his lawyers' Bankruptcy Fraud after yrs or mos of demands: ImageImage
20/I hope the nightmarish #TrumpTownHall & #CNN's gross negligence, this thread, & my and other moms' truth help woke you up to the #DomesticViolence misogynistic control mechanisms of #extremists family court & #FakeNews I will update as I am able. My truth is the truth of many. Image
21/Flashback to how Alex Jones treated his own daughter, refusing to pay child support, delaying her sweet cat, Boris’ vet care during the winter storm, who passed. Text of Alex Jones’ cruelty to our youngest child in this thread, after Boris died.
22/This just-out @thedailybeast article covers how my ex, Alex Jones, often told me he couldn’t wait to start a new family “because my genes were flawed,” because I have Jewish heritage.

Alex Jones IS a racist, like many #extremists who say they’re not: Image
23/ What gets you through tough times? Dolly is trending so here's a flashback.

It's hard to talk about private things & my kids' dad but I know it matters & I want to help many.

My fav shirt says "What would Dolly do?" Such a great unit of measurement.
I won the motion, BTW, & I love this quote.

You can do anything. Nothing is too big that you can't make a difference.

If you wonder if you are living in #DomesticViolence, you probably are.

Stay safe, seek help in safe ways, & remember the truth of your power & worth.…… Image

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May 10
Since we're talking about money laundering...
When will the DOJ investigate my allegations of my ex's, Alex Jones', Conspiracy Against Rights, Money Laundering, etc. after my lawyer's sworn admissions of Fraud, & Alex's dad's sworn admissions of conspiracy & Theft/Fraud? Image
Starting thread. See facts and information below.
1/On February 22, 2023, Attorney Eric Taube of Holland & Knight admitted he had committed Bankruptcy Fraud, Perjury, & other Federal Crimes by denying his Conflict of Interest & appearing against me in the hearing on Fontaine's Motion for Sanctions in Travis Co TX D-1-GN-22-1605 Image
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Feb 8
1/I remember this & many other instances of my ex, Alex Jones's self-harm: indicators of personality disorders. I informed the Court. I filed so much disturbing evidence.

.@traviscotx helped this man to steal my kids under Color of Law, hid his truth from America, empowered him
2/Self-harm is associated w Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Alex is a sick man, which his attorneys and the Court can & could well-see. Knowing someone is incapacitated sparks a duty in attorneys, who cannot assist crime & fraud. Image
3/Alex's obvious toxic Narcissism also sparked a Duty of the Court, based on caselaw regarding the dangers NPD causes kids.…
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Feb 7
1/Alex Jones's Texts w. Joe Rogan show his obsession with me & hint to Alex's his attorneys' Obstruction, incl criminal family violence, child abuse, and Alex's Alcohol Abuse (Disorder?)

Thread. .@TravisCountyTX CRIMES AGAINST KIDS attn .@KenPaxtonTX , Image
2/Since the Southern Poverty Law Center released some of my ex, Alex Jones' phone data, it has been clear that my kids were stolen, not only under Color of Law in litigation based on void orders in a Court of no jurisdiction, BUT by FRAUD, incl CHILD ABUSE ALCOHOL COVERUP & WORSE Image
3/After I prevailed in a jury trial in 2017, Judge Naranjo ruled under Color of Law, did not grant me any fees, made me pay Alex's. A few months later, w/o jurisdiction, she "allowed" Alex to sue me again. Instead of having a MOM, my son was immersed in
a pro-rape extremist CULT Image
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Nov 19, 2022

Alex Jones is my ex, and the unconstitutional efforts to silence me and Color of Law orders enjoining my free speech (that are hidden under a void seal) have been

This thread is about your Trump readmission poll & contemplation & National Security.
@elonmusk 2/I have been outspoken about what I know and understand to be true.

I met Alex Jones in 1998, married him in 2002, and our divorce was final in 2005.

This thread is about the Alex Jones/Infowars Russian connection & contains new revelations.

3/First off, I would like to say that America is a Nation, not a game and that the contemplation of readmission of a man under Federal Investigation for #Insurrection with dictator dreams, undermined our free press & has Russian ties transcends irresponsibility into endangerment.
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Sep 21, 2022

1/My ex, Alex Jones has lost control of the assets that he & his DQed counsel have & continue to steal, including Infowars, which I tried to stop & lost my kids for so-doing.

The DOJ is involved.

!!!MEANWHILE.. Image

Who are hiding my assets that are MINE from the Court and from me, while assisting to criminal non-support..

Have CONSPIRED with the 345th District Court of Travis Co., TX to deny PUBLIC HEARING

3/ A MOTION TO UNSEAL FILED PURSUANT TO R. 76(a) of the Tex. R. Civ. Procedure REQUIRES public hearing.

D-1-FM-15-005030 which has been void litigation enacted in conspiracy by a corrupt faction of the Travis Co & Alex's Counsel, outside the Rule of Law, to protect Alex Jones.. Image
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