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#Wisconsin #Republicans are still pushing "The Big Lie.

But... all evidence says that the election was free & fair - it is the #GOP who are lying.

#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
#Wisconsin #Republicans submitted fraudulent

electors in the effort to steal the 2020 election - they

sent the slate of fake electors to the National Archive.

They will be prosecuted.

#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
#Republican traitors pressured VP Pence not to

fulfill his Constitutional duty to certify the election.

Most are still in office.

They are being investigated! There will be


#DemVoice1 #WisDems…
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THREAD: Proof that Ray Epps Was a Die-Hard Trump Supporter.
Ray Epps' activities go beyond what an FBI agent or asset would be permitted to accomplish. Ray Epps was added to the FBI's WANTED list on January 8 and removed from it on June 30, 2021, after he was formally recognized by the New York Times.

🚨Click ALT on the Photos for Source
The MSM defense of Ray Epps is strange, in this piece ("Ray Epps has suffered greatly in the previous 10 months as right-wing media personalities and Republican lawmakers have baselessly labeled him..." — NYT, July 13, 2022) is particularly suspect.…
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The Biden administration will provide $300 million to the Republic of #Moldova in #energy #assistance and share #intelligence with this country, which Russia is trying to destabilize, the White House has announced. (1/4) Image
National security spokesman John Kirby told the media that, although it has not noticed any immediate #threat to the Republic of #Moldova, the USA believes Russia is trying to weaken this small country, to orchestrate an #insurrection and install a pro-Moscow government. (2/4) Image
Washington trusts #democratic and #economic institutions in Chișinău and their capacity to respond to these #threats, the US official went on to say. "We will continue to provide #assistance to this country", John Kirby added. (3/4) Image
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BREAKING: Trumpers commit violent insurrection on J6. Not lol. @dom_lucre @KanekoaTheGreat

J6ers fight Pelosi's Stasi (some bad Feds, CP, Antifa) to STOP vandalism of Capitol and to STOP Capitol Police from beating unarmed Protestors.
#J6Files #J6Substack #J6 #Insurrection Image
1. Brag they orchestrated Capitol Breech. Vids prove they did it.
2. Attack and murder Protestors.
3. Refuse National Guard backup.

1. Protect Capitol.
2. Protect protestors from renegade Capitol Police.
3. Protect Capitol Police from renegade Feds. Image
1. Bad guys bragged in ecstasy about pulling off Capitol breach:
A. Trump offered National Guard but Nancy-Mitch (with final say so on all Capitol security) refused.
B. Fed Epps: 'I orchestrated it.'
C. Antifa Johnny: 'We did it.'

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🟥🧵👇 When @TuckerCarlson releases his cherry picked vid this week to support a false narrative? Watch this video & remind yourself this was #Jan6th & when watching look for the long shot of the crowd trying to barrel through the doors.


And if that still leaves you unsure? Here's a playlist from YouTube from reporters & some on the ground videos made by peopJan6thle there -- to remind you of what really happened.…

And if you need even more convincing, here's a well-organized video list from @propublica of many of the videos from Parler that were dropped that day -- mostly by people that were participating in the #insurrection.…

#DemCast #jan6th #TuckerCarlson

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🚨BREAKING: nearly 2 years after the January 6 #Insurrection, the @FBI increased its reward by 5-fold to $500,000 for info leading to the arrest of the #terrorist who left 2 pipe bombs near the @DNC & @GOP HQs the day before the assault.

The January 6th pipe bomb #terrorist wore a face mask, glasses, gloves and a grey-hooded sweatshirt and **#Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes** (photo below).

Someone knows this #terrorist—PLEASE SHARE lFAR AND WIDE.
‼️Images and video of the #terrorist, the suspect’s backpack & shoes, the pipe bombs, and a map of the route the terrorist walked are here👉🏼…

Many innocent people could have been killed or harmed.

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🔥Call it what you want but infrasonic frequencies can have neural and physical effects ranging from brainwashing to Havana Syndrome to death. Listen to Wes Clark’s story on this podcast. #TrumpBrainwashing #TrumpCult
🎯Havana Syndrome and brainwashing are just two effects from infrasonic frequencies, microwave attacks or electro magnetic wave weapons.
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Alex Jones is my ex, and the unconstitutional efforts to silence me and Color of Law orders enjoining my free speech (that are hidden under a void seal) have been

This thread is about your Trump readmission poll & contemplation & National Security.
@elonmusk 2/I have been outspoken about what I know and understand to be true.

I met Alex Jones in 1998, married him in 2002, and our divorce was final in 2005.

This thread is about the Alex Jones/Infowars Russian connection & contains new revelations.

3/First off, I would like to say that America is a Nation, not a game and that the contemplation of readmission of a man under Federal Investigation for #Insurrection with dictator dreams, undermined our free press & has Russian ties transcends irresponsibility into endangerment.
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In this THREAD you'll see video of agents provocateur smashing windows, holding the Columbus Doors open with a pole, and PUSHING protestors inside

But what happened AFTER #January6th is even more shocking. 1/n…
If not for @elonmusk you would not know this.


The two men seen violently assaulting the Capitol on #January6th in the video above are but two of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY individuals at the forefront of the violence.

Yeah, we found more.


There were THOUSANDS of people in and around the Capitol on #January6th.

What makes these guys so special?

What makes these 120+ #insurrectionist unique is that the FBI has chosen not to include their images among the others being sought on the #J6 "Most Wanted" list

3/n Image
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I disagree about despot Trump failing to respond to the Jan. 6 #insurrection. He didn't fail to respond, he just didn't respond as "president," which he never truly was.

The Jan. 6 insurrection was, and still is, EVERYTHING to Trump because he cannot tolerate being a loser.
2) He cannot accept that 81,000,000 Americans in the largest election turnout ever told him, “We don’t want you!” He was not going to simply watch his effort to become authoritarian tyrant fall apart.
3) Instead, Trump holed up in private in our White House after he was not permitted to lead his insurrection in person at the Capitol. For three hours, he tried to make his insurrection succeed.
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Today's revelation about a call from within the White House to an insurrectionist on Jan. 6 is a good reason to repost this:
I disagree about despot Trump failing to respond to the Jan. 6 #insurrection." He didn't fail to respond, he just didn't respond as "president," ...
2) which he never truly was. The insurrection is EVERYTHING to Trump and he was not going to simply watch it fall apart.

Instead, Trump was holed up in private for 3 hours trying to make his insurrection succeed. ...
3) ● No White House Call Logs.
● No photographer.
● No staff.
● He needed a list of phone numbers that were in his phone.

Trumpian Secret Service director Murray and former director Ornato (temp deputy chief of staff for ops for Trump) orchestrated ...
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ONE has tried to stop #Koch since 1930s. US allowed Fred Koch to come back AFTER working for Stalin & Hitler. Steralization of #LGBT+ w/ ADF & SCOTUS #Barrett

#KochNetwork funded #Jan6 #Insurrection of #Fascism #DarkMoney

1929-31 Fred Koch #KochNetwork Soviet Union building oil refineries for Stalin & Hitler Nazi Germany prior to WWII. Russia 1956 & Iraq 1958 just prior to Iraq Coup/Revolution. Prior to Soviet Union, worked in England. FBI Docs 👉… 👉…
Iran-Contra Koch & Hayek Mont Pelerin Society member since 1970 - Pinochet & CLOSE ties to Milton Friedman direct help & Hayek several visits to Chilea late 70s & early 80s - specifically defended Pinochet’s regime & Peter Thiel
MISES #KochNetwork…
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Just a reminder that Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers was on Infowars before the #insurrection talking about "blood on the streets," who is responsible for Alex Jones...

and that Joe Rogan still won't talk to me.
(Alex Jones' ex-wife.)
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1/I'm #AlexJones' ex-wife. I lost my kids for speaking out against infowars.

Alex is trying to keep white supremacy out of the #SandyHook trial.

Travis Co Judges & Dist Clerk have hidden Alex's fake Free Speech stance, which he used to fund #Insurrection & his SH defense.
3/I'm Alex Jones' ex-wife, yes, I have contacted the .@TheJusticeDept .@fbi & #January6thCommittee many times. I lost my kids for opposing infowars & have been under unconstitutional injunctions for yrs

I will post the footage Alex posted January 1,later today: explosions, maps
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@RonJohnsonWI Interesting!
How about #Ukraine 🇺🇦 ?
Russia 🇷🇺?
#Donbass Pootin Invaded & drove My Good Friend @rafshmatko from his Home in 2014!
Meanwhile, white kid on drugs 💉with ZERO experience
Took $$$ “consulting” for 🇺🇦Gas Company.
Russia violated #BudapestMemorandom !!
#January6thInquisition has TV 📺 liberal Commentators struggle for ratings. @Twitter narrative decidedly Pro Biden & Anti President Trump.NPR reporting @StephenAtHome minions just doing a puppet show?? Or inciting #Insurrection? Trespassing aided by ? Which Legislator’s Staff?
1️⃣ 2️⃣ I wanted to see more outrage that USA Supreme Court Has been under siege by many liberal lawmakers. Lesson for @SpeakerPelosi There are 3 Distinct branches of USA 🇺🇸 Government. Stay in Your Lane!
3️⃣ 😢
4️⃣ Evil attacks-> Highly Qualified @RealGinniThomas & Justice Thomas.
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#Insurrection #January6thHearings #Trump portrait of mental instability unprecedntd!Evidence of panickd ppl around #Trump SHOCKING. Military action feared!Trump lost composure,grabbd steering wheel leaping from back seat &assaultg Security.#Jan6Cmtee: #Trump’s political obituary.
#Trump wild activities incl assault & mental instability,known to ALL #GOPCowards Consider #GOP continue to take orders & kiss ring,making his comeback more likely.Greed so immense,#USA/global welfare disappeard from their dashboard.THAT is all that matters.#TRUMPMurdochMonster
#USA Rioters chanting: Hang Mike Pence. #Trump says he ‘deserves it!’Sentiment expressd other times, defendg rioters.Instead of sendg them away, #Trump further inflamed w/ incendiary tweet (2.24pm jan 6) accusing VP of failing to protect country.WH staffers alarmed,disgustd.
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Breaking news out of Phoenix, Ariz.:
Pro-abortion protesters surrounded the capitol in an attempted insurrection & began pounding on the windows. Law enforcement has used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Two journalists on the ground confirm the protesters were pounding on the windows. Lawmaker Wendy Rogers says the mob was threatening to break them. #Insurrection
Footage from outside the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix after the pro-abortion mob had been cleared:
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Well, well, well. Here’s an email from October 2016 discussing VA voter fraud. Both Ken Klukowski and Ginni Thomas are on this email, meaning that she most likely knows Klukowski. #January6thCommitteeHearings #January6thHearings #January6th #J6 Image
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When will we admit that “clash of civilizations” of Islamophobia narrative is not only false but dangerous. “War on Terror”=waging war vs Muslims but #J6 & #BuffaloMassacre reveal terror is not one religion. When Muslims are “legit” targets…that supremacist hate spreads further. ImageImageImageImage
Who was it “okay” to torture? (assumed is a terrorist?) Whose civil liberties disappeared 20 years ago? Muslims.

“But you all ‘deserve’ it” we’ve heard &: Why didn’t you stop terrorism? Why haven’t you apologized about x & y?

Now: consequences of that…
The “Great Replacement” is an extension of “Clash of Civilizations” that conflict/war is “inevitable” between “different” humans defined by race or religion. It dehumanizes some humans as “less than” or “threat.” Once you label as such, violence follows.…
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings started on 6/9/22 evening with witness testimony & video footage surrounding the riot on the Capitol on #J6. The televised hearing is the 1st in a series that is expected to last through July.
I will ask the questions not being asked & quote many. Image
In all of the video shown on Prime TV by the #January6thCommitteeHearings, I didn't see a single frame w/ Ray Epps as he is seen in multiple videos on Jan 5 & #J6.

Why was Ray Epps encouraging people to go "into" the Capitol building?

Did the FBI hire Ray Epps?
Who is #RayEpps? Image
@BennieGThompson @RepLizCheney & @RepKinzinger
Does the FBI now, or has it ever, maintained a formal or informal relationship or point of contact w/ Ray Epps, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?
Who is #RayEpps
#January6thCommitteeHearings Image
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@TRHLofficial @AdamKinzinger Actually, most of us Patriots DO. As the song says, "This is my country! Land of my choice!
This is my country! Hear my proud voice!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country! To have and to hold."
We feel inflation's sting. But while prices go up...
@TRHLofficial @AdamKinzinger We can never let our democracy go DOWN. The #January6thCommittee is American Civics. We're learning just how precious and fragile our democracy is. I just came from grocery shopping. The pain is real. But if I have to endure the pain until global inflation goes down for the sake
@TRHLofficial @AdamKinzinger of American democracy to survive... For my daughter and my future grandchildren, I will. I pray both @AdamKinzinger and @RepLizCheney are reelected. We NEED TRUE CONSERVATIVE VOICES in Washington. I don't agree with a lot of their politics, but they are Patriots, good people.
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This hasn’t aged well.

The double standard and unmitigated hypocrisy beggars belief.

No buildings were 🔥 burned.
No policemen 👮🏻‍♂️ were killed.
No looting occurred.

Police opened the doors ffs!😲

Remember, America…

The same people blathering on about #Insurrection are the same ones who tried for FOUR years to convince you that #RussianCollusion was real and #BLM & #Antifa were ‘peacefully’ protesting in 2020.

Lest we forget…

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The guy sitting behind Roger Stone on the golf cart, is an NYC cop, Salvatore Greco.…
👀 Joshua James ratted him out. Image
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