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@lensovet @awbw @NeedMore_Input @ChrisO_wiki No

I'm LITERALLY engaging in a DISCUSSION about whether & when it was sunk/destroyed/caught fire/by accident/missile & what was being reported about it

Which was that it HAD been hit by a #UKRAINIAN MISSILE & HAD SUNK WHERE & WHEN HIT

As for your latest warmongering screed...
@lensovet @awbw @NeedMore_Input @ChrisO_wiki As for your latest warmongering screed

Are you a qualified psychiatrist

Have you had even one consultation with Putin

So how do you know he's a crazy man

Because you were told

Or is it based on the propaganda you were fed

How do you know he tried to invade a country that...
@lensovet @awbw @NeedMore_Input @ChrisO_wiki How do you know he tried to invade a country that he thinks shouldn’t exist

Never mind that he failed miserably thanks to “warmongers” not folding in fear of him

#Russia for 3 & #Putin for 2 decades have been saying the #Ukraine joining #NATO was a #RedLine

Sounds more like..
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@GArlington1966 @NinaByzantina Have you looked at anything I attached

How old are you

It's NOT FAIR that #Putin can just do what we did

Because it's STILL wrong Mummy



#Serbia #Afghanistan #Iraq #Libya #Syria

#ShockAndAwe of MILLIONS of INNOCENTS killed

ON FALSE FLAGS! ImageImageImageImage
@GArlington1966 @NinaByzantina "We" DESTROYED countries because of #FalseFlag #WMD #MassRape+#Massacres #ChemicalWeapons #KuwaitiBabyIncubators #Genocide..

After all over no evidence is found

But a country destroyed

Leaving oil & bases for #NATO & more money for #MilitaryIndustriaComplex

But #Ukraine... ImageImageImageImage
@GArlington1966 @NinaByzantina But #Ukraine divided country cobbled together by #USSR 1/3-1/2 Pro-#Russia

East voted THREE times to stay with #Russia/leave #Ukraine

#NATO/#EU behind MURDEROUS #Insurrection & #Coup that drove out #President & party just before election

East tried to break away

SHELLED ImageImageImageImage
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The guy sitting behind Roger Stone on the golf cart, is an NYC cop, Salvatore Greco.…
👀 Joshua James ratted him out. Image
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A so-called “1776 coalition” supported the Bundys in 2014.

[InfoWars (Alex Jones) supported the 1776’ers in 2014; So did his reporter, future Proud Boy organizer Joe Biggs. Roger Stone then courted Alex Jones & we have MAGAs storming the Capitol screaming 1776 in 2021] 1/ Image
2/ Future Proud Boy organizer & InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs wearing a 1776 hat in 2014. Image
3/ I wrote about Stone, Alex Jones, Joe Biggs, and the Bundys here. The Bundy standoff put the Oath Keepers on the map. Stone courted both Alex Jones & the Bundys. The Bundy “1776” standoff event was the prelude to January 6.…
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Why are we tweeting about #OttawaSiege?
Democracy is the solution to the climate crisis.
Our democracy & therefore the climate conditions civilization depends on are under threat. We are protecting it.
We have volunteers in the National Capital Region directly impacted by the #ottawaoccupiers.
We have members across Canada impacted by the #ottawaseige as well the blockades at the international crosses. They are not able go to work and are losing wages.
Since September 2010, we have lobbied our parliamentarians over 1400X. We have cultivated healthy relationships with Parliamentarians on Parliament Hill. We care about our MPs and Senator.
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@deenafaywinter @equalityAlec Here’s the $64K question. If someone digs will they find:

1. Any members of Minneapolis PD, incl. SWAT team attended Jan. 6, 2021 #Insurrection as part of Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Patriot Front, III Percenters, etc?

2. Was #1 covered up or suppressed…

c: @griffonatrix

@deenafaywinter @equalityAlec @griffonatrix by a police union, police guild, or “Office of Public Accountability” as happened in Seattle?

The 4 remaining Seattle Police Dept. officers have taken their public records release case to the Washington State Supreme Court after @SadLawBoy’s

@deenafaywinter @equalityAlec @griffonatrix @SadLawBoy counsel stated it’s in the public’s interest to have these officers names unveiled. I wholeheartedly concur.

It’s a public safety issue pursuant to the oath they took to perform their job, which takes super-priority over any first amendment rights they forfeited when…

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🚨BREAKING: #OathKeepers founder & leader Stewart Rhodes ARRESTED and CHARGED with **seditious #conspiracy** for organizing a wide-ranging plot to storm the Capitol on #Jan6th.

FINALLY, the first insurrectionist has been charged with #sedition.💥…
At least 4 #OathKeepers who were at the Capitol on 1/6 and are cooperating with the government have **sworn in court papers that the group intended to breach the Capitol with the goal of obstructing the final certification of the Electoral College vote**.

Total #sedition.
On #ElectionDay, Rhodes allegedly said that an “honest” count of the votes could only result in a victory for Trump and called on #OathKeepers members to “stock up on ammo” and prepare for a “full-on war in the streets.”

ABOUT TIME this #traitor was charged with #sedition.🤬
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[BREAKING] Stewart Rhodes has been indicted for *SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY* #J6 #Insurrection #SeditionHasConsequences
Seditious Conspiracy is confirmed to be one of the charges. Sealed indictment. Other Oath Keepers included in the indictment. #SeditionHasConsequences
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The swirl of thoughts and emotions surrounding the one year anniversary of an #insurrection have been difficult for me to sort out. I'm sure many of you feel the same. So here are some related but distinct items I'm reflecting on concerning the assault on our democracy...🧵
White evangelicals, who are all wrapped up in this thing because of Christian Nationalism (more on that in a moment) spend tons of time arguing about whether women can stand in the pulpit, but hardly a word from conservatives on the crumbling of the democratic process.
I wrote in my first book about the complicity of segments of U.S. Christianity in racism. If I were to write a history of the past 5-7 years, it would be about the conspiracy of many Christians to undermine democracy and promote authoritarianism with the veneer of religiosity
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Operation Mocking Bird.
List of participating Organizations:
Proud Boys
Oath Keepers
5 eyes alliance
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
What we are seeing now is a result of this operation continuing to control the opinion of the general population.
It is now bigger than ever and includes fake personas that have social media accounts and post opposition to each other. The list may surprise you.
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Listening to #MorningJoe in the car, it was gratifying to hear @JoeNBC and @jheil finally connect the dots on the whole #GOPScam we've been screaming about for years.

It goes like this:
• The GOP represents billionaire families, a tiny sliver of the American electorate.
• To win elections, they leverage culture-war issues, conspiracy theories and straight-up racism to get working-class whites to vote for them.
Only, Joe's wrong that it's been over the last 20 years. They've been doing this since Nixon.

But he's right that #January6th is a perfect symbol of this grift. #January6th is a perfect symbol of this grift.
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Here's State-by-State postcards of all the House GOP members who voted against certifying the election AFTER the mob attacked the Capitol to try to prevent the certification. And/or voted against investigating the #January6th attempted coup.
I tagged them all.
Retweet your State.
But first here's a postcard of the 8 GOP SENATORS who voted to overturn the Election AFTER the violent assault on the Capitol.
#SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP
@SenRickScott @RogerMarshallMD @SenJohnKennedy @HawleyMO @SenTuberville @SenHydeSmith @SenTedCruz @SenLummis
ALABAMA @RepJerryCarl @RepBarryMoore @RepMikeRogersAL @robert_aderholt @repmobrooks @USRepGaryPalmer all voted to overturn the 2020 Election and/or against investigating the insurrection. They are not pro-Democracy and should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP
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So it’s the night before #insurrectionmas and the democrats and the media will ritualistically tear their clothes trying to get Americans to care as much about it as they do.

They’ll never understand why we won’t.

Thread 1/
2/ Part of this is *they* were scared. I don’t deny it. I have long said that the most basic mistake many humans make is assuming everyone thinks like them, even when their experiences are not the same.
3/ so in a very human way, congressional Democrats and DC media think to themselves: “it was scary to me, therefore regular Americans must’ve been just as scared for us.”

But it wasn’t really the same for average Americans.
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Thread of short conspiracy theorist videos.

Starting with Rockefeller (pt 1)

Rockefeller (pt 2)
Rockefeller’s Club of Rome - Limits to Growth Co-author - Dennis Meadows

H/t: @jjcouey
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1/ What is Moms For Liberty? 🧵

This new REPUBLICAN group started in #Brevard County, FL. They spread across the country(like COVID), calling themselves "non-partisan" and "grassroots", they are neither. Last week, they formed 4 large PACs. Let's dive in!

2/ FACT: The Republican agenda IS to privatize public education, and put that tax money into their own private piggy banks. They have already taken several steps down that road, and that's not an exaggeration.…
3/ Matt Gaetz sponsored a bill in 2017 that would have completely elimated the U.S. Department of Education @usedgov

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The planning for the #Insurrection began ~40 years ago:

1. The .@GOP cynically married Evangelicals/The Religious Right

2. They created the “single issue voter:” Abortion

3. They came up with the best tag-line ever: “Pro-life” – even though they are just anti-abortion.
4. Republicans began a concerted attack on "Liberal" professors, teachers, higher education, local education and are starving public education of funding

5. They have been attacking the press, newspapers, TV/radio news for over 30 years: The "Liberal Press" became evil
6. Now, Republicanvoters brag about not reading newspapers and believe in bizarre conspiracies

7. Right Wing Republicans distinguished themselves with a "firearms fetish" which eventually
became a tolerance or adultaion of violence.
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🔥Beryl Howell—chief judge of the DC federal court—thrashed DOJ for giving “petty offense” plea deals to #January6th defendants who she said tarnished America’s reputation in the world and enabled violent rioters to threaten the peaceful transfer of power.…
“The rioters attacking the Capitol were NOT mere trespassers engaging in protected 1st Amendment conduct. They were not merely disorderly—countless videos show the mob that attacked the Capitol was VIOLENT. Everyone participating in the mob contributed to that violence.”💥
BINGO👉🏼“The damage to the reputation of our democracy, which is usually held up around the world…that reputation suffered because of #January6th,” noting that the #insurrectionists chased lawmakers & Mike Pence into hiding, and sent staffers ducking under their desks for cover.
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5 years ago TODAY, hundreds of militarized police descended on a small camp of Indigenous water protectors that stood directly in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The officers forcibly evicted residents and arrested 142 people. Medics and journalists were also arrested.
This violent confrontation between law enforcement and the water protectors showed in glaring detail the COORDINATION between federal, local, state police & private security in suppressing protest.

It's important to remember WHY people were protesting.
This pipeline, like so many other pipelines, cut through land the pipeline company didn't have the authority to claim. Treaties were (as they've always been) completely ignored. In this case, the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.
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As Ivan Raiklin’s prominence in developing the #EastmanMemo & #PenceCard - & critical role planning #J6 #insurrection - become more clear and covered by larger press organizations, I hope we’re all taking away a few key lessons:

1/Don’t give legal advice to the VP over LinkedIn Image
2/Don’t plan, execute, and celebrate an assault on Congress and continue to peddle conspiracies and expect to be unnoticed. Image
3/If you post crazy shit on social media and want to be noticed and seen as the architect of “The Plan”, you will be. But don’t expect to be able to delete and whitewash your background. ImageImageImage
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A court if law has ordered me not to post anything on social media that would “embarrass” Alex Jones.

Might this unconstitutional content-based prior restraint injunction against me also infringe on Twitter’s 1st Amendment/ protections/privileges?

#legaltwitter? 👇
Question simplified:

Can the court of impose terms of service (“TOS”) on a private corporation that has its own TOS?


1)Twitter’s terms TOS do not incl the vague, unconstitutional bars on my #FreeSpeech imposed by the court.

2) Corporations’ protections seem to apply.
Another Question:

Does alerting the public that Alex Jones has unconstitutionally infringed on my #FreeSpeech by having non-considered orders entered in secrecy & under seal “embarrass” him?
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Faces & Districts of the 185 House Members of Congress who either voted to try & overturn the Election or against a January 6th Commission. They voted against Democracy. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP #PostcardsforAmerica
I did a THREAD with a Postcard w/ the Reps for each State.
But first, here's a postcard of the 8 GOP SENATORS who voted to overturn the Election AFTER the violent assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters. Do not forget them. They do not represent you or believe in preserving our Democracy. #SeditionCaucus #PostcardsforAmerica
Oh, & here's a postcard of the 185 House Members of Congress who either voted to try & overturn the Election or voted against a January 6th Commission. They voted against Democracy. Do not forget. They should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP #PostcardsforAmerica
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So, 139 House Members voted to overturn #Election2020
175 voted AGAINST investigating the #January6th #Insurrection
They are not pro-Democracy & don't belong in Congress.
I did a THREAD with a Postcard w/ the Reps for each State.

#FreedomToVoteAct now! #PassFTVA
ALABAMA @RepJerryCarl @RepBarryMoore @RepMikeRogersAL @robert_aderholt @repmobrooks @USRepGaryPalmer all voted to overturn the 2020 Election and/or against investigating the insurrection. They are not pro-Democracy and should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP
ALASKA! @repdonyoung voted against investigating the insurrection. He is not pro-Democracy and should not be in Congress. #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP
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FACTS I have learned over the last year:
* two bipartisan Senate Intel reports state that Trump is a counterintelligence threat and there is much evidence that he was/IS a Russian asset
* Putin used troll farms that spread lies on social media to help get Trump elected, and
also to spread lies to incite the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers
*Zuckerberg helped Trump use Facebook to spread his lies to get elected
* former CIA officials, Senators, and Pres. Carter believe that Trump stole the 2016 election with help from Russia;  Russia also tried to
help him win the 2020 election
* the Insurrection/coup attempt was planned and incited by Trump, White House officials, GOP elected officials and domestic terrorists such as the Proud Boys
* Repug/#GQP officials throughout the country have now passed laws in their states to
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