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1/ (Thread) #TrumpTownHall & the video of #StevenCrowder's abuse gave me the courage to release audio from my marriage with Alex Jones.

TY, Daily Mail, for raising awareness about how #extremists use #DomesticViolence to control their prey. Article: Image
2/I shared the audio w my lawyers during my divorce & after. I begged them to use it while Alex Jones sued me for over 10 years, stealing my kids, harming & neglecting them while accusing me. They said it didn't matter.

I hope Hilary Crowder's trauma will matter in her case. Image
3/What really resonated w me was #StevenCrowder gaslighting Hilary & trying to get a reaction, while threatening her.. Alex Jones often did this to me. He harassed me daily and often hour to hour, then he would whip out a phone (or have one hidden) to try and record my reaction Image
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✔️dilated pupils

✔️sweaty face drug rush

✔️shiny upper lip from the drugs dripping out his nose into his makeup

It's not a very sharp picture.
— but all the elements are here

Does anyone have a sharper version of this photo? Image
@CaslerNoel interviewed by @stutteringjohnm…
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1/ THREAD: When asked about whether #AmyConeyBarrett would rule in his favor if the election results would ever come before the SCOTUS, Trump said, "Believe it or not, I never asked her about it."

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #TrumpTownHall
2/ However, as he denied speaking to Judge Coney Barrett regarding such a scenario, note Trump's intense stare, w/ his eyelids opened significantly wider than baseline, and tension in lower lids — along with his suppressed smile.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #TrumpTownHall
3/ This nonverbal cluster indicates, with very high probability, that Trump is lying & that he did discuss w/ #AmyConeyBarrett she would vote if the results of the 2020 Presidental Election were ever brought before the SCOTUS.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #TrumpTownHall

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Very interesting night. Anyone who watched the #BidenTownHall AND the #TrumpTownHall had to be asking what they really want in a leader. Trump was as least civil to the voters questioning him, but he was also impatient and testy (is he still on steroids?).
Biden was calm and thorough in his answers. Knowledgeable. No raised voices, no arguments. He got no push back at all from George Stephanopoulos, who was barely moderating. The voters led. The #BidenTownHall was the antithesis of the #TrumpTownHall.
But Trump did himself no favors by attacking Savanah Guthrie. It was appallingly abusive and misogynist.
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1. Brief THREAD on #TrumpTownHall

I’m so grieved tonight. Our #POTUS #Trump engaged in extraordinary levels of gaslighting, disinformation, outright lying. It’s too much for me to list all of it. He did a profound disservice to himself, his campaign, and the American people. ->
It gives me no joy to say this. We all *need* our President to be an honest, competent, clear-minded leader. But he hurt himself tonight in all of those regards. He made statements that were dangerous regarding #COVID, #QAnon, and peaceful elections. Some of “the base” are ->
3. Complaining that @SavannahGuthrie was too hard on him. NO! Her job is to draw our honest and clear answers from him; she did her best to hold his feet to the fire. His answers directly contradicted known facts or were blatantly disingenuous. Total disrespect for ->
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Wait, are they *working* on a healthcare plan, or do they, as Trump said last night, *have* a healthcare plan ready to go?

Either way, Kayleigh McEnany isn't going to tell us about it.

"If you want to know, come work here at the White House"

Hard pass.

Here's what Trump said at last night's #trumptownhall about his health care plan.

"I have it all ready".

But it's a *secret* health care plan, apparently.
(It lives in Canada. You wouldn't know it.)

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Good morning, troops! Today there is a hearing with CDC Director Dr. Redfield on the coronavirus. You know the drill. Look for is seeking the truth, look for who is protecting the president.
Roy Blunt R-MO The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Labor HHS, & Education, just gaveled into a hearing with the CDC’s Robert Redfield to discuss Coronavirus response. He blames the Obama Administration for its poor response to Ebola and H1N1. This is immediate gaslighting.
Blunt states West Africa had its worst outbreak of Ebola in 2014 and it is Obama’s fault.

The fact of the matter is 1. West Africa is not a state. 2. Obama put measures in place to protect us from the outbreak as well as 3. help West Africa deal with it. Know how I know...?
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Bob Woodward just said on #MorningJoe that Trump asked Woodward *a month ago* if his fake “historic peace accord between Israel and Bahrain” would make it in the book. Woodward asked “what about the virus?” Trump responded that he did all he could. #TrumpDoesntCare #TrumpTownHall
The kissing Netanyahu’s ass yesterday, giving him the key to the White house...that wasn’t a peace accord we saw...that was the Trump family’s exit plan.
Jared Kushner told Woodward that the lying is Trump’s winning strategy. Kushner said “controversy elevates Trump’s message.” They LIE because they know it will create controversy, the media will repeat and elevate the message. Woodward says this lying is calculated, intentional.
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THREAD: As President Trump visited Philadelphia for the #TrumpTownHall on ABC today, protesters led by @RefuseFascism took to the streets to demand "Trump/Pence Out Now!"
One protester dressed as a police officer with a pig mask on went around to cops not wearing masks and whistled at them, gesturing to put on their mask.

Remarkably, some cops complied with the fake cop dressed as a pig's commands.
A handful of Trump supporters showed up as well.

Protesters came over to them and argued, but one woman wearing a bikini and a Trump mask rolled around on the ground with an American flag under her, and then stuffed it into the bikini bottom before adding a Trump-esc red tie.
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Donald Trump's night so far:

- #TrumpTownHall is a disaster
- Unhinged rant about waiters
- Can't stop sniffing
- George Stephanopoulos lets him have it
- "Herd mentality" instead of "herd immunity"
- Get this guy a straitjacket
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 10pm
Donald Trump’s town hall is an absolute disaster…
Donald Trump didn’t learn his lesson…
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Trump says he has his health plan "all ready" after @GStephanopoulos presses him, saying that he has repeatedly told journalists it would be ready over and over again for the last three and a half years. Trump has never come out with an alternative plan. #TrumpTownHall
Trump says he has a 91% approval rating from vets. There is no evidence of that. But according to a recent Military Times poll, his rating among active-duty troops has dropped to 37.8%, while his disapproval rating climbed to 49.9% & rising. #TrumpTownHall…
Trump calls Mattis a "highly overrated general" and says of John Bolton, "all he wanted to do is blow people up." #TrumpTownHall
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Holy shit, Stephanopoulos just interrupted Trump, crammed his lie right down his throat with hard, cold facts. MORE OF THIS!
My God, he is unfuckinghinged.

Young woman asks Trump why he downplayed the pandemic.

“I didn’t downplay it. I actually in many ways up-played it, in terms of action.”

She interjects: “Didn’t you admit it yourself?”


Whhhhhat The Fuck Is Going ON

Trump said that it's Joe Biden's fault for not doing a national mask mandate.


I legit don't think Trump knows that he's still the president.

What am I missing? Is there any other way to interpret this?
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🎶 Oy, Anthony Fauci, their strategy sucks: They slander all the experts and promote all the schmucks... 🎶 #GeeAnthonyFauci

“A miracle would be great. Who doesn’t love miracles? But miracles shouldn’t be Plan A. Even Sully tried to land at the airport first… Also when he said ‘everyone can get a test’ what he meant was: Almost no one.” —Brad Pitt as Dr Fauci, @nbcsnl in April

Over 2.1 million American children have been infected with COVID19 so far, researchers estimate. With no end in sight.

Source is @COVKIDProject: Image
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31/ Just like the #Trump failure during #TrumpPressConf it seems like #Phunware is up for failure at NASDAQ, @TeamTrump

"Closing bid price of the Company's common stock must be at least $1 for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days until the Compliance Date (December 28)"
👇 Image
32/ @TeamTrump #Phunware #TrumpIsALaughingStock

Promo Video lies. Says "Join Millions".

* Android app = 4.1K ratings (majority)
* Apple app = 2.9K ratings (minority)
* Google Play Downloads = 100K+
* Apple Store Downloads = N/A

Hasn't even reached level 500K on majority OS
👇 ImageImage
33/ #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

The App has the Permission:


It's excusable for Apps having a Setting for "Only do X if connected to Wi-Fi"

I don't know if it has such a Setting. If not, it is usually used to collect Wi-Fi's around you, for more location data
👇 Image
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