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1. #Deppvsheard
People wrongly assume that the person with the most money, status or influence is always the Abuser in the context of #DomesticAbuse -tho this can be the case and often is it can also be the opposite ….
2. depending on the emotional vulnerability of the Victim wherein these resources are exploited and then threatened by the Abuser.

With #JohnnyDepp we see an acample of the later dynamic on the extreme…
3. #AmberHeard, the personality disordered Abuser, studied Depp, morphed into a “kindred”, used the narcissistic tools of “idealization” and “lovebombing” to seduce him.

She then began to assert “coercive control” over him and his life. She was upset when he wanted…
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Ok. Time to break my silence on this, regardless of the potential avalanche of twitteric fury.

Domestic Violence rates will not crash, despite Osinachi's well publicised death.

Why? Because the women in #DomesticViolence settings are the primary perpetuators.
No one should force a woman to escape #DomesticViolence. No one should cry more than the bereaved.

When a woman is ready to leave a monster, she is ready to leave. Until then, everyone is wasting their time.

There are many reasons why women stay, most of them are bullshit. 👇
You protect a #DomesticViolence perpetrator when you are silent & don't cry out for help.

Tell someone.
Tell everyone.
Tell his family.
Tell your family.
Tell his employer.
Tell his Pastor or Alfa.

Let him be thoroughly embarrassed & humiliated.
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I heard "why not just stay pregnant" multiple times this week
I'm abt to make this #Thread
While there are multiple reasons why people may want an #abortion not risking being murdered or harmed by their DV partner is a frequent one
It's not irrational either
ICYMI-Murder is the number one cause of death for pregnant women.
Now if you go to an anti-abortion website their take on this is "men tried to force their partners to have abortions or forced/coerced an abortion thus abortion access is the problem".
Yet anti-choicers do nothing to work on policy that can reduce domestic violence including anti poverty progs since we know financial stress increases risk of DV/IPV
These are the same ppl who make policies claiming a woman being abused who has a child present makes HER an abuser
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Okay, listening into the #RHEA the Reproductive Health Equity Act testimony, and listening to folks that haven’t given birth or could have opinions about #reproductivehealth is just always disappointing and unnecessary.
This guy on this panel basically said “why does birth need to constitute a human right”, um, sir, what in the what? LIVING HUMANS don’t have human rights yet.
All this commentary coming to you is really actually inspired by @Justa_Jus ‘s incredible commentary 🤣
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/08/2022…
Seeking to Shift Costs to Medicare, More Employers Move Retirees to Advantage Plans | Kaiser Health News…
#RetireeHealthInsurance, #Medicare, #AdvantagePlans
Down-on-his-luck Peloton founder lists $55M Hamptons mansion at a loss…
#HumanInterest, #InvestmentPlanning, #FinancialPerformance
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In a domestic violence case filed in 2014 by actress Rhea Pillai against tennis star Leander Paes, a Mumbai Court has asked Paes to pay 1.5 lakh as maintenance to Pillai.

They were in a live-in relationship.

“The sexual relationship beyond the ties of marriage is not widely accepted even today also. It’s existence across societies is not in dispute. Several times it posed situations leading to conflict between law and morality. Such relationship put parties into peril.” : Court
“A female partner, is always at the receiving end. A patriarchal society caused various injustices to a female partners involved in such relationships beyond marriage.”: Court

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Today marks ten years since my sister Sarah Gosling lost her life.

Sarah met Ian Hope in 2010 on Facebook and quickly they began a digital relationship. In no time they decided that Ian would ride up from Newcastle to Norfolk to collect her on his motorbike.

They did a ‘midnight flit’ and set up home in Newcastle - moving into the flat he’d previously shared with his former girlfriend.

Charming and ‘impulsive’ he’s convinced her that they were better off together.

She was unable to properly explain to her husband and kids...

...why she’d left. Phone calls were short and limited and when she visited them the visits were punctuated by texts and calls from Hope ‘just checking’.

By November 2010 her life had become one of walking into eggshells and trying to please him. He was checking her...
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#SupremeCourt to hear Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking enforcement of 'network assistance' to victims of domestic violence.
ASG Aishwarya Bhati: We would seek some time to file our response.

Adv Shobha Gupta for petitioner: It seems like the matter is not of importance for the Government.

Court: Ms Shobha please be considerate, the enactment has been introduced long ago.
We'll allow 3 weeks for it, Ms Bhati

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Louisa Westropp (born 1858), following a marriage characterised by constant domestic violence, sued her husband for divorce on the grounds of cruelty. Before Irish independence, cruelty was, in theory, legal grounds for divorce.....
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan
..... but men were considered to have the right to physically 'chastise' their wives, as women at that time had few rights (including the right to custody of their own children) cruelty was almost never cited in #divorce proceedings.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan
It was the first time an #Irish #woman sued her husband for divorce on grounds of cruelty, and it set a legal precedent. Terrible as things were for Louisa, they were much worse for women from less wealthy backgrounds.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan #LegalTwitter
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1/2 Just a quick one - Twitter is amazing for getting a message out and helping it get to the people it needs to. I'm hoping people can help with this.

I've got a few empty flats over Xmas/NY in Glasgow which are available free for those escaping domestic violence or homeless.
2/2 They are furnished and in the West End/City Centre.

I'm happy to provide food and clothing as well. There's just no sense on these places being empty and people having nowhere to go.

#Homeless #DomesticViolence #HumanityFirst #Glasgow Image
Immensely grateful to all of you - inside an hour tonight you've managed to help someone get a place already from 27th December. The spirit shown by everyone is massively humbling.

I still have a couple more places available.
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A thread 🧵 #trigger #FamilyCourt

1/ This week I made a submission to the Attorney Generals Dept looking at how we can improve the competency & accountability of Family Court Reporters…
@custodypeace @NataliePage31 @LynAnge11 @sally_stevensxn @davtw2 @DMckateface @CCCBuryStEd
2/ Family Court Writers are the people who are given unwavering support by the Family Court to provide an ‘expert opinion’ on custody of children…often after having only met them once or twice. @DrEmmaKatz @ManjulaOConnor @AbigailBoydMLC @DLulabele @TheACECC @engenderedpod
3/ This unwavering support comes from a number of strongly held FALSE beliefs including the ideas that
@TheblueTake @AustralianLobby @age_no_barrier @thecrimeanalyst @bradchilcott @DrAsthaTomar @catherine_falc @JaneCaro
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The Garden Court Housing Team (@gcchousing) is proud to be sponsoring the @HLPA_UK conference '#SocialHousing in the UK: Fit for the 21st Century?' taking place tomorrow 9 December!


⚡Register here:
Garden Court's @MarinaSergides, also Co-Chair of @HLPA_UK, will open the conference at midday tomorrow with fellow Co-Chair Simon Mullings (@spikemullings).
14:20 - 15:30: Justine Compton (@jlc3643) & @AngharadMAMonk, both of Garden Court Chambers, discuss #domesticviolence & #housing alongside @Izzy_Mulholland of @PublicLawCentre.
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Hi folks! Welcome to a bare-bones #Pennsylvania #MoCTrack for the week ending 10/31/21.

Since it is so close to #ElectionDay2021 (which should be your focus), I’m just going to run down the votes and quotes, with basic links.
#MoCTrack 1/20
Full Report-
The House passed a bill to fund shelters and programs to address #DomesticViolence.

Over 95% of #GOP MoCs voted No on this. #Shame.

8 of 9 #Pennsylvania GOP MoCs were NO votes, only #PA01's @RepBrianFitz voted YES.
#MoCTrack 2/20…
In case you were wondering why all those #GOP House members voted NO a #DomesticViolence prevention bill? This portion from the speech of Rep. Bob Good of Virginia gives you an idea.

The bill passed, thankfully.
#MoCTrack 3/20…
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#domesticviolence looks like not being allowed access to financial accounts and money
#domesticviolence looks like not being allowed dental checkups while they get teeth whitening treatments
#domesticviolence looks like telling you you have to have a job and then making you quit it when they want you to
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Thread: As an expert on dynamics of gender violence, I am intrigued at the willingness of other experts & professionals in this area to let the police officers on the bodycam video off the hook - or even THANK THEM - for their response on that call. #GabbyPetito
The officers might not have been "jerks" in the way they communicated with Gabby during their response, but they clearly lacked adequate training in partner violence response and WRONGLY identified the primary aggressor.
People who experience partner violence deserve worlds better. Training for situations like this should be a MINIMUM requirement, especially because abusers often use law enforcement (and whatever biases & lack of training officers have) to manipulate their partners.
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Asking folks to watch—I mean actually watch—this bodycam video of police interaction with #GabbyPetito and #BrianLaundrie shortly before she went missing. Therr are new developments in this case (now he’s gone too) but I mostly want to discuss #domesticviolence CW: DV, abuse, etc
While I’m not a MH professional, I grew up in an abusive home with a violent narcissist. & bc of that, I’ve also had my share of unhealthy relationships. So, yes: I see this through a lens of personal experience but I’d hope my educated observations add value—NOT distorted facts.
Not here to go over inconsistencies in Brian’s story (although there are a LOT of them if you look) but to discuss how police could have saved a life (or more) but instead chose to fall into ancient tropes about the “crazy gf/ex” & “emotional=unreliable”. Let’s start w/the van.
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We need to know and talk about #ElderAbuse the same way we talk about #NAI & #DomesticViolence !

Here are some facts
#Neglect, psychological abuse and financial exploitation is more common than physical or sexual abuse

More common in #ResidentialAgedCareFacilities

It leads to increased risk of mortality and morbidity including more hospitalization and ED visits
We need to #Screen for #ElderAbuse in ED !
The Elder Abuse Suspicion Index (EASI) is a validated short screening instrument

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So the #Channel4akeNews @Channel4News @Channel4 Coven of #ToxicMatriarchy obsessing about #Incels

Incels are male equivalent of man-hating sexist misandrist #Feminist #FemiStasi

Men are most of victims of #DomesticViolence but women suffer more when they retaliate

Incels same!
So the #Privileged #Entitled #ToxicMatriarchy coven @Channel4 's #Channel4akeNews @Channel4News obsessing about #Incels

Incels are male equivalent of man-hating sexist misandrist #Feminist #FemiStasi

Men are most of victims but women suffer more when they retaliate

The #Privileged #Entitled #ToxicMatriarchy coven @Channel4 's #Channel4akeNews @Channel4News showing their #DoubleStandards by obsessing about #Incels

Incels male equivalent of man-hating #Feminists

Men are most of victims but women suffer more when they retaliate

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Let's talk about #domesticviolence and police corruption in #Greece For years I had a psychologically abusive and violent relationship with a Greek Cybercrime Cop. Eventually, the physical assaults became so bad, I reported him to the Greek police... who ignored me. #metooGR
The Greek police did not even issue me a case file and to this date have never responded. Unfortunately due to continued issues with this person I had to obtain a restraining order in the UK, too. #metooGR
I was annoyed at being ignored but moved on with my life. Then, in February this year, a team of Officers from the Greek Cybercrime department (his dept) broke into my villa in Skopelos to raid it and seize my electronics for “defamation of their officer” #metooGR @ukingreece
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THREAD: Unfortunately, a new #lockdown means a sharp, inevitable rise in #domesticviolence suffered by women and children. ⁣

We have pulled together a Safety Planning Handbook for victim-survivors. Please share this where you can, we don’t know who it may help. 💜⁣ Image
THREAD: Having a code word allows you to raise the alarm to family, friends, carers, or support workers without putting yourself in even more danger.

#quarantine #dv #domesticabuse Image
THREAD: Notifying a trusted neighbour can allow them to alert the police if they hear any fighting coming from your home.

#SydneyLockdown #COVID19nsw #domesticviolence Image
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Not sure who needs to hear this, but:
On July 11 #SanDiego will host a #Pride march and
the theme is #Resiliency

Related: I've learned a person who harassed/threatened me in 2019- until a court issued a restraining order against him- will likely be part of this event.

It's "likely" because he's been hired by an LGBTQ advocacy organization

Their Exec Director was not aware he's had 3 restraining orders in the last 15 yrs: One for harassment, two for #domesticviolence

I often relive this abuse & harassment since it happened in my home

I had wanted to attend the march w/friends- But the more I thought of being in public, surrounded by others who have been traumatized in recent years, the less appealing it became.

As a survivor: It's hard feel safe or be "resilient" when an abuser is marching with me.

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1. #NYSBlueRibbonCommission
"Parents have reported experiences with forensic custody evaluators who have no comprehensive training about domestic violence, child abuse or other issues that can be part of contested custody matters. This can result in recommendations that place
2.children at risk of harm, or even death," "This Commission will further advance the work we have done to strengthen protections for survivors of domestic violence and their children."
"Our children are our future. Therefore when custody is contested judges must determine and
3. be able to reach out to the most qualified individuals in order to fully understand the family dynamics. The vital work of this Commission will lead to recommendations as to how these individuals should be chosen and what qualifications they must have."
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In a disturbing development, Vismaya Nair, a 24-year-old woman from Kerala, died by alleged suicide on Monday, following which her husband has been arrested for harassing her over dowry. She was a student of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.… Image
Nair was found unconscious at her in-laws' house on Monday, after which she was rushed to a hospital but declared brought dead by the doctors. Her family has alleged she was assaulted for dowry on multiple occasions. Image
Nair got married to Kiran Kumar, an assistant motor vehicle inspector with the transport department, in May 2020. Nair's father said that at the time of the wedding, they had given Kumar 100 sovereigns of gold, 1.20 acres of land, and a new Toyota Yaris car (costing Rs. 11 lakh). Image
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What to expect from CCChat* Magazine in the coming months.

* CCChat is a free online magazine on and around #coercivecontrol.
The NEXT issue focuses on the amazing survivors of #coercivecontrol #stalking #cults and #domesticviolence and what they are doing now.
It also includes an interview with a process server.
Later in the year CCChat will ask some difficult questions about why it’s taking so long to effectively deal with #domesticviolence #domesticabuse #coercivecontrol #stalking and why some victims are repeatedly being failed.

We need to talk about the elephant in the room.
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