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The Greater #Tehran Police published CCTV footage showing what happened to the Iranian young woman "#MahsaAmini" while she was in the police station and suddenly collapsed.
The footage prove that she was not subjected to any physical violence.
MSM such as #BBC, #CNN..etc took advantage of this incident to attack Iran and create inimical public opinion
I'm personally against forcing any kind of religious practices or rituals for any reason
I know that both men and women have been subjected to many kinds of religious pressure over the years in several places
Faking news about someone's death is a complete different matter
We dealt with many fake news & malicious agendas, we have to realise what's behind the scene !!
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How the UK television networks and news channels announced the passing of Queen Elizabeth II 🧵

(1) #BBCOne
(2) #BBCTwo
(3) #ITV
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Feeling @sabeenebe 👇. Die #Digitalisierung verstärkt bei vielen auch auf #Twitter Verrohung & Radikalisierung hin zum feind-seligem #Dualismus der gruppenbezogenen Menschenfeindlichkeit. Da stürzen auch einstmals Kluge - öfter Männer - in Abgründe voller Hass. 💁‍♂️🤔🔥
Für antidemokr. & antideutsche Dualisten sieht die Welt düster aus: #Putin taumelt in der #Ukraine🇺🇦, gg. #Trump, #QAnon & #Querdenken laufen Verfahren, das verschwörungsmyth. #infowars bekam 1. Strafe, die queerfeindlichen #Kiwifarms wurde geschlossen… Verzweifelter Hate.💁‍♂️🔥
Eine schlechte Nachricht gibt es aber leider auch: #CNN ist an einen #Trump-nahen Milliardär gefallen, monistische Journalist:innen werden bereits „gegangen“.
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Day 187 of Europe's war. In truth war has been in the continent for over 8 years.

A new week begins and my daily threads continue, documenting the main news of #Russia's illegal invasion of #Ukraine

Plenty of news yesterday. If you missed it, check here:
A reasonably quiet start to Monday so far for #Ukraine, but more explosions in occupied #Kherson.

This big explosion just one of the blasts heard right in the centre of Kherson itself, on vulitsya Parovozna.

#Russia has suffered big losses in Kherson region the past 24 hours.
What is interesting in #Kherson and other occupied areas in the south, is how confident and successful #Ukraine's pilots are becoming.

🇺🇦planes reportedly struck 8 Russian bases y'day. They claim destruction of 41 soldiers, Uragan and Pantsir are defence systems and 6 vehicles.
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En el canal de televisión #CNN, el periodista Camilo Egaña entrevistó a Claudia Albarracín, María Eugenia Rodríguez, Romina Zabalza y Mariela Churquina, quienes hacen radio desde LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, en la Base Esperanza de la Antártida Argentina.
María Eugenia Rodríguez (Licenciada en enfermería) y Claudia Albarracín (Maestra de nivel primario en Buenos Aires), esposas de personal militar, cumplen el rol de auxiliar de base desempeñándose en la locución y producción en la emisora.
Romina Zabalza (odontóloga), personal militar de la Armada Argentina, Teniente de Navío, Jefa del área Sanidad y odontóloga tanto en Base Esperanza como de las restantes 6 bases permanentes que tiene Argentina en la Antártida, es locutora y productora en la emisora.
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Vindication came early for President Trump, again #TrumpWasRight, and #TrumpWasRightAboutEverything
#Germany is bracing for impact, and we can only watch this clip from that #Nato meeting in 2018 while enjoying some popcorn.🍿🍿🍿
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The @DNC @GOP #duopoly are a distraction.


“We must understand not only our forces, but the forces of the enemy we face – the capitalist class. We need to learn from them and about them and see not only their strengths, but their vulnerabilities.” ImageImage
“The #CFR is the Central Committee of the U.S. capitalist class. The rest of the book outlines in detail who the central players in the CFR are and have been, how the CFR works, and which organizations and corporations it works through.”…
I heard @JohnKiriakou describe the #CFR as the think tank for #WallStreet. John said every #WallStreet #CEO sees themselves as a Secretary of State. That was an epiphany for me.

The President of the #CFR is @RichardHaass (2003 to Present).…
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@RealJamesWoods #TedTurner = #Malthusian #NWO honcho who’s on record calling for a 🌐 population of less than 500,000 + injected $1 billion into hijacking UN initiatives

2021 #NuclearThreatInitiative timeline for a #monkeypox bioweapon on May 15, 2022

To. The. Day.
🐒🦠… Image
@RealJamesWoods Another incredibly “coincidental” simulation of an engineered #monkeypox bioterror attack involving most of the same players as the Oct 2019 #Event201 coronavirus wargame.…

(Appears the foundation’s being laid to blame Russia this time 🤪)

#NTI 🐒🦠⛓💉
@RealJamesWoods #TedTurner founded the Cable News Network, the world’s first 24-hour cable news channel #CNN = one of the more insidious creations of my lifetime.
He’s part of #TheGoodClub whose #1 goal is to shrink the world’s population by billions to “save the planet”.

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 93) - Una mañana más, iniciamos aquí nuestro #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Gracias por compartir🙏

🟥 Comenzamos con este vídeo en el que los ucranianos retiran los restos del fuselaje del #An225.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 93) - Respecto a la noticia de un supuesto Switchblade capturado intacto por los rusos (arriba izq.), es falsa.

🟥 Se trata de partes sueltas que han reunido para dar el pego, seguramente de uno o varios ejemplares caídos sin explotar.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 93) - En el siguiente vídeo vemos lo que parecen voluntarios anglosajones haciendo fuego contra un BTR ruso. La táctica es la misma que hemos visto una y otra vez del lado ucraniano: salir de la espesura, hacer fuego y regresar a la espesura.
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Backroom NATO Deal Blocks Weapons for #Ukraine

German press reports SPD party saying there is such an agreement. This in addition to the “active waiting” from PM #Scholz

Since 11 March reversal of 🇵🇱 MIGs for 🇺🇦, the 🇩🇪 leaders have slowed #ArmUkraineNow
"Either a scandalous incompetence… Or the German Bundestag and the public are fooled with new pseudo-justifications in order to camouflage a SYSTEMATIC DELAY STRATEGY," CDU @JoWadephul told the Focus Online portal referring to SPD @SiemtjeMdB statements.…
My assumption is Biden WH has been trying to keep NATO unified and the #Ukraine Contact Group led by @SecDef is a major accomplishment with its monthly meetings of Defense ministries from 47 nations.

To achieve the unified response took 2 months of diplomacy.
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#CNN's reporting of the (ongoing) surrender of #Azovstal obviously parroting #Kiev, is so absurd & obviously pathetically bias, that no one could seriously call it journalism. Firstly, the UA armed forces "launched an operation to rescue the defenders". Their term for "surrender" Image
Next 260 people simply "left" or have been "rescued" from the plant. Seriously wounded were "evacuated" to Novoazovsk. Another 211 were "taken... through the humanitarian corridor" to Olenivka.
Make no mistake about it, all of these declarations mean only one thing:
those 260 #Ukrainian soldiers, wounded or not, are in #Russian captivity and were taken to #Donetsk. They are now POW's. Malyar said "An exchange procedure will be carried out to return them home" as if this was all one big logistical undertaking. Of course ultimately, POWs are
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Update. After an operational pause to regroup and resupply after a massive artillery expenditure, #Russian forces continue their advance on the #Lysychansk cauldron. The series of events on #SiverskyiDonets crossings is complex & still unclear. Starting with the bridge revealed
revealed by #CNN (which I geolocated upon release) UA forces had success destroying several RU pontoon bridges. The latest video they released however, which was meant to show a RU vehicle drowning in the river, showed a third bridge still standing. Reports were received of the
forces that had crossed near Bilohorivka moving northeast towards Pryvillia. UA forces can still not move near the bank in many locations, though a couple of images were released of a UA reporter at the southern extreme of Bilohorivka where UA still hold the high ground.
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Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa Image
Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa
Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa
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#streaming #Netflix

Papiers à charge
1/ le @guardian

« Netflix est devenu le nvau câble. Son vrai problème est sa programmation. Le succès l’a rendu gros et terne, devenu la chose même qu’il dédaignait autrefois - juste un autre forfait TV coûteux.…
2/ Ds le @nytimes La chute de #Netflix devrait s’accentuer.

Netflix, avec 221,64 M abonnés, prévoit une perte de 2M a minima vu que la plateforme fait à un manque de contenus incontournables et que ses concurrents continuent de se développer.
3/ Dans @lesoir focus sur La plateforme Warner qui grandit.

#HBO Max compte 76,8 M d’abos. Pas encore disponible en Belgique ni France la plateforme a gagné 4,4 millions d’abonnés. Une croissance lente mais continue.

@AnneTestuzComm #streaming #netflix…
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Hey, @brianstelter perhaps you can join me on my successful global media streaming service to discuss your company’s $300 million dollar failure. PS: I won’t ambush you AND my statements will be based in FACT. So sad 4 U. #CNNPlusRIP
2. Did I mention, my streaming service had 300k subs, when streaming services didn’t yet exist? It was MLB and the blaze. That was over 10 years ago. I could say that fact that your pompous ass didn’t make 10 weeks didn’t bring me joy. But, I will leave the lies to you and #cnn
3. I am sorry @brianstelter for that last tweet. I just lashed out after hearing the news about the biggest media failure of all time, without thinking about how worried you must be about your upcoming unemployment situation. Please know you are in my thoughts. #CNNPlusRIP
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Why do #BBC & #NPR reports differ 99% from what #Mariupol citizens say?

DPR & Russians liberated it on March 30 bringing food, meds & even diapers.

They've wanted to be part of the Donetsk People's Republic since 2014 when CIA Nazis took over Ukraine.
Are #BBC & #NPR's #MorningEdition reporting on a different war?

All they say Russians did, Azof actually did to #Mariupol for 30+ days.

Russia honored exit routes/Azof shot people who tried to escape.

All this I've heard from many folks on the ground.
Corporate #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews & CIA-run news #BBC #NPR are waging a


If YOU want to save 1000s of lives & stop NATO/CIA Nazis from taking over Europe, RT links to honest reporting.

Being PRO-TRUTH does NOT mean pro-Putin!
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#UkraineWar #US #CNN #FakeNews
#Fake: #Russia has attacked the city of #Kramatorsk with a Kinnzhal hypersonic missile, claims (…) US broadcaster CNN.
Truth: The picture shows a Tochka-U missile used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
The Kinzhal missile has double keels located closer to the end of the missile (in the photo it is attached to the aircraft), while the Tochka-U (rendering) has single keels located closer to the middle.

The missile in the photo has the keels in the middle of the hull.
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#UkraineWar #US
American volunteers in Ukraine tell of the "evil Putin is doing there". There's a good chance they didn't even know where #Ukraine was before they were sent there.
And now, having played war, they talk about political issues with brainwashed reports like what #CNN ( did to the neo-Nazi "Redis".
There are revealing videos - Americans are asked to show countries on the world map. We will only post one fragment, but there are hundreds of such videos.

Search #YouTube for "#Americans show countries on the map" or "Can you name a country?
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#DPR Tank duelling with Ukr AT Missile crews
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Footage of Chechens during street fighting in #Mariupol
The launchers they're firing seem to be disposable RPO-A with thermobaric rounds
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Chechen unit in a large weapons depot they captured in #Zaporozhye Region
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Buenas tardes, hoy nos desplazamos hasta la Iglesia Ucraniana de Sevilla (calle Santa Clara). Uno de los puntos clavez de recogida en la capital hispalense. (Hilo) #UcraniaSevilla #CNN #CNNAcademy ImageImage
Ahora más que nunca el pueblo ucraniano necesita AYUDA. La Iglesia cuenta con un horario de lunes a viernes de 9:00-21:00 horas. ImageImage
Los vecinos de Sevilla no paran de acercarse para colaborar. Hasta la Iglesia Ucraniana se ha desplazado la @hdadlaestrella con un camión cargado de materiales. Cadena humana llena de solidaridad para el pueblo Ucraniano. #UcraniaSevilla
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Pres. Putin: Born to save the world or destroy it?

During the Second World War, (a soldier) obtained a leave allowing him to return to his home, & as soon as he reached the street near his house, he saw a parked military truck loaded with corpses and knew that the enemy had ..
bombed his city.

The truck was carrying dozens of dead bodies and was preparing to transport them to a mass grave.

The soldier stood in front of the piled-up corpses to take his last look at them and noticed that a shoe on a (woman's) foot looked like a shoe he had previously--
bought for his wife.

He went to his house in a hurry to check on her, but he quickly retreated and went back to the truck again to check the body and found his wife!!

After his shock, the soldier did not want his wife to be buried in a mass grave, so he asked to be pulled --
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'Gov.Romney, I’m glad you recognize that alQaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia.' ~ BHO

'The 80s want their foreign policy back. Cold War’s been over 20yrs'😏…
Full text:

"Sometimes we need time to pass and distance to extend to gain fuller perspective on what we did not see contemporaneously from too close.
Indeed, G-d tells Moses that no person can see His face (which I teach as meaning an up-close encounter) and live, but people can see the back of G-d’s head (which I teach as meaning a more distant previous encounter, growing ever more distant). See Exodus 33:18-23.
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Aktuell gibt es laut der Armee der #Ukraine Kämpfe mit #Russland am Militärflughafen #Hostomel.

Hostomel liegt etwa 20 Kilometer von #Kiew entfernt. /TN
Das #CNN-Video legt nahe, dass der Flughafen bereits eingenommen wurde. /TN
Verschiedene Medien berichten darüber, dass anscheinend der Flughafen #Hostomel von den Truppen der #Ukraine zurückerobert wurde.

Die Behörden geben an, dass man feindliche Truppenlandungen verhindert habe und die Kämpfe weiter gehen. Offenbar russische Verluste. /TN #Russland
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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